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  2. It usually is in November. However I got into the graduate program I wanted and have been pretty busy lately. I'm not sure how much time I'll have then. I could always just slap it together and let it run itself like I did last time. Or if someone wants to take it over and show it some love I would be OK with that. Please pm me if interested, but I've only been checking the forums about once a week or so.
  3. In my 3rd playthrough of the game, I learned about the power of Chain Skills besides Cosmic Fan. Namely the power of Twin Melody. Properly using Twin Melody allows you to effectively kill most of the large storyline enemies before they get a chance to attack. To demonstrate, here is a video on Arcadian Brute and the strategy to do it. I plan to update the guide soon with this information, but I admit I've been putting it off for a while.
  4. "Won't get to experience the final ending of one of the best damn game titles in the history of games." "Telltale games will always be the best narrative, story driven game company EVER." I want whatever drugs she's on, man. Sounds like a pretty good delusional high.
  5. Exactly. This game should never have been available to purchase because I'm sure the CEO at least knew this company was going under before the release of this game.
  6. @Mesopithecus #Team Cujo Want to add Life is Strange: Before the Storm for Category 12. My fiance was motivated this Weekend to Play the game with me and we platinumed it yesterday Great Prequel to a lovely game series. We can´t wait to Play Life is Strange 2 Also making good Progress in Nier but I´m still unsure were to put it. It depends if I can put Fist of the North Star in one of the categories after the release of the game But I Need to Play it first to see if it fits in any of the categories left.
  7. I would even say it was the intention of the company/CEO to deduct some more money before going to hell. They knew the company wont see the end of the year and that they wont publish all four episodes. The first episode was published only a few weeks ago and now the sudden death?Hmmm its kinda strange.
  8. This was the first time I ever bought a season pass. Guess I'm never doing that again.
  9. Qualifiying for the weekend League might be not that hard at all as you het qualifiying points of you lose a game in Rivals to.
  10. Nothing i said is aggressive lmao if I had used all caps then this would make sense. I'm simply stating facts.
  11. Just a quick heads up, the develop of this title, Q games announced that due to a music licensing issue, this game is going to be removed permanently off the store this week. I bought it back in the day and it's very good. So if you might want to get this game, now is your chance. Before it's gone, forever, literally.
  12. Nice to hear that the tips have helped at least a few people. Congratulations to the platinum, do you know already which difficult game will come next? @esstee11
  13. Really sad, I've enjoyed a lot of Telltale Games' titles. Sad that this may not ever be completed. These episodic games aren't my favorite structure and seeing this happen I'm less of a fan, especially since this is the only company I bought episodic titles for to begin with. Here's hoping they end up finish off this game for those of you that bought it!
  14. Seems like a process Sergen would be able to do, since he's the one who's most accustomed to the proxy method.
  15. Remember internet rule #1 'If you ever think that you are the only one to do/be/have on the interwebz, there will be immediately be someone else' Well, Fire Emblem is utopia.
  16. VNs are usually one cour, especially low budget ones. Rinne or... Rinne ?
  17. I opened Pandora's box, and watched someone play the first 46 minutes of the game, but I'll still wait for the complete edition to be on sale. The trophies seem to be the same as before. Can't wait to dive into the Arcadia Bay once more.
  18. Calm down son, it's not the end of the world. Just contact Sony and fight for your rightful refund. No need to go aggro in this thread. .
  19. Btw, what happens to all the other Telltales Games now on PSN? Will they get discontinued or does the money go to Sony when buying them? Just thinking about if people should buy the games if they planned to platinum them in the future
  20. I have finished my first backlog game: The Order 1886 It was Meh at best. Story could of been better (best part of the game), gunplay was pretty good, however the stealth sections sucked so bad. The game itself was beautiful, like some of the best graphics I have seen. 5/10 at best. More progress on One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 also. PS4 Mad Max (5%) have read that plat is now unobtainable with digital version...... Dark Cloud (0%) Undertale (0%) Metro Redux (0%) Infamous first Light (0%) The Order (0%) ----- (100%) Borderlands 2 (10%) However I have gotten the platnium for: Assassin's Creed Origins (52%) 76% Lego Jurassic World (78%) 100% Overcooked (25%) (s rank) 100% Grim Fandango (o%) 100% One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (12%) 61%
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  22. Iron Spider/Infinity War, whatever you wanna call it. I was really surprised that the eyes of the mask actually cast light. They sure put a lot of work into those suits.
  23. Seriously I could care less if they lost their jobs especially since we are apparently not getting refunds which is complete bullshit. You don't all of sudden shut down so the CEO had to know this was coming and should have never been able to have this game buyable or at least have a warning that this was possible. Something is very fishy/illegal going on here.
  24. Thanks for sharing that.
  25. Only 10 😢😢😢 Shame on me 😅😅
  26. @Arling-07 total of 8 counted. @bani24jj total of 10 counted. @Bos10George total of 15 counted. @Carbon_Lancer don't see any trophies. @crazycarnz total of 20 counted. @DamagingRob total of 30 counted. @Beyondthegrave07 If there are any more people to count, let me know.
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