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  2. Manipulation.
  3. I have the retail version of Hitman Absolution. I won't play it again and it's not really worth it to sell on eBay. If anybody wants it no strings attached, PM me.

  4. Long life is for nothing, I prefer Dracula way. If live for forever, then live like an outsider or stand in mortals crowd?
  5. 10/10 Mainly for Deception IV, Star Ocean, etc. Nice work!
  6. @SyIaris @RizzleAbbey12 If at the end "one word title" is tied with or at most one ahead of another option, please consider my vote as going for the other option. Unless the other option is the group one, which is even more useless to me. Also, just going to throw it in here as well: anyone feel like joining the ID/avatar Pokéclub with, @Blissey, @Cubone, @Ditto and @Shiny Suicune? It's going to be a thing, decide now that your favourite mon is still available!
  7. Nope but it looks fun.
  8. Why be clean?
  9. Why we a so sticky?
  10. Palm
  11. Feels my sensitivity to simple questions, why not, may be the way to awake something.
  12. Apparently I don't 🤔 always around my birthday but not actually on. In 2013 I got a platinum 2 days after In 2014 I got a platinum 1 day after In 2015 I got a platinum 1 day before my birthday and then another one 2 days after my birthday In 2016 I got a plat 3 days after I guess I'm going to have to fix that in 2017 😎
  13. Dreams. I often dream about video games anyway. Life forever or Life a long life?
  14. Getting 100 wins in that mode is going to be some kind of fun. Best of luck to you all.
  15. Strip.
  16. Why not lean on the wall?
  17. I really, really did not like that game. I would avoid at all costs, unless you desperately want a somewhat easy Plat.
  18. I have better dreams:). Same.
  19. I'd prefer to remain single, no offense.
  20. I just noticed the little percentages under the platinum symbol/check marks on the trophy lists. What are those for?

    1. AlchemistWer


      Rarity percentage (blue) and green games with just 100% no platinum.

  21. I remember to have some nightmares when i heard this song on 99, today's RE doesn't scare me anymore
  22. Knows her stuff
  23. Why not lean on the floor?
  24. Aries
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