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  2. Hey did you ever figure this out? It looks like you still need the trophy? If you want to try something, maybe you can try making a new character then just join my party and tag along while I do 5 bounties quickly. It should pop that way hopefully. Just add me and give me a shout if you want to try. 🙂
  3. Suggestion: Implement a button "export games-list as JSON/CSV" on user profile page that exports the current list of games (modified by any active filters) as either JSON or CSV file. Use case: I'm playing through my PS3 games, once I'm done I want to export my full PS3 library with PSDLE and compare it to my trophy list to see if I've missed playing some games that I have previously bought or downloaded.
  4. big backlog of titles to be added, 1 mod doing it, u can post any missing lists here.
  5. That’s a very strange issue. Which language is it running in? Could you maybe just compromise and play it in English? Your English is very excellent.
  6. No, at the time I got it completed (earlier this year, check my profile for the exact date) it was and probably still is totally F2P, takes about 35 hrs to plat and requires no microtransactions.
  7. Yeah probably but don’t you wanna play it for fun the first time and then go back and get the trophies afterwards? It’s what I did!
  8. I have noticed some franchises does not have the PlayStation series banner to click on. They may be some lesser known series but I was just wondering why all series isn't included. Duke Nukem is one that does not have it and the Heavy Fire games isn't included. Also I think there should be one with all Artifex Mundi games.
  9. Yea its not very stable right now i crash every other mission , poor frame rate and shitty Audio. I would wait for a patch unless you're a big Fan like myself i couldn't help myself. Tbh even with all those problems i really enjoyed the story and the feel of the world. very poor remaster though. I got the bundle so hopefully the Mafia remake will make it all worth it .
  10. Ooh congrats on getting GTA V!
  11. Thank you.
  12. Don't worry, you're not alone. I wonder if you have it by now! It's my last trophy for the Plat as well. I so want to make this my 100th!
  13. I just missed twice yesterday. It seems the best results come from hits to right field. I've tried runners on 2nd and runners on 3rd. I've tried goading runners into taking that extra base, but no dice so far. It should come, but it's a bit frustrating. Last trophy i need for Plat 100.
  14. I' m confused all left is one Outfit which I need 18 of them. I have 16 but...where are the last 2? I finished every DLC-Missions(Got the trophy too) I got the map and took every bluegleam shown on my map, i see none there anymore Even just got everything to buy all remaining bluegleam boxes from Meridian I have pretty much nothing left where bluegleam could be, i have all DLC-Trophys now too(Only missing the new game+ trophies for 100%) So I'm really lost right now where there could be 2 more hiding...
  15. I'm going to be banned for weeks ain't I, I dont even know what I did wrong. All I did was update my own linked account a few times a day.
  16. Did you use detection quartz? The best you can do is travel to all places you can before the final campaign.
  17. I've not heard of there being any issues with this trophy 🤔.
  18. guess link no longer valid, either gamestop or best buy...
  19. Just tested this myself. Botzone is working but MP public and MP private are not working and displaying matchmaking has failed message.
  20. Hey folks, I'm not really new here but have been inactive for quite a long time now. Lot of things happened so I kinda lost my way in trophy hunting or console gaming at all. I needed a fresh start. And here it is. Made a new PSN account to start all over form scratch. My main profile, which was quite active for some time also in the forums, is set to be my "casual" account for trying new games or games I dont plan on completing 100% Here's the link to my old profile : Maybe someone remembers, then Hi again! 🙊 Besides gaming I do some sports and some gimp-stuff on beginner level when I find the time 🙃 Happy hunting
  21. Completed my first run of the game the other day and was sad to see this didn't pop so i put it down to an error on my end...Just finished my nightmare play-through while paying EXTRA careful attention to the guide and....still no trophy for opening all the chests....reloaded a save in finale and went and checked all the chests i could get back to and sure enough i have ALL of them. Either the guide is missing a chest or it's glitched i never had this trouble with ToCS1...
  22. It is somewhat in the works. It will take time though, we're just two guys and I'm doing this around a full-time job so it can be difficult to find the time. I'm really happy with our progress so far, though, and I've had a crazy amount of positive feedback so it's really motivating Thanks for your kind words!
  23. As far as I know the only way to get around this is with a VPN. It was the only way I was able to play Dragon's Dogma Online with a US account.
  24. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has a easy guide for designer delight as it is very grindy and I would definitely like to skip out as much as possible
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  26. Except they wouldn't be caving in, even CRT admits that nobody can explain how he has done it, even pros at the game. But some evidence that has been presented from making it an impossible trophy to a plausible one, though it seems very improbable given the current circumstances. It is better err on the side of caution and lift it until it can be proven to be cheated or a glitch as there isn't enough of a data pool to determine its legitimacy.
  27. [Ultra Street Fighter IV] FINALLY completed all the character matches on Arcade Hardest and the rival fights. God it was such a pain(especially Dhalsim, how in the hell do you play as that character is beyond me) and it took WAY too much time. All that remains between me and that juicy plat is...the TRIALS of course. Hopefully I will complete those before 2022 xD 

    Still...I had no idea facing Rose or Chun Li can be such a headache on hardest. Chun Li is a pain to deal with even on Medium. I can see who the devs favor in this game lol.


    The most worrying thing... I will most likely buy Street Fighter 6 if it's ever released. Stupid ass franchise making me play like a madman.

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