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  2. @AJ_Radio Rip to all the stuff you wrote when we were actually starting to have a legitimate conversation 

  3. I adore the people who scour your entire trophy list and devalue the whole account because they found a few easy games.


    News flash: Only you care about your own trophy list. No idea why others have to search your list for stuff to insult you with.

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  5. It is such a pity that the PS2 games on the PS5 are dogshit. Just tried playing Manhunt on it and it blows. Playing this game as a PlayStation 2 Classic on the PlayStation would be a better experience. 


    I no longer have a PS4, but I would get one for PS2 games. I can't plat the game like this. 

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      What are the issues? I know when I played them on PS4 there were always stuttering issues in every game. It was weird.

  6. Started Crysis 1 Remastered, yeah this trilogy is going to suck... or at the very least 1 Aged absolutely terribly. Also dying in like 2 hits. Graphics are so crap you can barely see enemies. Ugh.

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      is the entire game a jungle?!

    3. MidnightDragon


      Welcome to the jungle!

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      We got fun and games!

  7. AmusingEsteemedLcont-size_restricted.gif

    Finally on my playthrough for the Good/True ending of Neptunia Victory. So very glad that my ps3 still worked considering one of my goals is to platinum all Neptune games that were released NA. Plus who doesn't love adorb Plutia; her Blanc, and Compa are my all time faves.

  8. #177 (UR #20) - Jump Force - My first real plat since returning to trophy hunting. The AI in this game is a rubber-band nightmare, but I still enjoyed it. I'm honestly not sure why. I think I just missed trophy hunting lol.

    Not sure what to play next. I want a solid ~15% plat. Those are generally the best in terms of balancing difficulty/grinding with fun. While I decide I'll keep working on completion and bringing games up to A rank.

    1. XchocomanX


      I platted the game recently too. It's all about the final flash animation/camera work 🔥

  9. [Toukiden Kiwami] 71%. I think I'm done for a good while. Certain Oni just piss me off a lot to fight now. I'm getting too annoyed. I really wanted to do the quest trophy, but I need to do certain mysterious quests in the online portion to unlock the ones I'm missing and I can't be bothered. I still have so many left to do and I don't want to ruin the game for me right now. 


    But hey, earning 7 more trophies is nice. I tried to fight a Jullox [sp] with no armor and I just do wet noodle damage so idk if I can do it where I'm at... maybe if I were more careful with the dual blades, but with the sniper ammo/rifle it's a definite no. I spent around 70% of the time of the mission and it wasn't even at 50% health when I quit. I died with the dual blades because I wasn't paying attention to my active (or not active) mitama. I use the speed one which lets you take damage, 2 hits with the setup I have, without taking damage or being impacted.


    Failed at the 5m Windshredder, the game screwed me on the my unison attack not doing anything. I hit him with it and it didn't do anything. Over 200 hours on PC and PS4 and never saw it do that before. I feel like I probably would have gotten it if not for missing that at the start. It broke literally nothing off. I don't get it.. but I'm tired of fighting the Oni which jump around and move all the time. Especially Mynx. 


    Maybe in another seven years I'll be back. lol

  10. Riddle me this PSNProfiles: What feels like Covid in every which way but is definitely not Covid according to 4 antigen and a PCR test? Like, seriously, help, I'm suffering here 😭🤒

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Monkeypox? hahaha.

      a hangover?

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I wish it was a hangover

    4. Helyx


      Dragon's Dogma

  11. It's official.


    Senna Master 53Sda62e1.pngis one of the hardest PS3 trophies I ever tackled. Depending on how much time I end up spending on the fourth and final Senna event, this may topple 50Sdacabb.pngTactical Challenger and 10S2b2998.pngThe Shadows Rushed Me as the hardest PS3 trophy I will earn.

    1. rjkclarke


      That is definitely a tough one! It took me a day or two to finally get all of those tracks nailed down, but it feels really satisfying when you do!


      If it helps, the only advice I can offer that I found helped for me with the Senna DLC, is to drive Manual (if you aren't already of course) and to use the first person/cockpit/dashboard camera to drive with, I found it easier to take the optimum lines into the corners that way. Those times are really quite tight, and once I started using Manual gearing I was shaving some pretty substantial time off piece by piece until I eventually got that magical run. 


      It might take a little perseverance, but you're sure to nail it eventually. 

    2. MidnightDragon


      Is this why you asked me if I’ve ever given up on something? 

  12. Yesterday
  13. I only need two trophies on a game for 100% but I don't own I buy it again to complete it?

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    2. StygianWolf4


      I'd say yes but depends on the game. 

    3. ExHaseo


      Depends on the game and how expensive it is. I would if it's a game I like and not too expensive. I just waited for a heavy sale for the times this has happened.

    4. Troz


      @funboy1246 could be WRC 10, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, FIFA 10, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Vanquish, Worms Revolution, Bejeweled 2, Premier Manager 2012, Pure Chess or Urban Trial Freestyle. My guess is Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

  14. :platinum:#1,222 & 1,223 PS4 & PS5 versions of The Jumping Taco

  15. I just got platinum :platinum: #94 in Super Destronaut DX!

    A fun little Space Invaders-like game. Since I am old enough to have played the original Space Invaders, this one was a pretty fun little nostalgia trip down memory lane. I can see myself playing it from time to time, even after getting the platinum, just because it's fun. I picked it up on the current sale. My next platinum will probably be the Vita version of this, but I probably won't bother with it until tomorrow.

    This is now my quickest platinum, sitting at 17 minutes, 15 seconds. Which overtook BraveMatch, which was at 40 minutes, 22 seconds. This might be my quickest platinum for awhile.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I actually had some trouble with that one. xD 

  16. Finally getting a real weekend for the first time in almost 6 months. Time to finish up the Jump Force plat!

  17. Nintendo sold 5% to the devil. Female characters can't have karts in Mario Kart now lol. I may stop supporting Nintendo now.

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    2. StygianWolf4


      *Gasp!* - Not Princess Peach!!


      Jk, I play as Yoshi, he's adorable lol 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Kirby for Mario Kart!

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I use Rosalina.

  18. Mega-Snake.jpg


    It's not every day you go for a not wholly non-inebriated Friday night walk and come across a cardboard big enough for the whole Snake family!


    (If I wake up tomorrow and discover it was all a hallucination and all you guys see is an empty picture, I'm going to get really mad)

    1. funboy1246


      what box? i just see a ladder wheel barrel and what looks like bags of mulch or fertilizer.

    2. LC-Fraggers


      I missed the MGS reference and thought you were that close to a jumbo box of snakes. 

      I was praying for you, brother.

    3. Slava


      What wheel barrel and ladder? I just see a cardboard box.

  19. Apocalipsis is a beautiful looking game and all but they have clearly stolen large chunks of it from my nights out in Soho and I demand to know how and why.

    REVIEW: Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – Save or  Quit

  20. Plat #504 - Eiyuden Chronicle Rising


    Fun: 7.5/10

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Overal time to platinum: 15hrs


    Very fun 2D rpg game which is also a very story based game including city building for better upgrades and a hell of a lot fetch quests.

    For 15€ this was a steal. However I wouldn't recommend this game if you hate fetch quests. A lot of this game goes from talking to getting supplies, talking to someone and kill some enemies, talk again and grab some more loot and that's basically the whole game. You'll be fast traveling from all over the place back to the quest givers in the main town. Overall it's a great time killer and I finally had something to play again.


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    2. Deluziion90


      That's really nice to hear  :D! I've been going a bit to crazy the past years but I'm certain that it will slow down a lot by now. Not as many good games to pick from anymore (atleast the stuff I like). Lots of waiting now instead of picking a game whenever I finished one. Even the "trash platinums" are beyond trash now.

    3. ApriIis


      Yeah it's not the same as it used to be for sure, the move towards more accessible trophy lists coupled with a constant stream of new cheap platinums is definitely a downer. You're going to have to break out the old ps3 real soon by the sounds of it 😂. 

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  21. Oh man, the fact that some PS1 games will have trophies is huge to me! 😮

    1. ShonenCat


      Trophies are nice. But Sony acknowledging my mountain of old PS1 purchases and not making me buy what I’ve already purchased all over again is even nicer 😌

  22. Well youtube seems to be working again
    Got my 90th episode Win
    10 more to go until I hit 100


  23. Platinum #1011 - My Name Is Mayo.

    Platinum #1012 - Bridge Of Spirit.

    1. CelestialRequiem


      idk about that



    2. amurnin100


      Yeah I got randomers sending me abusive messages so I’m private now but add me sure :)

  24. Happy Friday, PSNP. What’s everyone doing this weekend? I won’t have much of one for various reasons, so not

    bothering saying anything about it. Next week will be a different story.

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    2. LC-Fraggers


      @Joe Dubz Wise move, Yakuza 0 is an absolute banger.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Joe Dubz yeah play in order. 0 is pretty good, 1 and 2 kiwami are good. then a small fall off, before 6 picks up .Its kind of like a bigger movie, hot beginning and cools off in the middle before a big climax at the end. Everyone has different opinions, but i personally found 3 4 5 weaker. Especially 3.

    4. Maxximum


      Just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion S1. Not bad, but I'm currently watching Demon Slayer, already 10 episodes in and it's better. Not the biggest animaniac (if that's even a word lol) out there, but the version I have is Japanese dubbed and it's not as bad as I expected. I see the Japanese dubbed version makes the anime sound and feel natural, considering the emotions and every aspect surrounding the characters. 


  25. Nice that you're making great progress on Pox Nora, I'd like to play sometime when my schedule allows haha, so many URs. how it is? very difficult?

    1. PlutoRico


      It's not difficult, just a big and boring grind haha. Let me know when you start it and I will gladly help you my friend 😁

    2. kevao97


      Amazing thank you 🥰

  26. I'll have the :platinum: for Godfall tonight!!! 

  27. Well its the weekend, what a shitshow already. Dont know if im watching my sister's house yet, going to be a last minute thing by them. My neck is getting worse while i wait for this MRI (2Months injured on monday), and i have dentist tmrw, physio Sunday. Monday Tuesday off.


    My plans, since the above seems like a Crysis, i guess ill be playing Crysis this weekend

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    2. Baranov_925


      I'm your opposite. You have many things to play, but not me.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Much to play, super tired lately, and always struggling what to play next, even with a list...

      My List and target to finish:


      April 1 - Aug 23

      Ghostwire Tokyo (Plat) ***done

      Tiny Tina (Plat) *** done

      Sifu (Plat) *** done

      Mitsurugi Kamui Hakae (any%) *** done

      Onechanbara Z2 (any%) *** done

      Kena Bridge of Spirits (Plat) *** done

      Crysis Remastered (any%)

      Crysis 2 (any %)

      Crysis 3 (any %)

      Tokyo Xanadu EX+ (any%)

      Cyberpunk 2077 (any%)

      The Quarry (any%)

      DNF Duel (any%)

      Capcom Fighting Collection (any%)

      Horizon FW PS4 (Plat)




    4. MidnightDragon


      Sorry to hear it’s getting worse.

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