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  2. Elementary, My Dear Jesse. Completed Chapter 6 of Episode 6 The adventure DLC was on sale recently. So picked it up. going through these last few episodes to get the 100%.
  3. I just got the trophies. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. Had a lot of trouble getting in to online matches myself. Eventually did but took a lot longer than it should. Definitely needs work still
  5. Grab it while you can. DRM: Steam
  6. All the other episodes are in the double up sale in Europe atm. They are smart, giving away the first ep. for free so more people will be buying it at the sale! I was acctualy woundering why ep. 1 wasn't on sale until I got the e-mail IO, that it was for free.
  7. Platinum #2 :platinum: My Name is Mayo 

    Weirdest game I have played 😝

  8. Thanks you so much 😄
  9. Dragon age inquisition
  10. Lost Memories is nothing more than a series of flashbacks from Code:Embryo. Absolutely nothing new except for a useless new character (and it was the only good thing about the "game" too). It's a waste of money in my opinion. Code Embryo was pretty boring too. The only thing I enjoyed was the joke route, unfortunately :/
  11. Another long time leftover - Plague of Shadows DLC finally done. Was not enjoy this character when I first played it. Now after getting all feats of this, I still don't like him..


    gonna do DLC2 now. 

  12. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
  13. Hopefully they have another season for this game. IMO gameplay wise this is hands down the best Hitman I've ever played.
  14. I checked, and you used a downloaded save for this. Yes, it "could have been" local co-op, maybe, but you didn't. And without even looking at your trophies, I knew it was the controller pack DLC. I get it, that pack sucks if you don't have the controllers etc, but you did use a downloaded save for it.
  15. @SlyGreyFox-420 Congrats on your first (^_^ )
  16. dee-lan LittleBigPlanet 2 Unlocking trophies seconds apart is what happens when you play a game on a ps3 that had a software issue where everything in the sytem froze, including the inside clock and then had to change it after that... Even though these trophies were unlocked in 2015 I can still remember those given that I had to erase all my data and saves from ps3 to get it back to normal again
  17. One trophy away from Plat #29, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS3). I doubted I would put the time into platting this game. But i got hooked on it in anticipation for the World Tour orchestra. I am trying to get the Prime Cap before fighting Ansem, for the completest in me. I have done literally everything else there is to do (including all Gummi Missions) on Proud. And proud I am.

  18. World of Final Fantsy, need to finish it! @Rose Amicitia Need to get the DLCs some day to 100% that my self. Have fun!
  19. Looks like OP has already been unflagged for a while judging by how they still got the game on their profile and a country rank.
  20. Funnily enough i had a servey from SE/IO about hitman and this was an option for getting ppl to buy it, looks like they actually listened. Its also on sale atm so ill probably be picking it up.
  21. Ah okay, thought it he meant offline trophies could be triggered too.
  22. What kind of white list? Could be so they don't need to hide the game or something, but they don't count on the stats for that game. The game not being flaggable would be wrong. And games like MW2, some claim you can unlock for others in it, but not sure that is actually true, and wasn't for the majority of the plat earners, which has thousands of cheaters, because no encryption on the save. Just 2009 alone had 1500 detected cheaters.
  23. Yeah, I have played through Spec Ops enough times to know that FUBAR only unlocks AFTER completing Suicide.
  24. Hes saying if you're affected by a hacked lobby in this game you're only getting a few multiplayer trophies unlocked instantly, single player trophies are unaffected by that, so if there are single player trophies that are impossibly locked they should get flagged for it because they themselves hacked the game, however if it's only multiplayer trophies that were impossibly unlocked they can be whitelisted Or an alternative is just whitelist this game for everyone so that they aren't flagged for this game but don't show on the games boards - dunno what would be easier or better as far as how it works in the backend
  25. Cod ghost, alien mode was beast as fuk ftw
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