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  2. Max Payne 3 NYMHC


    I could only be bothered to give this one attempt today over a strong sense of 'what's the point I'm going to die over something stupid anyway' and today was no exception and a complete new one for me...


    Attempt #58 - Died on Chapter 8, right at the start, my strategy was to shootdodge down the hill picking off goons as I go so I started doing just that and I got to the bottom of the hill and there was two goons left so I shot one and it went into slow-mo cam and I thought, huh that's weird... then I got welcomed with a big black screen with 'Failed' on it. Turned out I shot Passos. Motherfucker... 

    1. UltraRareBoy


      Patience is the key! GL

      Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania patience is the key gif

  3. Can anyone very prone to motion sickness tell me if they felt sick quickly by playing Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online or if the game is okay? I watched a review but I don't know if the player was moving the camera very fast or if the game is like that. I get sick with Rime in less than 10 minutes but FFXV was mostly okay for example.

  4. This is it everyone. The end of it. For good this time. How will this game end? Honestly... I'm still worried. But... I guess I'm about to find out now aren't I? 😅 Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory Final Boss & Ending. Starting at around 4:30 p.m. EST. MAJOR SPOILERS INCOMING. So... for the final time... if you want to play the game and experience it for yourself... it's recommended you avoid this stream. If you don't care... then it's up to you.

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  6. Platinum #136, #137: Dokuro, Rayman Origins


    Another double whammy. Both have been in my backlog for forever and were relatively short and fairly challenging games.

  7. Yessssss!!! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

    They're here. Went to pick them up yesterday.

    Finally... 1-2 months in total of waiting but here they are. Will be sharing pictures on them soon.

    Need to finish cleaning and organizing the man cave but so far I'm very happy with them.







    The one on the right it's a personal holy grail of mine. Actually, she will be the starting piece of what is known to me as the Holy Nekomimi Trinity. The crusade has finally started for me. (((o(*°▽°*)o)))  Yuu on the left is quite a cutie but it may be too much for some of the younglings here, so let's see if I try to get some safe shots for you to appreciate.

    Needless to say, I'm in the process of ordering more now >.< After a shitty last year, I'm happy that this year is looking very bright for me. Why, I never thought I could get so many figures in such a short span of time. Quite a feat for someone living in this God-forsaken place. 

    Happy, happy, happy, yes sir. \( ̄▽ ̄)/


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    2. ShonenCat


      Delicious kitties as always, Felicia-boy! You go get that Holy Nekomimi Trinity \( ̄▽ ̄)/

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      You sure know how to make a guy jealous. :lol: I'm loving that artwork! The one on the left is my favourite. :awesome:

    4. Fen


      From the artwork on the back, I want to go with クロエ/Chloe. So much cat power. 

      From the tiny transparent window, I want to go with ユウ/Yuu who looks nicely done but can’t quite tell and photos on google have awkward censor-♡s :giggle:

      Looks like there are no dents/no rips/other in the cardboard, that’s some real ace shipping. 

  8. Platinum #36 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night :platinum:

    Rare 12.69% Completed in 3 days, 24 minutes ⏱

    Currently #23 in fastest achievers! ☄

    Hopefully I stay #50 in first achievers! 🍕


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    2. Copanele


      Congrats for the plat and the placement ;)

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      You wasted no time getting that done, eh? I guess you must have liked the game a lot. :lol: Good job, man!

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  9. BAD PS PLUS GAMES, ALSO, BEWARE! Horizon chase turbo has glitvhed trophies in couch co op!! If you have the trophies unlocked in your main acc, couch co-op with a second acc, many trophies will auto-pop in the co-op acc. It happened with me when i tested the game. Luckly, it happened in my second acc :S

    1. DaivRules


      That's how several couch co-op games work. LittleBigPlanet works like that. Not really a glitch.

    2. Honor_Hand


      I'm actually looking forward to Horizon Chase Turbo. Looks like a racing game I would enjoy. :)


      Thanks for the heads up on the trophies, though. 

  10. [Trails of Cold Steel ll] Piuf, this time I got every treasure in the first playthrough, now my second round will be more peaceful than when play the first game where I got the same trophy in the second plauthrough and almost finish with the story!

    1. Fen


      I never seem to get around to start with Trails CS (all the Trails games are so long, it takes lots of motivation!). 

      Enjoy your 2nd playthrough! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    2. AlchemistWer


      You should try it at least one time, I just play the first two trails in the sky and now the two trails of cold and the stronge point is the narrative, so if you like that kind of game you should play them and the PS4 version has a turbo mode that help a lot when you go aroun city or zone. :) 

  11. I took a look at 

    And knowing EA's damaged beyond repair reputation, they are gonna ruin this game and add microtransations to it. It's a good thing I play games made by Japanese developers that aren't like EA.

  12. I want to give away a $50 PSN card once a month or so! Id like to post a giveaway today for one, but want to do something fun each time. I want the giveaway to last no longer than a week. Any ideas?


    Id also buy the card the day the winner is announced so they can have their choice of an NA or EU card instead of being forced one or the other

    1. IntroPhenom


      Awfully generous of you.  Something game related, I'm assuming.  Anything you want, really - favorite NPC, next Smash character, etc.  Maybe a riddle.  Have fun creating your giveaway fun.

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      You could do trophy hunting tournaments, ask people to give you their favorite video game series, system, etc and do a random drawing. Maybe do an event for UR trophy hunting and anyone who earns a UR trophy in July can enter a drawing? I'm spitballing here...

    3. ResoluteRock


      You should speedrun a game. Tell people they have a month to beat your time. At the end of the month, enter all the names of the people who beat it (if applicable) into a drawing and pick the winner that way.


      If nobody tops your time (which is likely :P) then select the person with the highest time from the attempts. Of course, use the usual forum rules of at least 25 forum posts, 3 months on the site, etc. to prevent people from creating multiple accounts for multiple attempts.


      That could be a fun community challenge, I'd definitely participate.

  13. Devil May Cry story complete! I liked the game as a whole but man is that dialogue really corny/cringy. Glad I played that it though.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      It was corny, have to admit, but cool game overall. Time to step it up for the Dante Must Die mode. Spoiler alert: You will die. :awesome: Be sure to farm on items to avoid that.

    3. Terra


      Yeah, maybe not. Another time for that, I'm ready to move on to my next game :D

    4. Honor_Hand
  14. :platinum:#404 Vita version of Attack of the Toy Tanks 

  15. Wolfenstein: Youngblood & Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot will be released uncut in Germany. I think the world is coming to an end. Seriously, like, fire and brimstone comin' down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling! 40 years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from their graves! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats livin' together, mass hysteria!

  16. This is for the payers!


    Plus games for July:


    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019


     Horizon Chase Turbo

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    2. gameoncomrade


      I repeat, booo!

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      You are just haters! Sony is the best!  This  games are everything i ever wanted!



      Said nobody with common sense for very long time.


    4. IntroPhenom


      Super boo!  (Hiss!  hiss!)  Sports and racing!  Gag.

  17. Did anyone else received an email regarding the ending of PlayStation trophy passes from Sony Rewards?


    It says earning punches towards trophy passes will expire on 11/07/19

    On that date the Trophy Pass will end for all Sony Rewards members and will be discontinued but you can still earn progress from now to this date.


    It also asks the question of why it is going away. "All Sony Rewards Passes are limited time offerings and over time certain passes will roll out of circulation to make room for new ones"


    Apologies if it has been known but hopefully others who are using Sony Rewards and are unaware of this can make sure they get their points!

    I have been able to get a few $20 PSN cards by using this feature so I bummed out they are removing it. Hopefully they just change it up and keep it but you can never be to sure so Happy Trophy Hunting!

    1. DaivRules


      Hopefully the word is spreading. As long as people read their email, they should be okay.

  18. I like your new ID. It sounds like the name of an I Hate Everything video...Oh wait, that does exist.

  19. Two days down five to go. There's still a lot of work until to do until we open the main event site for tomorrow...


    Today, here's a comparison between the old CTR and the new CTR commercials



    Here's another one that's from back in the day



    I'll be honest, I prefer the older commercials to the new one


  20. This day four years ago I earned my first Platinum Trophy.


    1. Atoya9


      Congrats, and I hope you continue trophy hunting for as long as u can

    2. SnipeBear_


      That means it took you 6 years to get a platinum since your first trophy was 10 years ago

  21. Hypothetical.


    If you had an invisible, intangible camera that was showing you a live feed of whatever it's viewing, and it could be wherever you wanted, where would it be and why? 



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    2. BlazikieronUS


      Sly rippers bedroom


    3. IntroPhenom


      If the camera records sound, then the oval office, because my god the things that must be said.  If no recorded sound, then my own heart, because it's best to keep tabs on things like that.

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      @IntroPhenom, I thought about that too. Lol

  22. Hmm, while I was going to wait until next week to grab Judgment, I might grab it this week and still get the rego for the car done, just do it for 6 months instead of a whole year, that way I can afford both things.

    Especially since I've been looking forward to playing Judgment for a while now.

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      wouldn't car take priority? and if you only had to wait a week, is a week that bad of a wait?

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Not at the moment, since classes don't start again until another month, and I don't use the car as much between classes... but that's just me xD

    4. LegacyJKO09


      haha thats fair then 😁 Judgment it is!!!!

  23. Anyone with Sword Art: Fatal Bullet DLC and Expansion, is it worth it? The upgrade is 19.99 and buying complete edition is 20.99..No brainer. I have the physical game.

    1. ruffedgz


      I just got the complete edition today. I like the SAO series and hope to complete them all

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Well, just bought complete edition too XD. Hopefully I can sell the reg physical edition(just popped it on ebay and my local listing), or its gonna be another bday present to a friend. lol

  24. Crash Team Racing Platted! Those time trials were exhausting

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    2. lordguwa


      if you keep at it on the time trials i'm sure you'll pull them off, congrats on the plat.

    3. ChristIllusion12
    4. MidnightDragon
  25. Question regarding Dead by Daylight DLC's.


    If I meet the requirements for a DLC trophy that does not require you to actually have the DLC to do it, do I get the trophy?


    For example, in the Nightmare on Elm Street chapter DLC, there is a trophy for looting 100 chests & another for opening the exit gate 35 times. It's possible to fulfill the requirements for both without the DLC. So do I need the DLC to even make progress on trophies like these?



    1. Carol


      No, you don’t need to own the DLC’s to earn those trophies. They’ll pop when you meet the requirements, regardless of you having the DLC or not.

    2. Shinobi


      @Carol: Glad to hear. Thanks for the response! 

  26. :platinum:#403 PS4 version of Attack of the Toy Tanks

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