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  2. Gonna have another sleepless night tonight for whatever odd reason... Sigh.

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  4. So I can't enter this store?



  5. Hey dude, I'm a mini mod and I'm gonna call the real mods to have your profile terminated because I just feel it's my obligation to the community to do that!

    1. CelestialRequiem


      Many have tried. None have succeeded. 

  6. Trying to think of a game to play this October, and having trouble thinking of a truly scary game that isn't just Halloween/season appropriate.


    What do you think is the scariest game out there right now?

    1. BeautifulTorment


      Probably Visage

  7. Man I hope the PS3 Dragon Age games come to PS Plus so I can play them again

  8. When you report a trophy list, it's probably best to be 100% certain that the trophies can't be earned legitimately. I think more evidence than "I think these trophies are earned too close together" should be supplied with reports against people that you think have cheated... The person has to live with the consequences of disputing publicly to this website, a place where people get their salty popcorn ready to devour while watching the circus that is putting a person on blast for their dispute. 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      When I see some of these disputes with poorly-written, wishy-washy reasons that barely pass for English, all I can think is "Somebody actually approved this flag? You've gotta be kidding me"

    2. Darkette


      “hmm strange, i thought you couldn’t do that” will be the new report meta in 2030

    3. kevao97


      I've always defended that reports should have consequences, literally psn applies that. when trying to report something, you are warned that false reports are banable if analyzed and found in bad faith. psnp doesn't work on almost anything it should. I'm here because of your posts and just a few other things, like the upcoming shutdowns thread.

  9. Streaming Death end re;Quest 2 in a minute


  10. Yesterday
  11. :platinum:#1,601 PS4 version of Race Journey: Nitro

  12. Platinum #159 - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy



    Another big weird swing of a game that just barely misses the mark. The Guardians have always been an oddball but strangely captivating team, both in the comics and movies, and this game doesn't do them the justice they deserved.


    The graphics and character models are gorgeous and well animated, and most of the voice acting is top-notch. The story is exactly what you expect from a retro-future space romp; Star-Lord accidentally releases a terrible evil, and stumbles around the galaxy trying to undo the damage, while convincing his barely tolerant teammates not to abandon the job entirely . If you've seen the movies, you get it. When the writing is good, it's very good, and has some genuinely funny and touching moments. The music is an actual soundtrack! This game couldn't have been cheap with the amount of music they had to license.


    The rest of the game is all over the place. It's mostly linear paths through various neon space environments, with a small amount of searching for collectibles, simple puzzles with your teammate's abilities, and chaotic combat with so many explosions it's really hard to see what's happening. You have to manage your special shots and teammate's abilities carefully to not get overwhelmed, which wouldn't be as much of an issue if every fight wasn't also extremely long, with floods of enemies and little ability to manage crowds or see what's around you. Walk, puzzle, walk, fight, walk, repeat for the entire 20-ish hour game. There are still some pretty egregious visual/audio/controller/gameplay bugs, to the point of entire characters disappearing. And the game really starts to drag on in the last few chapters, with the quality of both the writing and the gameplay dropping off a cliff. I wonder if the entire last chapter was a last-minute addition.


    It's a bad sign when, in a game defined by its witty dialog, I wished I could tell my teammates to please stop constantly bantering for like five seconds. With a little bit more refinement, this could have been great. As is, it's yet another game in the pile of Square Enix's cash grabs and unreasonable expectations.


    Verdict: For Marvel superfans only

  13. Spooky coffee mug



  14. This ultra age DLC is literally the worst DLC I've played the entire year. It's so unbalanced and not fun.


    Rip to another 100%

  15. #194 - Rifftrax


    An interesting party game, where you are given a track from a (usually bad) movie and your aim is to complete with your own funny lines.

    This game is actually pretty fun with friends, some scenes can be downright hilarious (or comedy generators). The platinum isn't difficult at all and you can even do it by yourself with 2 browser instances, should you find no-one to play with. Obviously, this is not the intended way :D 

    That's all I can say about this game so far xD I will go back to levelling up in Yakuza Dead Souls or something.

    1. ShonenCat


      CongratzIf you enjoy the humor that Rifftrax provides, you may also enjoy watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 xD

    2. Copanele


      So many weird games, I will have to check that one @ShonenCat xD 

      We don't have those kinds of shows here

  16. Um.. what?



    1. funboy1246


      oh is that hannibal lectors new resturant? 

    2. Sendai-Horatio


      Ha I bet those suckers who paid to eat kids are feeling really stupid now.

  17. Alright No Man's Sky, let's see what you got!

    1. Silver-I-Chariot


      Did the new update add something interesting? I couldn't really get into the game so far. 

    2. HuntingFever


      The 4.0 update isn't out until Friday but from what I've seen on Youtube from NMS experts who have analysed the recent interviews with HG, it sounds like it will the biggest game changer since the NEXT and Beyond updates were released a few years back :).

    3. Gommes_


      @Silver-I-Chariot I can't realy say, since I have never played this game before.


      @HuntingFever I didn't know that 😅

  18. Sheeeeeeesh, it's been quite some time since I've popped into these forums.  Hope everyone is doing well :)

    1. MidnightDragon


      I’m good, thanks

    2. daftprophet


      I'm glad to hear that!


  19. :platinum:#1,598 PS4 version of The Pigeon Quiz

    :platinum:#1,599 PS5 version of Sushi Fun

    :platinum:#1,600 PS4 version of Sakura MMO 2

  20. I had a few people reach out to me about the Trophies to Fight Cancer Event and unfortunately,  I just don't have the time to do it this year. It was a very high maintenance event, and life is just getting more busy and more stressful that I just don't need the added stress and need a mental break.


    I'm not abandoning the event. I'll happily give my blessings to anyone who wants to host it this year, but my plan is to pick it back up in 2023 and hopefully get a few more helping hands before then.

    1. StygianWolf4


      You and all of the mods and team who keep this site running do an excellent job, so don't pile too much pressure on yourselves. You're only human, so you gotta do what you feel is best for you. 

    2. kindajustin


      If anyone happens to want to host it this year, I can volunteer to help keep track of games played, if it helps.

  21. #44 & #45 :platinum: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PS3 & PS4 versions 

    1. Baranov_925


      Nice work. But I do need to ask how did you did it?

    2. J2VLegacy


      Got the multiplayer trophies first and went for the sharing is caring trophy on each version. Played up to sequence 11 on both and finished story on PS3 and followed by PS4. 

  22. Finally found all 200 golden hammers in Construction Simulator (and likely the first to do so), fair play to whoever decided the locations of them, my skills were well tested. Of course, I did a guide or two! 



  23. Very creative bathroom sign.



  24. (Read this whole post in the voice of Peter Griffin)




    You know what really grinds my gears?


    When people credit themselves in their own guides. Some people just go over the top. I've counted 18 watermarks in somebody's own guide. I've counted 76 watermarks in this one guide. Despicable. Cmon man, hop off your high horse!




    You know what really grinds my gears?


    People on this website who acts like it's one big circlejerk. "Ohh yeah, we hate that trophy". "Ohh yeah, we dislike collectables". "Ohh yeah, we dislike all the jumping food games, now let me post about it 11,061 times". BROTHER! We are all eating this giant shit-sandwich, maybe hold up a second! Everybody agrees with you! Now come down from your soapbox!!




    You know what really grinds my gears?


    When people post about social medias acting like they're "oppressed" for their political views. And yes, its both sides!! Nobody wants to hear how you were banned off twitter because you were republican or liberal, but really you told some kid to kill himself.




    You know what really grinds my gears, the most?!


    People on this website who like to uphold a culture of "don't name anybody, it might cause problems!". This means you cannot talk about people publicly. But ohh no, we will sure talk about them behind their backs!


    NERD at 1x "Please don't mention that publicly, it may hurt the person". Ok?? Why are people so fake around here?? Power tripping!




    You know what really grinds my gears?


    This post will most likely be deleted, although it was breaking no rules. Just some feelings, not mentioning anybody in particular (site above).


    Now, I'll hop off my soapbox

    1. starcrunch061


      I do love that both sides of the political spectrum are apparently oppressed by the other side in the media. 


      The best part, though, is that if you call out the two together in the same place (a message board thread, e.g.), they'll both turn on you for "oppressing" them.

  25. L10dcf7.png




    :platinum: #105

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Enjoyment: 10/10

    Grind: 1/10

    Time: 38 Hours

    Rarity: [Ultra Rare 2.2% / Rare 10.15%]


    Second time doing this plat and it was incredible coming back to this masterpiece, by far the best hack and slash. This is a platinum that I totally recommend getting especially if you like DMC games, it truly makes you enjoy the game! (I hate those combat adjudicators).

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CelestialRequiem


      Excellent. Really fun game. 


      @zizimonster -- absolutely not a 9/10. 

    3. zizimonster



      Good to hear. I will grab it when it gets cheaper (again).

    4. slender_adrian


      @zizimonster Hi! The guide here on psnp gives the game a 6/10 which in my opinion is a good rating for someone that hasn't played a dmc game ever, but for people that has played the game or other dmc games and know the basics this is a 4 or a 5/10. You don't have to master the game to get the plat, it's a plat very forgiving and enjoyable imo, grab it when you get the chance!👍 @CelestialRequiem ABSOLUTELY NOT a 9/10 hahaha.

  26. People like to compare real courts to dispute threads on this website. Well if you're pissed off because your dispute took longer than a week to be addressed on this website, remember that real courts can sometimes take years to go to trial to find out a verdict on the crime. You wouldn't wanna wait years for your flag on PSNP to be resolved now would you? It's not as easy for the CRT as you might think because they can't know everything about every game and sometimes have to see every side of the story before making their decision. 

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