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  2. I unlocked a couple trophies attempting the single player missions over and over. Like the 10 headshots and finishers. But you can easily do this in actual multiplayer matches.
  3. @AeoniotitaNot every game. I mean I usually play with Xplay enabled in most of the games and I dont get my ass handed to me like in this game. I just cant pinpoint wtf is happening. Its frustrating to say the least.
  4. If you ever wanna squad up, let me know
  5. Platinum #196 - LittleBigPlanet The original LittleBigPlanet! It took me just shy of 11 years to earn this Platinum (played a little bit every few years) - I don't know if it's the title that took me the longest on my list to Platinum, but it's definitely in the Top 3. Story: The protagonist Sackboy travels across eight lands across the world of LittleBigPlanet, encouraging him to learn to overcome obstacles through the power of imagination and creation. While each level progresses the story, the whole point of the narrative is to get the player involved in LittleBigPlanet's community. I'd say it's kind of corny, but I came back every so often over the period of a decade - perhaps Media Molecule's tactic proved effective. Gameplay / Graphics: LittleBigPlanet is a 2.5D platformer that requires some minor problem solving to progress. The campaign levels progressively increase in difficulty. I remember the last few levels really tested my skills and patience. There are checkpoints that give Sackboy a limited number of lives. If you exhaust all lives at a checkpoint, you must start the level over from the beginning. During your playthrough, Sackboy can also collect bubbles and prizes (collectibles, basically). This game is all about creation - make your own levels and upload them, play and rate other players' levels, etc. - or at least it was until late last year, as the servers (for both the PS3 and the Vita) have inevitably been shut down. The game released in 2008, and I thought it looked good when I first played it. Every time I revisited it over the years, the graphics appeared worse and worse, but the game still manages to ooze charm; for me, it remains one of my most memorable gaming experiences. On the other hand, the game relied heavily on fetching online creations and so the loading times often suffered. Music / VA: The narrator is voiced by the lovely Stephen Fry, who is a joy to listen to. DLCs: The game has quite a few DLCs, some of which are no longer available on the PSN Store. I think some (but not all) were included on the Game of the Year Edition physical disc. I hardly strayed outside of the base game, so I can't comment on quality. Tricky Trophies: Acing all levels (completing them without dying) is hands-down the most difficult trophy in the game, and will most likely be the one that determines whether or not you earn the Platinum. As mentioned earlier, the Platinum is unobtainable unless you have already completed the online / multiplayer / co-op trophies. Conclusion: Since the servers are no longer online, I can't really recommend this game - instead, I hope you were a LBP community member during its heyday; it really was something else. If this were 2009, I also would not recommend having a PlayStation account - Sony was infamously hacked, rendering online services unavailable for about a month. A few games (including LittleBigPlanet, inFAMOUS, etc.) were offered for free as an "apology" from Sony to PlayStation 3 owners - which is how I was introduced to the game. Platinum #197 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood The Old Blood is a prequel to The New Order (covered earlier here), and little is different gameplay-wise. Other than the story, the only major change is the addition of ten Challenge Maps (in all of which you'll have to earn at least a Gold rank). Due to the addition of the Challenge Maps alone, I'd personally say The Old Blood's Platinum is slightly more difficult to achieve than that of The New Order.
  6. So, Forbidden West is fuckin gorgeous. Solid sequel in just about every way so far.




  7. Looks like an insane trophy list. But I don't care much, I managed getting all achievements on xbox 360 but this seems a lot tougher. I'm just glad to be able to play this game again. So much better than dungeon defenders 2.
  8. The same goes for other games. PC players have clear advantages in most aspects especially FPS games. Just turn off Crossplay Off and pray you'll get a lobby soon.
  9. Don't blame me it is what is is and every points counts sorta lol This game DLC can almost be considered one of the worst not just for BL but maybe in general I think I'm allowed to be slow this year after last year
  10. Yeah man. Yesterday I turned Xplay off and couldnt get into a lobby for like a half hour. Ended up playing with Xplay enabled. It sucks.
  11. I adore the people who scour your entire trophy list and devalue the whole account because they found a few easy games.


    News flash: Only you care about your own trophy list. No idea why others have to search your list for stuff to insult you with.

  12. Yeah, I usually play with crossplay disabled for that reason. Queue times can get a bit long and sometimes I turn it on during off hours, but it's worth it to get into matches with other console players. Crossplay in this game is fucked - you can't party up with PC players and PC lobbies are filled with cheaters.
  13. Hey guys, I just wanna say that is it just me, or PC players are dominating the game right now? Cuz I rarely come across PS players in any of the lobbies except trios. And I always get my butt kicked by PC players. I play against PC players all the time in other games like COD, Apex etc. and I can hold my ground. But in these lobbies, I feel severely underpowered. Does anyone else feel the same? Cheers
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  15. Hey thanks for this I was wondering what those cell things were I have 13,000? How do I get more? I’ll pick those packs up before they go off sale it makes it around £2 a killer and survivor. But still need to buy the licensed ones when they come on offer. Just working my way through the DLC now. I only need sacrifices and prestige for platinum now ☺️ Thanks for all your help again guys. If I buy all of these can I play them on the PS4 version too? My dead by daylight stint has been pretty quick so wouldn’t mind doing that version as well. But don’t really fancy spending £100 nearly twice. 🙈
  16. Already mentioned:
  17. Really the photos trophies are online? damn these servers better comeback since i need midnight cowboy trophy
  18. Fair play, didn't realise this! Whenever I did try to switch back to my normal character, they would stay under the ground so to speak and I wouldn't be able to do anything apart from run around a glitched area lol o well. Got the 5 albatrosses anyways thankfully. I'll update the video description either way!
  19. It is such a pity that the PS2 games on the PS5 are dogshit. Just tried playing Manhunt on it and it blows. Playing this game as a PlayStation 2 Classic on the PlayStation would be a better experience. 


    I no longer have a PS4, but I would get one for PS2 games. I can't plat the game like this. 

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      What are the issues? I know when I played them on PS4 there were always stuttering issues in every game. It was weird.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      a lot of the ps2 games have lighting issues and flickering text issues on ps5.

  20. This is why trophy tags are important. They can save lives.
  21. I’ll deliver another pizza 🍕Cheers 🍺
  22. The trophies where you have to take the photos are the ones I’m missing. Really should have double checked well.
  23. Was about to add this game to my gamefly Q, trophies buggy?
  24. There is a YouTuber named Phizzy who posted a complete walkthrough for all levels. Each level is time-stamped and divided too, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. I have to say, some of the Tricky levels are harder than the Taxing levels. The difficulty curve for Lemmings is all over the place.
  25. Scarface and The Godfather, immediately! Ah and Ghost Rider: The Videogame!
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