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  2. Who's playing God's Trigger today? Only 15$ and looks super fun, just bought it. If anyone wants to co-op message me on PSN: aZombieDictator

  3. #178: Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness

    Boooooooooring. Easily the worst VN I've ever played.

    1. Myu


      I agree v.v

      Congrats on platting it :D

  4. Working my butt off on a 100 hour Assassin's Creed Platinum while everyone plays all these Ratalika and Powgi games. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold top 200 country rank without playing those games. But oh well, at least I'm having fun.

    1. Myu


      Just enjoy your game.

    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Don't worry about what others do. You do what makes you happy. :) 

  5. I should have been more concerned about who is Fat Chocobo but instead I thought whoever it is, is a God. xD Now every time I see you I'll have this in my head -


    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      I think it's cute! xD

    2. LucianaRosethorn


      It is! When I get FFXIV I get the collector's edition purley for this little (big boned) guy. ^_^ 

    3. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      It flies and, when it does, there's cake tied to the end of that stick. xD

  6. Today
  7. Think I'll start Bloodborne either today or tomorrow, I really want Sekiro but until it's cheaper I'll have to satisfy my urges with other souls-like games. :D 

  8. Need Help with a trophy from FC New Dawn, Its Called  Have Buddy, Will Travle. Pm me if you're Intrested

  9. I just stormed through 9 platinum trophies in the last two days to be able to do plat #150 Far Cry: New Dawn. 
    So, plat 141 to 149: 
    2x Metagal, 2x Super Weekend Mode, 2x Mixups by POWGI, 2x Peasant Knight and 1x Access Denied.

    Excuse me while I go shower my sins off.

    1. ee28max


      Anything for a milestone. :lol: 


      Well done! 💯

    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Congrats for what it's worth. Have fun with FC: New Dawn

  10. Thinking about taking advantage of GameStop’s 48 hour thing with Days Gone. It looks interesting, but not sure. That way, wouldn’t really have that much to lose. Best case, I would have a new game to enjoy. Worst case, I'd have credit to preorder Dragon Quest XI or Pokémon Sword on Switch.

    1. IntroPhenom


      I just posted this on another thread, but a thing I read yesterday is this:

      - Buy Days Gone on day one, pay full price

      - Return it two days later, get full price store credit

      - Buy used copy with store credit

      - Return used copy seven days later, get full refund store credit


      A lot of back and forth, but it equals over a week of playing the game essentially for free.

    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      True, but I'd probably have to go to another GameStop...and it's a moot point if I don't like it anyway.

  11. Anyone heard about the Super Mario World rom hack "Super DGR World" dedicated to Dave from DGR? If you want to see it in action, here's the first episode right here!

    Awesome SMW rom hack so far with awesome music. The stages are kinda challenging, but nothing too ridiculous so far. The soundtrack is definitely the high point so far, so much awesomeness!

    More episodes incoming soon. Enjoying this? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below :-)



    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Have fun!

    2. cronocyde


      Thanks buddy!

  12. 100% Whispering Willows 

    This time a ghost story and another fun game! I’m glad I’m enjoying my PS Now trial! ^_^

    1. ee28max



      Well done! 💯

  13. On the plus side I'm exactly 100 points away from platting Rayman Legends!  Yay video games!  

    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      :yay: Keep it up!

  14. I'm hoping this 'us vs. them' trophy mentality ('they used to mean something' vs. 'chill out') dies soon.  I'd choose to leave the site over having half of all threads be essentially the same argument.

    (There's definitely irony in this update...damn.)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. visighost


      I'm with you! We're "us"! All kidding aside, I love this site but am scared at the "true/hardcore gamer" arguments that often pop up and remind of gamergate... I loved the comments on today's Destructoid article on Sony's censorship for example: blasting Sony's comments on #metoo without blasting the movement itself. Can't say I've seen that level of calm reasoning here much.

    3. Asvinia


      I'll be glad when the us vs them culture in everything just blows over. You can't talk about anything without being labelled something completely unrelated. You enjoyed Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Well then you must be a Nazi. Just.. wat.

    4. IntroPhenom


      I must remember to practice being the change I want to see in the world, and not contribute to the acerbic nature of some of the conversations, or provoke people who post in the hopes of swaying their opinion. 

  15. Thanks wanted to make sure glad i got Proof

  16. So, got the bestiary trophy in FFX-2...and then lost to Trema. So I decided to use the Adamantortoise set-up from the guide, and the idiot fiend re-learned Tremor during the Paragon fight. 


    The game is running while I'm at work.

  17. Thank Jeebus Crisp your still around! I've always seen you as a child on this site since I first came across you on a topic you created about Sound Shapes. Even so not seeing you active on both here and on PSN in a few months was somewhat concerning...

  18. On the one hand, I'm kinda tempted to preorder Days Gone... since I'm doing a shit job at being motivated to play through my backlog and new-new games always seem to keep my attention better.  And between the Switch and the Xbox, the PS4 has gotten an extended break of late and I'd like to change that.


    On the other hand, the game has always looked like a 7 / 10 kind of "good but not great" game.  And I'm not sure I really need another open world and/or zombie game in my life.  I'd love to be wrong though.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dreakon13


      Haha, I'm not so hard pressed for cash that I need to go to that length to try and justify a $60 game.  I've certainly spent more on bigger question marks in my life.  But I appreciate the suggestion!


      Probably just wait a week or so and see where I'm at game-wise, then decide. xD

    3. IntroPhenom


      Well I certainly wasn't meaning to suggest you were pressed for cash.  :)  How would I ever know that?  I'm excited read some reviews for the game before doing anything, either.  Could be real neat...could not be.

    4. Dreakon13


      Yeah, I gotcha.  Didn't mean to suggest you were suggesting that. ;)  Just saying.

  19. Think i may of dodged a bullet with MK11, from what i've been hearing the story is lackluster and alot of the modes are online only (towers, shop, krypt).

    1. Rick_Sanchez


      pretty much it has always online DRM. 

  20. Thanks to my stepmom, my Switch's Wifi woes are finally solved. Now I (hopefully) don't have to use my computer as a mobile hotspot for my Switch's Wifi. ^_^

  21. So, getting ready to go off to move to my new apartment, my first own. I have to wait there but if nothing goes wrong i should be able to get online again in evening. And if not, don't worry, I'm still alive, just not online then.

  22. Just pre-ordered Days Gone. Do not let me down bend studio!

    1. DamagingRob


      It's hard to believe they haven't made a game since the Vita launched.. Hope it's worth the wait.

    2. MilanYildirim


      I know right! Contrary to what many people thing, l actually enjoyed Golden Abyss a lot , so l think it's worth the wait.

  23. wish there was more news on Nioh2. seems like it would have benefited more if announced at this years e3

  24. as an NA nerd with a NA Vita... what’s the trick to playing EU games? Is it the same as PS4 and just switching accounts or is there something else?

    1. dermarx


      It is not as easy as it is on the PS3 and PS4, you basically need to reset the Vita if you change your account. There is a topic here

      But I didn't try it yet

    2. KingCuervo88


      Ah thanks... almost seems worth buying a 2nd one just to avoid it... like a true nerd

    3. Squirlruler


      Do note, if you mess it up, and get illegitimate timestamps, you will be flagged and those flags will stick.



      Unlocking trophies on a list from a different region - You can't be flagged for unlocking trophies on a regional trophy list that is from a different region than your PSN account. This includes digital region-locked Vita games. Do note that you can and will be flagged if your time tags aren't legitimate as there are no exceptions, so do this at your own risk and be extremely careful when syncing the trophies you earn. It's recommended to sync after each unlocked trophy if done on Vita.


      Good luck! :]

  25. seems people are uneasy about Days Gone. especially since it just seems 'there', and that gamestop is doing a 48hr return money back promo for it. im not blown away by it myself. as it lands between MK11 and Rage 2, i am getting it as i transferred my left alive (lol) preorder to days gone. i think itll be good. maybe a 7, 7.5? it seems generic though 



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Might do that. Looks cool, but not sure.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      thanks for the clarity guys. yea i do think itll be good. i am interested in it. as for people feeling uneasy i think that consensus came down to quality and how it looked like just run from freakers constantly/generic/late review embargo. , i think as stated above by King its almost a discount last of us. as soon as i saw combat and weapons wheel i thought TLoU. 

      i did think there was another return policy for things, i know have a platinum card i have 7 days to pick up a game after release, or the money is credited to my account. but even in general with gamestop ive never had an issue bringing a game back and getting a refund within a few days after purchase. cant recall what it was but i bought it on a whim, installed, played and hated it. returned and got full money back. on an open item. so thats where my confusion as to why they did the new release 48hr promo came from.


      on other note: i do like Sony first party games. sure there is less but theyve been quality. God of War some didnt like the change but i loved it. im just hoping TLoU2 is out in oct as rumored.

    4. PooPooBlast


      I've heard this:


      Days gone has 6 hrs total of cutscenes so we can expect a decent story perhaps? As a reference metal Gear solid 4 has 8 hrs of cutscenes and that game is known for having loooooong cutscenes too.


      Idk I have a good feeling about days gone butttt I'm not that hyped to go as soon as I can and purchase it. I'll for sure buy it but later down the line. I hope it's like HZD where many people were skeptical at first because guerrilla games were making it and as soon as it came out it blew away the crowd. We'll see!

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