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  2. yep this game is easy but honestly wish you had an idea when the lightning is gonna hit you its so random, sometimes its unavoidable other times it never comes
  3. maybe the only way to pop it is if the person who calls for back up is already down, as that is an option, every agent is already up. Has anyone tried this way?
  4. Hmmm.. I have played the game for few hours and I am a bit worried if there is a missable trophy esp with Befriending Bosses. I have just cleared Camille's Dungeon but I only got 1 BP of Devil Chocobo. I am a bit worried if this is a unique monster and if I already messed up. Aside from that, looks like your typical Roguelike trophy list. Grind + RNG.
  5. Well, I cannot really say that I do. I try to not start too many games at a time (having 4 half-finished games is already too much for me 😂), but I have also a relatively small backlog. I try to have about three games to play, which I divide in the following categories: Long, single-player game that will likely take me over a month to finish. These are games like Bloodborne, Nioh, The Witcher III, Sekiro (hipe!), RDR2, etc... Short, single-player game that I can jump in for a 30 minute session if I don't have more time. Games like Thumper, Super Meat Boy, OlliOlli2, etc... Games to play with my girlfriend / friends in couch-coop. Examples are Guacamelee 1 & 2, Overcooked 1 & 2, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, etc.. So, whenever I finish a game in one of those categories, I replace it with another of the same. That way I never have too many time-consuming games open at a time. That's also why I don't mind starting a new 60+ hour game... Cause I know that it will likely take me months to finish, but also that I'll play shorter games in parallel. I have Hollow Knight waiting in my console since almost half a year though, and I just don't get to it.. Now with Sekiro coming out this Friday it will need to wait a bit longer 😅
  6. Ya I got it on the NA Store for just $2.39 iirc, it's on sale at the moment so figured why not. Hopefully you guys enjoy it and don't have an issue with it. It's an easy one depending on how well you are at platformers, majority of platforming segments aren't really above the easy level in my opinion. 6 easy platinums to stack.
  7. i thought about the game. for less than 4$ it's a good buy. only need 1 week where i buy less enough to toss it into the cart.
  8. Even if I complete all my games, I enjoy playing the game naturally more than cleaning up trophies. This is why I always go in blind, so I'd have to say that generally I enjoy the beginning and mid-game most. And I think I can say this for almost all of my games: I like to learn the mechanics, get immersed in the story (if applicable... 😅) and discover what a game has to offer. It's definitely not the post-game though. I love Dark Souls III, but no one can tell me that offline grinding for covenant items for hours and ours is "fun". I had a great time playing Gautnlet with friends, but once we were done I needed to grind kills and deaths for hours. Final Fantasy IX is probably my favorite Final Fantasy... But really, going for 10k kills post-game.. who came up with this idea?? 😡 I could go on, but I think you get the point 🙂 Trophies are great, and I always go for them, but playing the game is what I enjoy most.
  9. Big daddy best friend
  10. How have you been my dragon friend 😎

  11. Here is a question for you all,if you have any idea. Does it matter which style you use vs monsters (in mission 10 and 18) ? I did some tests, I mainly used gunslinger on the first fight in M10, stuck around with SSS rank for 5 minutes,lowest rank was SS for a couple of seconds, then finished the queen bug with dance macabre just in case multiplier is calculated with the attack you finish. My score was around 6100. Yet a friend who did the same section in roughly the same amount of time with royal guard got around 7500 points. How is this possible? Is RG favoured because it's a huge risk vs reward?It really makes no sense and I kinda got sick of that mission Guess I will abuse the hat in my next M10 runs...
  12. Likes their games hard or Japanese or both
  13. M10 and M18 are the most annoying missions to get S rank on. I still struggle with them on SoS and DmD. What I use is usually SSS rank for as long as I can on the queen bug ,then just meteor storm on every other encounter in order to get the " No damage " bonus (still trying atm ,the stupid bats give me the biggest headache out of all enemies). Apparently using RoyalGuard perfect parry nets you a huge amount of points or something but I really hate that style , used it only in DMC3 so I would rather avoid it.
  14. Did you save the video where you should've gotten the trophy? Stuff like this needs to be spread around and showed to blizzard so they know it's broken and needs to be fixed.
  15. @RatalaikaGames: !! KO-REA on 22.03?
  16. No need to shout! It is coming! 99.99% those two: - PSV - PS4 BUT! Ko-rean? O_o
  17. Yeah... That's when Nintendo stopped being an every day console for me, and started being a holiday/slumber party console. I had fun playing Smash Bros. on 99 lives or causing irreversible damage to friendships in Mario Party, but the GameCube, Wii, WiiU, and now the Switch are always the first to get unplugged when I need an extra outlet. Too many first party games and not enough incentive to play single player. I had so much trouble on the varl run that there was no way I was doing that without using the horn. I used the same team as you, though. Maybe I'm just not used to that setup. Good job on the guide! I did see it, and I will be using it as I struggle through my Hard run. Wave 6 was a nightmare. I've gone through Survival Mode enough times now that I kinda know which waves are going to give me trouble, and this was the first major hurdle. In the end, I had to sacrifice someone. I decided to recruit a varl I never use (Griss), equip him with a shitty item, and send him to the far left, while the A-team took care of the right. Griss almost survived, but we weren't getting through that battle without someone going down, and I'm glad it was him. Alette, Mogr, Ro'Ech, Eyvind, and the god that is Egil thank him for his services. Eirik will just be glad to get his spot on the team back. My concern going forward is that Alette is really going to need a knockback item. It might be worth restarting if one doesn't drop soon. I also saw in your guide that you suggested using Aleo, which is someone I've never even touched. I'll have to look into that, after we burn Griss' body for some extra renown. In Nioh news, Umiboza is dead (I absolutely shredded him with fire breath) and I'm now in the land of spiders. I still haven't figured out the whole stance switch or Ki Pulse thing. I think I'm supposed to press R1 after every attack, but I'm too lazy to do that. I'll probably keep doing what I'm doing until I run into a brick wall. I felt the same about Hidden Agenda. That's why I didn't want it to count for a peripheral-based game. (I should've counted it for bad rep, because it was probably worse than Bubsy, but Metacritic doesn't agree.) Maybe it's meant to be played with three or more people...? I just can't fathom why that mode exists. I think Speedster is what's going to cost you in KH. Unless you really want to go for that trophy legitimately, you're probably better off doing the trick where you wait for the timer to roll back to zero (once you reach 100 hours). That's a lot of time to leave the PS4 idle. I've been doing that off and on over the past few weeks with Cities (like every few days, I'll leave it on for eight hours), but I worry how much stress that's putting on my console. The poor thing sounds like it's going to explode every time I start up Nioh. I'm pretty sure I can use it as a portable heater...
  18. Not really. Altough i usualy compare my position to that person that i can inmediatly surpass if iget another trophy or two.
  19. [DS3] Game decided to crash on me before, luckily I had made it to the next bonfire and the enemies I had killed stayed dead upon reloading the game (wasn't sure how they worked), needed to get my souls back and the two items I was after.

    But hey, progress in the game.  Just not sure if I should go back to Lothric's high wall area and get the cell key or not.

  20. Let's see...other ideas for Kurt As mentioned Cena could make sense. He is a huge name, first match against Angle and would be an OK match. -Rey- He doesn't need to fight for the US title for the 2000th time so he could face off against Angle as those 2 have had amazing matches in the past. -Joe-does the US title really need to be on the line at Mania? Joe and Angle have had amazing matches in the past and I don't think they have fought in the WWE yet. -Shelton Benjamin-sure this isn't as big as the other 3 but those 2 have a lot of history together and would put on an amazing match -Chad Gable-would just be a fun match and would give the rub to a younger guy BARON CORBIN....WHAT THE FUCK WWE.
  21. hk release?!
  22. They might just do it.. and if they do, it will be the only battle Royale game that I ever touch again.. seriously.. can you imagine? Firebombs would be so over-used.. dung pies for the memes.. and let’s not forget sorcery spells being spammed at all the warrior classes trying to get inside.. lol i like what Respawn did here, I really do.. it’s a lot like R6 siege, operators vs legends.. if FromSoftware does a BR I hope they do one in the same model.. patches can be a playable character!!
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  24. Joined an agent. He had already respawned. I went down to see if him reviving me would pop it. It didn’t. He got downed (and unconscious). Revived him. Nothing. He died again. So I died to reset the checkpoint. He went down and was able to crawl to me. Revived. Nothing. God damn it.
  25. Hopefully this makes people play the last bonus quest again. I still need to defeat Ravus and Ardyn.
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