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  2. [Dragon Ball FighterZ] 1 million Zeni left for platinum!

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  4. Wow. Today is... not good.


    I woke up and right the second I get out of bed my nose starts bleeding like a motherfucker for no reason.

    That took me a while, so I was late for work.

    I got into my car, sat down, then my phone fell out of my pocket onto the ground and the screen broke.

    I picked it up to place it on the seat meanwhile but of course I spilled my water over it.


    Then I'm headed to work and some asshole cut me in traffic, nothing happend, still a garbage human being. Fuck that guy.


    Naturally I'm late to work. Of course.

    I enter - One of my employees is yelling through the whole store

    ''Mr. XXX is on the phone, he wants to speak to you right this second!''


    It's been an hour and a half and I am already ready for retirement today.

    1. RedRodriguez87
    2. Caju_94


      Don't turn on your console today... 😂

    3. Deluziion90


      stay strong man. These fucking days are the worst. Just keep your cool, survive and before you know you're back at home chilling

  5. Does Bayek sound completely Jamaican to anyone else?

    1. Edunstar84


      A very hard no! Not even close.

    2. Paleblood


      Not really, no.

  6. WRC 5 #118 :platinum:  Good game, But I definitely wouldn't buy it on the PS3! Removed from the back-log list! 🙂


    1. Fidel


      Nice work!

  7. Cleared up the Doom online trophies.  Nothing like getting blow'd up a lot.

    1. Boogieman


      Nice. Going to be also doing the DLC ones as well?

    2. Temmie


      Looking through them, definitely.  Though reaching level 44 is going to be required.  I think I might end up waiting until I finish the main game before I do it.  I am at level 5, so there's that at least.

  8. I just made a "dood" notification ringtone out of the first couple seconds of this video... I love it. XD onion head


    1. Temmie


      When I saw "dood", I was hoping it was Disgaea related.  :) 

    2. Masamune


      @Temmie Of course it's Disgaea related! :D If it wasn't, I'd spell it "dude". :P 

      See the source image

  9. is there gonna be a physical copy of Far Cry 3 for ps4? if so. where can I find it

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    2. FilmFanatic


      Mighty Ape isn’t the only retailer here in New Zealand that has a listing for Far Cry 3 on PS4. There are 2 other retailers that have the game listed as coming out next Tuesday.

    3. FilmFanatic


      I buy all my physical games from Mighty Ape and I’ve just send them a message asking if they can confirm the physical release.

    4. LegacyJKO09


      yeah I'm gonna call my EBX tmrw and find out but if your might ape does lemme know. I'll order one off their site if they have one. considering ps4 is region free

  10. Yesterday
  11. Really thought I uploaded my Warriors Orochi 3 awhile back but apparently not Now I have to do everything from scratch. That WO3 ultimate plat will take a long time to get

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    2. bubba3m


      I heard that the plat takes 150 hours even after uploading WO3. At least it will keep occupied until WO4

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Yeah it certainly took a long time. Unfortunately I can't seem to find how much time was spent on a save file on the ps4, I know on the ps3 it tends to tell you how much time was spent like WO3 took me 120 hours.

    4. bubba3m


      What is a Koei game without a little bit of grinding 

  12. Mortal Kombat X (XL). ELITE online gameplay level. This is the meaning of skill. Simply incredible. 



  13. Wet is an under-rated GRINDHOUSE inspired little cult game that i'm glad to say is one of my personal favorites, if not only for the Grindhouse undertones, as i'm a lover of old, well, grindhouse style movies, and drive-ins. Sad as all get out that the sequel was canceled :(

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    2. Spaz


      You mean movies that were shown in bad neighborhoods. Right?


      Quentin is a bit of a mixed bag. He's done some excellent work, Pulp Fiction being the best example. But on the other hand he's made some piss poor garbage.


      Bit of a weirdo and quirky personality Quentin Tarantino has.


      His movies was where I discovered George Clooney in the film From Dusk Til Dawn. Rather silly and ridiculous, but virtually every Tarantino movie has a good amount of violence.

    3. ThePhantomWriter


      I'm assuming you're referring to "Jackie Brown"? and MAYBE inglorious basterds? those are the two that everyone has a hard time liking. i literally like them solely on the fact that Quentin made them lol

    4. Spaz


      Well like I said Quentin is a mixed bag. He's instilled violence in movies for no real reason other than to portray the shock factor. He's not a consistent director. 


      Yes, but From Dusk Til Dawn is the film I first saw with George Clooney. One of the most respected and talented actors of his time, both him and Samuel L Jackson are men I highly respect for their work. Jackson being of course in Pulp Fiction with John Travolta and Uma Thurman.

  14. just beat all main story endings for nier automata. all i can say is 10/10 game for story and gameplay.


    gonna use the trophy shop to mop up the rest as i am not one for the grind required as i feel it would make me despise the game.

    1. Temmie


      Good job!


      I live for the grind.  Except for this trophy.

    2. Mikoto_railgun01


      I'm very iffy on grinds if a games based around loot I don't mind.


      In things like nier I feel as if it's kinda like not needed now.

  15. Gee, sometimes, I just can forgot about the greatness of the great bands of the past.



  16. When I first got my job, I was told we would get some days off early, but not very often. I've been working there six weeks and we've been sent home early three times. :hmm: I'm not complaining it happens, but we don't get paid for what we missed. :( 

    1. Spaz


      Well it goes both ways.

      The job I had that was like this also gave out a lot of overtime. During peak season, which was September to December, we had to work at least 50 to 55 hour weeks, sometimes 60 hours depending on the load and the number of employees who decided to show up.


      That's not to mention that this job had a very high turnover rate, if you lasted six months there you were already seen as a veteran because it has hard physical labor. I generally spent around 10 - 12 hours a day picking up 20 to 50 pound boxes, then I had to load the stuff onto a truck that was going to distribute it at a retail store.


      But if there was one too many employees and the load wasn't as big as the managers predicted, we were let home early one or two hours. Obviously you don't get paid for that time because you have to sign off the clock.


      Very piss poor job. Our benefits were also slowly being taken away as I saw no less than three or four managers take the position of general manager in the time I worked there. Each succeeding manager gave us less benefits, they no longer gave out a good bonus for picking above the quota required for picking boxes, so I ended up giving up on getting anything above the required amount and just did what everyone else did.


      Didn't help that a lot of people I worked with were assholes and gave no shits about the company. They weren't all that good at keeping safety up either, because some moron would end up getting his foot badly injured by a pallet jack, or slipping on a slippery floor. We had a guy escorted out in a wheelchair because he decided to stick his leg out and hit a pole.


      Backwards company I worked for. Glad I don't have to see that hellhole anymore.

  17. polonia lost :o


    1. bezdomnekoty


      yeah :( i hope we will win the next one :)

  18. I did it! Platinum #140 - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories! First plat of the series, on my birthday, and at the time I was born! 

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    2. Fidel


      Nice work!

    3. Temmie


      Congratuawesome.  Happy b-day!

    4. dermarx
  19. Thanks for the follow. :)


    And Happy birthday as well ^^ I hope that I'm still on time for it lol

    1. Roxas


      Just in Time. Just turned 21 a minute ago! 

  20. Bidding adieu to most of my followed Reddit threads. This weekend, I drink to all those lost souls who think that nitpicking is legitimate criticism.

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    2. MeteorHawk


      You disgust me ewwwwwwwww

    3. Elvick_


      Nitpicking keeps me young. 

    4. Temmie


      "I'll complain if I want to.  It's comforting."


      - The Doctor, Star Trek: Voyager

  21. Valiant Hearts' ending is so gut-punchy. Felt cheap.

  22. Another milestone yay

    #5000 Trophies!


    It was a bit of puzzling with trophies but I managed one I really liked:


    Platinum Hero


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    2. bezdomnekoty


      Congrats! Devious Dungeon fun game for few hours =D

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 😁

    4. Fidel



  23. "A Game A Day" 

    Just realized how many games I have.... Like 300....including indies and such. 


    So everyday! I'm going to pick one and play it for a bit that day!


    Games I'm currently playing/want to play I won't let be effected. I just don't like seeing so many games crying out to be played a little. 


    So everyday I'll post a status update on the game of that day! 


    Maybe I'll make a thread later like a game diary. But for now status updates are ok. 


    First up! "Driveclub"! 

  24. Crackle isn't going to be available in Canada anymore as of the 28th =/


    I don't use it a lot or anything, but I have probably once a month since it came out. End of an era I guess.

  25. Hi guys. Which games do you like the most?

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    2. Fidel


      @PooPooBlast There probably are visual novels like it. I don't think any of the ones I've played have come anywhere near the level of lewdness present in Gal*Gun, though. Which I have played. :lol: 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha yea I'd imagine. Was just poking fun :). In all seriousness I highly doubt that I'd play VNs in the future but who knows. Maybe one day once the backlog is finally over :P

    4. Satoshi Ookami
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