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  2. From what I hear the VITA trick relates to being on the same network, so physically owning both a VITA/PS4 (or also works between PS4/PS5) Thanks for reminding me I made this thread because I did find a workaround and should update this thread with the info. Joining a friend from another region (in my case, a friend from NA) seemed to work. It doesn't connect right away and it looks like it's the same error at first but as long as you keep having your friend make a session and try to quick-join eventually you'll get in. It's difficult to find someone to help, because NA players have no problem playing either local or online and thus won't really be looking for partners. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with the game who offered up the help. My guess is the problem is EU server related? And since the game is technically online only (there's no local save files) that could explain why local coop doesn't work either, as it's still using EU matchmaking for the 2 local accounts. But by constantly trying to join an NA friend eventually it puts you into the NA servers I guess? Not entirely sure what causes it or why, but this appears to at least be one extra alternative solution for EU players.
  3. Hi ! First time posting here, sorry, i didn't see your post before. The Larkin's Trophies don't seem to depend on whether he "likes" you or not. I guess he kinda hated me ('cause i didn't support him in the first place). Not sure if this will help but i can tell you how i think i managed to get those. Spoiler involved, obviously ! Larkin's Pact : The Spellbound Pheonix : About the fortified trophy i think (not sure tho...) it depends on who is still alive during the epilogue. I tried a few ways, had 3 different endings, still didn't get the fortified one. Maybe I need Raine alive ? Anyway, seems like the three characters you choose to send during the epilogue are what change the ending. Don't really know which one really matter tho... Hope this will help ! (And you'll be able to understand my poor english. Edit : Was just scrolling and I believe in can help for Valkyrie Wing ! You actually fight Drakina a few times, on the last one she may propose Rowena to join her. I bet you get the trophy if you accept the deal (which i did not, because... you know... saving the kid is more important to Rowena, right ? Did the same mistake for Revenant Wardship...)
  4. But we can't pause as the timer doesn't pause.....
  5. How did you found this glitch?
  6. Something like this happened to me with wolfenstein 2 about a year ago, i woke up just to see that the game was deleted from my internal hdd. Never happened before and it never happened again to any other games. So you might just download it again and keep playing.
  7. Deus ex: Human revolution.
  8. ikr, especially games with the word "the"
  9. I guess my thought was just that the plat for CoM is impossible to acquire without additional content not found within the game itself. All the same, it isn't technically DLC
  10. [Sekiro] So... how long do you guys think it'll take to grind 41 skill points in NG+? 😭

    1. Copanele


      To give you a precise answer : a buttload of time xD 

      Go to NG++ , at least you won't fall asleep. Cut the playthrough in half by going path of Shura.

  11. Where did you get that info from? Couldnt find anything related to number of players in COOP.
  12. #713 PS4 version of Sir Lovelot
  13. :platinum:#713 PS4 version of Sir Lovelot

  14. finally got this one done. took me around 15 levels worth of grinding and numerous "that had to be one" moments but i got it. use the U-wing, turret/seeker mine combo. it works. you have to drift almost immediately when you see the seeker go yellow. also keep your target on enemies near your turrets (so you can see their health go down) and engage drift early encase they get the kill. super dumb and frustrating trophy. glad its over.
  15. SSDs can still fail. It's more likely just the game if it's the only one you've been having issues with, perhaps the download/install somehow became corrupted. I had my user profile somehow corrupt on my PS4 once (seems to be a fairly common issue), and it's been fine for over a year now ever since I simply re-created it. But if this does continue to happen, and especially with other games, I would at the very least check the S.M.A.R.T stats of the SSD, though bare in mind drive failure doesn't always show issues in S.M.A.R.T It might be worth doing the ol' rebuild of the database to clear out any other potential corrupt files.
  16. You had an option to not buy PS5.
  17. Hi, the searching engine should be fixed. It happens too often that i search for a game, and instead of getting it on 1st place, it's many pages later. Example: today i was looking for ff7 remake. Considering "remake" word is rare in games titles i've searched just only for "remake". From a search like this i expect to find ff7 remake at first place. but no, its maybe at 7th position while before it there are games that dont even have word remake in its title (i assume there are trophies with "remake" in it). while if i digit final fantasy vii remake, i get first ff vii (standard). examples are countless and search results are never what one should expect. now, i dont want to completely "remake" search engine. an option that search only for digited words should be enough, and i think it will be the preferred method by anyone
  18. finished act 2 part 1 yesterday for trails of cold steel. even took down a cryptid that was way higher level than expected but it took several retries and 30 mins. working through act 2 part 2 today.

  19. So fun fact, not every online service people list are available in every country, and even then, the ones that are don't all have the same content due to licenses. I've rented and bought movies from Sony before since it was easy and cheaper than any where else.
  20. RATCHET & CLANK The Rescuer Rescue the Mayor and Plumber on Novalis.
  21. There have been countless status updates and threads that have agreed with you since the PS5 was released.
  22. Thats weird. Pretty sure I accomplished that a few times now. But I will try again and see if it pops the next time. Thanks for your feedback!
  23. Hey thanks for the awesome guide! I'm gonna play through it legit and then follow along for the trophies! Definitely gonna throw a subscription too!
  24. No, that’s the only location to obtain the DLC now.
  25. Hello everyone, I´m not sure if anyone else feels the same, but i don´t like the new trophy UI. To begin with, it´s a pain to find the trophy list when you are playing a game, and second, the list is horizontal. Why? I had a vertical trophy list for the last 10 years, I´m not a trophy hunter or anything, I play on my free time, but I have manage to gather 69 platinums over the years. And I was really fond of the old trophy list. Specially the one in PS3, that was in alphabetical order, I didn´t complained when they removed that on PS4 and displayed the games in last played order. But in PS5, it´s even worse, the horizontal list with giant icons is dreadful. Why sony never give us the option?
  26. But you can't even pick to play as a Predator nor does it have beautiful Capcom pixel artwork or crazy Xeno's that turn in to a ball and roll at you.
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