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  2. If you find all 7 hidden rooms, the trophy pops and the door will unlocks, there a girl you can hire, looks just like the trophy icon.
  3. I reviewd the game in Brazil ( and dont know if the last patch fix this, but you can make a manual save in the last section after final boss for a glitch. After finish (easy ou normal), reload the save, change the difficult to Maximum Security when its loaded and finish again. The Trophy for hard will popup in the credits.
  4. I just bought a cheap one off Amazon, what I didn't realise and no one bothers to mention is the Turbo function is not the important bit, it's the assign button you want. My Turbo one doesn't have that at all, you still have to manually press the buttons but it will fire gun quicker.
  5. Can also confirm that the trophies aren't fixed with today's patch.
  6. @Rebourne07 seeking some guidance here. I really want to play and add Return To The Monkey Island to my list but I cannot find any site that has a grade for it on how hard it is. So reading the rules I guess I need to: For community voted polls, it's the average that counts, not the top rated number. If the site doesn't calculate the average for you, you can use this Vote Average Calculator I wrote to make it easier. So I need to find 10 people who can give me the estimate on how hard it is? Not really sure on how to go about this one.
  7. @DrBloodmoney Those look spectacular!!! Thanks for the event @kindajustin !
  8. thank you for the help in the quests by the way, have you found anything about the locked door in the mysterious hallway?
  9. Alright I will try it when I reach RC High School, thanks. If you have any question about what I said above you can ask me =)
  10. For "TV Dinner", I checked my trophy screenshot, I somehow got this in R.C. High school while going into the vent that drops down to the auditorium. Not sure if this helps.
  11. Such a great and fun challenge to participate in! Count me in. Here are some games I'm working on and hopefully get the plat in 2023: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Driver San Fransisco Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 3on3 Freestyle Medal of Honor: Warfighter & Call of Duty: Classic The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth & Hollow Knight Eu version Crypt of the Necrodancer & Street Fighter 5 Will not focus on Badges so much but will try to earn as many while enjoying the games I play. Good luck to everyone and have fun.
  12. Hi lovies, Last minute changes to my list. Couldn't post them yesterday as my internet was down. Happy hunting Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream 28% Deathloop 27% God of War: Ragnarok 0% > Dead Cells 24% Hades 33% Inscryption 10% Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV 0% > Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III 10% Muv-Luv: Alternative 20% Potion Permit 25% Resident Evil 5 4% Returnal 16% Slay the spire 27% Steamworld Dig 24% Tactics Ogre: Reborn 10% The Callisto Protocol 0% Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth 35% > Pixeljunk Nom Nom Galaxy 35% Platinum/100% 0/15 Swaps 0/3
  13. The thing is that shovelware is a term first coined in the early 90's when trophies were not a thing. According to Wikipedia: "Shovelware is a term for individual video games or software bundles known more for the quantity of what is included than for the quality or usefulness." As a kid from the 90's myself I am happy to go with that definition. I would call these games trophyware more than anything else. They are a piece of software created to sell you trophies because it lacks any other unique or redeeming qualities. A single game can qualify for that description as well. It also dodges the term "shovel", which seems to make a lot of people think that they always need to come in huge numbers, which is very definitely not the case.
  14. powerpyx says no n no save transfers either
  15. My initial question was already answered a long time ago, heck I even played and loved the game already but thanks to one person the whole thing derail beyond belief, with spoilers a galore so if any mod could please lock or delete this I'd really appreciate it, I think this thread ran its course @Beyondthegrave07 @DaivRules Thanks in advance.
  16. NG+ will come next year.
  17. Alright, I just saw it, thanks. Then I need to figure out the TV dinner then, guess im going to start up my NG+ as well.
  18. I agree 100% I have died more than 20 times,loading times too long ,very annoying I'm playing on medium In Dark souls I didn't die so many times in the beginning Are your trophies syncing?mine not
  19. When you are trying to access Tier one mode servers spam x button It's almost instant
  20. I got a trophy in my PS5 version while I was getting platinum on PS4 so now I've both bugged. I can't pop the BIG AIR trophy in my ps4 version (the last one I need for platinum) because it popped while I was playing PS5 version.. This is totally **** haha
  21. Thanks for the clues! I can read it just fine. For "Here's your book back", I believe in R.C. High School where there's a book hanging from the ceiling where you must jump and retrieve.
  22. PSNP was much better in 2015, what happened? 😭
  23. So does anyone who by any chance finished the game already know whether there is a NG+?
  24. I wanna bring up something important about Abby in particular, since it's a complaint I've seen that I've never gotten. Abby having muscles is a rare example of muscles not just being there for the sake of presenting a stronger looking character. There's narrative weight to why she chose to buff up, it's to contrast with her internal feelings of weakness. After her father was killed she felt powerless, and she trained so that she'd never have to feel that powerless again... not all buff women in games are trans, and Abby's physique actually says a lot about her without needing to tell instead of show. Do I like her as a character? Not really. But in terms of writing I'd say she's written decently.
  25. The descriptions are most likely to do with in-game medals/achievements/milestones
  26. I think this year was uninteresting and mediocre. But I enjoyed gaming on the PS5. Highs Elden Ring - Well. Not the best FromSoftware, and ridiculously, the PS4 version ran better than the PS5 version, but you know, it's MORE FromSoftware, and MUCH MORE. I'll take it. Stray - I played with my daughter, and it was a perfect bonding experience. I also think it's a very well made little experience you can just zone out to, just vibe with the entire thing. RE2/RE3/RE7 free upgrades - Well done, Capcom. Couldn't resist the autopops, but couldn't resist to do a quick run either. PlayStation Plus Extra - I actually think this catalogue is absolutely worth the price of admission, even though it could be cheaper. Lows PlayStation Plus Premium - This is terrible, unacceptable. We started off with the promise of a handful of PS1/PSP titles every month, some with trophies, but like, this is nothing. It's less than nothing, it's an insulting retro catalogue. At least Hungary finally got the streaming option, it was LONG OVERDUE - but it still doesn't work on the PC app. Sony disappoints again. Still not feeling the "Next-Gen" - Not in a sense that games don't look good, but I'm still waiting for something revolutionary like Demon's Souls on the PS3 or whatever - new genres, new ways to play. Yet again indie developers lead where AAA lag behind and just regurgitate formulas from two generations ago. Horizon / God of War Ragnarok / GT7 feel like games that have bigger budgets, not games that have bigger ambitions to be better / more interesting to play. We hit some good notes with Ratchet and Astro, and then downhill since. Shovelware all time high - Don't get me started. Mediocre third party line up - Stranger of Paradise, Saints Row, Gotham Knights, Sonic Frontiers, Ghostwire Tokyo - the amount of boring, uninteresting, bloated or staight up unfinished middleware is really terrifying.
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