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  3. •Its been documented several times that you can unlock Crushing with just a normal PT instead of forcing you to play Hard like previous efforts from UC series on PS3 as skateak pointed out. It still doesn't explain this list as Crushing unlocks (which should pop every lower diff with it) but instead 3 hours later the other 3 difficulty trophies unlock (in quite a strict time frame as well, as even the UC3R lists speedrun trophy allows more time im sure but thats more an opinion i guess) but N/H pop, then 30 mins later; Easy unlocks. Do you have any ideas how this [email protected] •Whether its your save file used with LBP2 or not it's still against the terms of the LB in the guidelines post, but the CRT can tell usually what save has been used to unlock them. •You would have to produce evidence that this actually works as the game was server based and i can't find any note of there being a LAN option let alone using it to get the trophy for finishing a MP match. Shouldn't be difficult to reproduce if the method is usable as you say.
  4. As somebody who needed almost two full squads to sync up on the same matches and a report ticket (because I was disconnected between my fourth and fifth win) to earn the trophy, I totally agree with that. They want you to do hard stuff, and when you finally set it all up to get to it, they mess you up with disconnections and stuff like that. If the game itself was consistent, maybe I could agree with leaving Infallible the way it is. But it's not, so nerf that sh*t.
  5. I did not, I just checked my profile and the problem seems to of resolved itself. Thank you for your time.
  6. can not find on jpn store
  7. Will I be able to plat The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series after platting this one?
  8. My report, and very simple reason. They did Tropy at the same time as Oxide. Can't do that. You must select which ghost you compete with. Even if you get a time that beats both, you won't even "beat" any of them unless you select one of them as a ghost, and you can't select multiple at the same time, and you must do Tropy to unlock Oxide.
  9. helo frends what number am i think nof

  10. Didn't think the game was difficult at all. Would maybe give it a 4 tops. But keep in mind that I also played similar games like Hotline Miami 1, 2 and Hongkong Massacre. I really like those games. So someone who is new to this type of game might have a harder time.
  11. Still using vita for many DRPG games. ☺️
  12. I redeem all PS+ games. You don't need to play them all, let alone try to go for the grindiest trophy of all. You could just enjoy the game for what it is, although as a trophy hunter, I understand the need to try and get them all. I still have the game installed and playing here and there after getting the plat. Still haven't finished TTOffline and Weekly Challenges and MyCareer I haven't completed my first season. The motivation isn't as high though.
  13. One tip is to disable cross play in the settings. I was getting stomped by PC players and after changing that things felt a little more fair.
  14. wtf is this game? well, i believe this could be classified as an absolute monstrosity. this is impressively boring. the absolute only thing is has going for it is a seemingly cool soundtrack at times. everything else makes me want to stab my eyes out and drown myself in the blood.
  15. In my opinion the plat difficulty for Fall Guys is purely because of luck mostly because of the team-based rounds and getting lucky enough to be first in line in the racing rounds Legit difficulty my vote goes to Cuphead with Crash 4 not too far behind but that's mostly because of horrid controls that are way too loose
  16. He must have used a save or something. You have the beat the game once to even unlock Crushing difficulty.
  17. Looks like the issue is that Charted - Crushing was unlocked before any other difficulty related trophies. This guide marks Normal, Hard, and Crushing as stackable. This means that if it’s done on crushing difficulty first, those 3 trophies should’ve been unlocked together. My question is, why did Charted - Normal/Hard not unlock with Crushing?
  18. Perfect dispute model that everyone should follow, bravo my good sir. Sadly I don't know enough to think this is 100% right, but hey. You disputed in a perfect manner
  19. Today
  20. You can do 4 people? I know you can do two at least. Might be best to tackle it as a group then. You down? I would be down to try as a group if you are
  21. 50% complete on the shadow of mordor (ps3). completing the game then i can come back and finish anything remaining.

  22. Most of the minigames are not that bad. Just approach some of them with the willingness to get better instead of having a mindset like "let me just get this real quick".
  23. Edit: Sorry for quoting, can’t seem to undo it. I’m not too sure anymore 😅. This list looks very weird to me though. Is Everyone Here? should unlock at the same time as The New Time-Master. (If you collected all Gems first, which he did) It unlocks 1 min. 36 seconds later... 🤔 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I believe this game has been cheated by many people. So many strange lists I’ve seen when I played this game. The platinum rarity is way too high imo...
  24. I've been wanting to make new friends since I switched back to PSN from XBL I never really got to experience getting online and playing with people where we all have a good laugh or two and play online together. I'm tired of getting online and just being solo, I want to make more friends, play, talk,all that jazz. Add me, let's play together, laugh, joke, go trophy hunting etc.
  25. So, it's my birthday today. Turned 24. Obsessed with the results, very interesting for me and the homegirls.

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      Happy Birthday :yay:

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      Happy birthday!

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      Happy birthday, bud!

  26. Muddy_Maestro Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Reason: all shortcuts before all are done, then returns to the game and does tropy followed by oxide in a matter of 3 mins, first try on oxide on that last level missed, does everything in adventure mode on hard as if it was easy Response: The progress tracking for the "I know the way!" trophy has been documented to be glitchy. I had been playing the game semi-competitively for nearly a month online before going for the specific trophies with regards to using all of the shortcuts in one race on Blizzard Bluff/Papu's Pyramid and the shortcut in Dragon Mines, since doing so is not practical when racing online. I had done the Oxide time trial for each track immediately following the N.Tropy time trials, so I had only one track left to do for the Oxide time trials after earning the N. Trophy time trial trophy, which I then beat on my first attempt. These time trials and adventure mode on hard are not remarkably difficult, especially for someone who had played Crash Team Racing on PS1 growing up and played a multitude online before attempting those trophies. Here is a screenshot of Hyper Spaceway, the final track that I had completed for both the N.Tropy and Oxide time trials, with times far exceeding the Oxide requirements. The Oxide time is 2:40:79, mine is over 40 seconds faster. Even then, my times are about 11 seconds slower than the developer time of 1:48:64, further highlighting that difficulty should not be a valid reason to have been flagged.
  27. Halfway through the story of Star Wars Squadrons on Ace Difficulty... I accidentally reset my campaign progress. Not a great start to the weekend.

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      Ouch. :( How did you manage that?

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