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  2. well since you are a newer poster care to make a list of your fav dw game, fave sw game, and maybe top 5 dw waifus and husbandos, and top 5 sw waifus and husbandos lol its fun but optional of course also dang we at page 7
  3. Technically, with Silica's account switcher, you can use multiple accounts' purchases. Dunno if trophies will work correctly though.
  4. Looks pretty scary. I could get Outlast Trinity, which has Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2. That MIGHT be a little too much, even for me, but it's certainly worth considering. I think for sure we'll do The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Escapists: The Walking Dead, as I already own those. I also own Resident Evil, but I've never played any of the games in that series. Is it good to start with that one, or is there a newer one that might be better?
  5. thats a surprisingly short list! i really hope they add more
  6. @BG_painter Yep children grow up so fast 😀. Cersei taunts Daenerys about having only 2 dragons because she is a mean person 😬. Bringing the undead south of the wall is not the best idea. Could there be a zombie outbreak in Kings Landing?
  7. Wow, after so much time the games are being delivered. I just got mine. My copy printed as one of the firsts, kinda surprised. I knew I was one of the firsts but not that close to be number one.
  8. Not including remasters or emulations, I think Until Dawn is my favorite PS4 game. It's crazy to think I almost didn't give this game a run!

    1. Stuart Pot

      Stuart Pot

      I'd rank it in my top 5, really surprised at how enjoyable it was. Probably one of the most memorable games on PS4 for sure. :) 

  9. Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy (DLC) Causal Treasure Hunter Find 5 treasures Drop Me a Line Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city
  10. lmfao that stuck with me too!!!!! also Nobunyaga....lmfao so silly. we just need Cow Cow to be his double..imagine a literal cow talking about his ambition I watched william gameplay tho, thats really cool how he fights just like you do with a sword on nioh
  11. Super Meat boy, girl boy done, 1 ironman run left!! 

  12. Ok it's like this, the glitch is not that the levels didn't go up, it's actually the levels GOING UP. The only characters that is supposed to get a level up is Aqua, but not on her main file, but instead on the Final Episode, and because of this Aqua WILL NEVER get a level up glitch on her main file. Terra and Ven MIGHT have the glitch happened to them, sometimes it will be up to 9 for Radiant Garden, sometimes to 10, it's random wich one will get wich boost, or even if they'll get them at all. Also no one knows what exactly causes the glitch, some say you have to finish each character file and don't ever reload the final save until you unlock Final Episode, but I've had the glitch happened to me as soon as I finished a character's main file. There's no garanty either that the glitch will happen on a brand new file so it's not worthy doing that, just level up in Neverland instead, it's not ideal, but it's doable.
  13. I think I might have had a similar problem on awhile back although I'm not sure how I fixed it. Do you have any extra non-critical save files? I feel like that may have been a problem for me. I'll copy-paste from part of a Neoseeker post I found in another thread. "1. Collect all Xehanort reports, so Terra should do Mirage Arena before beating Xehanort.2. Beat the final bosses with TAV.3. Do NOT touch any of your saves after you've beaten the game. Don't reload it for anything.4. Complete FE.5. Now, load your Terra's save and see in the increase in battle level, which should have increased. Save that file. Do the same for Ventus.They also say to remove all unwanted saves if you are not using them. Back it up on your pc if you might use them later on.The trigger here is the creation of MF. If you acidentally reload your save before doing the Final Episode, your save gets glitched and doesn't get the increase in battle levels. Anyway, refer to that link for more information." -Ultravegeta, Neoseeker
  14. [For Honor] That about does it. It is only a matter of time before I get the platinum for this game! 


    1. PooPooBlast


      Aha! Keep at it man! I'm sure you'll get it. Just a matter of time! :)

    2. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      thanks! So ready to be done with this game.

  15. i noticed but i have no idea what that was... it was scary though
  16. Good luck! I'm going to do it like I always do. I do a run through the game without focusing on trophies so I can enjoy the game itself. Then I focus on the trophies that require chapter select. Then I farm what I can. Whatever I can't figure out then I use the guides. I always always always make sure to play games without focusing on trophies on the first run, otherwise I'll never enjoy the game itself and it's story.
  17. Dying Light, never got around to playing it.
  18. Just in time for the new Uncharted game: Infamous Achieve Level 5 Evil Karma What Did You Call Me? Kill 10 obnoxious Akuran gang members Contempt Don't fear the weak Revenge An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth Dominance Show the world that nobody can protect them Rebellion Finish the story with Evil Karma Enjoy Your Powers Collect all trophies I'm like totally evil now. I tear the price tags off of pillows! 😨
  19. No, the moment the membership expires, you no longer have access to the content. As for different region downloads the only exception is the vita, you can't use other account downloads even transferring from ps3 due to the 1 account restriction.
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  21. Good luck! I go about it the way i always do. I'm using a trophy guide.
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  23. #28: Devil May Cry 3 HD Finally got around to playing this classic, and while it had it's slightly annoying moments, overall it was definitely a blast. 😎
  24. Anybody know about this yet?
  25. President Kiryu Get started with Real Estate Royale.
  26. Same here, it's asking me to purchase episode 3 as well. I am not paying for something I already paid for.
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