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  2. Definitely Judgment. A friend from my discord server convinced me to play it as an introduction to the Yakuza series and I can't thank him enough! Found another favorite series! I don't think anything else coming this year will be able to top it for me, but The Outer Worlds might come close. If you want to know about games new to me too, rather than just new this year, I'm going to also include Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. So much fun, and it and Primal have convinced me to give the rest of the series a chance even though I normally don't like FPS games!
  3. Exactly, quite difficult. Even in your opening sentence you don't state it to be as hard as the reputation. But, interestingly if I look at your timestamps, considering the length of each game etc. and the fact you claim you didn't find it particularly easy, and gauging when you may have not been playing, you didn't seem to really have too much troubles getting through at a reasonable pace by the looks of it, I feel almost as if the pre-existing reputation may have influenced how you saw your progress perhaps? You didn't do badly, didn't look like you massively struggled any more than another game of similar length, it's not like you're going to get speedrun times on a first playthrough. Maybe it's not always the case that someone's lying, but I see so many people go through with relative ease only to bolster the reputation of difficulty afterwards. I never sat and watched you play, but you seem to have done just fine to me. Source I find quite simple and handy is just that we have steam achievements, trophies and gamerscore. Whilst PSNP figures for achievers are really high and tend to filter cheats for some credibility, we can also use official %'s with sale figures to come to a fairly realistic number (which interestingly enough for Bloodborne at least, calculating figures that way works out almost identical to the listed PSNP achievers on the platinum itself, which almost suggests nearly every platinum owner for Bloodborne is tracked on here congrats to the site lol). These all tend to be in the hundred thousands approx. per individual platform last I checked. And I agree, good games create a determination to finish them and increase the average players progress, but these do tend to stand above other well loved games and not everyone playing is a determined or skilled player, as with the streaming example we've seen more 'casual' audiences progress at reasonable pace. By no means am I suggesting these games are EzPz Barbie game, but only maybe marginally higher than the average AAA and no where near the absurdly high reputation that puts it above almost every game that comes out. Okay, maybe if dying once or twice puts me in an elite category for Souls-borne I'll accept that I guess. But the point I was trying to imply was that people seem to die more often in non-Souls games and don't brandish them with the same reputation. It feels like perhaps maybe the emphasis on the death the game puts, plus marketing, plus reputation influences people to feel like they're failing more than they are, and that if you consider this genuinely that top tier difficult then every other game must be at that level too since, odds are, you probably die a similar quantity in such other titles. Of course there's the subjectivity on preferences, but I feel there is a general scale. Games sway either way based on player preferences but have a general region they belong objectively. You might struggle a bit more with this particular style, some might be speedrunning it blind and blindfolded with 1 hand, but as a whole I'd consider it in the center ground of difficulty.
  4. I didn't even finish the game due to the looming stress of the speedruns again... I did the first two world speedruns and as soon as I got to the third one's regular playthrough with it's total lack of food... I can't imagine doing the speedrun. Maybe someday, but I doubt it... 2 looks a lot more fun and with more freedom. Not that I dislike the first though.
  5. Yeah this flag is definitely a mistake.
  6. Here's an updated list of preorders: New Releases Control - PS4 - 8/27/2019 NHL 20 - Xbox One - 9/13/2019 Shenmue III - PS4 - 11/19/2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4 - 3/3/2020 Cyberpunk 2077 - PS4 - 4/16/2020 Dying Light 2 - PS4 - 2020 Physical Re-releases Guacamelee One-Two Punch Collection - PS4 - 8/6/2019 Enter The Gungeon Deluxe - Switch - 8/6/2019 The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive Series - PS4 - 9/10/2019 Trine Ultimate Collection - PS4 - 9/30/2019 Shovel Knight Treasure Trove - Switch - N/A Considering cancelling NHL 20 just because I think I can live with NHL 19 until '20 gets a little cheaper... but at the same time, I play the NHL games almost more than anything else so I'd get my moneys worth if I kept it. The thing that gets lost in all this is the fact that launch sales are critical to the success of a game/franchise/dev studio. By never buying games day one, you're punishing good developers too. They don't live on the money made 3-6 months (or longer) after a games release, or a year or two later on deep discount or in a bundle somewhere. Looking at it from a purely "whats best for me" perspective, sure... I get why you'd wait and see no reason to pre-order a game. The game is cheaper and you're getting the best version of it. Win-win. But keep in mind that in a world where everyone did what you do, those patched and feature complete games you're playing may not be there. Not without someone else fronting the bill. There's no guarantee that nickle and dime-ing these companies will make them invest more resources in releasing better games (infact that doesn't sound like logic based in reality at all)... in all likelihood they'll just invest as little resources into it as possible because there's no faith in their consumer base to make that money back, or they'll just stop making games altogether. I don't think things are so bad at the moment that we need to "scorched earth" the industry and hope a newer, better one rises from the ashes. You do you. Personally, I don't mind my role in the industry. I'll just keep preordering games I'm interested in and buying day one as long as it's financially feasible for me to do so. It satisfies both my want to play my newest favorite games as early as possible, and to support the hobby I love.
  7. killerJAZZ420 Terraria My friend has/had a trophy save. It didnt have every trophy set up but a lot of them lol.
  8. Use the Boosting Sessions or the solution HuntingFever has given. We do not allow boosting threads here.
  9. Dragon Age Origins. I have this game in my trophy list for ages, but only played the first 30 minutes.
  10. Congratulation. I hope the next dlc will be a better one.
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  12. >all those weeb games on old gens If only I didn't own them already.
  13. Game #7 - Trillion: God of Destruction - Preview Welcome to another iteration of game with a weird name. This is another one of those games, that seem to be grindy as hell. Apparently it requires at least 8 playthroughs, which is pushing it a tad. So it's very likely that I'll reach a point where I'll get fed up with it. I guess it depends on how enjoyable the gameplay rotation is. As far as I know, your objective is do defeat a god, that has a trillion HP (hence the name). You're supposed to lose the fight over and over again, until you can actually beat him. Interesting concept, that hopefully doesn't get dull too quickly. @El Duderino Alright, thanks for letting me know.
  14. Red Dead Redemption Hit the TrailGet from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session. In A Van Down By The RiverIn a Multiplayer Poker game, win a hand on the last card when you were losing prior Good CallIn a single Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, successfully make a spot-on call One Die to Rule Them AllIn a Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win with only one die left Triple Crown Get first place in all races in a Grand Prix in the Races playlist We Must Protect This House!While on defense, do not allow the attacking team to capture any of their objectives Legion of BoomGet a triple kill while on the attacking team in Stronghold
  15. i just check now. the banner wasn't up this morning but the banner is up now in case people want to take a full look at the stuff: Crossing Souls (ps4) Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy (vita) one of the missed vita RPG's from a previous sale obtained ACA NEO GEO Ghost Pilots (ps4) rare buy for half off Mochi Mochi Boy (ps4) (vita) adding crossing souls to priority when i finish skyrim.
  16. Sparked a lot of fun conversations and ‘hot topics’ in the forum games.
  17. brand new carpeting
  18. Hi, im new to driveclub but when it came in PS+ I earned a trophy by accident. What do I need to buy to 100% the game, is the season pass enough? I heared somewhere that it is, and everything else is "free"? Is it correct that I must not buy "no limits" and "finish line" to avoid the DC Bikes list in my profile? Thank you
  19. What’s it gonna take to cheer you glum guys up? lol
  20. Origins is one of the worst games I can remember playing in years. Before it released, AC was my favourite franchise and Origins was such an utter trash heap that it almost completely destroyed my love for the brand. I only really played Odyssey to maintain franchise completion at that point. After doing 25 games, that'd be a sad thing to lose. Odyssey, while easily one of the worst ACs to date, also easily surpassed Origins in just about - no, in every - regard. That's not saying much, improving on a 0/10 doesn't mean you're suddenly good, but I'd give Odyssey a solid 4 or 5/10.
  21. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 17 — Jul 17, 2019

    Week 3 progress ✦✦✦✧✧


    # Sleepy Neko

    Meowzz and welcome everyone~~


    I've been so sleepy lately, maybe I need to wake up later :P. I am working on my objectives though, I am planning to have one done by tomorrow! So at least that's something =D.


    How's everyone else here doing?




    > @WhiteDragonAura I missed your last status update because I too, was busy browsing Reddit. 😏  I'm swooping in now to make up for lost time! hehe Hope you're able to complete those objectives of yours soon enough, Neko. :highfive:

    Sounds to me like you were being very productive tongue.png. LPT; put your reddit in a web panel so you can browse reddit while you browse my status updates =D.


    > @ChristIllusion12 I didn't know that but I smiled when I went back and find out xD the neighbors haven't told me off since for shouting my head off but I've been trying to calm down a bit over the game, such a pain in the arse xD

    You had me worried that I embedded all those links for nothing you know :jaymon:. Your poor neighbors, I would say that was justified. Also congrats on your :platinum: 193 :yay::yay:.


    @MidnightDragon Heey I know I've already said this in the chat but congrats on your 100% on Marvel's Spider-Man :yay::yay:


    @LucianaRosethorn And congrats on your :platinum: # 13 as well ;).


    > @PooPooBlast Yea slow progress indeed but we're getting there. Haven't been playing everyday though as I've been busy and I presume that you and @Sergen have some interest in my progress in RDR 2 :) given the frequent visits so thanks for your interest! 51/70 medals so far!

    Meeeee? I am just being polite xD@Sergen on the other hand might be stalking you as far as a know :awesome:.  


    > @Arcesus7 Hi there! Well, I don't know if a mobile port will do the game any good... 1f633.png On the PS4, however, it's proably in my top 5 favorite games for sure, and after Furi (and maybe Hollow Knight) the best indie game I've played. It's fun, the difficulty is on point, the artstyle is gorgeouos (if you like pixel-art, that is)... 

    > I'm not sure what type of games you play since your profile is private, but I can definitely recommend it!


    Furi is on my Games-I-Have-to-play-Someday list as is Hollow Night :P. Welp seems like I need to put Hyper Light Drifter to that list as well =D.


    @gruffiiti Welcome to my profile, don't be afraid to say hi wave.png.


    @B1rvine, @ArmoredSnowman Same for you guys of course, feel free to say hi as well !!


    @Fen I wanted to mention you that you needed to check your PM's but you actually did while I was in the middle of writing this status update :P. Now that you're here can you click on your mention and confirm that you can access the link? Or is it restricted for you?


    @Dragon-Archon Sir Archon you haven't checked your PM's yet. I get that you're a busy dragon but with the flood of messages someone as popular as you must receive I wanted to make sure it didn't get lost :).




    Well look at that, my Diary has progressed so much that it doesn't all fit on my profile. I'd say that's some progress! For anyone wanting to read older entries you can access them all here (<^_^< ). Next goal is to make my Diary longer than one page in the activity log =D.


    Wishes everyone a fresh and lively day, don't be as tired as this cat here ^^



    - Enroll in College

    - Get financing in order



    1. Fen


      Sneaky Neko. It works purrrfectly. High time for me to catch some Zzs and best of luck 🍀 to you tomorrow~ 

  22. That trophy is currently bugged and unobtainable, unless you use the patch downgrade exploit:
  23. Threads like these aren’t allowed on psnp, make a game session instead: that said, there is a phenomenal video for this trophy on the guide on here.
  24. At first I thought psprices was broken but nope, turns out it's real. In the middle of the summer, while Gaben is giving out 80% discounts like it's candy, this is what Sony is offering Ps3 users 😄



    Notice how both of them are bundled multiplats, if it weren't for that, we would have gotten literally 0 discounts! This is exceptionally weird because I've never seen a week go by without 5-6 pages of Ps3 game discounts and suddenly all we get is these two "gems" and that's it lmao. I suspect this won't be a one time thing, they're probably phasing out the Ps3, first it was no games from the Plus, now it's no discounts? Greatness awaits :popcorn: #4thepayers

    1. Elvick_


      We'll know when they drop PS3 and Vita sales, it'll be after the next price increase of PS+!

    2. Spaz


      The reason I still cling onto my PS3 is because there are still games I want to play and look forward to.


      This is why backwards compatibility is important. It doesn't bother me if a game I want to play came out back in 1998 so long as I can run that game on a modern system without issues. If I cannot buy and play that game properly, which mind you happens a lot because modern systems don't really conform to what older games wanted, then I start to have problems.


      All the shameless remasters we've gotten simply irks me simply because the PS3 and PS4 were built entirely different from one another. Microsoft, for all their faults, I give them credit at least for making a current gen console that can run older games from an older system.


      If Sony decided to just rid of their digital PS3 library and Vita library, and I can't find a way to obtain those games, then I would give up trophy hunting entirely and find another hobby to go after.

  25. I cant seem to mange to get Sail the 7 Seas trophy, if anyone has a world for this trophy and willing to help i am will to supply thy with a full high five. ign: georgekruger
  26. only took the "Insane trophies", the attempts took about 20-30, still adrenaline in the blood, I want to say that today things are like this: 1) Besides memorizing the game inside out, one battery is enough to cheer, but I started using it only with the moment in the pool. 2) I do not know that they are patches there, but bugs are present (maybe I'm so lucky), but there were a lot of bugs with the raft, when the square button does not respond, I want to say that in addition to paragraph 1), I need to play myself graciously led. 3) Regarding the randomness: many people loudly say that it is not there, that we ourselves are the creators of the game itself, but in my opinion it is still present (here either random, or the very same thing on psyche). Martha with the cart: here 70 is 30% good tactics with running around behind the house, but once again how it works, I tried the option with a hole in the fence, she killed me there 5 times out of 5 and I decided to change tactics, I will say honestly that incomprehensible teleporters are very killed, so there are bugs, she got 2 times stuck in a cart right before the jump, a vanshot. Corn field (second visit): after passing the entire field incognito, running inside, closing the door on the lock - vanoshot. It turns out somehow the people were inside, I first thought that I had brutally held out this place, but no, I died there 3 times for sure. Nick and Laird: the location is just mraaaaaaaaaak, in addition to this tough (random) "Cupid couple", these syphilitics can fuck up all your plans. When we run for the rope, once the syphilitic has summoned all of whom it is possible - vanshot. About Nick and Laird generally keep quiet, I dead 99% because of them, not counting the bugs, Martha and falling into the abyss. The most difficult place for me was when I needed a timed jump through the window, looking at a bunch of vidos I was still thrown down because after closing the 2nd lock and jumping out the window, they knocked the doors on the moment, it was very difficult to quickly adapt and not miss the mark. I changed my tactics a bit, maybe someone will help: how we get into the hut on the way through the canyon, they instantly rush around the house, close the first lock, and jump back out onto the street from where they jumped and watch them from around the corner of the house if they are a little go into the distance, jump back, close the 2nd latch, and look out for them through the window on the way to the exit. Most importantly, they should not notice us, and see that the "Cupid does not have an arrow stretched", otherwise - a vanshot! Escape from the heretics: there were no problems at all, after the jump it was generally on foot, the rest sat in front of the elevator in the attic beams, and just watched. It's easier to work out the tactics in a nightmare and everything will be Coca-Cola))) Val: there were also no problems, the only caveat is when the last chase, when you crawl into the caves - remove the camera, otherwise Blake is dumb and sits on the spot, maybe because of this, grab for ... opu))) Exactly the same system as and with heretics - a dress rehearsal in a nightmare))) Why am I writing all this, to the fact that there are bugs, there may be, random, perhaps, a patch, the last, good luck, welcome, different behavior of the mob is!))) The game is extremely complicated, all factors are against you!) I wish you Good luck to the Lord, it took me 5 days to this madness!)
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