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  2. Hi guys just want to share the method I used to get this trophy. Start adventure mode on normal, select act 3, waypoint “the bridge of korsikk”. lap the map in a circle. Kill all 3 ballistas, usually 1-3 packs of blue 1-2 yellows as well as 3 different unique enemies will have a small chance to spawn, goblins count too. As for skills devour with aura rune, Skeles with frenzy rune, blood rush with metabolism. Using the “steuart’s greaves” for the 10 second increased movement speed after using a blood rush will make running a lap under a minute. Quit reload repeat.
  3. That's assuming that you picked them up when available. Also, a few of those (including their best offering) were for Vita, if memory serves. Stein;s Gate is certainly a choose-your-own-adventure read. However, Zero Escape (which I consider in the VN category) has the choice element, but also an escape-from-the-room puzzle game. It's excellent. Danganronpa has its court sequences (and some suspect post-game nonsense). I haven't played Dangan3, but it looks like it has all kinds of crazy crap in it. There's a pretty remarkable variety out there, at least among the best.
  4. Just to clarify, and hopefully stop anyone else running into this on Ironman, don’t quit out of the game after completing any mission entirely, if you wish to back up, finish the mission up to the point where you have to return to the npc, then back up, so there’s still an active objective when you return, basically any point where the game automatically pops a new objective without interaction with an npc just to be safe, 2019 and simple development like this is causing issues, ANY game with a Bethesda stamp on it needs to be taken with caution
  5. I try to avoid them--multiplayer centric titles-- but like my caveat on that rule says, it can be malleable depending on how much I enjoy the multiple and how bad the grind potentially is. DOOM was certainly grindy in multiplayer trophy terms but I also really enjoyed it. The grind felt pretty negligible in the end. So I resolved to finish it for the Crucible. ☺️ The argument I see pop up frequently is that it was because of the assist mode that the rarity of the trophies all went down therefore delegitimizing the platinum all together since it effectively destroys any difficultly the game has. I don't disagree about the effect that assist mode had on the rarity though but I already explained my reasoning as to why I don't really care about it in terms of my own completion list. I completed as much as I could without assist on so there was an attempt regardless. I was a little worried about finishing Celeste for the Crucible due to some potential backlash or drama from readers but I am glad that hasn't been the case so far. So thank you.
  6. I had a different trophy issue. For the Altar of the Goddess trophy, I prayed at a couple of altars, but nothing really happened. I died (hoping that this would trigger the trophy pop), and nothing. I started a new game. After a couple of minutes, the trophy popped, completely randomly. My guess is that some of these trophies are just finicky.
  7. Besides that, some trophies were buggy as hell. Still a really good game, if it worked properly. Hope the new one has a better performance @freddie1989 i had the same problem...
  8. And I believe there was a huge glitch with the side missions not appearing as well which meant starting over to get the plat. I know I had it happen myself!
  9. This. The loading times in 3 were hilariously awful.
  10. @SnowNinjaRaccoon hahaha you're all time favorite games, You sure?!? Anyway thanks this will be very helpful , how long is the dlc? Same as the others?
  11. Yeah, the game is an old PS3 title but it was a PS+ 'freebie' and it's not like PSN Profiles wasn't well known in 2012. Anyway, this is probably my favourite metroidvania game and I didn't realise it until recently. The visual style is disarmingly simple but very striking, and the difficulty curve increments with such consistency that it feels like a LOT of work went into fine-tuning it. The bosses are the real challenge though and the last one took me longer than anything Demon's Souls or Bloodborne threw at me. lol. I'm surprised that people are still obtaining the 'Don't Go Alone' trophy in 2019 because it was difficult enough to find other players in 2012 (when I first played it). It's the only one I don't have, and I'm not incredibly bothered about getting it... but I'll happily join a midnight (GMT) session if anyone is trying to get it. Just send me a message on PSN to let me know.
  12. Yep I know they will be but I think it will be worth it though as I want to reach that goal bad enough
  13. 43.77% but I will work on it. Need to tidy up some of the older UR games for a start!
  14. Are the servers still up? I saw some recent MP trophies earnings... Can anyone confirm?
  15. Aiden Pearce's awesome phone that allows him to do what the heck he likes and borrow who ever's money he wants with no intention of returning it.
  16. Looks easy, i wonder if this will finally be the one that runs well.
  17. Agreed 100% I skipped Elder until I had the time and resources. Can you link to specific players or does the game only give you a finite group? Would be nice to set up a group of people with roads and zip lines to share.
  18. Always on the hunt for new stuff myself but I presume the majority of these are not proper games in the sense of the word. They are just click along stories? There is a thread referring to Steins Gate as 'the perfect game' but videos online don't have any playing involved just reading. Do any of them even have some QTEs in etc?
  19. From memory it seems like a fairly standard list for the series. They are always worth playing albeit not brilliant and I will certainly pick this up down the line.
  20. The Celestial Brush from Okami. Everything I paint could become a reality. I could create some really weird s**t.
  21. Gravity gun from half life 2.
  22. No MP at first sight, which I think is best for these type of games. Doens't look to difficult.
  23. I really like the game, it reminds me of both the order 1886 and murdered Soul suspect Both critically underwhelming games that I really enjoyed
  24. Hi was was wondering if anyone knew how to unlock the not my path trophy on mxgp 2019. I’ve probably played over 20 waypoint paths and it doesn’t show up. Any help??
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