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  2. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't been feeling that great.

    My body and mind have not fared too well lately. Thankfully, there are no serious physical or mental health issues. Except for possibly one: recent blood tests revealed a sluggish thyroid. Nothing serious but it does explain my recent surge in headaches. I haven't been put on medicine for it yet as we need more blood tests to confirm this.

    I can tell you that my habit of "fumbling over my words" is getting worse... and leading to more arguments with family. I do not regret living with family as living alone would be a death sentence with my medical issues. And they would never admit it, but they need me as well. Still, you know what they say about working towards better communication.

    In good news, I may be doing a wrestling event for the indie (minor-league in wrestling terminology) company I'm with this month as wrestling shows are permitted in New York again, at least for now. I will need a ride out there as I never learned to drive. Contrary to popular belief, not all of NYC is touched by its famous subway system. My borough of Staten Island is all buses, although 2 go into Brooklyn to reach a subway line. This show is in Queens and a bit "out of the way" so even if it is near the lone subway station out there, it would be 4+ hours from my house. Fortunately, we have wrestlers from New York and New Jersey (the company comes from New Jersey) so I'll ask around. Wish me luck!

    Seeing as this post is long enough I'll cover gaming another day. See you soon!

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you feel better soon. 

  3. I give up on making GIF files. Imgur doesn’t work half the time. Another website gets stuck at the processing screen and tells me to go premium. I’m not shelling out money just to make damn GIF files. 

    I’ll just have to post my Valfaris review without them.

  4. This morning, we were expecting two packages from Amazon. We received one, but not the more expensive one. We figured it would just come later in the day. However, now it's saying delivered, yet nowhere to be found. Amazon has been little help beyond saying,"Wait and see if it shows up tomorrow...and here's $5 for your trouble." :facepalm: 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      @kingofbattle8174 It was something pretty big, so would be a bit hard to pick it up and walk off. Still, hope not either. 

    3. kingofbattle8174


      It could be an error too. It may not ever shipped at all. It bappened to us not that long ago. We purchaesed a loft bed. The seller issued a refund for some reason but amazon still said it shipped. It went through the system and even said delivered on time but nothing was ever shipped. We ened up ordering it again and that one showed up. No reason why the first one was refunded back to us. 

    4. MidnightDragon


      I'll see if it comes tomorrow. If not, I'll contact them again.

  5. :platinum:#866 & 867 PS4 & PS5 versions of Scarlet Nexus

  6. Today
  7. Hi! I'm looking for some help boosting the online trophies for Need For Speed Undercover, The Run, Shift, & Shift 2. Send me a message on PSN (Merc_2K) & we can work out the details. 

    Happy Hunting!

  8. Actually quite enjoying the Avengers game. The story is a decent comic book romp and I like the characters including Kamala Khan, even if she talks maybe a little too much (even Banner agrees). However, the loot/ gear system is total rubbish- even worse than Anthem's, which I would not have thought possible- and I can already see many of the impending shortcomings in terms of endgame content. Still, it's looking like an easy if somewhat grindy plat so I'll stick with it. Haven't encountered any major bugs or issues so at least they've been fixed.

  9. forgot how much i hate duel in rdr. stuck on one for the stranger mission eva in peril. just can't seem to beat this guy 😒

  10. I just learned that i share the same birthday as Walt Disney through a discord call with my friends playing Jackbox. That's just evil and i blame all my losses today because of it.

    1. AJ_Radio


      What’s your point?

  11. So, July 30th marked the 6th consecutive year for my trophy streak. I have gotten at least one trophy a day since July 31st, 2015.


    That feels like a very long time…

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    2. LukeTheGooner


      watch out that Brock Lesnar doesn't end your streak

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. starcrunch061


      I fear the streak might end when the Vita store goes down. It’s what saves me on trips.

  12. Platinum for In Rays of the Light, pretty short game, but you have to play through a couple of times, honestly I enjoy a walking sim that has a horror side to it but nothing really much happens (apart from a few creepy noises) glad I waited for the sale to buy it

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. kingofbattle8174


      That underground area is pretty creepy though

    3. LukeTheGooner


      they were the noises I meant :)

  13. 100% #32 - The Swapper


    A fun, short game about swapping between clones to solve puzzles. All of the collectibles are probably impossible to find without a guide since they are so well hidden, but with a guide they are easy. The game is also very short, it only takes an hour or so to finish. I enjoyed my time with it.  

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. ShadowGandalf


      Nice one. I remember playing this ages ago. It really had me scratching my head

      more than once.

  14. July gaming goals update presented without comment.


    Trophy total: 4500 (3,442)

    Platinum total: 75 (73)

    Completion: 90% (85.43%)

    Complete two games for every new addition to the backlog-16 complete, 12 new additions

    Complete at least 70% of unfinished PS3 games (both existing and anything I start in 2021) (8/15)


    On an unrelated note, signups for the next backlog challenge have now opened!



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    2. MidnightDragon


      Yea, I know. I'm gonna focus on cleanup more after I hit my 3,500th trophy and 75th plat. I'm not doing the same for both. 

    3. AJ_Radio


      Saints Row isn’t that long either. Took me 30 hours to finish the third, and 40 hours to finish the fourth.

    4. MidnightDragon


      It's on the list. 

  15. #428 - Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

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    2. Edunstar84


      I've only completed a handful of Atelier games, but this one's my favorite. Congrats!

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  16. Breaking News!!! Earlier today I managed to earn 2 of the hardest trophies in Final Fantasy X HD on the PlayStation 4. I'm surprised how quickly I got them done considering how much of a pain in the arse they are!



    Trophy: Chocobo Master

    (PSNP 16.94%/Sony 6.0%)


    The trophy description is simple enough, open 5 chests and win the chocobo race at Remiem Temple (Calm Lands) and the trophy is yours! Once you know the route it's just a matter of perfecting it as the time window is quite strict and the Chocobo isn't the easiest thing in the world to handle.




    Trophy: Chocobo Rider

    (PSNP 25.62%/Sony 15.30%)


    Out of the two trophies, I feared this one far greater due to the trophy requirement. Don't let the rarity fool you this is not an easy trophy to obtain. You need to complete the final chocobo race in under 0.00 seconds. The reason why it's difficult is the following; Both the balloon and bird spawns are randomly generated so you have a lack of consistency, if you have a bad run there's no restart option so you have to complete EVERY attempt.


    If that's not bad enough, you need to reach the finish line in around 39 seconds with at least 13 balloons collected and 1 or 2 birds hit otherwise you have no chance of getting the required time. I'm amazed I managed to do this trophy in less than 14 minutes, I'm sure others have tried this for hours and still not done it.


    Needless to say I'm happy to add these to my existing collection and best of luck to anyone who still needs these trophies!


    1. kingdrake2


      congrats. getting it in 14 minutes is leagues better than my attempts. 

    2. MidnightDragon
  17. ba4f2cc770f07cf59471813c53da262e.jpg


    It's my party, and I'll make a wantonly self-indulgent post about if I want to! I'm literally the only person I know who doesn't share a birthday with some famous human who is also inordinately cool and/or talented (to wit, my mom shares one with Bret Hart, and my nephew with Paul McCartney 😑) and at the rate it's going, it may well forever remain my curse.


    Bought Kingdom Hearts: Malady of Mammaries and some of the Rawshark and Clannagh games I've yet to play, if'n you're wondering. Kingdom Hearts and birthdays kinda got a special connection for me (though ironically it's been ages since I actually played one on my birthday!), so it kinda felt right to cash in on a decent discount today.


    ...But ya gotta know, I'm more of an unbirthday guy, so I'm busy planning for tomorrow and all that. See ya!

  18. Finished CoD: MW2 remastered on veteran last night. It wasn't as hard as I had been fearing, as I generally don't like doing max difficulty levels.


    Unfortunately, the story's like half finished, but fortunately CoD: MW3 Remastered's supposedly to be done. Can't wait for it to come out so I can continue the story.

    1. LukeTheGooner


      any annoying moments like from cod 4 with the ferris wheel part?

    2. darkalphar


      I haven't gotten that far, veteran-wise in CoD4. Didn't want to play it on veteran first time around few years ago, then I only went back to it to refresh myself on how the story went before I jumped to CoD: MW2. Doing it on veteran on MW2 was mostly on spur of moment decision to see how far I'd go.


      If the difficulty of CoD4 veteran is comparable to MW2's veteran, I might consider re-doing it on veteran in future.

    3. LukeTheGooner


      I have mw2 in my backlog, need to get around to platting it some time

  19. From one PS2 icon to another it's time I finish playing the Sly cooper series, I played and completed Sly 1 and 2 a couple of years ago but never continued to Sly 3 for some reason so I think it is time to rectify that

  20. Platinum #132: Shantae and the Seven Sirens 


    Very fun game, amazed i let it sit on the shelf almost a year (Limited Run). Used Optinoob's guides, speedrun was 3:42. 100% was 4:20. Then had to get 1 statue and farm a few enemy cards which took an extra hour.


    That's 3 platinum this week, each in the same day i started them... Control, ManEater, Shantae... im dead af. Completed my summer game goal list. Now for another break. 


    As for Shantae in general, it's quickly become one of my favorite games. I don't think i can think of anything bad to say about them. Hopefully the series keeps going. 

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Congrats, I've only played the first game but it was cool for a Game Boy game so I'm looking into the rest!

  21. Happy birthday man! I Hope you have a great day.

    1. AK-1138


      Thanks a lot! Bee T. Dubs, this may well be the shortest thing I've ever seen you write 😈

  22. Game delisting is the worst thing happens to video games. We are confined to "buy now or buy never" situation. 😤

  23. Yesterday night I hit a milestone for my account. The trophy 'Heartstrings' for Final Fantasy X HD for viewing the underwater date scene in Macalania Woods. Sent me over 50,000 gamer-score, this might not be impressive to a lot of players but as a personal achievement it feels great to hit that milestone! 

    1. Groudon9000


      Great job on the progress on your account and good luck with FFX, along with the next 50k!


  24. Found all of the Relics on the first island for that sweet XP Boost 💪 Now to go further into the main missions so I can unlock the second island and find all Memory Cards and Lost Letters then the rest of the Relics, then all Outposts and Radio Towers.


    Here’s what I’ve got so far for anyone wondering! :D Side note: I might not be able to 100% the game because I don’t know where the last car is if anyone knows let me know.


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