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  2. The sweet blood Platinum, oh, it sings to me. It's enough to make a man sick...
  3. Do you use more than one PS3? Or do you/have you shared your account with anyone?
  4. If people are removed from the leaderboards, it affects the rarity of trophies in that game
  5. @Erkawest how long did it take you and what quest/expeditions/investigations did you do to get the crowns; and thanks for telling us that we don't need it.
  6. Anyone else got any suggestions?
  7. I Just got the Plat in Monster Hunter World. Needed 374 hours to get it. I really like the Game it was fun. But that crown trophys are bullshit^^ Damn that Plat really feels good 😂 Just in time for the Ni No Kuni II Release 👍
  8. Well shit... two hours of Grinding in Saboteur down the toilet...


    Ps3 froze and of course the game doesn't auto save. grgrgrheghrehefffff

  9. For all you honorable trophy hunters out there: You can get Orc Slayer for 2 Bucks in the EU Store at the moment.

  10. Nothing official yet, but they posted on Twitter there are news coming 'soon'.
  11. I have a few ps3 games from ps plus that I never intend to start so my backlog isn't that big. Maybe 5-10 games. Currently trying to finish max payne 3 so that will take me a few years at least. Otherwise I alternate ps4 and ps3 time from night to night.
  12. It feels pretty good so far! I've always wanted to get into a meaty RPG, I absolutely loved Mass Effect 1 & 2 and Shenmue 1 & 2 but they are my only experience with the genre, if that counts? The Witcher 3 and Persona 5 are two RPG's that look amazing and I really want to give them a go, but, I haven't played any of the games prior in either franchise so I've been hesitant, thinking that I may not fully appreciate or understand them? I will be playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne very soon.
  13. Hi there, I don't know much about this game but if those photos do indeed belong to you @MMDE will be able to help you fix this via PM
  14. I can say FFXIV used to be way up there because when I got mine, Binding Coil Turn 5 was still relevant content, and it was difficult back then. Now after 3 years the platinum is easy.
  15. Ni No Kuni II, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Detroit are my most anticipated games for 2018. I wish I could list Kingdom Hearts 3, but I highly doubt that it's really out this year. Additionally, I hope Black Ops 4 will be as good as Black Ops 3 was for me. While I didn't like the SP, the MP was the biggest fun I had in years.
  16. I'm having the same trouble with Teo. You have no idea how many I've fought and thought to myself, "surely this is it?" Nope, nadda, nothing... So he's only related to the research trophy? Great news! I'll farm some Deviljho and see if the Ph.D trophy pops.
  17. A couple have said they got the crown trophies without Jho.
  18. Im finished guys Just got my Plat. 👍 Stupid bazel gave me an hard time But now im finally done! Now I can confirm you DON'T need that Deviljho dude to get your Crown Trophys. I didn't Touch anything related to him and got it... So no worry my dudes your good to go 😁
  19. also got the lvl 50 trophy by leveling up once
  20. It's not just yet.
  21. I'm really proud how my last video is doing.

    Hopefully the next one will be even better.

  22. You have made a wise decision. I don't know how big you are into RPG's, but I'd definitely recommend that you get Persona 5. One of the best PlayStation exclusives.
  23. Thanks man! Yeah, I've already started reading through threads and using guides. Having a blast so far! Appreciate the welcome 😊
  24. You actually need 3kk points for this trophy. The best I had was 2.9kk with enjoy the silence from Depache Mode. Whats your C? There are a lot of C’s on a Keyboard :/ this will be my last hardest trophy
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