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  2. lmfao I didn't find a single Postcard in Metro Exodus. While I wasn't actually looking for them, I never even saw a prompt appear to pick one up. :facepalm: 

  3. Finally nabbed a 64GB Vita memory card before they get crazy expensive.

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Be careful with it, the 64GB memory cards are very common in corrupting. A lot of people stick to 32GB for that reason, hopefully you won't have a problem with it.

    2. TheYuriG


      it will die in a year. return it and get 2 32GBs, you can swap them back and forth as you wish, if they are assigned to the same account

  4. Here's a speedrun kaizo level with a pinch of trolls in Super Mario Maker! Dying so close to the axe hurts my soul every single time!

    Pretty good level right there! Pretty much includes all the basic kaizo tricks, just need to chain them together pretty fast without wasting time. That troll at the end though, not sure how to feel about it.

    Thoughts? As always, thanks for watching :-)



  5. Just got my 100% on HITMAN™. While I enjoyed playing it I felt like the trophies could have been better since they're the same for every episode (get all opportunities, get an easter egg, get level 20 and complete a level 5 escalation contract). They could have added something to explore the world more especially since some kill challenges that aren't tied to opportunities have special death animation that people who don't care about the challenges might miss out (ex: killing the general with a falling toilet).

  6. 70 hours into AC: Odyssey and LITERALLY only half way done 

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    2. panikooooos


      These companies are treating as more and more as cattle, they way things are going I can see triple A titles requiring 500 hours each for plat in a few years, RDR 2, and Odyssey are examples of companies padding their games to shit and getting away with it.

    3. shananiganyo


      you aint wrong, triple A open world games the past few years have all done the same copy/paste padding job



      good news is that the games are still a lot of fun, and im excited to play more as long as companies keep it entertaining

    4. ResoluteRock


      I personally don’t mind. I’m about 9 hours in and I’m having an awesome time, sometimes I’ll just stop on a precipice and look out around the world. Game is beautiful, and I don’t mind spending as many hours as possible to get the 100%, just gives me more of a reason to stay and explore ;)


      Now for people looking for a quick platinum, it’s not gonna be a good time.

  7. Silly customer, you cannot hurt a Twinkie!...Moonlighter Platted =)

  8. Hey, just read your post about the twin dragons in Spyro 3. Maybe this will  help you beating them.


    First focus on just one of them.

    Second don't follow them around too much, just wait in the main area.

    Third learn their flight pattern


    I struggled a lot at first until I started doing what I wrote above. It still took a me long time to beat them but I managed eventually.

  9. I love God Eater 3 a lot but the craft menu bloody sucks, instead of the weapons being in rank order, they are weapon types?
    Like instead of all Rank 6 weapons being together all Ammit weapons are together, so to find Rank weapons you have to keep scrolling and looking for them.

  10. So, I finished God of War, including all of the main battle-y stuff. Just some odds and ends (ravens and artifacts), and I'll have the plat.


    The best part of the game is definitely the story. The simple task really lends itself to poignant moments, and allows the more boisterous cut scenes to shine.


    The worst part is definitely the rune chests. Man, did I get sick of those.


    The best battle is obviously Sigrun. I only played on the default difficulty, and I still found her challenging. The battle is fast and confused; she wrong-footed me so many times that I was gnashing my teeth, which made victory all the more rewarding.


    The worst battle was the last one. In fact, every battle against, well, the final boss, sucked. But the final was the worst. I hated the way boss battles were broken by non-interactive cut-scenes, and that one seemed to have 100 of them.


    All in all, I give this game a 9 out of 10. I can see why people said it was game of the year. But I can also see a lot of room for improvement (especially in combat - the combat system is excellent, but the enemies are pretty stock and lame).

    1. Sir_Bee


      I am glad you enjoyed your time with the game :).  Good luck cleaning up your odds and ends.

  11. Level 50 reached! Woot! *amending resume* + *questioning life choices*

    1. DEI2EK


      you can get all sorts of ass with a level 50 psn profile my dude

    2. visighost


      Between that, the free drinks, and the VIP parties, I think I've peaked.

    3. DamagingRob




    it only took me 9 years and 6 months to finally plat this one.  :P


    Infamous is still a very good game to this day, the gameplay is a bit annoying at times but overall it's still a very fun game. My ongoing journey towards wrapping old PS3 games is still kicking and I'm glad I was able to wrap this one up. 

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      I still need to play inFAMOUS 2. I enjoyed this one a lot. 

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! This was one I also played before getting too serious about trophies. Lol. Maybe I'll get back to it one day.

  13. *Drinks heavily and posts all over the internet*


    Me, next day: Ugh... please don't let me have embarrassed myself...


    *checks social media including PSNP*


    Me: Oh God...


    Moral of the story- don't drink and post

    1. PooPooBlast


      Haha yesterday's post was a fun read ;p


    2. LepreCon91


      @PooPooBlast thanks but don't expect too much more of it in the future 😂

    3. Hemiak


      Just log out of all your accounts before drinking. You'll never remember your passwords when you're that hammered. :awesome:

  14. First playthrough of Dead Space 2 is done.


    What a game. I had a friend play this game shortly after it came out but I never played the entire thing from beginning to end.


    This platinum isn't going to be a walk in the park unless I decide to take advantage of the DLC suits.


    Makes me more upset now that this series is dead and buried, thanks to EA fucking things up like they did with Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3.


    1. Hemiak


      Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite games. Honestly hard core is pretty doable if you bother to learn the spawns and play safely 

  15. I love constructing Gundams. Got a new one this morning :)



  16. Whats your favourite detroit become human's MC - Connor, Kara or Markus? Connor for me 

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Conner for me as well, the other two stories don't matter and are pointless in the end. Kara's just angers me xD

    2. Angel


      From a gameplay and story point of view, I really loved Connor by far.

      Now if I had to decide between the actors who played them, that's tough! Both Jesse and Bryan play as their characters well and are both so handsome.😊

  17. I absolutely love the parts in Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 where you get to fight like mass amounts of heartless, it shows how much of a badass Sora is AND it makes me feel like a total badass too. 

  18. OK, very serious World of Final Fantasy question.


    What is the point of the hop with :circle:


    I mean, don't get me wrong...I love it :D but it is the kind of thing I could picture Spoony harping on to no end if he ever reviewed the game :P 



    1. DamagingRob


      The world's worst basketball players. :P I don't think there is a point to it, but could be wrong.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      I would constantly forget about it but then I would press :circle: again and be like "oh yeah the hop" 


      Also what was the point of Lann working the coffee shop at the beginning. I mean it looked like we were almost going to get a Kingdom Hearts 2 kind of beginning but literally Lann went to the coffee one was there...and then adventure.


      I mean were these demi-gods actually working at a coffee shop in their made up universe? Why would they get put into that position. I mean it looked like he got in trouble for being late but then him being late never played into the rest of the game. 


      That whole beginning was just an odd turn of events that NEVER got referenced again

  19. Plat #112: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games! Ahh, does anyone have the Coles Notes on what just happened 😅

  20. Ah, Realm Royale, a game where you think you are doing good, only for reality to slap you upside the head as you are eliminated in a matter of seconds.

  21. It really brings my piss to a boil when people think that if their opinion is a minority one that goes against the general consensus then theirs is somehow more valid and superior. I just don't understand the contrarian mindset. Why does something being popular and well-loved annoy these people so much? Insecurity? A need for validation? I mean, I know it can go both ways- someone genuinely voices a dissenting opinion and gets ganged up on, that's not cool either- but there is a certain smugness about those who really want everyone to know that they were "disappointed" by a game they hyped up for themselves beyond reason, that a certain game actually "sucks" because reasons and everyone else is wrong. Again, I'm not talking about genuine opinions, we're not all wired the same and we all have different tastes, but what do you accomplish by being the only one or one of the few just because? 

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    2. LepreCon91


      @panikooooos support the industry standards you want to see yourself and let people enjoy things. There's a lot of things and popular stuff I don't like but not simply because it is popular.


      @Fenrirfeather I'm also drunk and lonely (4:45 where I am) so that may have something to do with it but you're dead on.

    3. panikooooos


      "If you don't like something don't complain about others liking it" is a bad argument. Popularity sets standards. I do not like battle royale games and I would not shit on them if they were a niche but I'm forced to see my beloved medium get infested by them and see series I used to love like COD or BF ruined by this virus, I'm forced to sit through streamers pretending to enjoy playing this ass genre, hear everyone talk about them nonstop, watch devs kill their projects because the majority only cares about soulless crap like fortnite and apex so you bet your ass I will call people who like this genre out. Supporting what I like makes no difference, what I like died decades ago because the majority did not support it because surprise surprise the majority is f'ing retarded who will gobble up shit in an instant. Normies killed great genres such as "point and click", "rts", "arcade fps" so I have the right to shit on them 24/7 and you can't take it from me :eyebrow:

    4. Spaz


      @LepreCon91 This is exactly what I got on my 'PS3 vs PS4 Games' discussion over at


      Obviously I wasn't going to win everybody's hearts because I was being rather biased with my opinions regarding trophies in newer games as opposed to older games.


      I got attacked because most felt my viewpoint was bad. I'm not a professional, I'm just one guy who goes to work like everybody else and plays video games to entertain himself. Obviously because I'm biased and I disagree with someone's opinion I'm the bad guy?




      What you said in your status update sums up why I end up leaving a lot of forum websites.


      @panikooooos The reason Point and Clicks, RTS and Arcade FPS died out was because you had to think outside the box and be good.


      A game like Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow would never sell today. Reason being? Most people can't solve those puzzles, but then again everybody skips the cutscenes and rushes through the game without appreciating any of the story.


      RTS like Civilization V requires too much thinking and brainpower. Arcade FPS was too difficult for a lot of people.


      I'm happy to say however that these genres are trying to make a comeback.

  22. (Metro Exodus) Got the "Forest child" trophy on my first go. Fuck you Taiga and your shitty layout lol. Just had to go and sneak a Shadow Ranger type trophy into the game somewhere didn't you 4A. :angry: And to think it's all for nothing because I didn't get the good outcome in Volga. -_- 

  23. Red Dead Redempyion 2 - Should have known people were gonna be shitheads and kill me for no reason riding into town to just do a free roam mission, not trying to kill anyone else.....can't get ANYTHING done. So much for those lvl up and do so many free roam missions trophies...... There's literally no point in playing MP If all people are gonna do is kill you on sight, no rhyme or reason. Or rather, there's no point in having MP story missions or side quests if other players are gonna prevent you from even getting to the blip. Doesn't help that when you die you respawn near em. Where's the passive mode?! :(

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    2. RedRodriguez87


      Short sided stupidity on the devs part, as usual. I tell you, it's getting more and more to the point trophy hunters should take any list that requires online off their radar.

    3. LepreCon91


      Reminds me of how Todd Howard justified Fallout 76 having no NPCs by saying that that the player controlled characters would act as the game's NPCs... oh, Todd, Toddy, Toddy Todd...

    4. MidnightDragon


      As it is, they're mostly ignoring RDO in favor of GTAO.

  24. I made a few status updates on this in the past and fairly recently, but this is something that’s been annoying me for a long time now. 


    Firefox, the browser that I’ve used for many years since it first came out, annoys me now because of the trending articles that pop up. 


    There is probably an an option to turn them off. But I do not need to be reminded of the world “Ending in 2029”, what some random idiot thinks about Russian espionage, or how Donald Trump is fucking up the White House yet again. 


    These aren’t exactly what these articles state in their headlines, but the general attitude expressed in many of them fall along those lines. 


    I have turned off notifications for a number of news apps and even deleted some of them. 


    It’s important to read the news, I get that. Life is too short to worry about every little thing these articles throw at you. 


    Internet articles are becoming just as bad as mainstream TV media is now.

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    2. skateak


      NRA? I think you mean the NSA.

    3. ShadowStar83x


      NRA are gun nuts. NSA is spy central.

    4. Spaz


      Yeah NRA are the gun nuts. I don't support either group.

  25. I ended up picking up the Naruto Ninja Storm trilogy on PSN from the sale. You know, sometimes I just need a game where I can mindlessly fight people... and be the Hokage.

    1. ResoluteRock


      You better not play as anyone other than me! :ninja:

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Is it funny that I read all your posts/replies in Rock Lee's voice? 😂


      I can't guarantee that I will exclusively play as him, but I will use him for online plays just because you replied to this.

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