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  2. Been playing a lot of Vita games lately as my dedicated tv time has been limited, so I’ve gotten a couple of plats from those. I’ll update the worthwhile platinums I’ve gotten though:

    Plat #129: Spider-Man: Miles Morales! Absolutely fantastic, loved it. I do want to play it again on PS5 whenever I get one because my launch model PS4 was really struggling with some sections, just shows how far we’ve come in its lifespan.

    And plat #131: Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate! Way late to the party on this one, as I said I’ve been going through Vita games. Very clever and engaging level design. And snuck in just under the rarity cutoff for another UR 😉

    1. Deceptrox


      Congrats. What happened to plat #130?

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  4. Congatulations on achieving Old Blood plat!


    Did you use the strat in the video that I posted for the Workshop challenge? I'm curious. :D

  5. Omg guys I'm rich! I finally made it! I'm buying premium for all psnp members to commemerate this moment. 




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    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Send him Bill's data to create an infinite loop.

    3. Honor_Hand




      Jokes aside, I never get one of these emails. I don't remember even the rich Nigerian prince ones ever landing on my email address. Guess I'm not deserving of their generosity. 😂

    4. PooPooBlast





      @Honor_Hand Oh boy... I receive dozens of those on a regular basis but this one takes the cake in terms of absurdity by far :lol:

  6. Operation Tango back at 100%.

    What a pain :") 

  7. Started The Surge since I still had the desire to play a Soulslike (until Elden Ring appears of course).

    To be honest, I did not expect much of the game, since the game prior to this was Lords of the Fallen ( a turd of a game in my opinion), but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the game. It's no masterpiece by any means, but The Surge has some solid gameplay, fun limb removal mechanic - where you yank out the enemy's body part to scavenge his armor, upgrades based on implants and overall a nice feeling.


    So far I am in area 2 and I still am interested in exploring and tackling enemies. If there's a downside, it's that the levels are incredibly bland (everything happens in a huge abandoned factory or something, but all rooms kinda look the same) and some enemies randomly dish out absurd amounts of damage. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature but I might just be underlevelled.

    Oh and I am lost. So terribly lost. I have no idea where I am going and the landmarks are hard to remember since...most of them are just corridors and boxes.


    Overall, I am excited to discover more while improving my PAX weapon, yanked from the first boss of the game. Nice game, hope it holds up until the end:D


    P.S. I also unlocked The Good, The Bad and the Augmented DLC, managed to do the first world...just to get demolished by the second world 😅 I'll tackle it later, I liked the mechanical Western theme of this game. 

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    2. Arcesius


      Hey I'm totally fine with the disagreement, @DrBloodmoney 😂


      You found the level layouts exciting to explore, I thought they were confusing and tedious to navigate. I much preferred the more straightforward levels of the sequel, since what I enjoy about such a game most is not exploration but combat, and in that regard I thought that The Surge 2 improved a lot upon the first game... The parry system was just excellent, and they kept the fun core-mechanic of limb-splitting intact. Just fun! 


      And yeah.. I thought the first DLC in The Surge and the only DLC in The Surge 2 were a lot of fun. The cowboy-style DLC of The Surge was, in my opinion, on the same level as the Labyrinth DLC from Lords of the Fallen. But I can see how you could find some enjoyment there. It was just too repetitive for me (what was it.. 4 stages and only 3 bosses or so? And they all look the same..). 


      Anyways, you let us know what you think, @Copanele! Have fun with the game! 

    3. ScarecrowsFate


      Oh, for sure—The Surge's labyrinthine layouts had me more confused than I've ever become in a video game. "Where's that damn shortcut again?!" 😅 But, yes, it's a really impressive turnaround after the miserable Lords; that sluggish piece of junk actually gave me headaches when I played it (the DLC in particular).


      I loved the novel leveling system, and collecting armor sets from enemies was addictive, even though the limb amputation mechanic didn't always work how I wanted. I recall that PAX sword being a strong weapon for most of the first playthrough, so great choice.


      And you can add me to the "Westworld DLC was trash" group. 😛 It was okay to play through once, but when it came to earning every trophy, I couldn't wait to be finished.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Good to hear that you're having a blast with this one. I'm sure I have this one somewhere in my library. It being a Souls-like game is what kind of drew my attention to it. I wasn't too sure about the futuristic setting but it seems to be working out well for you.


      Hopefully, those environments will start to look more appealing later on because that's one thing I always look forward to in the Dark Souls games. You know, to get to a new area and just be mesmerized at the scale or the beauty of it. If this one is going to be just a bunch of stale-looking corridors, yikes. 😅

  8. Just browsing the Far Cry 6 section, noticed you got the Plat and it's also Trophy #20,000!


    Congratulations, impressive ❗

  9. Back to video gaming sounds nice, unless it's because your visiting friend departed back home. Ah well, back to video gaming.

  10. Just listened to this band called Infected Drain and it's some of the dumbest music I've ever listened to. 

  11. :platinum: #278 ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY - This game was long as in so FUCKING LOOOOONG - But I loved it! Comparing it with Origins, the story was much better and it didn't have to be self aware like 'shit, this is an Assassin's Creed game, we need to mention Assassin's n' shit' but with that said, the only awkward part is that Odyssey had Assassin's Creed stapled to the title because as a stand alone game this would have been amazing. So a lot of the locations to complete are cut and paste with a few exceptions here and there but I learnt my lesson from Origins to complete them as I went along so I could level up and get all the good gear to make the game easier during story progression. By the time I finished the game I was level 81 and all of my gear was legendary with engravings/upgrades included and ready for war which is handy anyway because the mercenaries are annoying but at level 81 with all the upgrades I took down a level 99 mercenary with little trouble :) I didn't get the happy ending as far as the story goes, I saved my mother and sister but gutted everybody else because fuck em' but I was disappointed that saving my sister didn't give me all the cultist locations as I still had to find them all myself. The fate of Atlantis is a bit of a step back but still enjoyable compared to the rest of the game/other DLC but it's definitely worth the money and 120+ hours it took me to finally beat the game ^_^

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    2. ChristIllusion12


      @AJ_Radio I've heard Desmond Miles is in Valhalla but I don't know to what extent :/


    3. MidnightDragon
    4. dermarx


      Congrats :yay:

  12.  Nickelodeon All-Stars is one of the most basic fighting games I've ever played. It's extremely fun and chill. Nearly gotten the platinum.

    It's nice they've actually released a fighting game for noobs for a change.

    1. Dreggit


      This is how Smash Bros. started before it got so... uh... what it is now. Smash Bros. 64 was always great :)

  13. I don't think I will ever understand the purpose nor the appeal of competitive gaming...

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Only at a high competitive level. I generally play chess to have fun.

    3. Copanele


      Appeal yeah...watching/playing competitive games aren't for everyone, some games I don't understand myself either (League of Legend and Starcraft are 2 of the games that come to mind). But sometimes it's actually fun to watch high level players competing in a game that you actually understand xD

      Now, if only the ego issue would be HuntingFever pointed. It happens in actual sports, it happens in eSports, human nature ruins the matches for me :(

    4. AJ_Radio


      I can't ever see myself playing League of Legends or Starcraft 2 competitively. I would just get my ass pummeled.

  14. Fuck Nickelodeon All Stars. At least i can get a full refund. Stupid game. 

    1. XchocomanX


      Told you lol.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      dude. lol i tried hard. Absolutely raged... something like super saiyan 3 for the first time 😂 Its just so bad.... I can't even.

  15. Platinums #254 and #255: Lego Marvel Superheroes and Ark: Survivor Evolved 



    Lego Marvel Superheroes. My god, what a great Lego Game. It’s as amazing and simple as I remember, yet incredibly fun in the process. So happy I went back and did it


    And then going into the backlog I found out..I played and didn’t Platinum Ark. so I said “...Ok why not I’ll finish it”


    ...I hated every second of finishing this damn game. Every. Damn. Second. I know it has its fans, and that’s perfectly fine. I can respect that. I just couldn’t enjoy it honestly :/ but I’m glad I at least got the Platinum! 

  16. thanks for the follow^^

  17. You know, my favorite Resident Evil quote so far is still "GET OFF MY TRAIN... SHEET BAIIRRDDD!" That is all.

  18. lol walked into gamestore to pick up my Nickelodeon All Star Brawl order (physical ftw), and felt nice so i paid my sister in-laws games off which was roughly over $100. 😂

  19. Mini-Update, just 100% completed Arkham Knight's trophies. Finally got Requiem for a killer, it was close, I had just reached 1 million points when I took a hit, fortunately there were enough regular goons/grunts left and the Brutes had only just started to spawn in. Reaching that last 50,000 was pretty easy and then the fight with Killer Croc wasn't too bad, he only got one hit in on me. Unless you enjoy difficult challenges I personally recommend against doing the Community Challenge Trophies.

  20. Hello everyone! It's been a few days and I wanted to thank everyone for cheering me up after how heavy one update was and how angry another was. But enough about that! Let's get down to business!

    Metroid Dread completely kicked my rear. The only thing I seem to find is... EMMI... and death. Oh well, I had to know.

    Gaming is low-key for now. I'm giving a friend tips for Greedfall (no hate please) as he just started it (read: do side quests). He's not into trophies but likes the story so far. He seemed enthusiastic when I told him about "bosses as big as houses" (the Nadaig)... maybe too much. I guess he'll learn!

    As for me, most of my "good stuff" comes out at the end of this month. Mario Party Superstars, Voice of Cards and Switch Online Expansion Pack (liking that must make me stick out like a sore thumb). I did buy Cris Tales but I haven't gotten around to it (or even installing and patching it). Typical of me, really. At least it gives me time to decide on Platinum 175! Yep, I'm at 174 Platinum Trophies! I need a good one for 175, not my usual trash!

    Until next time!

  21. Platinum #157 - Granblue Fantasy: Versus (PS4)

    Lce73d4.png  1L853f74.png

    Believe in victory, believe in eye candy


    One of ArcSys' most recent entries in the fighting game world set to whoa players with its crisp visuals and rich backgrounds but that ultimately ends up falling a bit short in its premises. Granblue Fantasy: Versus came out in 2020 and was published by Cygames in Japan, Xseed in America, Marvelous in Europe, and TSS in the rest of Asia. It is based on Cygames' incredibly popular mobile RPG series called, you guessed it, Granblue Fantasy. I came to this game not sure about what to expect, and what I found was lots of potential in rich characters and visuals that are kinda marred down by a bog-standard story and a lack of offerings for the hardcore fighting game enthusiast out there.




    Is it as epic as it looks? Let's find out


    Gameplay is that of your standard fighting game but it has some twists and unique concepts of its own. Concepts that aim at making it accessible for newcomers but at the same time engrossing for veterans. In this spot, I think the game succeeds reasonably well. In essence, it's a 4-button fighter with two extra buttons for skills (or macros) and guards. The first 3 buttons are your standard light, medium, heavy attacks but the fourth button performs a move that's unique to each character's fighting style. Pretty cool. In addition to this, there are overheads, throws, specials, an evade & crossover maneuver that's risky but rewarding, throw breaks, ground & air techs, and taunts. No sick roman cancels or air dashes in this one but what's here is strong enough to suit most fighters. As far as nuances of its own, in an attempt to make the game more accessible for newcomers, Granblue features an auto-combo feature similar to the one found in the likes of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle or Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. Basically, as long as you keep pressing the same attack button, you're bound to get an easy short chain with which you can easily catch your opponents.


    Another interesting mechanic are the skills, which are married to the RPG origins of these characters. Skills have a cooldown period and are unique to each character. They can go from unique counters, to grab approaches, to charge stances, you name it. These skills can be activated via the corresponding skill button (duh), which makes it easy for newcomers to pull off battle-changing moves quite easily. However, in an effort to keep things interesting, you can also input these same moves via regular fighting game commands and enjoy a reduced cooldown for your mastery. That's neat. I feel this keeps both the game accessible enough for newbies and at the same time rewarding enough for those that want to master its intricacies. Sames goes to the evade and crossover mechanic, which can be very difficult to pull off. But try to read your opponent's mind to pull it off correctly and you'll have the upper hand in battle. The gameplay itself is very neutral heavy with pokes and calculated decisions taking central stage. It's neither fast-paced nor slow, it's got the right speed and just the right balance of oomph and flash to feel great for all types of players.



    Ferry and her ghostly pets is a fun character to use


    Where things start to get a little grim for the game are in its modes and offerings. I feel it disappoints both casuals and veterans alike. So, you've got the main mode that's called RPG mode. This is the meat and potatoes of the game because outside of this all you have is Arcade, Versus, the tutorial with a handful of easy combo missions and that's it... Oh, and the gallery I guess. But anyway, going back to RPG mode. Here the gameplay changes to a more beat 'em up style in which you'll have to move left and right on a stage and beat enemies to move forward. Problem is, every stage is nearly identical and most of them only consist of two screens, and on top of that, the fighting mechanics doesn't adapt too well to them. There's very little enemy variation too. They can be repetitive and mind-numbing to play. You would think that at least the story would make up for this, but nope, it doesn't. Here you'll be presented with your standard fantasy tale of heroes and companions banding together to defeat a great evil. I mean, the voice acting in it is good (I went with the English dub and I can say the cast it's surprisingly likable), but the tale itself is nothing extraordinary nor interesting.


    The highlights of RPG mode were probably the boss battles. Of those the game does have a few of them sprinkled in and, while not all of them are great, the ones in which you have to fight huge-sized enemies and actually employ some sort of strategy to avoid their attacks and whatnot felt pretty cool. I'd say some of the very last bosses in the game like Bahamut, Beelzebub, Rose Queen, and Grand Order were fun to fight. But outside of these encounters, most of the RPG mode is pretty forgettable. You also get to roll for weapons in this mode to equip them on your characters to get a proper elemental alignment and whatnot to stand a chance against bosses. Outside of Hard Mode, though, you probably won't notice they make much of a difference, and their implementation feels kinda tacked on.



    Not even a Flying Suplex of Love could save the story from being as cliched as it is


    Moving to an area where the game performs admirably is in its presentation. And HOT DAMN! Trust me, this game could easily and single-handledly score a 12 out of 10 in presentation alone. It's THAT beautiful. For starters, it's running on ArcSys' now-signature 2.5D engine first used for the reboot of the GG series but the visuals themselves are astounding. Crisp, colorful, vibrant characters and landscapes smoothly animated with a crazy detail for attention make each and every aspect of the Granblue Fantasy world come alive in this game. Speaking of vibrant characters, I kinda feel they deserve a mention of their own. This is probably the fantasy fighter ArcSys always wanted to make, but now, they have access to an endless pool of rich characters to draw from. It's hard to not find a character to love in this game. Their interactions and banter towards one another before, during, and after fights are just exceptional and well-delivered. The base game comes with 12 characters and one final boss that can be unlocked. That's a reasonable start. Right now, however, there are at least 10 extra DLC characters that can be added to the game, with more planned on the way. While I know the practice itself is questionable, fuck it, I caved in and ended up buying this one character that I just had to play with.



    Look at that fluff!!!


    Enters Yuel, Ancestral Guardian. What a prime quality foxgirl, if I have ever seen one. With her fiery dance moves, extreme nimbleness, cute yet sexy figure and one of the fluffiest tails in existence, she won my heart over in an instant. I saw the character and I just knew I had to get it. Curse my weakness for kemonomimi girls, lol.


    Anyway, back to the review here. Outside of Yuel, characters like Ferry, Lowain, Charlotta & Ladiva all scored high as frequently used characters for me for one reason or another. But in short, the overall cast is just exceptional. Their design, their overall aesthetics, their voices, their moves, everything about them is simply great. In addition to this, there are at least 10 varied stages in the game with beautiful background visuals to fight on as well. Another point in the presentation that also scored high for me is the music. It may not be up to the greatness of our lord and savior Daisuke Ishiwatari's work in GG or BB, but the rest of the compositions being credited to the names of Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomo Narita & others carry a certain heavy weight in this game, a weight that sounds exceptionally well. With so much of this talent having worked in the likes of Final Fantasy, it's no wonder why the soundtrack sounds so epic high fantasy at times. All of the scores in the game were great, from the ones in the menus to the character-specific themes, it was all a joy to listen to.


    sTLdDKN.gif  trn1hMu.gif

    A quick look at how sweet these attack animations look like


    Trophies in this game are mostly easy. There are, however, a few annoying trophies to have in mind. Luminiera's Blade can be obtained in 2 ways, and both are equally boring. The first one entails playing RPG mode on Hard difficulty, farming a few things here and there, and then getting the corresponding drops to forge the weapon. The problem is RPG mode is boring and playing it on Hard made it more difficult than my patience could handle. The other method involves rolling for it until you get lucky and get it. Amass tickets, roll, if you don't get it, download your backed up save and try again. It took me 6 hours of this crap until I got it. Talk about bad luck...


    Another dumb trophy is Granblue Know-It-All. The description seems innocent enough but if you are playing the latest version of the game, you WILL NEED to buy all the DLC characters for this one to pop. Yeah, no thanks. I am fine with the fox lady myself. A good way to get around this one is by downloading the base 1.00 version of the game. Once you've cleared the story in RPG mode, simply go to the Glossary section and it should pop. There, your wallet is grateful now. Finally, there are a couple of online trophies to be aware of: Backup Please! & Reporting In! require you to use to online co-op feature in RPG mode. Alongside these, you also need to complete at least 2 tutorial matches online, win a match, save a replay and use emotes and stuff in an online lobby. There were no active players online when I played this, so I had to use the help of my friend @DistantFox on this one. Thanks for the help here, man. Really appreciate it.



    Will you challenge the Lord of Flame?


    TL;DR: Granblue Fantasy: Versus is kind of in a weird spot. I'm sure fans of the mobile RPG will love seeing the characters come to full life in this game. It's accessible and easy to pick up but at the same time provides just enough meat in its gameplay to keep more knowledgeable fighters interested. The problem comes from its apparent lack of modes, side diversions, or any sort of challenge for the enthusiasts. The crisp visuals and bountiful presentation are sure to keep eyes, ears, and hearts pleased, but the lack of actual content or modes to play with makes it hard to justify spending the full price of the game. Even with a discount, it's still hard to justify.


    One thing ArcSys could do to boost its appeal is, maybe, bundle the DLC characters with the game in a complete package and then halve its price. That would make it a hell of a lot more attractive consumer-wise, IMHO. Either way, I'd recommend this one to curious players who like pretty fighters, as there are plenty of high-quality waifus and husbandos to be had here. Just do your best and try to get it for a price that's comfortable for you.



    Finally, some cute/funny/cool Yuel-themed images and GIFs for your enjoyment. x3














    Someone needs to make figure out of this pose like pronto ↑






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    2. yuber1234


      Congrats! Like @FreshFromThaDeli said, I didn't know about the cool down mechanic being lowered.


      I 100% agree with you that the combat was solid but the game suffers from lack of options. I would have loved this game if there was at least a Score Attack Mode.


      And if it makes you feel any better; it took me almost as long as you did to get that RNG trophy (5 hours).

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MidnightDragon
  22. Earned Platinum #149: Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice. Picking #150 is going to be tricky. Also started the Outer Worlds

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. zizimonster


      The combat in that game leaves much to be desired since I adore NinjaTheory's DmC so much because it has an awesome combat system.


      #150 Should be My Name is Mayo. @AK-1138

    4. MidnightDragon
  23. So, Assassin's Creed Chronicles is basically Mark of the Ninja without its fluid control. :lol:

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    2. zizimonster


      I've just arrived in China. Russia will have to wait because I need to visit India first. :D

    3. AJ_Radio


      I love how your banner picture is basically the equivalent of old VHS tapes that got heavily scratched. Either that or an old CRT (cathode ray tube) television getting bad antenna reception. 


      Kids these days have no idea what we had to do.

    4. zizimonster


      Thank you, @AJ_Radio. I like stuff that reminds me of the past, especially the 80s or 90s.

  24. It’s been quite a while since I played a Metal Gear Solid game. 

    There’s two games I want to play, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid 2. 

    MGS V: Ground Zeroes is fairly short, but has some tough sections. It’s nothing I can’t handle, especially since good ol PowerPyx of trophy guide fame made videos for this game several years back. I cannot thank Brian (PS5Trophies) and PowerPyx enough.


    Most people are aware of the tedium of MGS2. The dogtags, Extreme difficulty, and the infamous VR missions. 

    Fallout 4 and MGS2 will be my “big” projects, it’s doubtful I will get both done before the end of this year but they are games that I’ve put off for far too long. 

    I was very turned off with Fallout 4. Paid the full $60 when it came out. Didn’t like the dates game engine nor the game mechanics. The story also felt.... off. However I tested this game out for the first time in a long time and now it doesn’t feel quite so bad as I initially thought of it. It will be another Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Max Payne 3 project, where it is going to take the better part of a month to finish it all, including DLC. I could finish in a couple weeks sure, but I’m not going to torture myself over virtual achievements, which of course mean nothing in the real world. 

    MGS2 is a different beast. It’s an old game, has some rather dated mechanics. Compared to other games of its era, MGS2 holds up remarkably well. Hideo Kojima seems to have a thing for western culture, yet there is the obvious Japanese influence. A number of cutscenes in MGS3 reflected on American history during the Cold War era, yet resembled a portion of badass action scenes that only the Japanese can really pull off. So, while MGS2 takes place in a completely different timeline, I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. It will be another big project.

    I was definitely too young to understand either MGS2 and MGS3 when they first came out. 

    Mighty No 9, Mega Man 11 & Trine 2: Complete Story will be “side” projects, all fairly short but a bit challenging. I can get all three done in a week, maybe I can’t, as they’re all skill dependent. 

    Sam & Max is an old TellTale episodic game series that I bought after I thought all of TellTales stuff would get delisted. It’s quick and easy, Sam & Max is basically the same kind of game as Strong Bad, Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future. I enjoyed all three of those, and I expect the same out of Sam & Max.

    1. Deceptrox


      Am I the only one who like MGS2 VR/Alternate missions. Sure there are some that are annoying but as a whole those are entertaining. My favorite missiones were the bomb disposal ones, while my least favorite were the hanging mode ones. I hope the rumors are true and a collection of the series for PS5 (hopefully for PS4 too) is being release soon. 

    2. AJ_Radio


      I just know it's one of a select few games I know where holding down the square button and simply tapping it does different commands. I heard you need to do both for the VR/Alternate missions.


      Adam McDermott, a trophy hunter YouTuber that I've known for a long time, did a Platinum Journey on MGS2 last year. If he was able to do it, I most certainly can do it myself.


      I definitely don't want to miss out on this masterpiece, even if it's quite dated by today's standards.

    3. Deceptrox


      Yes, you have to complete all VR and Alternate missions. Most can be completed really, others fairly quick, and some require more effort and time to be completed.


      Difficulty increases with each character you unlock, but MGS1 Snake has the most challenging missions. He almost always if not always stars with no jtems and weapons.


      The missions that are more challenging are Hanging Mode, Gako Survival, MGS1 Snake Variety Sniper mission, and most of MGS1 Snake missions. But all of them are achievable with patience. E.g. I couldn't beat MGS1 Snake variety Sniper mission on PS2 but I pushed myself a harder when I played it on Vita and got the plat despite the not so precised Vita controls for the sniper rifle. When I went for the PS3, that mission wasn't that bad, I had more trouble with MGS1 Snake's and even with Raiden's hanging mode missions.


      The controls aren't that bad when you get used to them.

  25. Hope all is well, Rob!
    I noticed you were working on the Far Cry 5 Zombie trophies recently. I am thinking of starting it, but in your opinion, can most of it be done solo, or should I round up a co-op partner?

    From the guides I have read, it appears the majority of the chapters can be done solo with 2-3 that would be easiest with a partner.


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