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  2. [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Fucking axe knight on stage 2. :( I hate this thing, he throws so many axes so quickly! I got by once so far and ended up falling while being chased. Had the key and everything... oh well. I did it once, I can do it again... eventually. Metroidvania are certainly more my speed. Though maybe Maria is more fun.

  3. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is a really cute game with a nice content but the grind is real for all jobs :S  

    8/10 because its fun. 

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  5. Omg omg omg!


    This doesn't happen very often where you verse two extremely high ranked people on the same day and win in Tekken 7. 


    Here's a ranks list for the game





    Was playing a player match today and I met a few beginners/ 1st dans and lol I felt bad for picking those people apart who probably just started playing the game. 


    The moment I said that lol I ended up facing a guy with Genbu rank whom I beat by a very slim margin, very tough fight. 


    I go on to face another opponent and my eyes dropped O_O. Dude was Divine Ruler (aka 26 Dan) and I'm only 9th Dan xD


    He absolutely destroyed my butthole in the first two rounds and was about to win the third as I had a sliver of health left. I literally stood back and did nothing because I was like oh it's over, dude's on roids. 


    But then idk what happened maybe I caught him off guard with a few punches and got that round from him by launching him in the air and comboing him.  I go on to barely survive the 2nd and at the final round he started pulling batshit crazy moves yet I somehow came out of that after taking a massive beating (to my butthole). 


    Needless to say, wow... What a session.. I can unclench my butthole now and take a breather :lol:

  6. Platinum #119 goes to Battlefield V!


    Now that I have internet I could play some games... the problem is that I do not have them anymore hahahaha... Fuck 😢

    1. MidnightDragon


      You don't have any at all? :(

  8. oh shit, I came back after being a year without Internet hahahaha .... I felt like a caveman, luckily I had my ps3 and a friend who lent me some games
    1. MidnightDragon


      Welcome back.

  9. New episode of YemmyCast is up now, talked about Sekiro and so much more!  


  10. I'm live in 5 minutes on YouTube playing Super Mario Maker! The plan is to play viewer levels and some super expert no skip if we have time! Be there for the ride, cheese incoming!



    Platinum #246 :platinum: 


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  13. Today i got gold on all "Driving school" challenges in GT Sport. Its a shame those challenges are so easy. GT6 was easy too. Remember playing GT3 hours after hours. Still have 7 left for all gold. All in S-class. GT4 i think i need 2-3.  

  14. Fun fact: They're filming part of the Top Gun sequel on the Naval base I work at. Haven't seen Tom Cruise yet though, which is too bad because I wanted to ask him why he looked so comfortable wearing a Nazi uniform in Valkyrie.

  15. [Rainbow Skies] Stilted Horror is every Rainbow Moon/Skies player's worst nightmare. It's just so horrible, digusting, vile, atrocious, blasphemous and utterly broken. Dust Temple sucked the enjoyment out of me cuz it's crawling with these bastards, who are 15 levels ahead of you if you just started Postgame too. I can't wait for a new enemy to appear so i would never have to deal with these again.

  16. #169 ~ Farm Together



  17. Started up Persona 3 Dancing. It's fun and it's really great to see all of these characters again. The story seems like a huge missed opportunity though. Seems like they could have done a much better story using the same concept if they had made one big game with the P3 and P5 characters, instead of the two separate games with no overall story. I'm enjoying it for what it is though. Even if it is a bit bittersweet knowing what happens in P3.

  18. The so bittersweet feeling when you accomplish a feat that you will never forget (reaching C3 Rank playing Ranked matches in SOULCALIBUR VI and being #1 Spanish Nightmare and #60 worldwide) and the next week on 1.30 update they make easier to rank up by implementing an infinite rematch feature on Ranked mode.


    As a positive thing, I think I can get more points (I was completely stuck in the previous matchmaking system) . For now I surpassed 28000 Ranked points. Let's see how far my desire for victory takes me.


  19. State of VR is a more apt title.

    1. SinisterPledge


      There was a bunch of non-VR games, and they already said the first episode would cover VR announcements.

    2. snakebit10


      Agreed, Glad to see some more of Concrete Gennie finally. 

  20. Concrete Genie looks pretty cool and Days Gone looks good. I was a bit disappointed the State of Play was mostly VR and was so short.

  21. disappear  PSN Profile ?



      It is a coincidence that the people you started following, two out of three have their profiles on private?


    2. iconboot
  22. Platinum#195

    The Witness

  23. Positively addicted to Xenoblade 2, but man the maps are confusing. Gonna play this blind, though I've been spoiled that you can get a certain secret character in it and I need that bad

  24. For this Playstation State of Play tonight, here's a few things to keep in mind

    >Keep your expectations in check

    >Don't expect PS5 news or FF7 news or whatever

    >Don't think everything you don't know is immediately trash

    >Don't demand free stuff if it's not exactly what you wanted

    People seem to freak tf out when video game related things to go exactly their way. I'm just trying to say, don't overhype yourself, and stay calm. I'm looking forward to it, but I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Should be interesting.

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    2. OhDearGodRun


      @KingGuy420 Exactly. Isn't it cool enough to see new games? Like, who cares if you like it or not? Some people do.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Well, it was definitely ok. I don't mind all the VR, since I actually have one and most of the games looked interesting.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Thought Concrete Genie looked nice and the MK11 trailer got some chuckles out of me.

  25. Pokemon Ultra Sun Update: Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I've made some suggested changes due to suggestions from a Pokemon forum/Discord server. Most notably getting/teaching some more TM moves and letting Kirlia evolve into Gardevoir. I'll never get to use/have/try out Gallade. However, the bad news is that half my team got KO'd anyway by literally the next Trainer I battled. Although admittedly it was one of those trainers you can only battle by defeating the rest of the Trainers in the Route and the jerkass kept using Teeter Dance. Well... hopefully that was an outlier. Hopefully. 😓

  26. I'm slowly being reminded why I didn't platinum Far Cry 2 10 years ago.. easily the most annoying FPS I have ever played..

    1. locoporkko


      and the worst online ever,a piece of crap

    2. SlimSanta94


      @locoporkko It was actually pretty fun online back in the day.. but yeah that soldier of misfortune trophy was complete and total bs. 

    3. locoporkko


      and the story mode of far cry 2 is buggy than hell,i have to repeat the story and believe it isnt funny do

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