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  2. Platinum #345 Wreckfest (PS5)

  3. I also got the plat for Yakuza 0!


    Never thought I would given all the minigames, especially mahjong.


    My favourite battle theme is definitely Kuze's:



    I did you proud @PooPooBlast!

  4. Today
  5. :platinum:#794 PS5 version of Rift Racoon

  6. Got 100% in Horizon Zero Dawn

    I was a bit afraid that the ultra hard mode will be a tough one, but with the weapons from the DLC it was easier than the normal difficulty was before. So it was only boring for the second time.


    Now I started to play Enter the Gungeon, but it seems it will take very much time to finish, so I'll definitely need to play something else sometimes. Maybe I should lower the amount of unearned trophies, because I'm still above 500.

  7. and there it is :platinum:#65 Virtues Last Reward on my PSVita! Really enjoyed the game i should play the other games aswell.... 😅


    1. nyarLOLhotep


      Congratulations! VLR is great. 999 was my personal favorite, but playing it after VLR might be weird. Zero Time Dilemma... I'd wait for a deep discount 

    2. MidnightDragon



    3. Dr_Mayus


      Love this game. My favourite in the series

  8. I had to renew my license today. It’s weird to believe 5 years ago I was a school bus driver.

  9. #319 - Zombie Army 4: Dead War



  10. I feel like I am just not very good at Isaac ...  Sure, I got all the hard mode marks done for the Lost last night in 2 runs, but most runs don't make it past the third floor.  I only got anywhere when I got really good items early on.  That would be like claiming you are good at poker when you win being dealt a royal flush ...


    Either way, the Lost is done for now, until we get the DLC because Mrs Bee is having fun and doesn't want it to be over.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      I haven't played Issac specifically, but if there's one hing I've learned about Rogue-Likes, it is that skill, just like luck, seems to come and go in waves -  and sometimes beating them is just a case of keep plugging away until you happen to get an occasion where both waves crest at the same time, and you can ride it all the way to shore!


      Don't let a bad streak break your spirit - a good one might be just around the corner!



  11. I'm kind of hoping they didn't change the lines the human baddies shout at you in ME. Kind of...

  12. Is there any chance you could send me a PM?


  13. One of the fortunate things for me regarding the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection not having online co-op is the fact that if it had online co-op I bet I'd be asked by a lot of people to help them with it because I helped people with the PS3 version in the past. I'm totally done with NGS2 so it's futile to ask me for co-op help with it now, it's better to ask one of the 3 people who still play it for that help instead of me.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Fine, but there's still gameshare. You can play it for me. Thanks! 🙃

  14. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is Pre-Loaded and ready for Friday! It is 80 GB and I still pre-loaded it in 3 hours! Not bad considering my Internet is slower than Jabba The Hut despite being 5G. Now I wait. Do not disturb me on Friday!

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Ooh shit, I didn't realize it was up for preload yet. Time to delete some of my backlog games, I guess.

    2. Icebrand1270


      @Darling Baphomet Yes, it's the famed 48-hour countdown! I'm just happy I didn't get any error messages like I normally do with pre-loads. My Internet is a misbehaving little brat, I swear. But yes, nearly 80.7 GB to be exact. (Version 1.01) I still have 200 GB left on my PS4 but I should probably clear some space.

    3. nyarLOLhotep


      GO! GO! GO!

  15. Bought Far Cry: New Dawn Deluxe Edition last year as well. This looks pretty good for a milestone to paint this one through and through. I don't listened to bad critics out there towards this game though.


    Far Cry New Dawn for PS4

  16. :platinum:#793 PS4 version of Rift Racoon

  17. Another drawing screwed by the algorithm…


    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      I tried posting some of my art / poetry on Twitter and it never did that well. It's easy to shrug off a tweet getting ignored when it's a joke you spent a few minutes on, but it sucks when it's something you actually put effort in. Twitter success seems like pure RNG.

    2. Alderriz


      I don't know if Twitter posts get lost more easily, or people on Twitter just interact with them less compared to Instagram, but whenever I post some garbage fan art on Insta with a hashtag, I get at least a dozen likes in the first 5 minutes. That has never happend on Twitter. You get much more visibility if someone popular retweets you. But you obviously can't do anything about it.

    3. MidnightDragon
  18. It always annoys me when people try to attribute entire franchises towards the "creative vision" or whatever of individuals, e.g. Kojima; when in reality these have always been massive undertakings involving hundreds of faceless underlings without whom nothing would have been accomplished.


    I mean, perhaps Kojima could have gone the indie route and created a competent, low budget title like Stardew Valley or Axiom Verge; but the games we play that involved him are massive AAA titles like Death Stranding & MGS V, not 15$ Steam Greenlight games.


    Side note, I'm reminded of that IGN article where they described Warren Spector as "creator of Thief and Deus Ex", while quoting him complaining about the tendency to attribute entire games to single people.

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    2. ScarecrowsFate


      The toxicity of hero worship, I suppose. I've made an effort to break this nasty habit myself, so that when I'm gushing about my favorite games, I award credit to "Fumito Ueda and company" or "Miyazaki and his team," which I think is significantly fairer.

    3. AJ_Radio


      You can throw in David Cage in here with the rest of these guys.

    4. Alderriz


      This reminds me of the speech Greg Miller did at 2015 Game Awards. It was a bit cringy, but it was cool that he spent his stage time to thank the people you see in the game credits and never think about. 


      BTW, I think that saying "Kojima's game" or "Nolan's movie" or "Beyoncé's album" by itself is fine. For me, it goes without saying that all 3 are a team effort. But when people attribute every great quality (or a flaw) of a game to one person, that's weird.

  19. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 DLC finished. Don’t know why I stopped playing this game at 97%. Finally went back for that one trophy to bring it to 100%

  20. It's a shame that a beautiful game like Gris has such awful trophy designs.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Yeah. The game itself is gorgeous. Trophies less so.

    2. MissShake


      They could've literally just plastered screenshots from the game onto the trophy images and it would've been way better. And I usually hate that approach lmao

  21. Regarding GreedFall, would it have killed them to record a larger variety of companion battle cry lines?


    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

    A bit of poison on my blade, and let's go!

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    2. pogo_loco


      Maybe a subtle encouragement to try different weapons and tactics?

    3. ScarecrowsFate


      I enjoy the affectionate term that was coined for these sorts of games: Eurojank. So far, the experience has largely been a blur of backtracking through samey outdoor areas and copy/paste buildings to converse with NPCs, interspersed with clunky fights. The quests are mostly super repetitive, and I barely remember anything I've done, honestly.


      One has to respect the spirit of the effort quite a bit, however—fantasy RPGs about colonialism obviously don't come along everyday, and even though the content sometimes feels gross (such as when the native peoples are subjected to horrendous treatment, but your character won't really do much about it, because diplomacy), I find the setting interesting enough to keep playing. The settlers are criticized heavily after all, and the many out-there fantasy elements take some of the edge off. Voice acting is superb, too!


      RE: trying different weapons and tactics, no; your companions will always yell their same canned line, no matter what you equip them with. I guess Vasco's innate ability is poisoning his blade, so that's his "entering combat" dialogue. Every. Single. Fight. It was amusing for a while, but becomes grating quickly.

    4. pogo_loco


      Thank you for introducing me to the term Eurojank, a nod that perfectly captures the addictive ambience of these games.


      RE: trying different weapons and tactics.  I stand corrected - it's subtle encouragement to try different companions!  :-)

  22. My PS5 is already on its last legs. Every day for the last week it's just randomly turned off and become completely unresponsive until I unplug it and plug it back in. WIll I even be able to replace it with all these stock shortages?

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    2. OhDearDevilRun


      Whether Sony is in shortage or not doesnt matter. You have warranty, and by law Sony needs to honor it. Period. Contact them and let them handle it, dont need to stress yourself for Sony.

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      exactly what @OhDearDevilRun said, like myself as well. Sony has to honor those customers who have one in need of repair first. Shortage or not. i wouldn't be surprised if Sony had 20000 units just chilling for replacement purposes or repair parts. 

  23. Wanted to get a new game to celebrate being done for the semester, but I'm not sure if I want to get Nier Replicant ver.numbers or Mass Effect Legendary. Nier looks great, and the battle system looksl ike Automata now, but Mass Effect is Mass Effect. A reason to play through all three again is pretty tempting, even though they got rid of the MP.

  24. So that was a thing I did. Lol. Getting sidetracked probably isn't going to be good for finishing Chaos;Child this month, though. :/ Really should pick up the pace there.

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    2. PooPooBlast




      How's C;C coming along? Boring? Slow? Or just ok? 

    3. snakebit10



    4. DamagingRob


      Thanks, guys. :)


      @PooPooBlast Uhh, I like it. It's kind of crazy, though. Lol. And good lord, the protag's day dreams. :/ Just haven't found the time or energy to keep reading a chapter every day. And then hopped on this BFV boosting train. xD

  25. Being a little bored I decided to check out people around my ranking (5387 worldwide, 1103 in my country) and roughly 66 -75 percent of everyone around me and higher has basically stacked 'EZPZ' platinums. The first red flag for me pops up when I see the sheer amount of gold trophies an account has. Their Ultra Rare/Very Rare trophy count doesn't even come close to equaling the number of Ultra Rares I have, which is only 294 considering I don't go out of my way to get them.


    This leads me to believe most people at my rank are 'trophy whores'. Now I will say everyone can do what they please with their accounts, but Jesus Christ if I had a dollar every time I see a trophy whore account on this website I'd be a rich man who could retire.


    I hold a 42.78% average rarity on my account. Nothing impressive, but still a lower number than most at my ranking. I have 4924 common trophies. A lot of people have less than that, but considering I have over 13,000 trophies that's still better than most, at my rank.


    There's a few people who are higher rank that possess an impressive amount of Ultra Rares/Very Rares/Rare trophies and have good average rarity (41 percent and lower) but those people are few and far between. Roughly 6 - 8 out of 10 people at my country rank (1103rd) are basically 'trophy whore' accounts stacking all the easy Ratalaika Games, many of whom have already played shovelware like Breakthrough Gaming Arcade. This leads me to believe they care more for rankings than they care for the games they play. I see people at my ranking who have 8000 - 10000+ common trophies versus my 4924 common trophies.


    Realistically, I'd be looking at rank 2000 - 3000 worldwide if we automatically discounted 'trophy whore' accounts. The fact I have lower average trophy rarity than most at my ranks really speaks volumes for the priorities people have when it comes to hunting trophies in general. They don't care about quality, they care about numbers. And this is coming from a guy who stacked Sound Shapes six times, did My Name is Mayo twice, and played garbage like Orc Slayer and Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space. But those two games take a modicum of effort. Breakthrough Gaming Arcade and Ratalaika Games don't, so guess what most people are playing.

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    2. Gommes_


      Whenever I check the leaderboards and click on any profile around my rank I am mostly disappointed due to what you described. I want the people above me to be "better" than me and not just "buy" platinums.

    3. AJ_Radio


      @adam1984123 Very impressive profile. I tip my hat to you.


      Maybe you can give me some tips on Resogun since you're ALSO working on it. 👌


      @Alderriz Yeah I already looked at some people around your rank and their profiles are fucking hideous. I understand why people at the top do it, I probably would too. But at fucking rank 867,000? You don't even have 1000 trophies. It doesn't take much effort to get to your rank playing normal and challenging games only.


      @Gommes_ I'm the same. I got more rare trophies than most at my rank, which is pretty sad considering there are some real skilled players out there.

    4. Leanthil


      I wonder how all the positions on the leaderboards changed if stacked trophies were counted as zero points. If you played a game and got all it's trophies then that's all. You want to play on all plantforms and regions? Have fun but no points!

  26. Yesterday
  27. Decided tonight ill just continue the quest for Nier plat. i just have the speedrun left. Whether i finish tonight or tomorrow, once it's done it's done. So that's my plan.

    Following that will be a playthrough of RE Village, and then Mass Effect 1 after. That should take me to May 25th. 

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Yuna4353 May 25th is two games i am getting. Biomutant collectors edition ($100, wanted the cat mutant statue lol), and *drools* Shin Megami Tensei 3 HD

    3. nrs1nrs1


      both look really solid! Glad Biomutant's finally coming out. I'm low on cash so I won't be buying on launch but I'm really excited for people jumping into that one 👍

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      i been waiting for what feels like forever. Hope it gets at least 7 for reviews. SMT ill like regardless lol

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