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  2. Gojill The Meow sticker #4556513

    good morning meow...

  3. Is it sad that I want to play dead cells because it well-received and (mostly) because the "YOLO! or not?!?" trophy would be perfect for my trophy cabinet? xD

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  5. #146 Grand Theft Auto IV - Good game, prefer GTA V and I don't like the idea of the platinum being rarer than my Transcendence platinum from WipEout HD but dems the brakes kidda 😎

    1. Pichu


      Well, congrats!

    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! I'm not too far into V yet, but I feel like it may be better than IV. I mean, just the fact that there isn't this crap is a huge plus: 




    3. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRob hahhaha xD

      I was literally about to link this video till I opened up your spoiler tag and saw it :D. Love that video

  6. Platinum #56 - Earthlock

  7. I have finally decided my 250th Platinum. Guacamelee 2! The first game holds a spot in my heart and I platted it twice. So seems fitting for the 2nd game to be number 250! And that's gonna be like my 20th Metroidvania platinum too. (I need to count how many of those I have)

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    2. MMDE


      I'm going to do my 250th after my next plat! :P It's going to be Mayo! :)

    3. BlindMango


      Mayo?? =O Ohhh noooo

    4. MMDE


      Tradition! Look at my milestones, tell me it's not tradition! It has to be Mayo. Already bought it.

  8. Yesterday
  9. I've made it through my backlog of weird and creepy Youtube videos, now I don't know what to watch while I grind out this final dungeon

    1. Aze


      I’m a YT illiterate, but here are 40 seconds of an illegal immigrant in a Siemens cafeteria...



      ...and a channel filled to the brim with pandas 🐼 (ipanda)

  10. I got the "Guessing Game" trophy tonight. Just one more trophy to go until I plat Payday 2.

  11. hey John how´s is going life ^^

    Long time not writing together!

    Hope that all Thing is okay there at your place and it´s not too hot  August month… here we had four and half week just sun Burning down without any rain an last Weekend rain Comes back...

    Besides a Wonderful profile banner; Maybe you should also use a noctis Avatar?

    1. Johnathan994


      Nah Leon is my fave so for now I am going with Leon avatars... have any to recommend :D
      Oh I love the heat so this summer has been a blast :D 

    2. Meowski
  12. I think the difficulty Nioh creates is a weird one. Most bosses seem like such nonsense to me, especially on Way of the Wise, that you almost have to cheese them. I don't know if I'm playing this game incorrectly. Bloodborne's system was much better and dodging felt way more realistic / rewarding. In Nioh you get thrown so much stuff at you, all the time that you just want to cheese it? I'm not particularly struggling with the game as I've made it to Way of the Wise without calling for help, ever. But the game seems to reward cheesing bosses way more than actual skill and dodging. That's why I'm very excited about Sekiro: Shadows die twice. No co op, hopefully no stats to upgrade.

    1. Redgrave


      I think they just upped the difficulty in the DLC related things and didn't really know what to do. Like they wanted to have Soulsborne difficulty while also having Ninja Gaiden difficulty but not really understanding what exactly makes Dark Souls or Bloodborne difficult. It's bad enough the bosses can kill you in one or two hits, but they also tend to have long and nigh-unblockable attack strings to go along with it. Or if you do block it, they break your guard and kill you anyway. It gets really absurd with bosses that will have back up, or you have ones like Jin Hayabusa that has outright ignored the boundary of the rock that is in his arena.


      I would say that maybe they did intend that difficulty to be co-oped more, but there's still those missions that are solo only, so I don't know. I think they just went a bit overboard.

  13. Suiting avy Miss Izul; meowski aprooved!

    And the banner too!

    Wish you a nice Day/Evening/Night!

  14. Nice cat profile. :)  



    1. PlatynowyKot


      TY Cat Power! ^_^

  15. Uuuugh. Leveling on Hardcore mode in Diablo is so slow. I was even lucky enough to get Leoric's Signet, and it still feels like it's taking forever. I thought about bumping it up to Expert, but just the 25% extra exp isn't worth the extra 120% HP enemies have. Still another 24 levels to go before I can go back to Normal mode and be able to just run around like a crazy person.

    1. KingGuy420


      I wish I had of thought of this 2 days ago when you started hardcore, but I have a few marquise / imperial gems I could pass ya. Might make those last few levels a little easier.

    2. ExHaseo


      Thanks, but it's cool. Hardcore is just annoying because I can't jump to Master and get obscene amounts of EXP like I can on normal. And since there's a different stash for hardcore characters, and nothing I get can be transferred to/from my normal characters, it just makes it feel a bit pointless too. Even if I had the gear, I would never jump up the difficulty. It's just too risky to give up the hours I've already put into the character. I really don't want to start over, haha. I'm playing on Hard and despite being super geared and just annihilating enemies, I almost died a couple of times thanks to being walled in, so I'm not going to go any higher. It's just making it soooo slow having to be careful.

  16. Babu changes Name too Meowski!

    And now all cute cat Things will fit on me forever… meow!




    Gojill The Meow 3 sticker #11283174

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    2. PlatynowyKot


      @Meowski i left this acc @bezdomnekoty didn't like few thing about it 245 plats r now in garbage xD

    3. Meowski


      Ah okay.

      Ah Mister Jedi want a date?

      Oh I am so blush… love Jedis with beards….

      Gojill The Meow sticker #4556521

    4. ShonenCat


      It got crowded in here fast x3


  17. Just noticed Hakoom is back on the leaderboards. :o its-been-3000-years-57bf212ad07ca.png

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Interesting 😅

    3. MMDE


      Hakoom wanted back, and Sly let him. They're making up between each other. :) 

    4. SunnyCrappyYT


      Glad that they got on good terms. :) 

  18. Plat 38 is Pic-A-Pix Color (PS4)!

  19. Can't find the last 'glitched' secret in SS3. *sigh*

    1. ShonenCat


      It's starting to cool off around here only slightly o: I'm free to run the A/C more often now so I'm pretty protected. Hoping it cools down for you soon, big sis ^^ Nice new avatar and name

    2. Meowski


      Here too in the nights.. outsiede is now 18 C.

      And the days begin to be Shorter and the nights longer...

    3. ShonenCat


      Hang in there, sis ^^ Soon the sweet cool winds of winter will come!

  20. thank the lord finally done with Ghost Recon® Wildlands: Narco Road. This dlc has been the worst fucking experience ever. A stealth game turning into racing with monster trucks and that stuff. just no 😅

  21. I decided to buy Walking Dead: New Frontier Over Guardians Of the Galaxy since I want to see how the story continues. I’ll be playing if after Danganronpa UDG. I hope this isn’t a back to back regretful decision but I’ll lower my expectations for both of them. 

  22. I'll take that code off your hands :P

  23. Platinum #336- Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm just going to say it was the "Steins;Gate effect" last month, because I don't know why else I didn't really want to keep playing it. Fantastic game. 

  24. At long last, I finally went and beat Fist of the North Star on NES! Also known as Hokuto no Ken 2 in Japan. Ever since childhood, this game has haunted me with it's unique approach to gameplay. You must use cheap tactics in order to survive, otherwise the AI will find a way first. It's a below average beat em up at best, but it's heavily nostalgic for me xD As mediocre as it can appear with it's 10 second music loops and flat level design, fists still fly and heads still explode with plenty of "atatatata" in between it all. Never was I able to finish this game growing up but here I am 20+ years later finally striking that victorious pose! The ending was a total letdown, just a single credits screen with a typo ;-; I suppose not all these retro games can be on a cinematic level like Ninja Gaiden x3 To celebrate my retro achievement, I made Kenshiro out of perler beads! This sprite came straight from the NES game itself. Lately I've been pretty excited about the upcoming release of FotNS: Lost Paradise, so going back to finally finish this one seemed appropriate. I'm not the only one excited for the new Yakuza style FotNS game, am I? o:


    Lately some anime has been coming in the mail and it's no coincidence that I would purchase the FotNS complete series boxset on DVD around this time! I sat thru the first episode and it looks super crisp and clean compared to how I'm used to watching it. I'm going to rewatch this entire series on my CRT thru component for a truly epic experience! What an excellent way to keep the hype train going till Lost Paradise comes out this October 😄 Thank you for reading everyone! This anime has always been one of my top favorites!


    Omae wa mou shindeiru


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