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  2. I'm so excited for this game, I really hope there's a limited edition this time since I would love to have a statue of something from the game and other goodies. It also looks like they have changed a lot and have added a lot which I can't wait for, it's a shame you don't get to play as William in this one. I'm not sure when you last played Nioh but they did change the co-op system in later updates, instead of having to do it before hand they made it so you can co-op any mission which you've unlocked. You didn't need to have done it before because that was annoying and pointless I agree. I'm not sure what you watched but this is completely different from the first game, sure the fighting is similar ish but what game changes their formula completely? I mean all the Dark Souls games are literally the same yet people enjoy them, a game doesn't need to be completely new for it not to look like DLC.
  3. Are you having a hard time with the farm mini game. Well I have found a glitch that may help. I know I struggled to get the 4,000 points needed. So what I noticed is that if you restart the game at any time, the time resets but anything you have on screen such as your crops and animals stay. I am not sure if this is actually intended. I doubt so but I noticed it during my playthrough today. After my second restart I had over 10,000 points accumulated and let the time expire. Hope this helps.
  4. This looks like fun. I'll give it a shot. Fez - 23% Game of Thrones - 21% Until Dawn - 20% Axiom Verge - 4% Headlander - 12% The Talos Principle - 5% Odin Sphere - Leifthrasir - 12% Sound Shapes - 0% Neon Chrome - 10% Salt and Sanctuary - 7% Knack - 5% Astro Bot - 4% This may be a bit ambitious, but it would sure be nice to have these crossed off my list.
  5. Hozier
  6. I finished the game yesterday and now I'm in the process of finishing the miscellaneous trophies and getting all the collectibles and for me it was worth the price. 60€ would probably have been a bit much, but 50€ was totally acceptable in my opinion. Also, I don't agree with people saying games that focus heavily on the story have no replay value. For me, they're like a good book or movie that you want to read or watch again after a while, I love to experience the story in a good game more than once.
  7. Oh right. I wondered how u unock mods and paint. Thought they was unlocked using mod pod from credits
  8. You know what, this is a pretty fun game. Got it on PC and have played up to Hunter Rank 10 so far. It plays very much like Monster Hunter and is very well polished. I really like that the servers are shared between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers. The only thing I want is for there to be some sort of clan system in place with some sort of clan dojo.
  9. If the creator of this website visited my profile, am I going to get in trouble or something?

    Will my trophies be taken away?

  10. I have three games to try to complete by the 1st. Word Search by Powgi. I have 5 categories remaining My Big Sister. On the second run with trophy cleanup Emerald Shores. Just nabbed a few trophies today. This one may not get done on time but we will see.
  11. For me it's the sales on PSN that lead me to hoard, especially the black Friday, golden week and new years sales always have such great discounts. I have a tendency to buy a bunch of games in sales since they might not go on sale again for a long time. I also download the free to play games
  12. Personal choice I guess. I liked Edith Finch a lot but still overall preferred the story and world in Rapture if I had to choose between them. I just finished Ethan Carter and will agree with you a bit there, really didn’t enjoy the story all that much. I wouldn’t say Edith Finch has that much more gameplay in comparison though. I’ll look into the other one you mentioned, I’ve gotten into these types of games.
  13. Got my drone trophy and it does work over multiple playthroughs, thank god for that. Now to finish the easy stuff
  14. I hate multi bosses in all games, Shadows of yarhnam in BB was the hardest boss in the game for me took me well over 30 tries. Huh? Almost everything looked completely new compared to the other imo.
  15. Extra question, if I manage to make it work and play on 1.26, can I use my normal internet settings again or do I have to be always connected trough proxy server?
  16. I always liked the Dragonball series
  17. I just hope they change the co-op system. I don't get the point of having to complete it first to join a game. It makes playing through it with a friend way too annoying.
  18. Which one?
  19. Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
  20. For real, I have 3 complete versions and only one of them finished lol
  21. Is NFS Payback any good? Currently on sale for $8. 

  22. Thank you so much Terarded for all those videos, I really appreciated it. If you can, please do a platinum walkthrough on Kotodama when that releases.
  23. The synopsis makes me think of Persona, so it piqued my interest. Lol, I didn't notice that until reading your post .
  24. Is there a way to get a key or wateva to join dat test ?
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