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  2. Isnt it because of that glitch that blocks your challenges progress if you play in coop? If thats the case all you can do is start all over, though I dont know if the latest patched fixed it.
  3. I have no desire to go for the platinum on it. The controls and hitboxes seem to actually be harder and less forgiving than the original and they make up for it by giving more generous checkpoints. It's easier in the fact that when you lose all your lives you don't go back levels like the original did and you can't die in the bonus stages like you did in the original but the game itself feels harder. Or I'm just older now and have much less patience than I used to, there's also that. As I said, I never was a particularly big fan of Crash to begin with but it was on my profile so I went back to it to clean up some trophies for the sake of upping my completion percentage.
  4. @Rebourne07 I was reading the rules and saw that you mention a god mode glitch in Control. Since i decided to chose Control for Award Winner badge i searched for god mode glitch and in Powerpyx website difficulty for Control is a 4/10 and it's a 1/10 if i use god mode. There's the question:Does that 1/10 difficulty counts for this game?
  5. Holy Moly! 2023 event much bigger with this badges modification) Im in! @Rebourne07 Man, i got butterflies in my stomach while i read rules and description. Great work, that give me so much motivation in trophyhunt. Thank u! Completed only 4/10 in 2022 I Hope this year will be more productive! Thouths about 6 games for "Fresh Starter": You simplify "Fresh Starter", but complicate "Minesweeper". Now for "Minesweeper" you need 4 backtrack games, what in total with other exceptions make this badge very very ducking crazy. I love near impossible challenges, but someone who targeting in all unic badges, now need to do some preparations before 2023. My brain explodes then i think about games list for this badge
  6. I think I need a guide for this game. This game is taking me forever. I enjoyed the sim part. But getting to be good at the arcade cabs is very, very time consuming. There is no way I am going to be able to get the platinum for this game. I have probably played 50-60 hours so far and I am no where near the platinum. I have tried to focus on one cab at a time to try and get good enough to beat the goals. But my best score is often half the score needed. A guide would tell me which are the easiest cabs to beat. It is pretty depressing to spend forever unlocking a mode in a cab and then finding out the target score is impossible so you wasted many hours. Personally I find the Gravichase game horrendous, the controls are very twitchy (as the game is fast I guess the controls need to be twitchy) and the visuals are like watching an optical illusion that messes with your eyes. And again my top score is half of what I need for the trophy. The game is really fun if you don't care about trophies and just play the cabs casually. But to get the platinum you need to take the mini games very seriously and that is brutal and frustrating.
  7. Someone always make this thread when they earn a plat before the game releases and the answer is always the same, just wait.
  8. With people always quitting mid race the full house trophy seems unobtainable..
  9. What's the proxy server exploit?
  10. Woah. Better play offline then lol.
  11. Congratulations! How did you manage to get the full house trophy? Spent the whole night trying to get it but the handful of times I manage to get a full race people quit mid mid race…
  12. It is ok right now
  13. Bummer about some of the reviews and metacritic but will play and be my own judge when I get the copy.
  14. did the trophy pop for you at the end of the run or when you picked up the 100th item? And also did you die at all between getting the runs? Or did you just do run with every character in one go? Did you upgrade items at all?
  15. The PS4 version doesn't sync yet, which is why the list is AWOL. You have to contact the devs and remind them to upload it to the servers.
  16. I tried it last night and mine STILL NOT WORKING. I had the bounce and wingsuit launch off of cars. Started doing the launch off cars and none of them counted. I am lost for what to do next😡
  17. Back up for me now, dude
  18. 'Ozmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember, but where are those who share the memories?' - your local Zhongli main. Great review, I haven't platted it yet and have barely touched Inazuma and Sumeru, but I fucking love Genshin. Tried explaining the wishing system to my friend and he was turned off instantly. Meanwhile I've already put at least £150 into buying Welkins, the BP and I did buy Genesis Crystals... In my defence it was for Kazuha and the Freedom Sworn. (seriously though, fuck the weapon banner, that thing is a scam) I've had a bit of a hiatus from it due to burn out but this really has made me want to jump back in. Keep up the great work! Edit - What is the tracking site you got for the Koko pic by the way? Looks very clean.
  19. I had to restart, delete save like five times before I managed to pop trophies, but... not all of them... what the hell.
  20. Is anybody else having significant issues starting the game? I launch campaign on PS5 and it gets stuck on a losing screen for ages before completely crashing.
  21. Hi douse any one know how long the maintenance will last as unable to update trophies as it said it’s in maintenance?
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  23. awesome, thanks! now I just need to complete NG+ mode to hopefully unlock everything.
  24. I'm finally done with another after a few weeks at it. This was a lot more work than I expected going back to it. This is arguably a top 3 racing platinum as well as a top 5 racing completion. It's not as tough as the original but there are some events which were rivalling the top 5-10 events in that. The gold requirements consist of either really fast times or winning every single practice session, qualifying & race with decently paced AI that you take part in. There were some tracks where you can get a comfortable lead however other ones you will barely be able to beat the AI by a few tenths of a second. The other thing is that all of these tests & events must be done multiple times for each career length. I found a lot of @Blu3Angels_s setups very useful for a lot of these & also thanks for what you did for the community. There's one at Brands Hatch in the rain where you have to set consistently fast lap times over a long period of time. I'll put my best run here. The final of all the tests is a hotlap on Spa that has be done in under 2.24.000 so there isn't much room for error at all. The issue is getting a clean run & also having to do this multiple times for each career you do. I was on this one for quite awhile & full credit goes to @bdias10 for the setup that I used. I was able to put in a lap time of 2.23.856 which was just about good enough so I'll put that run here. Swaps - Out - Killzone: Shadow Fall In - Car X Drift Racing Online Tier 1 (Updated) I might stack the original one more time in the future but for now it's nice to be done with all of these. I've enjoyed getting into sims more in general & taking on the challenges of getting that lap time even when you are only a tenth of a second off. There's not too many tough sims to do now apart from finishing off Dirt Rally 2.0 where I'm about halfway through the Flatout DLC so I'll get back to that sometime. I'm going to get back onto Armored Core: Verdict Day to get the hardcore run now.
  25. I sent another message to PlayWay and they told me "the developers are looking for a new team to make updates. Please be patient." They are always saying to be patient but it's been 7 months!! Think I'll start playing version 1.0.
  26. If you find all 7 hidden rooms, the trophy ""Funktasmical!" pops and the door will unlock, there a girl you can hire, looks just like the trophy icon. Oh btw you not only need to find those 7 rooms, u need to collect the items inside.
  27. I reviewd the game in Brazil ( and dont know if the last patch fix this, but you can make a manual save in the last section after final boss for a glitch. After finish (easy ou normal), reload the save, change the difficult to Maximum Security when its loaded and finish again. The Trophy for hard will popup in the credits.
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