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  2. the game is not yet out for everyone, but Hidden Levels have already done the platinum walkthrough. AWESOME:
  3. Final Fantasy XV (Comrades DLC: trophy packs 4 & 7) Blessed by All Collected all the Royal Sigils. I got a 20% surprise Cid boost at the end of a random mission, hurried to upgrade my gear and made short (albeit sloppy) work of the Pyreburner. My biggest concern yet is that I haven’t managed to meet Kenny in 25 hours of gameplay. Where art thou, Kenny? (゜_゜)
  4. Finished my 4th edf game, Insect Armageddon. This one was alright, a lot different from the other ones i've played. The grinding in this one got old quite fast, so i'm glad to be done with it.

  5. Saw saga
  6. #147 Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

    A very fun game!

  7. I'm not really against this; is just against the PSNP rules make those posts. Like someone posting a thread about doing trophies for money.
  8. Platinum #115 goes to The Amazing Spider-man on the PS Vita!

  9. OMG, please someone make a petition we can all sign and show it to Sony.
  10. Thanks bro I was literally going to buy it for $60 online until I seen your post!
  11. platinum #329 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 completed in 1 week and 3 days platinum rarity 20.07% uncommon, 100% with DLC 8.51% platinum name: Time To Put Things Right had some fun towards the end and lego'd out from this leg of the gaming race. next one will be InkSplosion (ps4) just to start me off.
  12. Im in, predator solos ur fav, great giveaway
  13. I don't know what things are like over in Italy, but in every place I know...electricity costs money. It's a desirable service, and one which you are not forced to take. For some people, this service would be a very big help but nonetheless the platinum is still very much possible without it. For people that aren't very good at FPS games, especially in this one where there's a very high percentage of veteran players, then going at this without boosting might not be worth the hassle and so this service might be worth the investment. I'm not affiliated with this service in any way but I really cannot see how you can have a problem with it, it looks to me that you're just looking to be a caped crusader. Anyone who thinks offering 20 ps3s to a boost should be free of charge for people they don't even know is in cloud cuckoo land.
  14. - PS VR
  15. Ive only played Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Nioh. Bloodborne is my favorite game this gen though DS3 isnt terribly far behind. And i would choose DS3 over Bloodborne for PvP. Did not like Nioh much at all and probably wont pick up its sequel. Am looking forward to Code Vein and Sekiro. Particularly Anime Souls. Hope its delay was worth it.
  16. Sure thank u
  17. Halloween (2018)
  18. In FFXII TZA you can auto level up to 99 and you would be overpowered for the story. You can start doing it about a third of the way through the game.
  19. I’ve rescanned it and it’s still showing the other name on the thumbnail, that’s quite odd if you ask me lol
  20. Count me in. Thanks for the gesture.
  21. The punisher Season 2
  22. All 17 breach trophies 100% obtainable right now, hurry up! I just completed them all with my friend. With glitches it is less than 10 hours
  23. The DLC trophies were just more of the same from the main game. More tedious grind. I finished all but the multiplayer trophy four days before the last trophy attainer got "Kitty Got Wet" in October. All I learned was to make sure in the future to always do online trophies first. Whatever. I've made peace with this all and moved on with my life. NBA 2K17 already screwed me so it's not like I'll ever be able to have 100% perfection, lest I start a new account. And honestly... meh. Doesn't matter.
  24. im in on this one too for sure, thanks so much!
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