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  2. Hi, I’ve made a sheet/checklist for this games multiplayer trophies, and thought I’d share the template. Feel free to share, copy, and modify, print etc. Hope it’s of use to someone else. 🙂 Link to the template:
  3. Wasteland 3 HYPE almost forgot about that!
  4. I'm torn between God of War and Red Dead. Red dead looks beautiful and is extremely deep. God of war story was really amazing. Only thing I don't like about god of war is the Valkyrie Queen fight, which I still have not beaten yet. I think God of War should win it though. Red Dead isn't truly complete until Red Dead Online starts, and when that does then It should be given the chance to run against next years games.
  5. You get them all.
  6. I didn't know about the headshot. Thanks!!
  7. I'm looking to boost this add me on psn Gumble_Monkey
  8. So these are my recent purchases been on a bit of a Pre-Black Friday spree Argos here in the UK had some awesome deals on their games. Picked up Burnout Paradise Remastered for my PS4 to help a friend of mine out get the platnium i don't mind i love this game got the 100% back in March with thanks to the PSNP community for those who joined for the challenges and 8 player trophy! Anybody wants help hit me up sometime i will help you out with this when i am online helping my mate Persona 5 well finally got a good price on it for £19 been hesitant to play it because of the time sink and well my time is limited sadly but after more or less giving up on Persona 4 Golden on the second playthrough figured i will try Persona 5 then come back to 4 when i am done. I kind of wish Persona 4 Golden was on PS4 too with cross-save and a shared trophy list because the fact i have to pay attention to a guide all the time when i am on the go to get the platinum is a bit rubbish. The trophy list is not portable friendly at all which is my only gripe with this fantastic game, defiantly should have reworked it to tailor to a more portable experience. God of War (2018) another great deal i sold my copy back in April because i ran out of cash and the game was boring me after i finished it but hey i figured i got a good deal on it £20 for Argos again! yay Why not try and get that platinum and reexperiance this fantastic game so i am. Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon so i recently started playing the first one and it is a lot of fun! Nice simple gameplay layout with fun combat feels like Dynasty Warriors but with way less enemies to kill which is a bummer makes combo chains sometimes harder to do. However the second game i am looking forward to trying it out. total Black Friday spend so far... £72 not bad
  9. Hi, I’ve made a sheet/checklist for this game for my group, and thought I’d share the template. Feel free to share, copy, and modify, print etc. Hope it’s of use to someone else. 🙂 Link to the template:
  10. I have an interest in shitty games, like I have an interest in shitty movies. So I'm quite interested in trying this one out. On the other hand, I don't want a game on my list that I'll never have a chance of 100%'ing, so the Win at Life trophy kind of keeps me away from it. I can see nobody has it yet. Is it simply because no one has attempted getting it, is it because the game is buggy, or is it because it's difficult to avoid getting hit? Is it possible to block hits, etc? I would like to hear about people's experience with the game's trophies.
  11. plz send me a photo of me being only lvl 13 on max Payne 3. And it’s not my fault that I earned New York min. And the shadows rushed me in a difference of one week. How is that to quick? See my other games. For example horizon zero dawn. I did a speed run on that entire campaign on ultra hard new game +. Almost finished it in 8 hours but then I got tired of 6 hours and finished the next day. Thank god I didn’t finish it in 8 hours. Otherwise another flag!!
  12. Until I saw this thread I never even thought about this.. but I checked and that's kind of nice to see all those games that I will never platinum.. Games that I will never try to platinum: 1. Battlefield Bad Company - Online boost is beyond my capabilities. It would take me at least yeat to complete it, not thanks. 2. Beyond Two Souls - unless I will receive this game for free, there is no way that I will waste my money on that piece of shit game. I was barely able to get through it the first time... Not to mention all those endings. Might as well hide it. Games like Super Meat Boy or Injustice, I Am Bread, I'm not afraid of their difficulty, I will do my best do finish them, I will only fail if it will be beyond my physical or mental abilities to finish them. That's why I enjoy harder games over the easier but with online boost needed. I can complete those hard games any time I want, no pressure. Games with closed servers: 1. Bulletstorm - I did all offline trophies but I don't think that I will try to get Anarchy trophies even tho they are obtainable now (with some funky methods but still). 2. Crysis 2 - I did offline trophies but the servers are going to shut down so no way to complete it, also not a big fan to boost it for so many hours. 3. Killzone 2 - I didn't have time to boost online trophies until servers were shut down.. I will complete offline trophies tho. Kind of sad because I have Kz 1, 3 and 3 MP, and I will platinum SF if they don't disable servers. 4. Wipeout HD - I'm not sure about this one, because I managed to boost online trophies a few days or maybe weeks before my PS3 broke. So I would have to fix it in order to sync online trophies... If I will ever become a rich man, I will try to do it. There are also hidden games on my account, mostly games from PS Plus that I played for 10/15 minutes, never bothered to play them again but unluckily for me, some trophies popped.
  13. Looking to get these trophies done this weekend, have a strategy that takes 10min max, need 4 players min for it. Message me if interested -> psn djquest
  14. It's a tie between either No Man's Sky or Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  15. God of War
  16. So, I myself have a quick question regarding farming. Probably a rather stupid question at that but anyway... At the end of a mission, you get a list with every material you ended up with during the mission. Do I get everything that's on this list or do I chose just one material that I obtain and everything else gets lost? Somehow I'm not sure how to answer this question myself ingame as I already have a lot of materials and making a list beforehand is quite a chore if maybe someone here could just answer with a simple yes or no
  17. I'm having a right blast with this game. It's fun to play with others but I've also enjoyed wandering the map on my own. I've come across no game breaking glitches or issues. It is what it is, it's fallout with a twist. Loving it.
  18. A good average estimate is at 25000 strums per hour (done manually) So in 9 days you need to play 3h30 every day All depends on your motivation to follow this schedule ^^'
  19. Its not currently set up as crossbuy. Even in the description it doesn’t mention that purchasing the PS4 version will include the Vita version, or vice versa. So either the devs changed their minds or Sony didn’t load it properly on the store.
  20. I think I had the most fun with Spider-Man this year.
  21. Anime fighters are not even meant for fighting sticks. If you were experienced just as much in both I would still recommend the normal controller. You get several shortcuts for combined buttons thanks to the Ls and Rs, and with only 4 attack buttons everything is right there on the face buttons. I consider the combos in this game more akin to a rhythm game than a fighting game (I have experience in this and the KoF series). Except for the very advanced combos, which aren't needed at all for the level of play for the trophies, you follow a consistent rhythm per hit. One day, to try my theory, I did one of the extended combos with Cell while not looking at the screen and I pulled it off first try, lol. If you want to get into the technical stuff, there are turorials from people like rooflemonger, TGNanime, Behrudy, Dotodoya. If not, you can get through by just learning the bases of defense and the basic combo extension with the regular aerial Down + Heavy style characters (characters that hit up during an aerial Down + H, which is the case for most, especially Saiyans). Farming the Zeni took me about 55 hours. It was the worst grind of my life. I did it in the span of like 2 months while listening to weekly podcasts. If you have any specific questions later, PM me and I will help you out.
  22. Would be great and I would add this one for sure but as far as I can tell, there is no info about challenges at the compendium website at all. This is the only piece of info they send down the line as far as I can tell:
  23. And the six geese have laid their eggs. Just wanted to put a quick update. I plan on finding some games to get into the other categories, at least two more including Partridge, tomorrow. But Thanksgiving is coming so I might not be around on Thursday, busy watching the Macy's parade on TV and all that. Current Update: 12 Drummers Drumming: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix 11 Pipers Piping: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 7 Swans A-Swimming: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 6 Geese A-Laying: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 5 Golden Rings: Spyro the Dragon 3 French Hens: My Brother Rabbit 2 Turtle Doves: World of Final Fantasy
  24. #152 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Birth by Sleep Master Obtain all trophies. 6.69% VERY RARE Looks like I'm not the only one trying to plat all Kingdom Heart games before III haha. Only Dream Drop Distance left and I'll have all the Kingdom Heart platinums. That was easily the hardest Kingdom Hearts platinum I've ever achieved, some of the boss battles are no joke. People said that the hardest KH boss is in BBS, and they were absolutely right. The Mysterious Figure took me about 8hrs to beat, he's not as hard with Ventus and Aqua but as Terra, he took so much longer because his air dash sucks so dodging MF's attacks was difficult. Still, I had a blast playing through it. Critical mode was easy, just get exp walker asap, rubber band your controller for an hour or two and you'll beat the game with ease. Shotlock is so broken, I abused the hell out of that. The Ice Cream Beat minigame also proved challenging at first, I eventually memorised the beats and was able to get a Fantastic rating in no time at all. I still can't quite believe that this came out on the PSP, they must have been pushing that hardware to limit and beyond. #153 Spyro the Dragon Gnasty's Demise Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies 43.39% UNCOMMON Very easy platinum, great nostagia trip.
  25. "We did it, guys." - Professor Palmer, a professional speed-runner after getting his platinum 5:40 AM of November 21, 2018: A moment that shall go down in infamy. My 100th platinum trophy... 100 Right here, boys. This is the third time I have gotten this platinum but I made it my 100th platinum instead of Dragon Quest XI for two reasons: (1) I got a bit lazy and realized it would take months to get Dragon Quest XI platted at the rate I was enjoying it and (2) A few Youtubers did a 36-long marathon to fulfill a promise to do a "100% run" of this game if the donation total hit a certain period during the any% run of this game, and it got met. I decided to "join the race" in a way and finally got this game out of the incomplete septic tank. This is a really great RPG but the Pokemonesque-like familiar system really didn't help its cause. Even so, the anime cutscenes provided by Studio Ghibli(the guys who created My Neighbor Totoro and the English-localized Spirited Away movie) were beautiful and helping repair people's hearts by replenishing virtues lost when their hearts were damaged really made me feel good inside. And the voice acting is awesome. Drippy is a really funny character and while Lofty in Ni no Kuni II is even more hilarious, I think nothing can replace the Dripster. Kudos to you, sir. Now I can take a break to play The Sims 4, practice my moves for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate... or just make sure my cat doesn't tear up the kitchen. But first, I need to go to sleep, I have been up all night.
  26. Anna Kendrick
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