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  2. I apologize, is my firs report I didn't that right sorry. So my trophy flagged is: all collectibles before all enigma items I found a bug in this trophy of collectiables, the game unloacked me first: "First riddler trophy" and after "Enigma unravelled" 20 minutes later.
  3. Using it since a month...what can i say. Its Amazing. Keep up the great work! One thing i would love to see is custom order and the possibility sort games by release date.
  4. Go Team Feisar!
  5. Deadpool A Sinister smush Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" No DP? No madness Complete the game on Veteran difficulty Know DP? Know madness Complete the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty I am Deadpool Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish using only swords and pistols Suck it, Wolverine! Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish without dying Let's-a-Go! Make it across the floating debris without falling
  6. What was the reason? Unhiding the game will help also.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! Giving me a good amount of research and ideas.
  8. NA and needs linking to the JP version: EU, the NA version hasn't been released yet:
  9. I know the glitch of DLC "Bruce Revenge" but my trophy flagged is: all collectibles before all enigma items it was bugged before the trophy "enigma unravelled" sorry I did not specify well, because is my first report
  10. How much more difficult is it compared to normal? Im doing it in two playthrough as I never got around to playing the original.. I beat it first try on normal. I'm not sure if I'm going for the plat yet as this race is notorious.
  11. Flagged you for FC2 now. If a trophy glitches or you cant get it. Don't cheat it. Simply start a new game. Or Leave it. Thats not cheating. Using saves, even if its yours to get a trophy, is cheating on the highest level you can imagine. And using game genie is also definitley cheating. And see, those Trophies arent earned legit, so it does not belong on LB. And it also goes up in rarity for a game that i have been spending 150h+ on, Like Far Cry 2. So simply dont cheat Trophies. I heard rattalaikai was the place to be for quick trophies.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Just depressing 😒
  13. Fil_91 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  14. I found Van Uber great for most tracks, but then I ended up switching to Harimau, found it a bit faster and similar handling
  15. Thanks. Which list? I found the quest tab under 'codex' but they all seem to be blurred out!
  16. This could be technically done but I don't know what to do with games that don't have the date available. Maybe in the future I will add this but not on my priority list. This should be in games lists? Probably not going to tinker with series yet. They are kinda incomplete still so I'm hoping Sly will improve them soon. Probably not gonna happen. This would either rely on guides which are not always available or external sources which I'm not planning to use right now. Yep, I would like to add custom order soon™️.
  17. Yup in the process of going through the game again. Cheers
  18. Been flagged for sly 1
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  20. I got the VR not long ago, the mega game bundle with Res 7, Skyrim, PS Worlds, Everybody’s Golf, and Astro Bot. I enjoyed EG and platted it, fairly easy plat when you figure out tornado cups count 😅 Skyrim I got about 15 minutes in and had to turn off sadly. It’s very blurred, and gives me really bad motion sickness. Though, the same thing happened on one of the PS World games, and it turned out I was having a hypoglycaemic attack, so I may go back and re-try Skyrim in case it was that. PS Worlds was the first thing I played, and it was a great intro into VR. When the menu loads, you’re just in awe of it. I played the shark mission first and that was great fun and really well made. But, I wouldn’t pay more than 15-20 for it, I don’t know what the current price point is. Not tried the others yet, but I have got an aim controller and been playing Bravo Team. Fun shooting game, but quite short. Easy plat if you go for it. I have Far Point from ps+ which is aim controller too, but not tried yet. I saw Creed on sale for £8 recently, but it’s back at £20 for now, so I’ll wait til it’s back on sale. As for slasher type games, I picked up Sairento for that reason but haven’t yet tried it. Picked it up quite cheap pre-owned. I’d recommend looking that up as it seems to be exactly what you’re looking for.
  21. Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Sikutai: The Midnight Trilogy is like the Mafia Trilogy.
  22. What's glitched? We have no clue what's going on.
  23. Greetings to my fellow Plat-Getter! I know most people have played this already, but as usual I am late to the party! I’ve had this game on hold at the library for awhile and was just notified that it’s ready for pickup. So I’ll be diving in to this game within the next few days, and you can be sure I will be giving your walkthrough a good workout. I don’t think I’ve read MrZhangetsu’s review of the game yet either, so I’m going to read that tonight and get hyped up for the game! By the way, thank you for putting this together. I can only imagine how much extra time and effort this took to write it up, so I’ll be happy to make use of it and pass it along to any friends who need it as well. The same goes for your site of course. The website is looking better than ever, and the new UI is super sleek and professional looking. Love it! I like the direction you guys are taking too with the guides and trophy resources. Keep it up. 👍 I’ll let you guys know how the guide works out.
  24. Thank you. Yeah tbh I wasn't able to find any official answer either, which is why I've been having this doubt. I'm gonna save at least 10 crowns and hope for the best then.
  25. The actual graphic isn't even really different. It's just 1080p instead of fake 4k.
  26. Ones I have spent lots of time with: Beat Saber - best so far for me. Didn't understand hype at first and thought it was ok, but as you get better and skill up, it gets more and more fun. Rush of Blood - fun but scary in a bad way. Dumb jump scares. Annoying music. Nothing makes sense. Good for just shooting stuff though. I Want something similar without the horror gimmick. Re7 - near instant motion sickness. Don't get far at all before I have to take off headset and play normally. Pixel ripped 1989 - Good and weird and original but has a bad trophy for completionist sake. If you don't mind that, then I highly recommend for a unique experience. Audica - solid rythm game. Looks cool. Seems to get more fun as you go like beat saber was for me. I'm not too far in but enough to see that I like it Creed - Good workout, meh game. Seems well made, just wasn't for me. BoxVR - designed to be more of a home workout program and less of a game. it is Beat saber-ish. But punching not slicing. Job Simulator - started pretty fun but by the time I finished the short platinum journey, it had already wore out it's welcome. Batman VR - Pretty fun. Use a guide for collectibles and you'll have the platinum before it gets annoying. Tetris effect - really cool visually, but ultimately it is just Tetris. Give the demo a shot and you'll probably get everything you would want out of it too. Deracine - kind of boring. From same people as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Well made, but no action and is just exploration and puzzles. Has a complex layered plot that takes a lot of work before you can appreciate everything going on. Ones I have dabbled with: Sprint vector - hard to control. Ithas potential. But didn't hold my attention. I need to give it a second chance for sure. Thumper - very cool and trippy. Plan to buy it some day. Demo was great! Moss - enjoyed demo. Plan to buy Dark Eclipse - overly complicated. Played four hours and still didn't understand what was going on. I think it shut down anyway. Rec Room - aimed more at kids than adults. I didn't like the multiplayer aspects, someone more extroverted might. But withmso many kids in there, I just don't think I'll hop back in. Light tracer - some YouTube video called it a hidden gem, they were wrong. Ironman VR - fun but I don't own it. Played through the first few chapters at my cousin's place. Star Trek Bridge Crew - Started it when everyone in the household was hyped for the VR because we just got it. It's a slow methodical game. So didn't last long, people wanted things we all could do or switch players quickly. I've been meaning to get back to it. It seems like exactly what I hoped it was. I just need to start it when I'm all alone and can figure it out in peace VR playroom - good intro to vr, wouldn't want to bother with the trophies though. Keep Talking and No One Explodes - Fun if you like party games Own but not started Superhot - I haven't tried yet, but my family loves it. Far point - grabbed on a clearance sale for $5 but kind of want the weird gun controller before starting it. Pixel Junk - saw my kid play it and it looks like a meh target range style shooter. Just in time - looked fun when my kids played it, but I don't like the minecraft, voxel art. So I probably won't actually spend time with it Firewall Zero Hour - probably won't play because of the multiplayer focus of it
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