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  2. DLC each and every week is a great way to drop content in terms of the challenge format they have chosen. As others have said it is something to look forward to each week, you can chip away and perfect each challenge, the devs have a week to polish it, test and fine tune it before release. What's not to like?
  3. Minimalist Clear the game without opening the item box. Also got a S Rank. Should of did this last week to get both trophies at once. One trophy left! Hunk! No idea how hard it is. 😀
  4. Beating Heart - Just practice, learn how to safely attack enemies. I mostly used just punching, the jumping attack works on some enemies but not others. Moving diagonally towards an enemy to punch them you can usually get in there without them counterattcking. You get healed back to full health after the first screen as well. Out of the Void - Haven't done this yet, you'll have to memorize all enemy spawns and be sure to kill them all before they fly off screen, will take a bunch of attempts I think. The Runaway - This isn't so bad, just slow down (let off the gas) around the tight corners and keep going at full speed otherwise passing cars. Make sure at the end no cars are behind you, if they pass through your car when you're stopped at the end it invalidated the trophy for me. Shadowplay - Memorize the powerups and the path to take, haven't done it yet but seems doable. Not sure if you can die or not partway through if you miss an enemy or powerup and try again or if you need to start over from the beginning. Kill 'Em All - Fairly easy. Just wander around the dungeon until you reach max level. As for only super effective attacks, each enemy is weak to one type of attack. It tells you after you attack if they were weak to it. Just memorize what each enemy is weak to and do an entire run, or just use my notes.
  5. There is not unfortunately without going through each one manually.
  6. Ranked might be easier since it is an even playing field but if you do Ultimate Team, you get the benefit of that time spent leveling up your fighter AND getting other UT rank trophies. This was my first and only UFC game but 90% of people online are strikers only. That is what I was too, so make sure you level up abilities for your strengths. What is funny is that I was also able to win a title with my non-main weight class, so a fighter not leveled up at all, but I was just using him for extra XP for daily challenges. But easiest way is with your leveled up fighter. Title fights can be really tough. You sometimes run into the ultra elite with godly records and ratings and have to start over but you will run into a “normal” champ eventually. Good luck.
  7. Just spit-balling here, as I do not meet the requirements to lead a PP and probably would be a rather poor host, but I do have a few suggestions for additions to some existing ones and ideas for new ones. Maybe for the Choice and Consequence PP - adding A Way Out? It would add a bit of variety to the cluster, as it is multiplayer (by force) and is more game-y than most of the other options. It is an excellent game, besides. For Big Brother, consider Republique? A smaller, more contained narrative but a similar oppressive and mysterious construct controlling the created world. With the demise of so many older PPs, maybe Movies can get a bit of a shake up. Transformers, Dreamworks, and other non-utilized games are out there to maybe update this list to the current gen? Some ideas for new PPs: - FMVs - with a bit of a recent renaissance, this niche genre sits alongside the Choice and Consequence list and Point and Click adventures, but are very different due to the nature of how they are built. The Bunker, Late Shift, The Infectious Madeness of Doctor Dekker, Double Switch, Night Trap, The Shape Shifting Detective are prime options for this PP. - Ben10 - It finally reached 5 games with the release of Ben 10 on the PS4. Alternatively, it could be a Cartoon Network PP with Adventure Time, OK KO, Generator Rex, Steven Universe. - Pixar - With the exception of "Up" and "The Incredibles" the rest of the games are up for grabs. Toy Story Mania, Brave, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Cars 3, Cars: Race-O-Rama. - Mini RPGs - There are several PPs dedicated to JRPG franchises. A complementary PP for smaller RPGs would be cool. Stuff like Bastion, Transistor, Cosmic Star Heroine, the South Park games, YIIK, The Swords of Ditto, Undertale, The Banner Saga trilogy (Other options can include the accounted-for "Cat Quest") There are a lot of really great indie and tighter RPGs out there to showcase. I apologize if this is not the appropriate location for this.
  8. Really freaking hate when games crash.... especially on the PS4 because the "suspend state" works really well, and about 50% of games out there utilize some form of autosave.

    Lost about 4-5 hours of gaming because I forgot to save...

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  10. The game is pretty fun and worth the price at $10. It's basically a level or 2 from five 80's style arcade games. Some of the trophies are going to be very hard. Shadow dancer, Kill 'Em All, and Hard drivin' are probably very difficult and I'm not going to even try. Bare knuckle and Playing with power are probably very doable for anyone with some practice. I don't understand the requirements for Mastermind. If anyone figures it out let me know. The rest are easy.
  11. Platinum #34- The Walking Dead: Season One (PS3, Japan)...

    So yeah, decided to get a region stack. Went into it thinking I'd clean up in a few days, then plans changed. Oh well, now I have all Telltale TWD trophies on PS3. Gonna get the rest of the Telltale stuff on PS3 (except for the poker one) before getting them on other consoles. And yes, I'm well aware that some of you think it's dumb to go after region stacks but I'm not overly concerned. Next up... Uncharted 3, probably

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      Grats! Uncharted 3 was great although imo 2 was better than 3 but that's just my opinion.  Many others though put it above 2. 

    3. DamagingRob
    4. DEI2EK


      jurassic park and monkey island being delisted and unobtainable now really sucks man

  12. So Draza has it, I only got the silver death set off him Wanna team up for it? Psn Absolom89
  13. Dude same here. Can’t get that second treasure to drop at all
  14. #124 Red Dead Redemption 2


    I finally finished it folks!! Wow that took a lot of effort.. Here is my full thoughts about the game if you're interested!


    Oh and reached 100 UR trophies :D! It's Judgement time for #125!

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! Have fun with Judgment.

    4. DarkLoba13


      Tempted to play this game because I really like the first one. Just not a fan of MP.

  15. #124 Red Dead Redemption 2 164 hours ( 4 days, 17 hours SP, 51 hrs MP) across 2 months and 4 days was spent in this amazing game. Let's start with the open world because that's where R* excels at. The dynamic encounters in this game were very detailed and never ceased to amaze me and my favourite has to be meeting the farmers at the Abderdeen farm which can totally be missed if you happen to never go there! And here is a good one that I captured and looked like something out of a cartoon so enjoy (not a spoiler) Also, the dynamic conversations you can have with people makes the game feel more lively and immersive something R* always did well at. The game was very polished as well but that's not to say I didn't run into some funny glitches/ horse goofs (mainly me colliding into stuff and kicking the physics engine into action ) which I recorded a compilation of . As for the gun shooting/ gameplay, it's pretty standard although they really upped the gore here and now you're able to shoot limbs off especially using a shotgun point blank! They also introduced revolver dual-wield which is needless to say pretty badass. Have a look! As for the story one thing I dislike about R* stories is the pacing. Takes forever for the ball to get rolling but once it does you're pretty much hooked until the end. I'd say this started for me near the end of chapter 2 to mid chapter 3 which is well above 15 hrs, maybe 20 hrs in. I really love how everything connected to RDR1 and it felt like as if they made this game first especially when using subtle references! (SPOILERS HERE) Now for the online, there is no sugar coating it. It's atrocious.. Level 50 was one hell of a boring grind. I finished all missions and pretty much experienced all game modes by the time I was level 20. The way I grinded though was going to thieves' landing and shot thousands of poor bastards lol.. I reset my kill challenge about 4-5 times as well as for a whole bunch of other ones. Basically I tried to be as efficient as possible with the grinding and it was ultimately the fastest way to level up solo. Every hour I'd accrue 5k-7k xp depending if I tick off challenges or not. And one thing I noticed was that there is no XP table online but you can calculate this yourself by simply adding 25xp extra per level to the previous level up thresholdl! Finally for the trophies: A huuuuuge pain in the ass. I can't really judge the game based on the trophies because I made a decision to go after the plat but my goodness it's such a boring grind. You have to study, skin all animals, fish all fish, get all herbs, grab a shit ton of collectibles most of which have no proper in-game tracker and you need a guide for those. The exotics questline was some of the most boring crap I did. Probably the worst offender was getting 70 gold medals though. You are given crappy guns, sometimes no health items/ snake oil, a crappy horse and now you must tick off all challenges in 1 go. Of course this is in replay mode and you can go for the gold medals in your first time playing the missions but I wouldn't sacrifice getting gold medals for rushing through a mission or forcing you to play it in a certain way just to get gold. Anyways though I am happy to be done with this game after pretty much playing this for the past 2 months. I am more than ready to move on but I'll for sure remember this unique experience for a while! Time to play Judgement for #125 baby!!
  16. #90 Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
  17. Nice Ride No Shocking Developments Wrench Ninja II: Massacre Super Skilled Museum Tour He Went Commando
  18. All the Things Acquired at least one of every item. Like the Wind Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage. Untouchable Conquered Boss Rush without a single retry. Now to fight the Final Boss on the Nightmare run.
  19. Unable to pop the Treasure Hunter trophy. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of besides starting a brand new game (which I’ll be forced to do as my last trophy if this doesn’t pop). Hopefully it’s just late syncing or something... It’s extremely irritating to see that trophies failing to pop is a well known issue in this game, acknowledged by Ubisoft and apparently patched, yet it’s an issue that still persists in 2019. It’s also irritating that the guides don’t mention the fact there are several trophies known to glitch. I could have backed up my save and had a fallback. 😢
  20. Got the same one as you for Kara. Actually looking back it was super emotional, because it felt like Kara had done so many things right for herself and others, and at the end that boat attack came out of nowhere... So yeah It was fire because It felt a little bit more realistic, but a little piece of me died with Alice cuz man I didnt expect it to end like this.
  21. It's Open Season on the Raiders of Nuka World and I'm going hunting. 😏

  22. so I'm at 12,000 points, empty the tank on psn cards? or save up for something bigger? I'm conflicted
  23. Who has two thumbs and just mastered 3rd grade math?


    This guy.

  24. Okay, so apparently the doctor i went to for my tonsillitis problem gave me a faulty antibiotic, a week of it not doing anything at all to help the problem. So basically this doctor wanted to just lower my general immunity so i come in often as i don't have insurance. I reported this to the police and got an actual antibiotic that helps with tonsillitis.

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Holy sh**. That's nuts! I hope everything in the end works out.

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