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  2. Sadly I'm addicted 🙃 ... I do like a good challenge but with the req for Div 4 lowered I don't think it'll be so bad. I'm a moron for getting both PES (for master league) and FIFA (for FUT) in the same year, but what can I say, I love football. On a side note: has anyone else here had trouble getting "Beginner's Luck" to pop? I won both a Mystery Ball and a King of the Hill match against the CPU and got nothing, then beat someone online in Mystery Ball and got nothing, though he quit in the first half. Does it have to be a full match win online for it to pop?
  3. The shop in the capital for whatever nation you're contracted to, merchants in the travel quests, some of the versus quests have weapons / gear as rewards. It's all random, so sometimes there will be nothing worthwhile and then sometimes there will be a ton of stuff you want. You can also make stuff at the Blacksmith but that's much slower and you have to find blueprints. Haven't delved into it too much with the time crunch.
  4. Looks extremely straight forward. A ton of the trophies are just completing all the missions. 500 raids may take a minute. Dunno if the Space Mission Special Event will be random. Have 90% of Tropicans support 1 faction may also take a minute. $50k in the Swiss Bank same deal. Besides that and the multiplayer trophy, seems like it'll be a good fun platinum with a solid rarity. Awesome given how much I enjoyed Tropico 5.
  5. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  6. A collection of Sierra games. Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry & ect ect... Red Baron - I spent hours and hours playing this.
  7. Hahahaha so full of assumptions. I don't want to prove my point by beating you, I just want to suss this discussion of yours by taking a friendly competition so you don't have to deal with the fact that this world is not black and white. I accept that other versions of CTR can disable cheats in time trail mode by taking your word but you are bringing this information in a cumbersome and biased way. I love to get to the bottom of the facts and not with that garbage talk about liars and losers. EDIT: I just checked my version on the disc and confirmed in game, NTSC. I said PAL before because I'm in Europe and assumed it was my version. But I should have know because in the PAL version you can select multiple languages and the scrapbook is shorter.
  8. Update: I ran through them again and got the trophy this time even though it's still bugged. Thank you to those who replied.:)
  9. Platinum #100 Trophy Hunter Rarity: 9.37% Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Took a five-year hiatus from this game when the kleidos challenges irked me back then. Plus, I had other priorities in life going on at the time. Picked it back up a few weeks ago and finally conquered it. I enjoyed the story for the first one. This one was open world with more emphasis on action combat than the first, which probably diluted my enjoyment a bit. Also, most of the kleidos challenges on POD difficulty were downright frustrating, with one or two in particular spoiling it for the bunch. Overall I'm glad to get this one out of the way!
  10. I finally got it, can’t believe it took that long! I was firing it top shelf over and over and a weak backhand was the one that did it. Lol!
  11. It is correct. RS is a 360 degree horizontal aim (no vertical) and R2 fires the weapon. Check out the demo.
  12. The stat tracking for healing is completely bugged out. In order to get Medic, you have to do all 100 heals in 1 match, same with Wounded Healer, where you have to do all 50 heals in 1 match.
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  14. Wasn't this thread already locked?
  15. Game #3: Minecraft: Story Mode Completed all DLC Started this month Working on one more game (technically three more) before the month is up. Not really enjoying it, but I'm half way done so I might as well finish.
  16. ? If you mean what I think you mean, I didn't beat BOII, III, or IV. Although, I have at least played each game once; II I played zombies with a friend who at times brought the game over when visiting; III via the Beta and a session at someones home (and I have the game, because it was given for free later on, for whatever reasons); and IV I also played the beta, yet I also own it but haven't played it... for a few reasons. I had planned to return to the series properly (since MWR doesn't count because it's a remaster) through WWII, as it was suppose to be similar to WaW, which is a great CoD installment, but I just lost interest because of my backlog.
  17. This made my entire day for the shit he pulled on Pittsburgh and the Raiders. I hope he ends up in the XFL making the league minimum. I hope no GM ever takes another risk on that douchebag.
  18. It reminds me of the Valkyrie Missile a helicopter on BO1. I'm sure they'll be a place to get it simply. Yeah this cannot be all of them. I would expect Online typical (Reach Level 55) and of course Spec Ops trophies.
  19. Ah, the last good 3arc campaign. Good choice.
  20. 28 trophies if we add a platinium that seems unusual, its still only datamining i think it can be part of a bigger list but seem alright.
  21. #396 - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Had a really good time with it, so much so that I bought the DLC. Interesting quests and characters kept it fun, and it stilllooks and plays quite well despite being 7 years old by now. Still one of the best quest-tracking and fast travel systems that even more recent games still don't implement for whatever reason. Also the loading times are quite fast, which is great. There are however a few issues as well. The items don't scale well at all. I was still getting level 7 weapons at level 30+. AS a result enemies felt somewhat spongy on occasion. The temporary AI companions are also useless for the most part, dealing basically no damage to anything. Both the DLCs are well worth it as well, considering both have a good amount of content in them. The first one was more interesting story-wise though. Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 4
  22. Just throwing this out there for anyone who plays demo - If you cont. A demo save ( just before boss of ch.1) You'll not unlock prologue trophy or any other progression type trophy Had demo since 5/10/19 Finnaly got game and nothing pre- poped.
  23. Events have always been the lazy go to for crowns, much higher chance to get them just much much more time consuming getting them all that way.
  24. Far too many games for me to bother listing. You're talking the old 2-D platformer Duke Nukem that was made for crappy DOS systems?
  25. Looks alright so far. If I get this CoD game, it's going to be my first in many years—I stopped immediately after BO—outside MWR, so i'm anxious how them several post launch trophy packs are going to be like considering I know some, if not all, the previous installments with post-launch trophy packs requires an immense time investment.
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