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  2. Trophy #3000 is seven trophies away.  My plan is to play the first chapter of TellTale's Batman (PS3) to pop six of the seven, and then...a deliberate milestone trophy.  Heh heh heh...

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      'Grats on approaching your milestone! I will be very curious to see what you pick 🤔 😄

  3. :platinum: #154: Chickens On The Road

    :platinum: #155: Road Bustle


    When I buy a new game I make a quick check if all trophies are obtainable but that's all. So when I started to play Chickens On The Road I suddenly realized that the stuff I experienced in the first minute is the game itself and nothing more. Same for Road Bustle.


    So technically I've bought two platinums.  :D


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  5. PepegaChat at 2x <-- me searching trophy services on games I just completed to see how much money I "saved"

  6. So I just saw the the original Wicker Man on a whim after happening upon the selfsame giant flaxen effigy in AC Valhalla. (See? I always keep my status wall update thingies game-related, no matter how flimsy or tenuous the connection 😂) It was on my list of films to watch anyways.


    Oh, boy... it ain't your normal film at all, is it? Can't really tell right now--as my brain is still trying to process a thousand dissonant impressions--whether I loved or hated it, but I certainly can't ever forget it. That they turned something this subversive and existentially terrifying into something as unintentionally hilarious yet still profoundly boring as the Nicolas Cage remake, is as damning an indictment of Hollywood's ever-deepening lack of originality as anything. It's like a before/after shot of a lobotomy... only the patient was also burnt beyond recognition and replaced with, gee, I don't know, Clint Howard or something.


    Anyways, I'm gonna go look at puppies and kittens and rainbows for a few hours for reasons wholly unrelated to minor traumatization.

  7. Platinum #349 ~ SkyTime • NA (PS4)


    definitely not my proudest moment, but i wanted to speed things up a bit so i could finish up gal*gun for my 350

  8. 4 stacks for Sir Lovelot. I must resist trophy whoring. I’ve been waiting for a while to get my hands on that game. It’s really easy but it looks so lovely

  9. Nioh update: basically after a bad night, finished the main story, absolutely wrecked Queens Eyes, then went back and on 2nd attempt using an odachi for reach, i beat that Nue Omnyo thing. DMG output was much higher tho to be fair ive never bothered with soul matching which i guess could add to the ATK(i think?).

    I then went back and destroyed that mission where its a bunch of skeleton dudes, 2 tengu (i actually had to wait for the 2nd to spawn in, too overpowered lol), and an Onryoki.


    So what's left? Yuki + Samurai boy,  soooo i plan to cheese it, farm 10 Large soul stones, go to town with living weapon. 


    a few trophies i thought just came about playing the game tho that i haven't unlocked,  all materials, every yokai (missing 4?)

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Copanele your guess is as good as mine, lmao. I definitely had a lot of patience back then, and was just better at gaming, i have lost a bit of my step, also last night i was trying to rush stuff. Tonight, i took my time, barely died..Go figure.  The occasional texture pop in does bother me tho in the remaster. I'm trying to remember if twilight missions count towards the "all missions completed".

    3. Copanele


      Oh ok , I see. More aligned chackras in PS4 version got it xD

      Annnnnnd YES they do count wohoo be happy! Gotta do those also!

    4. Crispy_Oglop


      I just landed in NG+ at the moment and learning about Divine gear and Guardian Spirit enhancements. I'm still working on weapon proficiencies but once i've knocked those out I need to figure out a decent and fitting weapon + secondary weapon to stick with. I'm not touching those post-game boss remixes until i'm OP enough to steamroll them easily 😂

  10. Platinum #38: Dark Cloud 2 (PS4)


    Finally! After about 3 months of grinding and the unfortunate set back of saving over the main game file, I have obtained the platinum for Dark Cloud 2! 

    This was one of my favorite titles for the PS2 back in the day, so it was really good to play it over after all of these years. 

    For for next platinum attempt, another Level-5 RPG Rogue Galaxy. 

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    2. Luneth


      Damn that's pretty impressive. 

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Congrats, the Dark Cloud games were some of my personal favorites as a kid.


      I still need to go back and finish both Dark cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy. Both are very grindy plats (let's be honest DC2 is a grind monster)

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  11. Racking up the W's this week- just managed to snag myself a retail PlayStation 5 disk console!


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    2. Deluziion90


      Gee gee! Welcome to the club. You’re going to love Astro’s playroom it’s so sweet! 


      Don’t get too scared about all the early release bugs and shit. Just turn off rest mode immediately that shit wrecks most consoles. Also keep in mind the really big graphic games can make your console start buzzing (Coil whine) that shit happened to me when I started playing godfall(would not recommened that game unless your a looter rpg fan)


      and get Demon’s Souls! 😄🏆

    3. Crispy_Oglop


      Early release bugs, rest mode wrecking consoles and the mention of coil whine have actually made me feel slightly less annoyed that I missed the recent PS5 stock in Ireland. Thanks @Deluziion90 😂

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      I wish i could buy ps5, but i promised to someone i will not get it before he gets 100th plat. 

  12. guess i have time for games for now, quarantine again, because a worker i worked with monday got tested positive, ugh

  13. Most of the people I know on PSN don’t trophy hunt, so I end up feeling quite the superior in their group chats.


    Also me:



    1. DrBloodmoney


      All relative I suppose, but Trophy Hunting is definitely an ‘Opt-In’ kind of hobby, rather than ‘Opt-Out’.


      You don’t get far passively.

      Without actively pursuing trophies, there aren’t many games one would get the platinum by accident - and most of the games where someone might are easy niche games pretty much only trophy hunters buy in the first place.


      I have a mate who doesn’t have a single platinum, as the only games he has are Street Fighter games.


      He is, however, an absolute God-Tier player - I would never have a hope of even winning a round against him, but he doesn’t have the platinums in even those games, because for him, they aren’t important.


      I mean, why would he bother doing all the combo training stuff?
      I’m sure it would be no issue for him, but...

      He doesn’t need to!

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      I definitely think that trophy hunting has become way more mainstream since they were introduced in the early days of the PS3. But compared to the full population of Playstation gamers out there, we're still relatively niche. I also think that very accessible and straightforward trophy lists like Spider-Man have become a sort of gateway to trophy hunting for quite a few folks and it's brought them into that part of the gaming world naturally.

      The idea of trophy hunting and earning platinums feels more accepted too thanks to a growing amount of YouTube channels/podcasts etc that talk about them/celeb and nods towards trophies in them. Such a huge difference to when they were first introduced.

      But I do agree with @DrBloodmoney on the idea that skill might not always reflect in a person's trophy list/count. If someone on my friends list has a lower trophy count, I love looking at their profile and seeing their games. I have friends who play super super casually, a few hours a weekend with low counts. But I also have friends who pour all of their time and effort into mastering one game and are just exceptional at it while holding a generally low trophy count. On the opposite scale - you might find someone who has an insanely huge trophy count - but 40% of it is accounted for by stacked 1hr platinum games designed just for quick trophies.

      I think that's why I love trophies and looking at people's trophy lists so much, there is generally no single way of approaching it that is wrong (outside of cheating and rule breaking of course). 

  14. Getting the platinum in Star Ocean 4 is a huge accomplishment, it's THE jrpg platinum. But I don't understand why anyone would to go through that twice, or thrice or in friends case he plans on plans on platting it four times....the absolute mad man. 

  15. I really hope somebody would give me some suggestions. Thank you!


  16. :platinum:#712 Vita version of Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis

  17. You're not a true fan of a game series if you avoid an installment of that series solely because of your concerns about the trophies that the game has. I don't have anything against anyone who decides to play said game on a different account or platform, this is regarding people who absolutely never try out the game at all because they think the trophies are too long or difficult, if you don't play the game in any way then you're only playing for trophies and not for the enjoyment of the game series.

    1. Copanele


      On the flipside (and hope it's on topic), for the true fans, hope they know what they are getting into xD as a true fan of dmc series i HAD to play dmc2 on both ps3 and ps4. That game was vile and I want my time and energy back . 

      So sometimes it's better to just remain a "regular fan" :D it's not like you are losing anything anyway. 

    2. Sergen


      It's fine if you think a game in the series is bad because the game itself is bad, not every series remains consistently high quality and does sometimes mess up and have a shit game in it, such as Uncharted's card game. The point I'm making is simply people who use trophies as their excuse for not trying a game in a series even if the game isn't badly reviewed, they simply look at the trophies and they're scared off and never give the game a chance.

    3. charxsetsuna


      Yeah I see your point, If I cared about how long trophies took in games I would never play any musou games because most of those games past dynasty warriors 6 empires require you to treat it as a full time job to do.

  18. 83rd platinum achiever in Maquette! Early this time!


    As I predicted, I loved the game! Definitely give it a go!

    1. enaysoft


      Well done!

  19. I have to admit it's a little strange doing digital pre-orders on Switch now that you have up until 7 days before the game releases to "back out" so to speak. No bad but strange. I thought it was 7 days to back out. Misreading in my semi-old age much?

    Also, I'd better keep track of my money when the time comes! Getting caught short would not be good!

  20. I am sure this happens to a lot of us. We get into a comfort zone of what we like to play, but every once in a while we get a itch to try something different. My comfort zone is usually FPS/TPS and open world action adventure type games. I own many games from different genres and I am having a moment where I think I want to get out of my comfort zone. 

  21. Not gonna lie I’m disappointed that ALL the cutscenes from Sonic Forces were blocked on my PS4... was it to prevent people from live-streaming spoilers? So odd.

    1. enaysoft


      You should try streaming the Japanese version of Yakuza 6, the entire game is blocked (The western release is fine) and it only unblocks for about 3 seconds before and after every trophy pop.

  22. Platinum #367

    All 44 Trophies
    4th March 2021 • Platinum in 2 days, 10 hours
    This concludes all 3 mafia games for me at 100%. I had a lot of fun with this one and enjoyed the story from start to finish.
    Best trophy list out of the 3 as it doesn't require a trophy for 1000 miles or collect a million collectables.
    It's all very moderate to 100%.
    Classic mode wasn't hard at all I've probably had the most trouble with the well known chapter 5 race but that took me around 10 tries ~30minutes total.
    All in all great fun!
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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. charxsetsuna
    4. PooPooBlast


      Congrats! Glad to hear. It's in my backlog. Can't wait to try it out. Thought Mafia II was brilliant and I surprisingly loved the story of Mafia III although gameplay got repetitive. 

  23. No one was watching Va-11 Hall-A so I’m deciding to for the first time ever to livestream a Sonic game... SONIC FORCES ON


  24. You know you have a problem when you check a sale and all these games that look interesting already have the [Purchased] tag but you don't remember buying any of them

    1. enaysoft


      That has happened to me many times. lol

      Eagerly about to purchase, to only be greeted by the "Download" button instead of "Purchase"


      I also once, was gutted that a game I wanted on Vita was delisted and could not longer be purchased.

      Then a few months later realised said game was given away some years ago for free on PS+.

      In other words I already had the game and just didn't realise it, I just click and cancel every free game on PS+ and usually I don't even remember the name.


      I think I have about 100 games now I bought on sale and have yet to start playing.

    2. snakebit10


      Has happened to me with sales. Now I do remember buying them, just don't always remember when. Like earlier this year I played Dead Island definitive edition. I had to go back and look when I bought it. Just 4 years ago. 

    3. charxsetsuna


      I've had this problem with big in Japan sales before 😂 

      Which is probably good for my psn wallet.


      And i definitely have games i own that I've forgotten about.😂

  25. Plat 54: Samurai Jack


    This game was really difficult, I had 4x playthroughs, although the guide on this site gives it a 4 only. I'd give a good 6 for the lack of defence the game mechanics need more of, defending is a myth in this game & your health is due to deteriorate. You're also only guaranteed limited amount of recovery items, shall you suffer half way through a level then you're screwed. Great game to relive if you loved the show as a child, glad it's over with a beautiful *secret ending*.

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