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  2. After making several attempts which errored out, it finally let me join. Things appear to be quite congested by the influx of people joining, because the October Check-In won't seem to complete for me, either (not that I care about a virtual dinosaur statue, but still). Since I'm a PS+ member, maybe I'll accumulate enough points through general purchases to get some occasional wallet funds, but that's about it; none of the campaigns look remotely worthwhile so far. It might improve over time, but they honestly could have just relaunched trophy passes with drastically reduced point values, to make them less "abusable," and it would've been a heck of a lot better than this. Oh well.
  3. THIS, this here is kind of the revelation we are faced with. For me this a comment where somehow I 100% agree with and also 100% disagree with at exactly the same. And is honestly a big symptoms of the weird world we now live in. And the inevitable damage that achievements and trophies have done to our hobby. Now I don't own this game but I am going to go out on a limb and predict that everyone angry about this decision, is/was a big fan of this game, at has at some point, and bought / starting playing the game because well it does look like awesome if I am being honest. It's a super hit game am I right? I grew up playing games in the 80s and some of my childhood favourites, like Bubble Bobble and Double Dragon, I don't think I will ever get bored of playing them. Whether it's a combination of growing up in the 80s or the power of nostalgia, hearing those sounds, seeing those gfx. There is something about old games and perhaps pre PS3 games in general which I have a certain fondness. It's been a boon to own them on PS4 and get some trophies in half an hour, and then have access to them to play for fun on PS4 ever since then (along with many other arcade games) However modern games are very different. I dare say like many of you in this current eco system. I find myself playing almost all games I buy way longer (and sometimes way shorter) than I probably would have done back in the day if they were say PS2 games, all because of trophies of course, and in the case of Overwatch where the trophies basically force you to play longer, harder than before, the inevitable chore because more apparent, and then you grow a hatred for the product. But then the trophies! They're not at 100% yet, gotta keep going. I want to kind of berate and mock Pheonixgaming for being entitled, why would you hate a game you played so much you got 100% on it? More trophies more fun right? But then I also feel the pain myself even though I don't own the game because I also know what it's like when this happens to me, but on a different game. In reality, we are playing games, why are we feeling this anger? Which of course always make me want to take a step back and question why 80% or more of all games I have on my trophy list, I've had 99% great times, but I don't think I ever want to play most of them ever again. I've lost count how many games I instantly shut down / practically threw the disc across the room the moment the platinum popped. Which is something I don't think I can think I can say I have ever done for my PS2, and PS1, Megadrive, Amiga etc. It might be easy picking to mock the EZPZ crowd but I think all of us on this site we all suffer from similar purchasing and game playing decisions. This is where someone will inevitably just jump into the thread and even quote my comment and just say "Don't worry about the extra trophies, just get on with your life". And I would agree, but then, you know, you end up looking at the 93% (or whatever it is for people who own this game) Where does that phychological urge come from to try and get back to 100% ? I would say, wouldn't it be nice if I was a Nintendo fanboy, surely those guys have yet to suffer from completionist-itis (I guess we should call it) Of course Nintendo fans aren't without their own issues, it appears when their favourite game series does not get an announcement and people go ape-shit. Achievements and trophies are certainly not the only single issue with current gen gaming, but I do wish there was an opt in so I could just decide to exclude myself from the trophies. A bit like how Turrican Flashback is on PS4. I don't think I could care less about trophy points anymore, not by the time I time I have finished this post, you could have earned 8 stacks of the Jumping Turnips Turbo. Just give me lists for games I really want to do, like Dynasty Warriors and Arcade games. You know I am pretty sure in another reality I would have played Overwatch, I used to love deathmatch Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and Counter strike back in the day, but I am not good at these kind of games, I can't play them for long and I don't like online only games. If there wasn't such an investment to get the platinum I wouldn't have avoided it. When a best selling competent game you own and love suddenly gets more content and you're angry about it, that's certainly a game design issue that has gone wrong somewhere, that's for sure.
  4. Thanks for the info, saved me a ton of frustration!
  5. To even think that Blizzard, of all big studios, can’t make autopopping is baffling. Their “release date when it’s finished” moto is long gone, the former Blizzard crew everyone once knew is long gone, rapidly corrupted by greed. Time to send a support ticket, or a forum thread in official forums, I suppose.
  7. Why would they need to record your voice? If that was me, first thing I would be doing is playing tracks of Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince down the phone at them.
  8. I got the message from PlayStation yesterday. But I just saw it when I logged on into my PS4. I didn’t get any points after I enrolled. Not sure if the point will be credited once the games gets released. edit: this is odd. So when I enrolled was via the PS App. But when I go into PS4 console the PS store, PlayStation Stars it says scan to join via the PS App. When I scan it takes me directly to the stars in PS App but still not updated on the console. Any ideas why it’s not syncing. Thanks
  9. Ahhhhh, I see now. Like I said math isn’t my forte. Always a pleasure learning though.
  10. Gonna have another sleepless night tonight for whatever odd reason... Sigh.

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      Maybe you should talk about it with a doctor

  11. Hopefully you'll do it, it isn't a hard boss if you know what to do, the key is to use a Standard weapon or without runes, his rage bar goes insanely up if you poison or burn him. No worries mate, glad to help! Wish you good luck and have fun (I really love this game, unpopular opinnion I know).
  12. Platinum 353 Never Fade Away Unlock all Trophies. 11.84% Rare Platinum in 2 weeks, 23 hours
  13. .4 cents is NOT $0.40 in this context. It is $0.004. $0.004 x 1250 is $5. We would say .4 dollars if we want $0.40. I think that's where the confusion is coming from. You get $5 for 1250 points. Convert $5 to cents and you get 500 cents. 500/1250 = 0.4 cents. Think of this 0.4 cents as less than 1 cent, it's 40% of 1 cent. If you do $0.40 x 1250 points you get $500 and that's definitely not what we're getting.
  14. Temperance Let Johnny Silverhand keep your body. The Star Leave Night City with the Aldecaldos. Never Fade Away Unlock all Trophies.
  15. Gamepass will keep winning. Sony barebones attempt. You have 2 years to spend $125 dollars to get $5. Points expire in 24 months.
  16. Some anti cheat system that Activision is toying with. In their theory, Bots and Smurfs don't have cellphones.
  17. I noticed that pop up when I contacted PlayStation support for a refund. Before I could proceed, it said there's no need to request a refund for those two games since the points would be applied. I didn't really pay attention to the pop-up and can't get it to come up again, but I think I saw 10 days. I could be wrong.
  18. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else is having issues with their game freezing? I had zero issues with the game until this week, and my game is fully updated to the latest version. I'm playing on PS5. I can't seem to finish Silk Cradle because my game keeps freezing in the dungeon. I usually get about half way or towards the end of the dungeon, but I can't seem to make it all the way to the Bishop without it freezing. At first it was happening on the tiles with a follower to save, but now its happening on any random tile. But only in Silk Cradle, I can play through the other dungeons without it freezing. I know I also have the Tarot card bug, as I can't get the trophy to pop for that either (but I'm not worried about that one, I'll just do another playthrough sometime in the future when its patched to get that trophy). I'm just frustrated because I can't even finish the story to see the ending. Has anyone else had this issue? Did you find a way to fix it? Would uninstalling the game and reinstalling it help at all? Should I just delete my save file and start again? Or just put the game aside and wait until the next patch?
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  20. Entitled and unrealistic? When Sony's original claim for the PS5 was 120fps at 4k? Surely you jest. I don't think wanting 120fps at 1080p is unrealistic at all for the hardware (honestly I'm okay with 60 still most of the time, but we should be beyond that). Consoles are always behind PC, but they shouldn't be 30fps at the end of 2022, far behind. Also just for the record, I'll play it either way as well. It just seems a tad ridiculous to cut out last gen for performance control... and then the performance is 30fps. We all have things we care about in gaming, like I don't personally care about visuals beyond 1080p (4k feels overrated to me). But I DO care about FPS, and when you have a console capable of 120, but put out 30. I think it's fair to say that's a bit bullshit.
  21. I got a message from PlayStation when I logged on into my PS4. Saying because I pre ordered god of war and modern warfare 2 I’ll automatically get points after enrolling in PlayStation Stars. So I did that and I didn’t get anything. Is there something specific that I need to do. Thank you
  22. In the post i replied to, it said $0.40 x 1250 = 500c and i read that as 40c X 1250 = ($)500, but 0.40c X 1250 = 500c works for me.
  23. no need for a YouTube video. It’s simple just make a manual save before spending points because you will need your crafting skill at 20. Craft anything or everything, dismantle them to get your crafting materials back. Buy crafting materials if needed. You will see your crafting leveling up as you craft or dismantle. The only thing is be sure to have a manual save before you do any of that so when you get your trophy you can load back your save and get back your skill points and anything you might have lost crafting. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  24. The game or should I say bundle is on sale, you can have this game and a ton more for just $1.99 as a ps plus member!!! This will also then qualify you for 20points toward your Star Loyalty! This bundle has 5 Full Games: Memory Lane(Full Game) Dreaming Canvas(Full Game) JigSaw Solace(Full Game) Fluxteria(Full Game) Blastful(Full Game) 10 Dynamic Themes: *4K Astronaut Theme *4K Amazing Planet Theme *4K Space Nebula Theme *4K Lonely Astronaut Theme *4K Floating Astronaut Theme *Valentine Date Theme *Valentine Mystery Theme *Space Creation Theme *Earth Theme *Mars Theme 10 Avatars: *Tau Alien *Steam Punk Lace *Space Chimpanzee *Mekanike *Clockwork Girl *Neon Citrus *Snow Queen *Rosa *Vintage Robot *Vintage Astronaut Avatar
  25. I’m no math wiz but yes .004 • 1250 is 5 but that’s how it works. .40 cents times 1250 is 500. When you multiply it is still in “cent” form. So 100 pennyies is 1 dollar meaning 500 Pennies equate to 5 dollars. I agree it’s not really worth it in the short or long run. But what else could they have done when people abused the absolute shit out of their last system.
  26. The problem that you guys are having is that you're basing the point amounts off of the price of a $5 PSN card. The most basic and correct answer is that it's 10 points per $1 spent on the store. This means that if it costs 1250 points to get a $5 credit, that means for every $125 you spend on the store, you get $5 back. You guys are all falsely correlating the price of a PSN card to how much the points are actually worth. Even looking at something like Nier costing 10,000 points, this means that if you spend $1000 on the PS Store, you can get a copy of Nier for free. The discounts aren't great as you guys can see, but obviously Sony isn't creating this program to save you guys money, they know that people will be enticed into spending more money if they think they're getting free stuff out of it.
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