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  2. Finished rain and Papo & Yo in the past 24 hours. rain: very short (8 chapters) with almost no backstory. You play as a little boy that chases after a ghost image of a little girl in the rain and becomes invisible himself and trapped in a dark version of the city where the rain is constantly falling. It felt more like a walking simulator than an actual game, but it was interesting to see how the developers handled a 'game' where the only sound was footsteps, roars of monsters, and the falling rain. It made for a very peaceful experience. Collecting the memories gave a little more backstory, and without giving anything away, helped make the city/town itself into more of a character itself. Papo & Yo: went in looking for a easy and fun game, walked away with a unique experience akin to playing through RiME again. This game handles deep issues (addiction, abuse, self-blame) in a way that feels genuine and adds to the story, rather than detracting from it. It is hard to not give a lot of the story away, but you play as a young boy that winds up in an unusual world where chalk drawings cause the world to adapt and change. It is through this world that the young boy travels along with a monster to try and get back home. I do believe the game should have been longer to fully explore certain things, but for what it was, the game was good. Moving on to Anna, which I have heard is a buggy game - wish me luck >.>
  3. I only need the Riot map trophy, could you possibly help me out with it, Iwould appreciate it, it's the only trophy I need for the platinum
  4. It's also been on sale a few times, as I didn't buy that bundle. According to PSPrices, it was last on sale a month before that Humble Bundle. Though it wasn't as cheap as it was last October when I bought it.
  5. Ultra Rare: Puppeteer - 0% Very Rare: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - 4%, Darksiders II - 100% Rare: Kingdom Hearts II - 0%, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - 52%, Dead Space - 5% Uncommon/Common: God of War - 11%, Until Dawn - 0%, PaPo & Yo - 100%, rain - 100% Finished rain and shortly thereafter Papo & Yo. Two very short, yet interesting games that have been sitting in my backlog for longer than I care to admit. rain felt like a walking simulator in a dark town drenched in rain trying to understand why you've become invisible. Papo & Yo has a stronger storyline and deals with concepts of addiction and self-blame in the process of seeking self-recovery. Both games were way better than I thought they would be.
  6. I got this automatically attempting to do the 1000 notes in Cry of Achilles. As long as you perform somewhat decent, you'll nab top 5 with ease
  7. Anna - Extended Edition Assassin's Creed II Darksiders II 100% Last Rebellion 100% Papo & Yo 100% rain 100% Papo & Yo along with rain are now finished and completed. Two Indy games in about 24 hours of work. While rain was closer to a walking simulator for me, it was an interesting game focusing on two invisible characters in a dark city drenched in rain. Papo & Yo had more of a storyline to it that was surprisingly dark, but told in a cohesive manner that did well on the subject. Overall, a good day.
  8. Hi Everyone! The Game Culling 2 its be Delisted from PSN EU, so soon they gonna close the Servers so im gonna try to do the Plat but i think its Impossible but servers continue Online... Good Luck Everyone.
  9. Resident Evil® HD Bundle - $8.99 (PS3) better than nothing. Now if you are looking for the PS4 version with the platinum, it was included in the Humble PlayStation Bundle - Capcom X Sega a while ago.
  10. The After Hours update comes Tuesday. We’ll know soon enough.
  11. Hi, someone to get this trophy? Thanks.
  12. Flash sale on a Thursday??? Anyway, nothing interesting for me (I'd grab the Dead Rising bundle if I didn't have the games already), however I did pick up a couple of games from the Mid-Year sale so I'm cool. It's in the style of REmake, fixed cameras and tank controls. I'd say it's as good as that game except you have an AI partner (sometimes).
  13. Any confirmation on trophies yet? :/
  14. A video shows you can buy items that raise the characters affections, but I got to right before the point of no return and talked to the same girl in the town, and she's not selling these items. How do you unlock them?
  15. Rather not torture myself.
  16. Looks like I need to do Original Mode again after foolishly starting Refrain Mode because I was spoiled. But ah well, baby steps as they always say. I'll start over on Original Mode.
  17. Taylor Swift
  18. Claire Rieveldt (Trails of Cold Steel series)
  19. I think I'll start over on Original Mode because I was spoiled by my Refrain playthrough. So I have to do two playthroughs, Original and Refrain. But I don't mind. Once I complete Original Mode, I'll go for Refrain Mode.
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  21. To be easy platinum or not to easy platinum that's the question.
  22. Alright. I decided to go for literal definitions of the new categories, by picking a point-and-click game for Scavenger Hunt and plugging Dark Souls into Campfire. That opened up Get Tested, which I'm making a watercraft racing game, since I imagine there's a lot of crazy stunts. Plus, I was kinda disappointed that it got bumped off my original list, since it works so well for both Lake and Sport. Fortunately, both of these games are short, so they shouldn't interfere with my plans too much. Make Friends - - 46% Hang out at the Lake - - Play a Sport - - 0% Go Hiking - - 0% Shoot Something - - Make Something - - Learn Something - - Put on a Show - - 0% Tell a Ghost Story - - 0% Get Tested - - Be a Hermit - - Survive - - Summer Vacation - - Go on a Scavenger Hunt - - 0% Chill by the Campfire - - CABIN BLACKFOOT RULES!
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