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  2. Might be coincidental, but while running through Seafront the Southern Plains to Village gates and back again, looking for Black Pearls and Broken Wristwatches I started on Normal, with +25% drop word. Heavies in the plains dropped pretty much nothing. Switched to Hard, and they dropped lots of Strength drops, and 1 Closed book per pass. Switched to Easy, and 3 passes in a row they dropped 2 Closed Books and 1 Broken Wristwatch. Still didn't get Black Pearls though.
  3. Anyone know the S rank point requirements for each level?
  4. If you're fast enough I'm sure you can, any reason you're trying to get the perfect picture or just something you wanted to do? I ask as it isn't needed for trophies
  5. For the next 2 days until the sale ends, it's 75% off in a sale. Actually tempted to get it now since I like Chess. Played the one on Vita a lot due even after getting 100% Shame this one doesn't have a puzzle mode though..
  6. So is it safe to start Hitman 3 then?
  7. This happened to me about a week ago. Earned a few trophies in House of the Dead 3 and went to sync trophies but after 25 minutes it was only at 12% complete so I canceled the sync but they still showed up in my profile on my PS4 and on this site so they somehow must have synced.
  8. OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700U GPU: Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx RAM: 32GB DDR4 Storage: 512 GB m2 SSD | 2TB 2.5" SSD | 366 GB microSD I used to have a laptop with a better GPU. GTX 1050Ti. Bought it in 2017. After two years, I swore off gaming laptops for their un-optimal build quality and bought into the business laptop hype with the numbers you see above. Haven't looked back since.
  9. The Fractured But Whole The name's funny
  10. Play games how you wanna play them, and spend money on what you wanna spend money on? And let others do the same? What I do with my time, money, trophy earning, and free time nonetheless should never be of your concern. Have a good day.
  11. To this day, people still have doubts as to whether the server is still active or not. When I started playing it was in the last quarter of 2018, since there was no success in connecting. Passed 2019 I looked at the foums and clarified nothing about the servers. I only found out after hunting a lot and found a topic on Steam from an ex-dev that the online one would be closed on the 11/5/2018 just like that. That is, the online is OFFICIALLY closed. It is worth mentioning that on the PC they made an alternative server for the game that has an active community, so do not confuse if the official servers are working because of this mod.
  12. Eat Dirt; just do a sidewinder bump with boost. Good places to do it are at the beach or when you're entering the storm drain.
  13. Your new comment still fails to have any real effect, especially with your strawmen basis. I clearly never said "everyone" or "most people", so don't overwrite my point to make your point. I said "some". Thus, what you said doesn't change my point and the fact that there are still a number of exaggerations (and unreasonable comments) on this thread. Responses like that makes zero sense, because you're guilty of doing all of which you described. Any detailed description on a game and claiming whether it's good or not is a review, which you've done numerous times. I'll also just acknowledge the hypocrisy in that paragraph and leave it at that.
  14. Love this interpretation of the game! I'll mark you down. Everyone who's responded for badge 1 has been marked down. You're all good. Like I said, not looking for a whole lot. Just an acknowledgement of actually thinking about the mental health aspects in the game of choice.
  15. Not love but in 2016 I connected with someone who lived in my city, through Journey. She first accompanied me from the bridge right to the end then helped me get (I forgot the official name for it) my white robes. After some messaging I found out she was seven years older than me (so she was in her 20s) and lived in the same city. We met for coffee near my university and one thing led to another. The relationship never went too far because of our schedules, I was focusing on a challenging year in academia; hers was work which left most of the time, the weekends to travel and meet...on top of everything else we wanted to catch up with in life. It ended within five months after a mutual agreement. We still talk from time to time, content with being mates. My only regret is that I lost the save file for the white robes haha. Too lazy to get it back cuz I'd rather focus on my current plat runs and backlog.
  16. Lol, I hadn’t seen the T-shirts. 😂 Much like with the whole Gilson B. Pontes thing, the oddness of this makes me wonder if something shady is going on. I mean, maybe they think church members will want to buy the t-shirts or something (though on their website I never saw any sign that there was a physical church involved, might’ve missed it though. Would be easy to, with how chaotic the site is). But, other than that, do they really think anyone else will want them? It’s just bizarre. There’s loads of genuinely good indie games that have no merchandise whatsoever. Edit: There is no church. It’s one guy. He’s apparently been making games since 2001...and has been offering advice to others on how to make games since 2012. *Facepalm* The link at the very bottom of the main page leads to this:
  17. I don’t understand your comment at all tbh. This is just another option to track for those with different interests.
  18. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. You seem to have the patience, judging by your completion of COD BO3 and BO4, so you can do it!
  19. Out of curiosity, what do these two do for a living given that they have so much time to play? Companies which run themselves? Work from home I.T stuff?
  20. Thank you Poo I will totally use this when I get around to Fallout 4 (cause it free on the PS Plus Collection). it looks very easy to follow.
  21. Shadow of War - would be a good one though i preferred the first game Control - super easy if you have the complete edition as it added cheats but it is still a fun game as well Darksiders 3 - they finally gave Darksiders a real NG+ in this game Nioh - while tough is a lot of fun
  22. It manages to be better than FFXV and XIII, despite its core mechanics being locked to PSP-tier technology. As a fan fiction writer, I'd love to revisit it.
  23. just bought this game for £8 looks like old skool FFs and thats a good thing. can't wait to get stuck in.
  24. Platinum :platinum: #276: Detroit: Become Human (May 10th, 2021)




    Difficulty: 3/10

    Estimated Time to Platinum: 20+ Hours

    Overall Rating: 8/10


    I'm going to be honest. I don't like purely story driven games. Games can have an emotional and gripping story in my book, as long as they provide decent satisfying gameplay. Assassin's Creed, more or less, satisfies this category. Detroit: Become Human, in contrast, is almost purely story driven with very little in regards to real gameplay. This is the formula David Cage himself wants. He feels his own games are interactive stories, because they are.


    Detroit: Become Human, like its predecessor Heavy Rain, is an emotionally gripping tale regarding the constant struggle between androids and humans, the creators of androids. In past works of fiction I've read, androids have the physical capabilities and logic capabilities as robots and machines respectively. Yet they are capable of portraying real human emotions and can make decisions that only humans can really express. Androids are a bit of both, part robot, part human. This was something I kept in mind as I played through Detroit: Become Human. Humans, not all, but most, see androids as mere machines. Androids that have gained free will and control of themselves, referred to as deviants, feel that androids and human can co-exist perfectly without any conflicts. Detroit: Become Human is basically a story of androids trying to gain the freedom and rights of that as humans. This, in a way, draws some parallels with the 1960s decade where Civil Rights was being fought, and Martin Luther King Jr risked much to help people see that African Americans and minorities should fight to have the same rights and freedoms as Caucasian people did. Detroit: Become Human takes a page from history and forges its own story, detailing many of the same struggles, with modern touches.


    There's no denying that Detroit is a technical masterpiece. The graphics are phenomenal. People like Hank look like real human beings in real life, and I wouldn't doubt there is someone out there who looks much like him. The background details are fantastic. Detroit is extremely pleasing to the eye, and while I'm not big on graphics in general, even I can admit I was quite impressed with many of the visuals in this game. I have to give credit where it is due.


    Not all was good I felt. The story, for lack of better words, left me rather conflicted. For most, the issue seems to be going back to playing a story and making the opposite choices contrary to the choices someone would make normally. The Violent playthrough felt tedious. The Pacifist playthrough was an enjoyable one. Making some moral choices, and choosing non-violent options such as transforming an area just outside of Cyberlife stores would of been the same choices I would of made in real life. Spoiler alert, in the Pacifist playthrough, I had to make friends with Hank, who isn't the easiest to warm up to but whom can be a valuable friend. In the Violent playthrough, I had to piss off Hank as much as possible to get an android named Connor killed, and to have Connor come off as merely a machine who was following orders. Here, I had to witness Hank commit suicide, and thus I felt just as conflicted as I did having to watch those multiple endings in Heavy Rain. Ethan commits suicide on three separate occasions in Heavy Rain considering all the endings. In Detroit you have to witness many people dying, including Hank and your fellow androids turned deviants. So this begs the question of why do all this work if it was all for naught? This is what makes David Cage games interesting, but I fully understand why there are people that don't like David Cage. Your choices form the endings you'll get. But it was difficult at times for me to really get through some of the emotional scenes in Detroit.


    A minor nitpick I have for David Cage games is many of the characters are specifically built to be assholes. There draws over a dozen parallels to Heavy Rain and Detroit, so it'll be interesting to see how Beyond Two Souls will fare for me. Many scenes and confrontations in Detroit seemed to have taken a few notes from Heavy Rain. In both, much of your time is spent at the police department, both having their fair share of assholes. Connor is practically Jayden from Heavy Rain, only he doesn't have a pair of hi-tech sunglasses that allow him to discover and solve clues at a crime scene. Kara is a bit of Ethan and Madison. Markus was the only main character who I felt was a bit more distinct and wasn't somewhat inspired by some of the characters in Heavy Rain. Depending on the dialogue choices you make, you can have them be firm and calm, or be emotional pricks. For trophies you have to delve into both sides, which mainly constitutes the Pacifist and Violent playthroughs respectively. For most, you have to do three playthroughs as there are literally a whole bunch of missables in Detroit.


    Detroit: Become Human is an interactive story first and foremost. Gameplay takes a second seat. The most skillfully demanding bits are some hectic QTE (quick time events) set pieces, including one in particular where you must liberate a camp full of androids from the police SWAT teams holding them hostage. Making the wrong choices can lead to failure and therefore giving up, thus voiding the trophy for liberating the camp. Most of the QTEs in this game with the exception of a couple, including the one I mentioned, are pretty easy. If one finds the QTEs too difficult you can just lower the difficulty to have an easier time. Watching some video guides on YouTube make these QTEs and choices much easier to handle.


    As mentioned, I enjoyed the Pacifist playthrough, but everything after that felt like a bit of a slog. Some of the different choices in your second and third playthroughs open up scenes and situations that are worth watching, but I really found only a few of them that impressed me a little. For much of the game you're watching the same scenes twice, including the dialogue with Todd early in the game, who abuses Alice forcing Kara to go deviant. Kamski is still a giant prick regardless if you shoot the Chloe or not. You practically have to make both choices, one to help make Hank your friend, the other to piss him off even more and leave Connor behind. The news media plays a notable role in Detroit: Become Human, with the Pacifist and Violent playthroughs ultimately deciding how the general public should treat androids. There is a brief scene where the President of the United States, a Hilary Clinton lookalike is answering questions from the news journalists. I had to watch this scene three times to wrap up everything, including finding all the magazines, many of which are highly missable. Like with Heavy Rain, trophies do not unlock until a chapter officially ends, so you have to sit through a lot of scenes as you're playing Detroit.


    In conclusion, Detroit: Become Human is a technical masterpiece with emotional, gripping characters that many people of all types should play and try out. I can't say the platinum was all too enjoyable, which may explain why the platinum trophy is under a 20 percent rarity on PSNP. Watching the same emotional scenes and confrontations fatigued me a little, and there were a couple moments where I just wanted them to end. The game is enjoyable on the first playthrough, but many of the moral choices I had to make on the Violent playthrough (second playthrough) turned me off a bit. All David Cage games from what I understand suffer from repetition, and I understand why not everyone would want to go back and make choices that go against the choices they want to make. This is an interactive story first and foremost. I'm not a fan of purely driven interactive stories. But I give Detroit: Become Human credit for raising the bar by giving us realistic like characters and questioning the motives of what future society will have. From a gameplay perspective, this game is not that great. Far from it. As I understand, these kinds of games are what sell these days, and we should be expected to see more of them as time moves on.

    1. MossyOakRcn42
    2. Copanele


      Big congrats! That looks like a very interesting game. Too bad they force you to go violent mode for the platinum... Never liked that xD

  25. Looking at some gameplay this mode seems more akin to Raid mode from the Revelation series. And like someone else said, memorizing enemy spawn and types will go a long way it seems.
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  27. Update 10 - 5/10/2021 Batman Arkham Knight 63% 68% Bioshock PS3 4/19/2021 Dead Space 2 14% Dynasty Warriors 7 30% Forager 100% 3/20/2021 Gris 3/14/2021 Ratchet and Clank 58% 4/28/2021 Rez Infinite 4/2/2022 The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS3) / 100% 4/6/2021 Ys IX Monstrum Nox 10% 6/10 Completed 2/2 swaps used I completed all the Batmobile DLC trophies in Arkham Knight as planned, but didn't completely clear the second island of Riddler trophies. I also barely touched Dynasty Warriors 7 for some reason. Just wasn't feeling it this week I guess. Then RE8 took over my weekend. So once again I'm falling apart at the end of one of these challenges. There's still 3 weeks left, but RE8 has me in its clutches right now and isn't letting go. If worse comes to worse I'll shift Ys IX over to the Summer challenge, but I'd like to get all 10 games done. We'll see! Week 11 plans -Clear the Hero and Rogue DLC trophies in Batman AK, and clear more Riddler trophies. -Finally start Conquest mode in DW7 Take care!
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