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  2. I played on my PS3 without internet. Got really into the rage game, my cousin & I were trying to do everything in the game since we only had the one PS3 & wanted to just chill out. Eventually got to the point of the game where I wanted to earn the multiplayer trophies, so I logged online for the first time in a while to do them. Started downloading the update for my PS3 & synced the trophies while my PS3 downloaded the update, then while waiting I jumped online to try & get those trophies. What I was trying to say in the first thing was that the clock on the PS3 probably had to re-syncronize itself. I don't know why it would have had to that but I guess because of me playing offline then getting online to do the other trophies it would've had to fix it after all that. All I'm getting at is I think I tried to do too much on the PS3 at once when I first logged on (after a while), & when it logged online again the trophies looked like that.
  3. I can’t believe this shit. I didn’t see this post before now I’m fucked! Cant believe this.
  4. As far as I'm aware you have to accept them, but its worth doing the other ones and if it hasn't popped then just get the ones you declined.
  5. For me that would be Watch_Dogs for sure. Trophy list is awful, unmovtivating and some trophies are ridiculously time-consuming (Drinking game, for example). Same thing I can say about Bodycount, but that more game's fault, than trophy list. Currently I am busy with CoD:BO3 but I never getting 100% on this one due to cost of DLC and it's just not my type of a game. Any trophy lists you feel bad about going for?
  6. Platinum #46: Jeopardy! (Ps3) Jeopardy! Fanatic Obtain all trophies.
  7. This didn't make much sense to me. Anyway, I see you've used downloaded saves in many other games. Both PS3 and PS4. And one of them I can with 100% certainty say you used a downloaded save and not some backed up or friend's save etc. Please don't waste our time with lies and trying to abuse the dispute feature. Had you instead just hid all your cheated games, which I assume is quite a lot at this point, you'd be safely on the leaderboards now. You didn't, you instead decided to try abuse the dispute feature and lie etc, and so now you're permanently off.
  8. bloodrive65 Rage Played 90% of the game offline on a PS3, then forgot to re-synchronize my clock after I updated one time. I didn't even realize this trophy collectively gathered the times right next to each other. I had played through the online trophies when I was just casually playing considering these trophies are very straightforward.
  9. Going into the third week, here's what I've done so far. Brave: 0% Chroma Squad: 0% Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition: 0% Degrees of Separation: 0%➡️100%✅ Detroit: Become Human: 0% Fear Effect Sedna: 0%➡️100% Iconoclasts: 0% Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PS3): 0% Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4) 0%➡️100% Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4): 0% Okage: Shadow King: 0% Outlast 2: 0% The Witness: 0% Degrees of Separation was a nice diversion. A fun short puzzle game that reminded me of Unravel Two. Fear Effect Sedna was one of those games I kept seeing on sale on the PSN store and wanted to try it out but didn't due to not really liking how the first two games looked. After finishing up this one and enjoying it for the most part, I might give the remake a shot whenever it comes out. Minecraft Story Mode has the strengths and weaknesses of a normal Telltale game. Good story for the most part and kinda works as a Mincraft game, but limps along in the middle (about episode 5), most of the characters annoyed me, and most of the magic is lost after you realize none of your choices really matter. Other then that, my biggest gripe is with the faces of nearly everyone. Going to play Assassin's Creed Chronicles for now and then probably come back to either Murdered or Detroit and save Birth by Sleep for my my 75th Platinum.
  10. #40- GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS (PS3) The Key to San Andreas Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 4 Weeks, 20 Hours, 54 Minutes (35 Hours in-game) Rarity: 1.5% Ultra Rare (PSN) / 25.78% Uncommon (PSNProfiles) Hardest Trophy: A Legitimate Business (Silver)- Export all three car lists "After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home..." Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of my absolute favourite games of all time. After roguishly tricking my aunt to get it for me for Christmas at the age of 13, I spent countless hours murdering my way through the three incredible cities and blowing cars up that it wasn't until much later that I got around to completing Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City which I also received that Christmas. It was the newest and the coolest and to this day I love it. But not this version of it. From what I can tell, this was a port of the iOS version. While it would be impressive for an iPod to run this, a home console in this day and age is a whole different story, coming out at the end of the PS3's lifespan. There are some great features; native 720p widescreen without image stretching, different map markers for questgivers above and beyond being just initial letters, mission checkpoints (hit and miss, but more on that in a second) and some of the missions that I remember being a chore now being very, very easy. In all, it is a solid version of the game and if one had never played it before, this isn't a bad way to introduce yourself to the world of San Andreas. However, there was plenty I didn't like as well. For some reason, I didn't like the way CJ controlled. He felt overly sensitive and janky. The driving was also pretty rubbish, with me flipping my cars way too easily. The pop-in which was a pretty big flaw of the PS2 original is even worse here. It even extends to how NPCs and cars on the road spawn- you could be driving at top speed as is your wont when playing this when all of a sudden three or more cars will suddenly spawn in a few feet ahead and cause a huge pile-up. They'll also just swap sides of the road without warning. Overall, the AI is pretty pathetic with your companion characters often just running about wherever the hell they want- I had three mission failures simply because my companion just ran off in the opposite direction of where they were supposed to go and got too far away. Cops also very rarely noticed my crimes, shooting a guy right beside two police motorcycles and not suffering any consequences. Otherwise, the game is just as before but the faults sort of soured my experience. The trophies are also a bit buggy, with some not unlocking until a good few minutes after I completed the requirements. The list itself isn't too taxing at all but does require a bit of going off the beaten track every now and then, but not nearly as much as the lists for the other titles in the series. Overall, I was a bit disappointed but I look forward to the PS4 version which is a port of the PS2 game and hopefully a little more faithful to my memories of the game I love so much.
  11. Shows how much an injured player can take away the momentum of a team. I hope Brees is not out long if he misses time.
  12. i got King of the Beats alrdy and am at 4330 battles so far. hows everyone else fairing with these? any tips for the battle grind?
  13. Definitely RDR II for me, wasn’t that hard but was a time commitment that was taxing.
  14. Saints are looking dead in the water w/out Brees, offense can't stay on the field and the defense is starting to look gassed.
  15. Do we win or lose anything by having the npc girl helping US on boss fights? I dont see any throphy attached to using or not using her..thats why Im asking.
  16. Been eyeing Days Gone for awhile on ebay, and it seems its stabilizing around $20 used, can't wait to snag a copy for under hopefully soon.😁 Probably can have it new 20 come black friday, but we will see which comes first!

    1. snakebit10


      $20 is a steal for Days Gone. I payed 34.99 for it and thought it was well worth it. 

  17. I also don’t have any hard plats.
  18. I don't have any hard plats
  19. Deadbolt - Cassette Culture Only 3.34% (corrected PSNProfiles value: 0.03%) have gotten it.
  20. Why? I'm having a blast playing and leveling up the new different parts. Battle pass: 70/70, collector 20/20, trader 9/20 and bounter hunter 2/20.
  21. Just started this game today and I can say the concept is interesting but wtf is happening with those trophies? I reached the point where you can end the game but I wanted to get the other trophies first so I did. First I couldn't buy the second comic. Then I couldn't go anywhere. It says I have to go to the bar but I can't go. So I can't get the last bowtie, can't get the ending trophy. Can't get the Complete all rooms (this one seems to be glitched for everyone). I got the 100% cortex trophy when I reseted the game and had reached 101%. I will try to get the bowtie and the end trophies at least, reloading from a early savefile. This feels so bad, I want to support indie and small companies games but things like those should be fixed, otherwise no one is gonna buy them again
  22. So all that time, I had "I'll buy it later" up on Lost Grimoires 2 when I had bought it a week ago. So I decided to knock that A.M. game out now... and it's the easiest of the bunch. The only trophies are doing the game, the usual A.M. suspects(finish a hidden object puzzle in a minute, etc., etc.) and collect all of the rose sigils. I used a guide for the sigils but for some weirdo wacko reason, the game had an extra at the beginning so I was one rose sigil ahead of the guide at each point and I got Master Collector before collecting the last rose sigil. Before that I did some more Devious Dungeon 2(Vita, the PS4 version will be platted in 2020 in the ABCs event by iXanon) and managed to defeat two more bosses and get a couple of miscellaneous trophes to get me 40% farther to the plat. The game is okay but it's really boring and should be multi-tasked as you just plod through levels. Halfway through the game now. I am going to take a nap and then purchase the only two games I don't have(save for Ni no Kuni Remastered, which isn't out yet), Dark Cloud and LEGO Jurassic World for PS4. For the record, I got Deadly Tower of Monsters during a sale so I saved 70% on it, great deal! EDIT: Oh yeah, I am busting the platinums! But it won't last... I will probably knock out all of the easy games by the time I get my upper root canal on the 25th, but then that means I have five months to work on the long grindy RPGs like Dragon Quest XI and Ni no Kuni remastered. I will definitely be focusing on Ni no Kuni Remastered when I get it in five days.
  23. :platinum: #201 SPYRO THE DRAGON - This was a fun game to wind down with after the last few headaches, the only annoying part was landing some of the jumps or falling off platforms and dying for whatever reason. Honestly, I thought getting all the gems would be the most annoying part but the L3 button makes it very easy. I always favoured Crash Bandicoot over Spyro but Spyro was my childhood as well but here's my history of Spyro


    - Owned the first game, played it, beat it but didn't 100% complete it

    - Borrowed the second game, played it, beat it but refused to get the 874561894591 gems for Money bags to get to the dragon gateway because that's effort

    - Never owned the third game as a kid but I bought it a couple of years ago and played about an hour of it 

    - I have and played the Gameboy Advance Spyro games, I think I beat them but I don't remember rating them a great deal


    Anyway, onwards for Spyro 2 :)

  24. I'm glad that there aren't any new online trophies for this. And I hope there never will be, although I believe that the opposite is going to happen at some point ....
  25. DEADBOLT War - Five star every mission in the game. Some of the missions in the game are extremely tricky and downright difficult to five star, especially on the second chapter. Death - Complete the game without dying or quitting. This tops the cake for the hardest trophy I have attempted. Ever. 😡 I've given up after 20 attempts, to the point I've been slowly pulling my hair. Not dying once is especially the most insane part, since you have to dodge enemies all the time. Worst of all, they'll guard that area when they spotted you viciously, until they find you and kill you. Famine - Complete the game in 1 hour without quitting. Like Death, this is also starting to rip my hair out. You're against the clock. With some annoyingly difficult missions, it is going to be a trip to hell. You cannot quit the game for anything until the finale for this trophy. These three "Four Horsemen" trophies (yep, they are named after the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse) are the ones that completely lock me to get its platinum (Conquest). It already drove me to insanity.
  26. Last night I went to let my dog out into the backyard, but first I turned the porch light on and peeked out through the blinds because I'm paranoid as fuck. Plastered on the glass outside was a 3 inch long slug. I didn't want that sucker somehow getting into the house, so I turned around to get a broom and a salt shaker.


    A minute later, I came back and yanked open the blinds to go outside and get rid of it. IT WAS GONE. I went outside and tried to look for it with no success. This was the same day I looked out my bedroom window and came eye to eye with a huge spider, so needless to say my reaction to all these was:



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