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  2. Really in this current climate do you think that is true. Look around the world people are clearing saying all sorts of things. The interesting ones even back up their argument with facts, trends and understanding. It is always easy to be negative, it is just a shame you don't seem to offer any insight or clarity into how to make things postive. Of course that is a tough one so I will let you off there. I wonder though are you getting tired of pandering to the lowest common denominator yet? As to the last part you are correct there. But like a trashy novel you offer just enough absurdity mix with sensationalism that I prefer reading your views than tuning on Fox News. By all means carry on, humour is in short demand these days even if it generated at the expense of others right.
  3. Whitetail Challenge Worst ps3 game ever. Dont go near anything this company makes. Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth Hated this anime soap opera, im not the target audience Heavy Fire Shattered Spear This game is bad and glitchy Rugby 15 Broken rugby, plat is easy but the gameplay is bad Prince of persia 2008 Awful plataformer, i hated this game, got the 100% to complete the Prince of Persia series.
  4. To everyone that has replied on this forum that I have not seen until now, thank you for your responses. As for your recommendation, @LastMinuteSavior, I might check out Apex at some point, but I don't know for sure. After dealing with the frustrations of Fortnite and Blackout on Black Ops 4, they made me not want to have to deal with another battle royale game ever again 😂 especially after that 438m shot I made to unlock Reznov for Blackout Historian. But something does tell me Apex should not be that challenging, although I have not looked at the trophy list.
  5. Have: GTA 5 Mafia 3 Injustice Ultimate Yakuza Kiwami (Steelbook case) Looking for offers of other ps4 games.
  6. Yup everyone is telling me the same, its a pure luck trophy. They should definitely nerf it to 3-4 wins or let us bring our own deck + better matchmaking.
  7. [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Fucking axe knight on stage 2. :( I hate this thing, he throws so many axes so quickly! I got by once so far and ended up falling while being chased. Had the key and everything... oh well. I did it once, I can do it again... eventually. Metroidvania are certainly more my speed. Though maybe Maria is more fun.

  8. 5. L.A. Noire-Really enjoyed the story and gameplay this game had to offer. My problem with the game was the collectible trophies. The collectibles are in obscure places and one of the trophies required to drive all 100+ vehicles in the game, which are only available in certain chapters and can be random in terms of spawn locations. Fucking awful trophy, dreaded “driving” those cars. I got the platinum 5 years after the game released. 4. Sly Cooper and the thevious raccooness-My first game I bought because I heard it was an easy platinum. The game was fine but boring since I never played it on ps2. I get it’s geared toward kids, which is fine, but I was disappointed I didn’t like it more. Seems to get a lot of praise. 3. Ratchet and Clank (PS4)-The story and gameplay was serviceable here, only got it because it was a free ps plus game. Grinding to get all weapons to level 10 sure was a slog. Really brought down the enjoyment of the game for me and could not wait to finish and get the platinum over with. 2. Burly Men at Sea- Again another free ps plus game with an easy plat. I appreciate the art style and the different paths the game offered but I’d feel bad for anyone who actually paid money to play this “game”. Boring gameplay, boring story, easy platinum. Good job on that note. 1. Assassins Creed Liberation- FUCK. THIS. GAME. What a waste of money, absolute fucking garbage. Runs like shit on Vita, constantly crashes, lackluster gameplay, poor audio, shitty voice acting, total cash grab. I expected more from one of the rare triple A games on Vita. I couldn’t even get past the first few sequences, I gave up on this game and it’s a crime that it’s 20+ dollars at full price in 2019.
  9. Dude.. You've been burnt, buried and made out to look like a complete fool. Just give it up and go crawl back in that hole i told you about..
  10. Fun pationate discussion - 🤔 Having country and world ranking motivate me - i am try to stay in top 500 in Canada and top 10000 worldwide
  11. Not to derail the thread, but there's this:
  12. Yeah I heard some people who worked on Alien Isolation is working on this as well, which gives me confidence this game will be great. You can really tell from the visuals where they got their inspiration. Also thanks for reminding me of Moon. Such an amazing movie. One of my favourites.
  13. You’re only half right. People these days are afraid to say a lot of things because they are scared they might offend somebody. I came in simply saying I don’t care where I am in the rankings but since I used the word “Your” in the topic that got locked everybody jumped at me like I was going to come over and punch them in the face. This is far from the only instance where people jumped at me because I have a negative opinion on something they dearly love. It’s no different than if I went on a Metallica forum website and started criticizing some of their newer music. Then people come out and say I’m overly negative and I’m crying about it. Nobody has to read anything I write. That’s completely your choice. I said “Your rank” and that was all anybody needed to see that it was offensive. I’m no saint. Never have and never will be. My problem is I think people took what I wrote far out of context and instead bashed me because it’s simply much easier than coming up with a valid argument. I could’ve made my post a lot more offensive than what I wrote. I shouldn’t have to rewrite entire sections because someone out there is going to be offended. People are too overly sensitive and it shows in that thread. Was it really that bad? I like to think it wasn’t. This is another case of how a negative opinion greatly offends those who dearly love something. If people want to think I’m just here to butt in then they can say it. But we need to understand that opinions can and often will offend people. The very idea of not having an opinion unless it agrees with them is running rampant, and it needs to stop.
  14. It'll be easier on subsequent playthroughs as you can get gear from them after you beat the game from the Legacy chest.
  15. New to the game - not sure how to summon my friend into my game? I heard we don't have to be the same level at all anymore. He's in the same area, dropping his sign, but I'm not seeing it on my end. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. @Maahniac The previous three Dead or Alive games have not had DLC trophies, so Dead or Alive 6 is unlikely to have downloadable content unless something changes. Most of the DLC tends to be costume focused anyway.
  17. I would say you're really good at Exceeds, I never got more than 5200 points in M8. For Dante, if your aim is only to get a S, things get much more easier. Just do what VlayerTheSlayer posted here, use Dr Faust with Gunslinger, start sending down meteors when enemies spawning, then move your camera until no enemy in sight. That pretty much ensures you can smash every mandatory fight without taking damages. The only thing you need to worry is probably the boss fight though, mainly Vergil on DMD.
  18. Just adding to this. Can confirm along with a few others that my CR was stagnant until I shot my 101st bullet.
  19. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is a really cute game with a nice content but the grind is real for all jobs :S  

    8/10 because its fun. 

  20. I have downloaded and played games digitally for over 20 years. Playing digital only is nothing new. My problem is when games get delisted and nobody cares enough to bring them back. Sure, most of them are probably games that hardly anybody gives a damn about, but still that is pretty counter intuitive for those who buy everything digital anyway. A fair number of games published by Activision are no longer available on the PSN Store. So you’re basically screwed, unless you don’t mind shopping around for a physical copy. The only other option is to game share, but that is against the rules of this website and you are exposing personal information because you have to share account details. As someone who has had accounts stolen in the past, I don’t trust anybody for them to allow access. Sony needs to be knocked off their high horse. It’s getting ridiculous at this point.
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  22. So is it a remake of Pirate's curse or a new game altogether I wonder
  23. Is this only available in North America? Obviously I know it's American Ninja Warrior and in the UK we have our own version, but I highly doubt we're going to get anything like this😂 This game is genuinely right up my street so I'd love to get it, but I'm unsure if it's NA Only. Also, regardless of whether it is NA or not, is it on disc or just digital? Thanks
  24. How long did it take for the 100,000 and 50,000 tiles trophies? It takes forever and with no stats, it's even worse
  25. Working on diverging point for V and Dante on HAH.
  26. #39 - Code: Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows C: R Master Obtain all trophies
  27. Omg omg omg!


    This doesn't happen very often where you verse two extremely high ranked people on the same day and win in Tekken 7. 


    Here's a ranks list for the game





    Was playing a player match today and I met a few beginners/ 1st dans and lol I felt bad for picking those people apart who probably just started playing the game. 


    The moment I said that lol I ended up facing a guy with Genbu rank whom I beat by a very slim margin, very tough fight. 


    I go on to face another opponent and my eyes dropped O_O. Dude was Divine Ruler (aka 26 Dan) and I'm only 9th Dan xD


    He absolutely destroyed my butthole in the first two rounds and was about to win the third as I had a sliver of health left. I literally stood back and did nothing because I was like oh it's over, dude's on roids. 


    But then idk what happened maybe I caught him off guard with a few punches and got that round from him by launching him in the air and comboing him.  I go on to barely survive the 2nd and at the final round he started pulling batshit crazy moves yet I somehow came out of that after taking a massive beating (to my butthole). 


    Needless to say, wow... What a session.. I can unclench my butthole now and take a breather :lol:

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