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  2. so i just realized as ive been breaking from ps4 till borderlands 3 is out, and playing the Gears franchise... borderlands 3 is just now getting a slide mechanic. that will be cool? tbh tho im not too hyped for it. give me Code Vein 

  3. [Latest games for week ending 23rd August]

    - Meow Motors [Digital]

    - The Messenger [Digital]

    - Aragami [Digital]

    - Oninaki [Physical]

  4. About 5 hours into self boosting, I've discovered that my TV has Picture in Picture option :facepalm: 

    1. LegacyJKO09


      hmm. i wonder what that would be under, my tv is relatively new so it might have it?

    2. Copanele


      .... I have to check that also mega thanks for the idea. God bless this site and its users omg(need to boost Guilty gear with ps3 and ps4) 

  5. Today
  6. [Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame] So far, I am enjoying this one, I can see how different it is to the other games in terms of the levels.  Breaking the city up into sections and playing each section as a story, then having the whole place available to you outside the story in free roam.  At least, that's how I'm seeing it in terms of collecting things.

  7. 3 More days for World of Warcraft Classic. I joined a guild and been having a good time talking to them on the Discord. We are eagerly waiting for the launch of Classic.


    I am going to play female dwarf priest. I wanted to name her ThiccGurlHealz but that wouldn't fit.


    I haven't earned a single trophy in 2 weeks and I couldn't care less. When MHW:Iceborne launches I'll be earning trophies again


    I ate some white cheddar popcorn earlier today, the one that comes in the black bag. It was nice : )


    Some spicy memes xD









    1. Spaz


      I'm done with World of Warcraft. Spent many many hours on it and I couldn't care less if Classic is coming out.


      Blizzard has lost what made them great ever since Activision took over. From what I'm hearing there was a massive layoff back in February this year. Their newer stuff lacks the innovation and creativity their own stuff had.


      It's all about the money. Classic should be fun, but I went through the whole runaround with the game and it's expansions. Plus I'd rather not pay their ridiculous subscription price of $15 a month when there are better things worth less. Playstation Plus for example.

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Remember to help thy tank.



    3. Copanele


      Honestly it's a shock this game survived as a MMO as long as it did xD

      I need to prepare my holy cross to fend off my friends who will try to attack me with WoW invites and "For the Horde" chants lol

  8. I just finished filling out my profile for USAJobs, which is the website to apply for jobs with the federal government, because I want to keep my options open in the future. I hadn't filled out the resume yet though, because the type of jobs I want with the federal government require a four year degree I haven't even started yet and I'm not even out of the Navy yet.


    Lo and behold, shortly after I get an email with the subject line "Are you interested in an opening at Federal Bureau of-" [remainder cut off]. My first thought was "Who the fuck is desperate enough to recruit someone with a half assed profile and no resume"? No, just a coincidence. It was an advertisement from Sony about some new game called Control. I just happened to fill out a profile for the federal job recruitment site on the same day it came out. And no, though according to the website there is a certain degree of recruitment from agencies going on if you have a really desirable skillset, it takes a fuckload of legwork to get interviewed for a federal job.

    1. Spaz


      I decided I won't be filing for any federal job a long time ago. If you can get in, then that's great news.

    2. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress

      I hope you get the job you are looking for bro.

  9. Hey Winnipeg is trending :)


    Turns out the NFL completely fucked up bringing the Packers/Raiders game here.


    Maybe if the NFL players didn't get so tired running they could play on our larger fields without having to move the goal posts closer :P 

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      I heard about that. Where would you even get that shirt? 


       I kind of want one for my Step-Dad who is originally from Edmonton :P


    3. MidnightDragon


      That’s funny

    4. Spaz


      As long as the Patriots don’t go to get another Super Bowl, I’m all good.

  10. [Wipeout Omega Collection] Man this game is fun when you’re drunk. Just reached  zone 72 in zone mode and that went way too fast to even react to it anymore. Goodnight!

    1. ihadalifeb4this


       There's a lesson here. It is fun, but never drink and drive anti-gravity vehicle. Just take a car like normal person.

  11. If anyone else bought Jojo Bizarre Adventure off of the latest sale   (or has it in their backlog) hit up my gaming session.


    Or if anyone wants to be awesome who has the trophies already and doesn't mind quickly boosting these...also fantastic :)


    1. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress

      I really should watch the series. Everyone likes it a lot.

    2. Copanele


      Aw, you have the NA version I presume? I have the EU version,could have helped you with it but i believe its region locked. 

      Still enjoy! Its one stupidly fun game and a must for every jojo fan xD

      @Trophy Huntress should you ever start jojo prepare for lots of poses, nonsense, awesomeness, praise the sun, aztec dubstep with vampire strippers, gangsta gucci mafia and snails xD definetly would change your approach towards manga and anime. 

    3. Trophy Huntress

      Trophy Huntress

      Well I own a lot of Berserk volumes, maybe it's time to get into JoJo :)

  12. This has to be one of the funniest shit I've seen in recent years. It never gets old. Couldn't agree more!!



    1. PooPooBlast


      ROFL this is the best version I've seen yet! 

  13. Thanks for the follow, nya!



    1. Copanele


      Heyo, nice meeting ya!! 😁

  14. Now that the Breaking Bad movie has been confirmed as real, I just keep wondering "How are they going to screw it up?".

    1. DamagingRob


      Breaking Bad: Evolution incoming. :ninja:

  15. Yesterday
  16. If any of you want to own the greatest game ever made, Crayola Scoot is $3 on the US PSN store. 😝

    1. DamagingRob


      90% off.. :hmm: Is it actually good? 

    2. OhDearGodRun


      Honestly... It's not the worst game I've ever played xD It's like Splatoon mixed with Tony Hawk

  17. I already thought this when I played Trials of the Blood Dragon, but now I’m playing Wipout and Trackmania I know for sure. My left analog stick is broken 😔. Need a new controller, but those things are so damn expensive...

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    2. DamagingRob


      Well, when you throw them around... :P

    3. The Tick

      The Tick

      @DamagingRob Case solved 😁.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRob oh my god hahah :lol:.  Savage.


  18. You know, I'm pretty sure now there exists some divine force in the universe that does NOT want me to go back to the Xbox. I find a  complete Star Wars console complete with everything, I run into financial problems and have to resell it. I find a used 360 (that slick Wal-Mart blue one), and turns out it was banned from Live, so I can't recover my info. I find another used one, it's got sticky broken buttons. I play my bro's Xbone, encounter a glitch that prevents me from getting one last achievement and having to restart the entire game over. Even the 360 controller I use for my computer has been faulty for a while and just recently broke on me (RIP).

    1. Helmet_time


      Without having all the facts, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is all a vast conspiracy by Sony to retain you as a customer.  

    2. DaivRules


      I feel like this is a fairly standard Xbox ownership experience. 

    3. PSXtreme_
  19. Went back to Nioh recently. The cutscenes and narrative is nice, but other than that there's literally nothing I like about this game more than any of the FROM games. 

    1. Copanele


      It hits and misses most of the time. Decent game but it doesn't get close to fromsoftware games. 

      The only truly brutal part about that game is the equipment upgrade system... Jesus that's a huge headache 

    2. Arcesius


      I dunno man, I like Bloodborne more, but Nioh comes right after. I really enjoyed the loot system and playing around with skills and getting equipment perks to support those..


      With the stance system and all, combat is way deeper than in Souls, and I somehow ended up liking it a lot 😅 what weapon is your main? Dual Swords are super fun!

  20. 2/3 Adventure Time: Secrets of The Nameless Kingdom is done, I'll probably either finish the VITA soon because I want to record it or when I wake up because I've been playing for about 14 hours time for me to go to sleep. 😌

    Also side note: I recorded 186gb worth of footage :D

    1. midgetstrawdog


      Why not do all 4? There is a physical version of the Japanese Vita version 

    2. Anxiety


      I have that, I don’t have the physical version of the NA version, seems it not available anywhere I couldn’t find it.

  21. Vodka bottle is almost know what that means....


    Image result for release the kraken rum meme

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    2. The Tick

      The Tick

      Time for another! I’ll join.

    3. PSXtreme_


      My neighbors stay away...I'm ALWAYS well armed and usually intoxicated...anyway, the closest person lives about 1/2 a mile from the house...and they don't visit anymore after the last time I answered the door pantless...

    4. Rally-Vincent---


      That's the thing about Krakens - they are well armed.

  22. I'm back to hunting trophies again!

    My first plat hunting after my month hiatus will be Nier: Automata. I hear it's a good game. :)

    1. Copanele


      Best of luck! It's an easy plat and you should definetly enjoy the game :)

    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Good luck on your adventure!

    3. knoef_NL


      you should play awesome Pea

  23. My first 4 Switch games have arrived! I think it's a pretty good start to the collection. I've also got Gun Gun Pixies and Astral Chain pre-ordered. ^_^




    I don't even have the console itself yet, but it's inevitable at this point. A couple of years ago I was perfectly happy sticking to the PlayStation ecosystem because it had everything I wanted, but that was before Sony went crazy with the censorship which I absolutely despise. It's time to put my money where my mouth is and support a console that actually treats its userbase like adults. I never thought I'd say that about a Nintendo console, but here we are. I have not and will not support a lesser version of a game just because Sony deems its content inappropriate, but obviously that's not fair on the developers, so I will be buying these kinds of games on Switch from now on. :)

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      You saw I was watching that, huh? :awesome: "Enjoying" it is somewhat of an understatement. :P I fell in love with the visual novel on PS4 last year, easily becoming one of my favourites. Now that enough time has passed since finishing the VN, I figured it would be a good time to watch the anime. It's amaaaaazing! :D I just finished the main series and it's the perfect example of a VN adaptation done right. I very much look forward to crying my eyes out watching After Story, lol. :P I wanted to own the game on Switch too, not only for the collection, but for when I inevitably want to replay it some day. VN's are much better on handhelds anyway.


      I'm still not sure when I'll get mine. If I see a good deal this upcoming Black Friday, I might go for it, or maybe I'll just wait for the next iteration of the Switch to come out. I know I should probably be more open-minded about Nintendo's first party titles. But hey, when both of us eventually get a Switch, maybe you can give me some recommendations of specific first party titles you enjoyed. :P

    3. MidnightDragon


      Getting a Switch next month, but PS4 is my main console still. Have a number of titles already and getting Link’s Awakening and Dragon Quest XI. It’s ironic how Nintendo’s allowing uncensored games. Really want to shed the kiddie reputation.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Been stalking your MAL profile every now and then :awesome: Glad to hear you're having a great time with it. The first season is pretty good in its own right but After Story is soooo much better. Like, crying-after-pretty-much-every-episode-kind-of-better lol :P I've been itching to rewatch the whole anime a third time now. Curiously enough, I've never played the VN despite hearing it's just as great. Need to address that at some point.


      Haha, that's a deal then. Will be sure to exchange opinions and recommendations with you when we both eventually get our Switch. ;)

  24. Just re bought Strange Brigade so I could have the season pass. Anyone need to go through DLC in that game?

  25. #62 - AC4 Black Flag for PS3 + 100% completed

    Finished this game again due to backloggery and August mood. As usual pretty decent game but omg screw the Multiplayer. The Sacred Land trophy is atrocious given the Ubishit servers and farming to level 55 is so boring I almost fell asleep. I don't wanna see pirates for a while....


    And now ,on the next episode of PS3 Ball Z !


    Time to load up the cross with holy bullets and polish the Scythe! It's DEUS VULT time in Dante's inferno. Santa Lucia trials here I come whee!!



  26. Why is it everytime I'm like "send me a message" people just add me and don't say anything. 


    It's so much easier to message me, helps me keep track of you, makes sending a party invite easier, gives me direction to why you added me, and I can easily communicate that way.


    You add me with a blank request I'm going to forget about you and we probably won't play together because of that. 


    I will tell you all times I'm available, I will give a heads up when I can play, I'll stick to all times I set up.


    Just please if you want to play something with me send me a message first.



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    2. aZombieDictator


      But they got time to send blank requests lol

    3. PSXtreme_
    4. aZombieDictator


      That's eveyone on PSN this week


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