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  2. Well it has been a very long time since I have posted in here. After the Site Downgrade and I lost all my trophy images I lost the motivation to fix it. I have decided this weekend that I will be cleaning up the front page as well as using this checklist again. One of my goals as I work towards Plat 250 is to get to 78% completion so I will be tracking that here as I work through my backlog. I am starting with %76.75 so I need %1.25 to get to my goal. I am starting with Just Dance 3 because when I worked for Playstation one of the store managers through this into my PS3 for me to demo and someone ended up getting 1 forcing it to count to my completion. After a 30 song Marathon I am now sitting at %76.79 getting up there
  3. yes go for it, if u have good boosting partners and they're online then yes
  4. I went with GameStop. Prices were comparable across the board, so having the option to return something in person was my deciding factor. The PS3 they gave me has a long scratch on the top, but otherwise seems to work fine. If anything, I think it gives the PS3 character. It's been to war and came out stronger for it. As for games, I went with the essentials: XCOM, Spec Ops: The Line, and the Tomb Raider trilogy. Unfortunately, I think I bought the wrong XCOM. I *THOUGHT* it made sense to go with Enemy Unknown, since Enemy Within is an expansion pack, but I didn't realize EU's DLC has been delisted from the PSN store. Because why would I? That's stupid. It also means there's no way for me to play the DLC unless I (a) log into my old account, where I'm 90% sure I purchased the DLC, or (b) create a Hong Kong account, since they for some reason still have the DLC available, and buy it again. And since there's no way in hell I'm going to remember which email address I used and/or my password, I guess I'm out another $6. You're lucky I love you, XCOM. As for RE4... Fun game so far. I almost stopped playing it as soon as I began because of the controls, but I got used to them. Leon really needs a way to strafe, though. I keep catching an axe in the face because I have to turn sideways just to move from side to side. Oh, and Ashley? Her usefulness so far is somewhere between Patches and the Duck Hunt dog. Sorry, babygirl, but opening one door and pointing at a rock just ain't going to cut it. I'm excited to see you begin RE1, @Spaz. That's a game whose controls were a turn off at first too. And that no death/no save run was scary as hell. There are so many instances where you could insta-die... Going to grab a little dinner and then we'll see if I still know how to XCOM. I think the key is sending @Briste the sniper to the front lines and not using cover...
  5. I see this everywhere about 100% invincibility, and am just wondering what dream world the internet is living in because you can't just mash square and roll around, I still get destroyed even if im just dodging around. I had more luck not moving and getting hit on purpose and countering followed by heal than I did by dodging, and I didnt even beat it there. Just threw in the towel on this plat. Did you ever finish it? I'm curious if Beginner is easier or if its just as bad for this guy. I'd rather do everything over 3x than this impossible fight on Crit.
  6. First I focused on Platinums, now I'm going after 100% on games, next it might be something else. Where do you stand, or do you just play for fun?
  7. They said this would happen in Japan, I wasn't sure if it would happen internationally. But yeah, you get the pre-order bonuses if you get the launch edition within the first month of release. AC5 still won't be available afterward as far as I've been told.
  8. You are able to advance the date on your console and do it within 1 day real time.
  9. [Yakuza 0] Oh boy, can't wait to be done with Majima's training... so far, his has not been fun at all.  Then again, the only good style he has is Thug style, the other two... not so much, not a fan of them.  At least when I get the 200 enemies done with Slugger and Breaker, I don't have to use them again afterwards.

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      Slugger Style was my favorite one. Although with Breaker you're able to basically destroy everything when you level it up enough. I think the hard part about Majima is he doesn't get near as much money as Kiryu does and so you have to wait a while to where you can transfer money between both characters before you can actually upgrade his abilities.

  10. One vanish was all i needed to get to the rock... MF though? Forget it, it's way too hard. I'd rather play the ENTIRE GAME over again on easy though I bet it's just as stupid on easy too. So I think I'll give up on this platinum.
  11. Have you lived anywhere other than Scotland? If yes, which is your favorite? If no, pros/cons of living in Scotland in your opinion?
  12. All that's left to do now is play the waiting game, still fingers crossed.
  13. Interesting. I hope this doesn't mean you have to earn all multiplayer medals for the trophy too.
  14. 100% on Uncharted 4. One day I'll go back to the game and give survival on crushing another try. One day...
  15. As I said, I use a variation of the video posted at the very beginning of the thread. 400k in 10 minutes is impossible as far as I can tell, but I had over 350k many times. I use the same traps from the video, with pretty much the same layout. The parts in my case are bounty generator whenever possible, combo generator whenever possible, slowing resonator in Brimstone, and every other part either improves fire rate or does something to decrease the prices, but sometimes I even increase the price like with the arcane bowling ball to get higher combos on gate 1. What I do differently than in the video is as follows: I have flaming bracelet and a mana item because I think the storm item is useless. I place the first opening of Dobbins Mineshaft at the stairs close to the 4th gate, that is the first thing I do after placing the guardian near the rift, I place the second opening later, depending on where the unstable rift appears either in round 4 or between round 4 and 5. I only go unchained for the rounds that I use potions in, or sometimes when I quickly have to kill a troublesome mercenary duo. I take potions in the rounds 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 because you get more coin in those compared to the video (yes I actually tested how much coin each round gives with this set up, not counting boosts). I place 2 arcane bowling balls for the first gate instead of one. I place the ceiling shock trap before the first round, I place the traps a little differently on any gate (like a extra row on gate 1, different positioning behind the guardian at gate 2, placing generators differently at gate 4 etc). I also place them in a different gate order, going 1, 2, 4, 3 instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 because if timed correctly, you get to collect coin bags every round and still do not lose any time. From wave 4 onwards, at the beginning of every wave, with the exception of wave 7, I am always at gate 2 and then use the Mineshaft opening number 2 I placed at the guardians side to switch between gate 2 and 4 to collect more coin bags. I usually save some time by killing the last 3 enemies at wave 8 myself, as these are just getting thrown around by the traps in front of gate 1 without dying, sometimes for quite a while. I also have a slightly bigger distance between the Dust Devil and the gate, because it decreases the chance of coin bags appearing out of bounds, though some still hang in the air of course. Just writing this actually gave me a slight idea of what to try to improve even further, I probably test this soon, maybe that will give a slight boost on average.
  16. Getting 100% in Uncharted 3 was one of the most rewarding things and memorable things I’ve done in gaming! In particular, the Overseer trophy, my team and I felt this was impossible at first but once we had a game plan (where one of us stayed at the entrance to snipe the rocket launchers) and executed it perfectly, it was nothing but hype! For the treasures, what I did, which is kind of embarrassing to admit (but whatever I got my 100%) was to use some Law of Attraction principles. I’d look up what the treasures would look like and visualize it popping on the screen when we beat a boss. Within a day or two, I’d get the treasure I was looking for. Honestly I used this same method to unlock all the gold crowns in Monster Hunter World, but I digress. I say go for it, it’ll seem daunting at first but finding a good team/boosting partners will definitely enhance the experience. Also, you never know when they’ll shut the servers down, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to regret not trying to go for these. Cheers, and good luck on your endeavors!
  17. Don't forget about my UFC Personal Trainer game session...if you need the online trophies for this...go get it before it goes away...

  18. Depends. The answer I want to give is yes, you should try since you bought the game. If you fail, at least you tried. The caveat though is at this point I’d say you’ll absolutely want to self boost, which means owning three PS3’s.
  19. You can do it if you find the people for it. Campaign takes about 5h using the glitch and the online will take about 12 active hours, give or take, ignoring all the time you will be AFK for your partners, considering you would be boosting with players, rather than using extra consoles. You can find several tips on the other threads, recommend giving them a read. Ignore the post from the person above, he doesn't know what he is saying neither he played the game.
  20. I wouldn’t start at this point, there’s a trophy for logging in and winning a ranked game for 30 days straight. (The trophy is a bronze, called “All Sales Are Final”) If you didn’t start that trophy at the beginning of the month, the platinum will be impossible to earn.
  21. Thank you for your attention MMDE, I am glad to have returned to the leaderboard. -
  22. Hello everyone. So I bought Twisted Metal today and yes I know servers will shut down by the end of January. The question obviously arises: is it even worth the try to get the online trophies for this game or should I let it collect dust on my shelf? I also know that first of all I should focus on getting through the Single Player campaign on the hardest difficulty, which is unforgiving without a known glitch to get infinite ammo, so then I unlock the final car, that is crucial to get one of the online trophies. And I'm also aware that the servers are crappy as hell, so I will expect to have a harder time with them, given that I also have a poor internet connection. So, in other words, should I go "all in" with this or shouldn't even bother? If yes, any word of advice/heads up/guide I should follow? I got a little experience with this kind of ordeals since I did the Valor Grand Cross trophy of Killzone 2 in just 3 days, but you may say that it's not even comparable. Ok then, let's hear you out. Thanks in advance! Cheers.
  23. Set up a boosing CO-OP for Thursday the 24th at 6 pm - 8 pm Uk time. Will set up others. will add users for the trophy prior.
  24. Platinum 88 - Yakuza 0 What a ride. There is so much to this game, I don’t know where to begin! The story was interesting and had me hooked, it was like watching one of those crime shows you would binge on. The voice acting was excellent and most of the characters are memorable. I feel like the sub stories were on point and it never made you feel like it was a pointless story; it allowed players to see a goofier side of Kiryu, who throughout the main plot has nerves of steel and is stoic in demeanor. Gameplay wise, the game offers so much that you’re never bored in Kamurocho or Sotenbori. Though the map is small, it is jam packed with mini games and events. Not like other open world games, where there is vast fields of nothing. One of my few criticisms about this game is the combat. After playing games like Batman Arkham and Nier Automata where the combat is smooth and intuitive, Yakuza’s combat felt clunky and outdated. In addition, the camera would sometimes hinder your view and would mess up your combat rhythm. The combat and camera are minor gripes and don’t completely break the experience. Trophy wise, this game can be a nightmare for some. There are 3 main hurdles to get the platinum: -100% completion (where all the dreaded mini games fall under) -Legend (extra hard) playthrough -Climax battles All of them were challenging, and will push you to frustration, but keep at it! For me, the hardest part were some of the mini games (Outrun and Fantasy Zone can burn in Hell) and some climax battles require skill and even more luck. Aside from the minor gripes, this is still a game that should be experienced for its awesome story and all the side content. If I didn’t have such a huge backlog, I’d play Yakuza Kiwami next! Good luck on anyone wanting to get this platinum! Overall Score: 9/10 Platinum difficulty: 7/10 Time to plat: 170 hours
  25. The fact that things worked out and Hatsuu is working on it, despite being let go by XSEED for... particular reasons is kind of amusing and a little ironic. Awkward too. I would say since she's working on it, the project is in better hands with NIS. Especially since important people left XSEED.
  26. Since I've never played much of FFXV, I can't say much about that. Though, I'm pretty sure that there's many here that accidentally got updated to the latest patch, then used this method to go back to 1.26 and continue from where they left off. So it should work.
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