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  2. Changed mine in the beta, been waiting a while for this! Old name: redtailedhawk847 New name: Prairie_Falcon_
  3. I stopped caring about the trophies. There's a handful games with assloads of content that take hundreds of hours to fully explore that I wanted to get into, but I was getting stressed that I wouldn't be able sustain my output of trophies. I was worried that I'd lose my position on the leaderboard if I wanted to sink 800 hours into Skyrim or Final Fantasy XIV. Then I realized I was losing sleep and my health was suffering by replacing exercise time with more gaming trying to play my long games and also worry about trying to maintain "progress". So I took a hard look at who really gives a fuck about where I stand with my trophy "progress" (no one), half assed it a couple more months then quit completely. And then recently I found out that hiding trophies apparently makes you less of a "true" gamer so I hid of all of them except for the one game I thought would annoy people the most at seeing on my profile (No Man's Sky), because that's exactly the amount of respect I pay to that line of thinking. And now I bum around here and occasionally chime in that I've quit worrying about trophies, because I know that me saying that annoys some people here and knowing that fact arouses me just a tiny bit. Anyway, I don't know where I was going with that. Games were stressing me the fuck out and now they don't because I figured out that it was the trophies and not the games. I play when I can or I go read a book or walk my dog. I'm 39, married but no kids, I have a career that I'm so eager to retire from that I fondle myself while researching info on what a veteran is supposed to do after leaving the military. So I sympathize, gaming while trying to be an adult sucks ass.
  4. I just purchased TWD: The Final Season,and TWD: Season 2 (PSVita), downloaded and installed ALL episodes. They were the only 2 games left which I needed and had been on my PSN store wishlist for a good number of months. So, best for me to be safe now than sorry later.
  5. I think Iconoclast is much better than Owlboy. Mechanically it's more interesting and I feel the story is more fleshed out. Owlboy had a lot of potential buy many of the main cast I never felt were properly used. Iconoclast has a bit of a deceptive start. It comes across initially as a kind of romp, but kicks off in an explosive way early on. The gameplay revolves around using a wrench to solve puzzles and a pea shooter with platforming mixed in. You can optionally collect upgrade material to unlock tweaks which give Robin a boost or special action until she takes a hit. It's not quite an open world to explore, as you are restricted by story triggers, similar to how Shantae handles progression, but nothing in the game requires an upgrade to do, only the things the game gives you as you progress the story, well, with one exception which I'll explain later. The game itself deals with the conflict between two ideologies and the people behind them. But not in a in-your-face kind of way. If you know what it means to be an iconoclast, then you might know what to expect. The story is all about Robin the main character but could easily be argued that it's about two other characters that you come to learn about in the game. The story itself I felt was very engaging to where a specific boss fight and then a specific action afterword had quite a lot of impact and weight to them. Not something I find to be common. I won't spoil it because I feel it's take away from the moment. There's nothing in the game that is missable and the game features two secret bosses that are only accesable under certain conditions. One such boss is the only instance of requiring an upgrade to access content. The music is great and is fitting for just about every area and graphically every locale is unique and stands out as opposed to being copy pasted. The game also does a good job of introducing new mechanics as you progress so that it doesn't feel like the same motions every zone. This also applies to bosses. There's one area of the game that many people find as a pain to go through, but I personally didn't find it as being difficult. I speedrun this game frequently which I do not often do. I recommend this to everyone and i wish i had a physical copy. There are certain parts of the game where you play as a new character. Which might be a bit tricky to get used to at first. I'd say the game would rate as follows: Story: 9.5/10 Gameplay: 9.5/10 Replayability: 9.2/10 Music: 9.5/10 Art Style: 9/10
  6. I forgot how much I loved the story an visual behind Tears to Tiara II. So glad that I was able to finally play it again once more. Should be able to knock out a few more stages later on today. Forgot how much reading is in that game during the first playthrough, thankfully my second playthrough [hard mode], I can skip the story to it.

  7. I injured my genitalia in a freak trophy hunting accident, so I can't have children. Luckily, I can put that extra time and money into gaming.
  8. Observation so far is rather interesting, curious about the ending as is... but also going around looking for collectibles xD

  9. :platinum: #112 Truck Racer

    Also 6000 trophies ^_^😉

  10. In the early 80s I had an Atari 2600. From that point, there was always a console in my home. NES, Genesis, SNES, Sega CD, Game Boy, Game Gear, PSX, N64, PS2, XBOX, Game Cube, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PS4...maybe I'm still growing up.
  11. I think this list looks a bit harder than volley blast.
  12. I was around 3-4 when we got a Home Pong clone. Then Atari 2600, Enterprise 128, Commodore 64, Commodore Plus/4, Dendy Junior (Famicom clone), PlayStation, GameBoy Color and PlayStation 2. After that I started working and bought my own consoles since.
  13. Guinea pig here! Old: zeugirdor_90 New: TheHosa
  14. Anytime I hear the Cuphead Tutorial Soundtrack I keep thinking of this.


  15. Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy color Nintendo 64, PS1 Nintendo Gamecube, PS2 Gameboy advance, GBA SP Nintendo DS, DS lite Nintendo Wii. Had these systems during time I was either in elementary or High School didn't get PSP, 360 or PS3 until after that. I also did play the original between that time, but never owned or my parents had one, but not sure whatever happened to it too young to remember.
  16. I'll help out. Old: Lumi_Fox Then: Niysx Current: PossumSprings
  17. Ohhh I see now that makes sense. Or wait for another "Days of Play"
  18. Thank you @cjshaitan and @eigen-space. I enjoyed learning about Eurovision this year.
  19. Fighter Complete the game on Easy difficulty Secret in the Sand Obtain the Secret Ending Undefeated Complete the game in any difficulty without dying Somehow I managed to get all the trophies I said I would in my first playthrough (all chests, no deaths, secret ending) despite some annoying glitches. Now I just need to do 2 speed runs on different difficulties & I'll be done!
  20. AP3X_PR3D_SwaG which then changed to iDemonBlade which i then changed to FirstCivDiv69
  21. OK Old PSN: Articuno2001 New PSN: ArcticCress
  22. Old ID: Shadowdark9 New ID: CrimsonVoidGX
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