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    I loved this game.  I have heard the comparison to Super Meat Boy many times, but I would have to say that even without assist mode, there cannot be any comparison between the two games difficulty wise.  Yes, Celeste is a very difficult game, but even the most difficult parts take under 45 seconds of solid tight gameplay.  You can keep trying as many times as you need to, and only have to get lucky/good once.  Super Meat Boy takes 15+ minutes of perfection for the more difficult worlds.  Maybe if there was a trophy for getting all the golden berries, but even then, it would not be as grueling as SMB.  I also have heard some people complain about the fact that assist mode doesn't disable trophies.  Sure, a very small part of me considers that, but then the much larger part of me loves the fact that the game is inclusive to anyone who wants to pick it up and play it.  In the end, I know I did it without assist mode, and that is all that really matters.  If you need/want assist mode, all the power to you.  Everyone should try and experience every part of this game, and if you feel accomplished beating the difficult C-sides with assist mode on, then that's fantastic.


    As a side note, Mrs. Bee tends to shy away from difficult games.  A few years ago, she never would have even tried Celeste, let alone stuck with it for any length of time.  She enjoyed watching me struggle so much, that she wanted to try it out, and I am very proud to say that she beat level 1, all berries, and the B side, all on her own.  It was cute to see how happy she was when she got passed a difficult section, and when she finally beat the B-Side.  Sadly she had to do it on my profile, as it would have been too much work moving her system to the big tv, and she didn't want to use the smaller one at the time.  The only thing that means is that she doesn't have the trophy that I can use to brag for her online, but that's just a small downside.


    Fairy Fencer F update.  So, I went wild on the grinding as I watched some Youtube videos, and now I am over level 130 ... Nothing in the game could hold a candle to me right now, and I could just burn through the last two playthroughs for the platinum, but that small part of me is still somewhat interested in the story, as bad as it is, so I am still just moving slowly.  I will probably give up on the story at some point, and just burn through what is left of the game, but still making slow progress.

  3. Yea i did even with friend there even friends bugged on bones sadly many bugs on acended chalenges read a lot over it
  4. For how many hours have you been grinding this? I'm playing on PS Vita and I've spent a few hours repeatedly mashing while having a combo, but I still haven't gotten the trophy. What was your method?
  5. You absolutely certain you've completed all of them and opened the chest? Pretty sure if you don't open the chest the challenge doesn't count as completed. Other than that, you can just run it again with another character to make sure.
  6. Another issue with the UI is how to get to the trophy list. It's quite well hidden and I would love to see a trophy icon appear when you hit the PS button. Having to click on your profile and select the trophies option is too much work.
  7. Some one stuck at 5/6 try everything is all I needed for curse breaker not in mood do new seal
  8. Dragon Ball : Raging Blast 2 Limited Edition
  9. I know im late but yes, you can get the trophy after beating the dlc campaign.
  10. I agree, it needs to be updated.
  11. I agree, the UI in its current state has good bones, but there's some excess that needs to be trimmed and streamlined a bit. I'm not going too crazy over it because I know with time it will be fleshed out and more user-friendly. I don't like that I have to have multiple prompts just to get to my trophy list, and then like mentioned, need to click through each one. Even the PS Store, on both the console and app, has little to no sorting options so I'm just searching through clusterf***s of sale items hoping to find something good. Seems a bit inefficient, which is a shame because I like the design itself. And lets not mention holding down the PS button..I literally do it everyday and like crap I cant turn it off like this anymore. However, my biggest peeve right now is the lack of folders and sorting options for games. As someone who has a 5TB external for their massive library of PS4 games, this just seems like a terrible oversight especially for the fact that the console is backwards compatible, essentially guarenteeing existing Playstation 4 users access to a potentially massive library from the start. Why I cannot sort out that library seems like a big miss. The only plus is that at least the UI is much snappier, so searching for things doesnt feel like a chore. But regardless, its an odd design choice.
  12. Golf club Joel, that is all.
  13. I know my reply to this is quite late, but I just want to clarify this one for people that are still going for this trophy now and in the future. Only the limbs of living or dead necromorphs count, so stomping on human corpses will do absolutely nothing. However any necromorph corpse will count, not just the ones you killed yourself, so whenever you see a dead one somewhere throughout the game, stomp it! Sometimes you can just let the Infector necromoporhs (the ones that look like stingrays), infect human corpses on purpose so you have more enemies to dismember. Also the easiest way to get this trophy is by just using the Devil's Horn (big foram finger aka. the pew pew pew or bang bang bang) in a new game + run after you beat hard core, as you dismember everything within 1 second instead of stomping it for like 5-10 seconds.
  14. After a little over 2 months with the system, the UI is still just as poor and unintuitive as it was at launch. It's not just the trophy system, although it is really annoying to use, but also getting into and out of voice chats, uploading/downloading save files to the cloud - even closing the game. Everything takes more steps and is more cumbersome. While the system is clearly a massive improvement and the few dedicated PS5 games I've played are nice, the UI is a significant step backwards. I'm not sure there is a single feature of the new UI itself that feels like an upgrade over the PS4.
  15. How the heck do people complete Overcooked All You Can Eat (Episode 1) solo??? I literally just beat 'The Peckening' with ONE SECOND left on the counter (this after spending like 3 hours on it).

  16. That is a general problem of the UI. It's absolutely terrible. For example if you want to write a message to someone, you first need to choose between writing the f*king message or sending a completely useless quickmessage. Or if you want to watch your friendslist: PS Button -> Gamebase -> go to full Gamebase -> Friends (and then the friends are on those horrible big cards instead of an easy to check list) On PS4 its like: PS Button -> Friends.
  17. Hi guys I just wanted to know if anybody has anymore information about this "Crossed Golden Strings" drop for the "Ziz" character. I've been in the Gothgal Quartz Area [sealed] area now grinding floors 6 & 7 trying to get the "Crossed Golden Strings" Job Pantie for this character after about 10 hours of grinding its still not dropped. Is the RNG just really bad or should I be going back to the normal floor of this area and try there too? Only ask as this guide and the one on Gamefaqs & Steam both say "Sealed" area? Any help would be much appreciated thanks Sol
  18. Il give it another go next point i find grouped enemies. Only other thing i can think is maybe i missed a shot in between the 3 headshots, so it wasn't 3 clean shots. So i did 3 in 3 seconds but by firing 4 shots maybe Hopefully it pops for me then
  19. I apologize, I use google translate I get a trophay before a while in sleeping dogs Europe version And I get the platinum today when I play the America version the first mission when I jump in the police man The trophay of challenge has showed up half and half of gold trophays and when I move foreword in mission until I arrived in the open world I killed man and a silver trophay has been showed and when I continue another trophay has been showed. All of challenge Trophays I have it and I need help because when enter the challenge list in sleeping dogs I found that stats of American version is like Europe version when killed first man and thees are the same problem
  20. Shouldn't matter. I believe I used the silenced pistol when I did it. It did take me a few tires though.
  21. Just to be sure, I'll be fine (no bugs) playing the PS4 version on PS5, right?
  22. Don't try and do this on Rank I outposts I've tried it for 2 hours but it's very unlikely that you get it. Do it on Rank I Expeditions because it's so easy I did it my first try and if you've done them all on rank III then probably do outposts or expeditions since both of them will probably have a lot of Highwaymen.
  23. I very much doubt your "Platinum walkthrough" would help me getting a Platinum for this game. Getting a Platinum for this game seems impossible.
  24. I started Cold War on ps4 and I got a lot of trophies. If I don't buy an upgrade for ps5 will the next trophies be those on the ps4 list?
  25. What is up everyone!? Hope you are all staying safe and getting those trophies! Last week has been really good trophy wise as I've been unlocking a lot in Uncharted 2 although I haven't made much progress in my other backlog games. Lets look at this in more details. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 35 / 51 (+0), 63% No progress on this one. I thought I was going to get back at it last week but haven't... so... yeah... not much more to say... Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 28 / 35 (+0), 67% I don't think I'll be playing this game until Season 4 comes out in the following week... or until we get private lobbies that would allow me to boost the missing trophies. Grand Theft Auto V 67 / 78 (+0) 75% Played a few hours of GTA Online this week. Didn't pop any trophies but I'm slowly progressing towards Level 100... I believe I'm now at 69 and very near 70... it's a process right Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Streaming on Twitch) 29 / 53 (+15), 47% Now this is where I made most of my progress last week. I've managed to complete my Crushing playthrough in about 12h getting most of the Kills trophies as I went along. I've also started the Brutal playthrough which is proving to be just what it says... Brutal! After playing through this game on Crushing and Brutal, the speed run on easy is going to be a walk in the park! Streaming news The voting on the poll has picked up some speed as I'm progressing through Uncharted 2. So far AC: Syndicate is in the lead with 51 votes; Batman: Arkham City (PS3) has taken 2nd place with 45 votes; Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 2 vote and trailing the poll with no votes: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Sonic Forces. If you want to vote, head out to my Twitch channel and vote for your the game you want to see next. Poll will be running until the end of the last full stream of Uncharted 2. So that it for the update, here's the progress summary since the last time I posted : Platinum: 46 (+0) 100% Completion: 52 (+0) Completion %: 87.22% (+0.51%) Unearned trophies: 367 (-15)
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