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  2. @Walt the Dog is
  3. Cool, just hope that I'm not being overly ambitious.. That's actually why I will not put Atelier Dusk trilogy in addition to Atelier Meruru (finely found the remaining games of the 2 PS3 trilogies, still waiting for 2 Dusk games to arrive). For B, I'm still unsure, Black Clover is the fastest one, but I don't want to pay 35€ for a retail copy.. For L, I'm still unsure, although I should go with LBP3 for the Weeblympic too.. N is still a time management thing (maybe Sony will help me, by putting Nightmares From the Deep collection on sale..) O is just a waiting time, since I bought Our World is Ended, and as soon as it arrives my house, I will lock it into the O character. X is a coin flip, I guess (don't feel like playing either) Y, I just need Ys VIII vita version sale.. I have Ys Origins, but don't want to bite that bullet so fast.. Z, I'm sincerely waiting to see if anything else decent is related to switch it 😂
  4. Is there a way to see if you completed the moarch theatre freeflow with a character after completion? I know for a fact i did with Batman but i want to be sure so i don’t have to again.
  5. Sekiro
  6. Its a quote from the move hangover haha
  7. Wow. Everyone is saying God of War and I don't see it or feel it all. I don't know about the other games, never played them and the only one I might want to is Sekiro. IMO, Cal does not play anything like Kratos, lack weapon changes, abilities are different, and the two's personalities are different which definitely changes dialogue but also the manner in which character approaches situations and fights. I can give you the climbing aspect in the same but that would the only place I could say they have the same component.
  8. I'd put this bit of news in the "Sky is blue, water is wet, fire is hot" category.
  9. It includes personal info which isn't meant to be shared online, hence it should be removed @Parker. You can't link a nickname to a real-life picture.... it's just a no-go in the gaming world.
  10. Ouch... this is why I research games first... I would be extremely demoralized by these glitches
  11. Fair enough, didn't think of that.
  12. Guess that depends whether you do it on the toilet or on the aisle.
  13. Sometimes I can, but most of the times I can not create a new Lv.2 backpack cover. It says I do not have the required materials. That doesn't make any sense to me. Did anyone figure this out?
  14. I do the same, 5 a day, using a RNG. I even keep a table where I log in country, level, and last game played. Why? I don't know. I don't have OCD, but I find making pointless lists relaxing. (Also, I can confirm most haven't been updated in years - and quite a few are now private.)
  15. How do you find out what rank you are? I have played 10 ranked matches so far and haven't seen anything about ranks so far on the after match screen.
  16. But wouldn't masturbating on an airplane actually be illegal? lol
  17. [Reverie] Beat the game last night, so today sometime I'll get through that bonus dungeon.  I don't recall what the dungeon was like, but I know it was a tough one to get through.  But that's really all that's left to do in the game (well that and grab the cloak afterwards once I get the last feather within said dungeon).

  18. Nope, but just watched the trailer and I'm still nor not getting it (or was it the red/blue at the end?).. Maybe I could watch it, but I'm not really into comedy..
  19. I guess confession is good for the soul
  20. Do not waste your time and play them all as you described. Your profile could look like "Team account", which is of course not marked in any way, if you would play "Dark Souls", "Fifa" and "NFS" at the same time ;). I "played" few times like 5-6 VNs or TellTale titles (ok, those are a bit "different" than titles you mentioned) and never even thought that it could be counted as "team account" lol :]. I would rather call it "stationary PSV" ;).
  21. It played pretty clunky in my opinion, and was overall a cheap game to me though still somewhat enjoyable. There are a few missable trophies, as well as mostly trophies revolving around collectibles/beating the game. I got the 100% on xbox, and plan on writing the guide for this site once the game comes out
  22. Cheers mate. I am going to finish off some of these hitmen missions. I unlocked that heat move where you attack 4 guys... awesome move, though still not as good as Majima's move from Zero mwahahahar.
  23. I platinumed this game Twice and IF i Go for a 3rd Time you can Then find me in The Hospital lol
  24. Ive done games for others as well though nobody has done any for me. I did it because they paid me to, and its not my account so I don't care. However, its not illegal and will not get you removed. Just frowned upon (by some). Like masturbating on an airplane --- Edit: Also, I am not positive but im pretty sure you aren't allowed to make posts like this as it is a form of calling out other users. Inb4removed
  25. So I got south of lake knot city 5 stars including a order from sam and unlocked It. Still no clue how I missed it. Anyways everyone thanks for the information!😊
  26. GTA games money cheat to spam. then i wouldn't need to enter this contest. c:
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