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  2. Yakuza Kiwami ! Congratulations 🙂
  3. Platinum #131 Tales from the Borderlands. Enjoyment: 9/10. Difficulty: 1/10. Music: 8/10. Gameplay: 9/10. Violence and Widespread Chaos: 9/10. Platinum Time: 13 hours and 11 minutes. To begin, This was the most enjoyable game i've played and some choices were pretty funny as hell. Mostly good choices are easier to avoid any and bad skirmishes along the way. My good choices were 90%. As for bad choices is 10%. They were some funny interesting bad choices and nearly caught me off guard. In Episode 5 I chose my powerful team, August, Athena and Janey Springs. Felix was my original choice but I had to collect the $9,000,000 from him. I had no problems with the game whatsoever and this was a easy win-win.
  4. Vampyr I've not even added it to the backlog yet!
  5. Good job locking that thread lol. 

  6. Tales Twice Gold. Man today was fun on Tales from the Borderlands. Alot of funny choices to go on about, many unseen places of choices that I haven't encountered. In truth essence, playing from start to finish was a great run for my money and enjoy every single second of it.
  7. This was already being discussed in this thread which had to be locked due to bickering: Locking this one up as it is essentially a dupe thread, and the linked one above will be unlocked later.
  8. Great work will be usefull for 100% completion.
  9. :platinum: #131 Tales from the Borderlands.



  10. Sources: So, I came across an interesting article this morning which talked about Fall Guys' launch, PS+ and the trophy list. I like the look of this game, so I read on. Notably, there was a nod to a recent reddit interaction with a lead developer of Fall Guys, who claimed (bragged?) that one of the trophies - Infallible - will be practically unobtainable by design. Exact quote on Reddit was as follows: They also sent this tweet out after, saying that every time people complain about the requirement, they'll consider increasing it. I'm very curious as to how people feel about this, as its the first time I've seen a developer openly admit they included trophies they think no one will ever unlock. I personally hate the attitude conveyed here. I have no issue with the concept of high difficulty and trophies related to conquering difficult challenges, especially in single player games where the mastery and skill required is really on you. I accept there will be certain games/ trophies I am just not skilled enough or patient enough to unlock. However, in this case, its seems like the developers purposely created their trophy list irritate and gaud people, and their pre-release 'bragging' about the unobtainability of its trophy kind of re-enforces that. I think that is being irresponsible. In general, its a weird approach to take. Perhaps this is satrical, or an invitation to the challenge, but if so they have misinterpreted the trophy audience (at least in my opinion). The majority of people outside our bubble won't care about trophies, so they won't pay attention to these comments. The trophy community who are targetted then will likely feel more along the lines of 'why are you including trophies you don't think aren't even possible to earn' rather than 'challenge accepted!'. Could have easily made an overall harder list whilst still be achievable, and they could have been less infantile in their approach. Regarding the trophy itself, I personally think winning 5 consecutive BR matches in any game would be insanely difficult, let alone one in a game where physics and clumbsy-ness play a part in the experience. However, I think (and hope) someone will eventually do it just to prove these devs wrong.
  11. Nevermind, got it!
  12. I need this bad!
  13. No /10char
  14. I'm back at work after quarantine and things have been a bit hectic but I think it's about time I get this thread back on track. 💯 100% Achieved - Dying Light 💯 Personal History I bought this game shortly after it came out absolutely loved it. I still remember boosting the Polyamory trophy with someone the night before Fallout 4 released. I wanted to finish the game so I could play Fallout 4 non-stop (which I did btw, no regrets). The DLC trophies released after this but I had no interest in getting them, back then the platinum was enough for me. I did however pick up The Following, as it was a huge expansion for the main game with a whole new story that I wanted to play, but I never even finished it because to be honest, the wide open areas of The Following weren't as fun as the dense cities of the main game. Anyway, lock down had just begun and I wanted to clear another PS4 game off my list, I was avoiding this because of the notoriously difficult Parkour Fever trophies and the pain in the ass Bozak Horde trophies. Little did I know, they'd be a walk in the park... Parkour Fever The first of 3 (or potentially 4, with the release of Hellraid coming soon) DLC's to be released for Dying Light with trophy support. This is the one that stops a lot of people getting 100% considering the rarest trophy is only at 1.90%. This rarity put the fear into me before attempting this, and I didn't make it any better by reading various threads on the forums about how hard this DLC can be. Parkour Fever adds several parkour challenges around both maps for the main game. These are Mirror's Edge style challenges requiring you to get from point A to B passing through various checkpoints and under a certain amount of time. This was honestly the most fun I'd had in the game. The courses were a little challenging but nothing like what people on here make them out to be. Each one took me no more than a few tries each. It's all about finding the best route and practicing that route until you can do it flawlessly. Sometimes the janky controls can work against you but it's nothing you can't get used to. Trophy wise there's two involving completing all the courses, one for doing it during the day and one for doing them at night. This game is harder at night due to the volitiles but to be honest if you're running slow enough for one of them to catch you, you're not going to make it. No point in doing the same thing twice so whack up your brightness, sleep until night fall and crack them out, as soon as it reaches day time, find a bed, repeat. The other trophy is for collecting GRE chests in a quarantine zone. This trophy has nothing to do with parkour so I'm not sure why it was added, but anyway it's super easy and can be done in 10 minutes. The Bozak Horde DLC This is the other DLC I was dreading. The Bozak Horde is like a Saw style challenge map where you need to complete various challenges all under one time limit, and you have limited lives. If you don't do it in time, your head explodes. The challenges vary from parkour, to disabling bombs and killing brute zombies. Honestly I found this DLC to be an absolute blast. It's very similar to the parkour challenges in that it's all about flow and finding the best route to completing the challenges and getting to the next one. Difficulty wise, it does take a good bit of practice to be able to do this in the time limit it asks you. It can be done in co-op with up to 4 people but for each player, a couple of minutes is taken off the target time, to even out the odds. It's recommended to do it as a team of 2 but I actually managed to make the time solo and I was super proud of myself for doing so. I did end up doing it in co-op too, for a specific trophy where you have to kill your team mate at the end. This can be very intimidating at the start but if you stick with it, it can be a whole lot of fun. The Following DLC Last but not least (for now, anyway) it's The Following. This was a huge expansion, opening up a whole new map, with a new story line and new game mechanics, most notably the buggy. The new map is about as large as the two original maps combined but it's very open this time, with most of the map being comprised of empty fields. This is to facilitate the new buggy you can drive around. This buggy can be upgraded with higher quality parts and mods for killing zombies easier, like electric barbs for example. I'll be honest I was underwhelmed by this expansion and it's because of the map. All the magic from the main game came from the densely packed urban areas and traversing the environment to get away from all the deadly zombies. There's none of this here as you just drive everywhere with your buggy. You have to pull over every now and then to repair a broken part or refill your fuel tank but otherwise, you barely ever leave the thing. There's still a lot of fun to be had here but you might get a bit bored with the environments as they're just not as interesting as what the main game offers. The plot is okay, it's about a cult who worships the zombies (how original) and it gives you a choice at the end which will seemingly have massive repercussions for the wider universe. I'll be excited to see how they handle this in the sequel, that's if it ever comes out. Summary Dying Light would have been my game of 2015 if it wasn't for MGSV. And my love for this game was reinforced by coming back for the DLC all these years later. I had an absolute blast with this game and I was really upset to find out the sequel had been delayed indefinitely. Oh well, at least we have Hellraid coming soon. If you're planning on playing this game I'd definitely recommend it and please do not be discouraged by the challenging trophies as they can all be done with a little practice. --- Next up will be my take on L.A. Noire. See you around!
  15. Zaccaria Pinball now syncs but it looks like Relicta doesn't .
  16. This has been a really weird summer for me, with a lot less game-time than usual. And whenever I've had time, I've only had the strength for slacking around in easy games. But, I've started making some progress in two of the games at least, and I am aiming on finishing the Lego-game this week so I at least got one game done this challenge. Hah. I have really enjoyed playing Lego Ninjago, it's an easy game, but not to easy leading in to boredom. I got stuck on a simple quest in AC Black Flag because of silly reasons so I got kind of fed up with it, but once I got past it I really do enjoy playing it, but I get annoyed from time to time with the weird running-targeting where the character won't go where I expect him to. It's been really amazing following all the progress you all have made, especially when I haven't been able to game that much on my own! So thanks for making my summer brighter (and making me hyped about finishing more games in the coming weeks!) Game Start % Start Trophies Current % Current Trophies Doom 1 1/55 1 1/55 LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame 4 3/51 68 40/51 Thief 1 1/38 1 1/38 Horizon Zero Dawn 19 19/79 19 19/79 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag 5 5/61 28 22/61
  17. Death end request 2 European pre orders up including charms. 



    Charms a bit too expensive for me considering it's chibi art style. 

  18. European pre order
  19. This thread might be dead after 4 months, but giving it a go anyways since I just finished all Time Trials. Is it one particular time trial you struggle with? After selecting Load Level and setting Difficulty to Time Trial and finishing withing time I get the trophy - even when I use glitches, skip things, and use multiple cheats. As long as the timer doesn't reach 0 you get the trophy. To get the trophy for finishing all Time Trials you must also do the time trial for Lara's Mansion AND the final boss level - Redux.
  20. Dying Time - 4,02 GEOMETRY WARS 3: DIMENSIONS for ps vita
  21. What to platinum next?


    Darksiders Warmastered Edition

    Bioshock Infinite

    Date a Live Rio Reincarnation


    I can't decide

  22. Today
  23. Off topic: did anyone got this as a notification? I don't follow Pavel as nor this game, so I shouldn't have. The amount of profile viewers and readers on here seems off too. On topic: You can try on the web maybe? And try to download it to your ps3 from there?
  24. This would be awesome. I literally preordered the definitive edition as a single release and a retail version of the trilogy so i hope i get one.
  25. :Cough: Continue the chain! Add 2 games!
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