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  2. I am thanking you again for confirming the information people gave me.
  3. KZ2 AC Brotherhood Crysis 2 COD classic Gwent Dark Souls 2 Does are the one that come to mind atm🤔
  4. 0- 5800- Knee Deep 1- 9581- Jigsaw Zen 2- 3- 9323- Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 4- 5- 8765- Ace Attorney Trilogy 6- 9456- Wordsweeper by POWGI 7- 5447- Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 8- 7678- Detroit Become Human 9- 319- Shrek Forever After Well, I'm done. Came so close to finishing AC2 for #2 but I won't be able to finish all the collectibles by the end of today so I'm not going to push it. If I started Danganronpa earlier I probably could've finished that one too for #4 but nonetheless I am very pleased with how I did. My goal was to hit 6/10 and I managed 8/10. I do really like the idea of this event and I want to thank everyone involved in making it happen. I probably won't do another one like it because I felt like I didn't have enough games for each number and I can't stop myself from buying games that fit rather than pick from my backlog.
  5. Didn’t realise I was so close when I went to bed, I had maybe 10-20 kills left. 



    Terrible, terrible screenshot. Good luck @KANERKB



  6. So guys, with the release of Maddening Mode on FE Three Houses, I am asking if I should attempt Maddening Mode through New Game Plus just to make it somewhat easier.
  7. Did not expect to see this game pop up. Expectations arent to high for it. We shall see!!
  8. Sooo...on a Run i can not use her and She Will Stay Alive and on another Run i can use her to not consume flasks.
  9. When Smackdown goes to Fox and they have the draft does that mean they're re-instating the brand split or are they under the impression it still exists and they're just gonna keep on keepin' on? I'm also REALLY hoping they strap Sasha tonight (the match is starting as of this message). Becky fever has died down a bit and putting the belt on Sasha helps her and Bayley simultaneously. Becky had a great run but the Bayley turn + Sasha re-turn needs a title on both to truly work.
  10. Official done trying to get the SO3 plat. It's crashed on me 3 times around the same area 3 times in a row. I really enjoyed the PS2 version and wanted to plat, but it's way too buggy.

  11. I never really got around to posting my last completion, but I did finish my last game (Minecraft Story Mode) that I needed for the number 1. Thanks for setting up this challenge, it helped me finish off some games I had wandered away from.
  12. Let's see... One per series? I focus on plat only and no 100%. I think I name these: Red Dead Redemption 2 Not hard but super time consuming, still I loved almost everything of that time, except grinding the 70 gold medals in the main story Payday 2 Was kinda hard, since one trophy was luck based which took around 25 hours just for this one, also time consuming Guacamelee Really had trouble with getting the orcs, especially the one on top of that tree - yikes! FIFA 16 Winning the FUT-draft online... had to boost it with creating a complex system with several players and several accounts... same with FIFA 17 - yikes! Resident Evil 5 Never liked the game and some things like the treasures really sucked Plants VS. Zombies Garden Warfare Time consuming and luck based Medal of Honor Fucking multiplayer... Spawning and dying... Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Really took a long time, thank got I had a helpful friend back then
  13. I totally agree with everything. And yeah, a pretty vague and useless comment from him. Didn't elaborate anything, and only tried the game for a few hours. The whole dynamic online is completely changed as well. Before the DLC you would see griefers everywhere, because people were bored. Now everything is more peaceful as people are trading, treasure hunting and bounty hunting. It's amazing and such a brilliant masterpiece of a game.
  14. Yes it is missable, there is another missable bead as well, Frozen Olive which is given by Gemino, the man stuck in the tree.
  15. Yes, 3 trophies are affected by this, one is Last Breath, which needs you to use her 3 or 4 times then she will die. The others are 100% and all prayers which you need her alive til the end. She does not cancel the 'do not use flasks against boss' trophy if that is your worry.
  16. Feeling pretty good about completing this event. These are the games I used: 0 - (6490) Burly Men At Sea 1 - (2481) inFamous Second Son 2 - (5912) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories 3 - (2823) inFamous First Light 4 - (2314) Doki-Doki Universe 5 - (3765) Goat Simulator 6 - (1806) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 7 - (6077) What Remains of Edith Finch 8 - (2628) Murdered: Soul Suspect 9 - (159) Guitar Hero 5 This was a great event. Thank you, @eigen-space for organizing this event.
  17. Operation7 Revolution - Was asked to boost this so I accepted to do so. Could've sunk my time into something else that's enjoyable. Don't have the plat but Friday the 13th would be for the same exact reason as Op7 if I ever feel like going back.
  18. Win? Yes. Blowout? No. But is a score of 27-9 really a blowout? When the score was fairly close for much of the game? The two games I would call a blowout were New England over Miami 43-0 and San Francisco over Cincy 41-17. Those games were over EARLY.
  19. I did it at the Just Cause 3 XL game. But he still didn't work. It was the same region. And my account was primary. Can someone who owns this game confirm it? I don't want to buy in vain.
  20. So you got your plat Congratz!
  21. I picked the Rams to win, but I thought there would be more points on the board for both teams. But with the injury to Brees it wasn't really the game it should have been.
  22. Not really. There were some games that were no fun in completing them on 100% but instead of feeling bad I rather feel proud in having them done. I could name quite a few games that fall under this conditions.
  23. It honestly would have been a different game if Brees was there but the moment he went down the team went with him. Rams were already in their head from that point on and that blown call most certainly killed any morale they had left
  24. Ah i see, I've always had far more golden keys then i could ever use in previous borderlands games so I've never had to go searching. I guess the good news is it won't be patched though haha. In any case, I've updated the post with an infinite money exploit. I know this one hasn't been done in previous games 😜
  25. Season 2: Episode 2 - "Road to Gal*Godhood: Volume 1" Weekly Update #30 (September 9-15) Intro: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test, featuring another weekly dose of Despair with your usual hosts @cr1s, aka Ultimate Hope, and @Monokuma, aka Ultimate Despair! Man, I can't wait to get down to business, as we have another juicy episode for you all here today! Just so you all know, I was obviously the one who gave @cr1s his "Ultimate Hope" title. But let me tell you something, he sure as hell doesn't deserve it! I only did it because he's my only arch-nemesis and I had to give this title to someone, so don't think he's going to start beating me left and right! In fact, his first defeat shall occur when I'll break his Seasonal Face-Off win streak later this year! *upupu* Is that the true reason, @Monokuma? Or perhaps you actually see how much potential I have to put a stop to your plans and actions once and for all? If I don't deserve it now, I definitely will once I secure The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Defeat in the History of @Monokuma! How dare you make fun of my beloved event's title like that? ;-; Just you wait, for I will crush your spirit with my Despairful Shenanigans! Bring it on, @Monokuma! The epic battle between Hope and Despair rages on as we get closer and closer to Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge, which is due to start next week! Indeed, Fall is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: another opportunity for @Monokuma to set his Despairful Plans in motion. Stay tuned for @Monokuma's official announcement of the event next week, followed by its start shortly afterwards, right here on Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test! Oh, you bet it's time for my revenge! This has been a long time in the making, and the stage is almost set! *upupu* And now, let's check out a breakdown of today's episode: Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Volume Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 1 Plans For Next Week Outro Oooh, "Peek-A-Ton"? And what exactly are we peeking at? Oh, you'll see. We all know it's something you're gonna be sweating a lot to. But first, let's have some Ultimate Chats with our Ultimate Guests for this episode: @Honor_Hand and @Sora9427! Ultimate Chats: Let's all welcome @Honor_Hand first! Oooh, my favorite test subject Ultimate Guest is here! I'll let you know that the episodic format was actually my idea. I'm sure you're wondering what's up with that, and I'll be glad to explain. Have you ever experienced that agonizing wait between each episode when you watch an airing show? Or are you maybe one of those people who wait until said show is over before binge-watching it? It doesn't matter anyway, because in our case, both ways lead to Despair, and that's exactly what I wanted to achieve here! The former for obvious reasons, and the latter because this season of the show is set to last for ages! *upupu* Wait a minute... "ages"? Have you forgotten something? You're a bear, right? You're going to have to hibernate eventually, right? RIGHT? I mean, isn't that the true cause for our long hiatus? What are you talking about? Of course it wasn't. You're the one who implied it was Monomi's fault, remember? That's only because I wanted her gone. Yes, she was really starting to get on my nerves with her LOVE! LOVE!, A-wa-wa!, Tee hee hee, and EEEEEK. Scratch that, her entire existence was aggravating! She didn't deserve to be called Ultimate Hope either! That was the only way to make her go and take her title! Two benefits with one punishment... I couldn't pass up such a golden opportunity. My, my... what a sudden and shocking revelation we have here! It's bound to fill all of our viewers with Despair! *upupu intensifies* And to answer your hibernation question: nice try, wise guy. I'm well aware of my ursine functions, you know? I did my damnedest to turn my hibernation function off, and let me tell you, that wasn't easy at all. It went against my wishes because doing so also meant that I wouldn't be able to even doze off anymore. ;-; But even I have to make concessions occasionally, and if it means having this season go on forever, so be it. That's worth 999x more than any bearnap, after all! Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! @Monokuma having a taste of his own medicine is a sight worth seeing, that's for sure. I know, right? Who would've thought @cr1s would use such a word? Well said, @Honor_Hand! That's what we both live for, after all. *upupu* For all I know, @Honor_Hand might've become @Monokuma's advisor. That GIF applies to other games too. Unfortunately for you, Ripley can't just come to your aid. That's something you're going to overcome on your own. And thank you for being such a loyal viewer of our show! Tune in to Despair, cave in to Despair... that's our motto! *upupu* That's a great summary of the time I had with Senran Kagura right there. That marathon in the series was particularly nice because I had one main game followed by a spin-off, then another main game. It's always nice to "spice things up", if you know what I mean. True that. I can tell you that there are actually 999 "thatssssssssss- screw that, I sure as hell won't type it 999 times! I don't have enough space for all that "s" in the first place! You know, that's a great idea! It's time for a well-deserved drink. That moment when @Monokuma eats and drinks something and you can't have any of it. ;-; Also, I can't help but wonder whether that's wine or blood. Of course you can't. That's a perk only the Ultimate Despair gets to have! And what kind of question is that? That's clearly wine! I'm not a vampire, you know? You know, that just gave me an idea. From this moment, every platinum @cr1s gets will have a Despair Score underneath the two other scores! It'll be a combination of them, which I'll give based on @cr1s' experience with the game! Oh, this is gonna be so much fun. *upupu* I see. I haven't played that game (or most of the older titles in the series for that matter 😅), but it sounds like you enjoyed those. x3 Oh, okay. I actually didn't notice a flamenco track in the game. 😅 What the hell indeed. Do you really want @Monokuma to know- Oooh, I see @Honor_Hand has language barriers to overcome too! This is gonna be a lot more fun now. *upupupupu* Oh, boy. What is @Monokuma planning for you now, I wonder? I guess not, but I'm sure you'll have your TV soon enough. Let me know how the original Gal*Gun goes! I see it's available on the JP PlayStation Store and there's a guide for it on, but I don't see the trophy list on PSNP (it doesn't come up under "Gal Gun", at least), and it doesn't seem to count as part of the Gal*Gun series over here. But yeah, I might get it sometime since it's available digitally. You know how it is with imports over here. >_> Indeed, HD plot needs a UHD TV. xx3 Thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm sure that's music to @Monokuma's ears. Laugh all you want, you two. You'll see just how despairful language barriers can really be soon enough. *upupu* And you're right, that title needs exactly 5 exclamation marks. Not more, not less! You mean like this? The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of Mankind!!!!! On second thought, it does look better. But it doesn't matter anyway, because all the exclamation marks in the world wouldn't be enough to accentuate the amount of Despair that event has to offer! *upupupupu* Thanks! Shh, don't- Oooh, that's another great idea! @Honor_Hand, I hereby bestow upon you the title of "Ultimate Advisor". You've truly earned it after all these ideas. I look forward to all the Despairful Advice you'll have to offer! What have you done, @Honor_Hand? ;-; Not just to me, but to yourself as well. Could it be that you actually enjoy it? See, @cr1s? That's what happens eventually. There's no other way but to cave in to Despair. Resistance is futile and will only make things worse for you in the long-term. *upupu* Ha, not even in your dreams! Thank you for tuning in and stopping by again, @Honor_Hand! See you around! \^w^/ See you, @Honor_Hand! :3 And now, let's welcome a new Ultimate Guest: @Sora9427! He stopped by to give us some feedback on our show, so let's see what he has to say! Oooh, I see he's from Italy. That's just further proof that our show is seen in every corner of the planet! I'm pretty sure aliens in outer space are tuning in to our show as well! No matter who and where you are, Despair will find you eventually! Thank you so much for the feedback! Fun fact that maybe no one knows yet: my checklist was originally supposed to have a sci-fi theme, but that didn't work out well, so I quickly dropped that idea. I started looking for another theme, and my love for Danganronpa and the shenanigans @Monokuma and co. are known to pull meant that this would be the perfect theme for my rebranded checklist. I know you've yet to play Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, but once you do, I'm sure you'll find my checklist's title very similar to a certain something in there. That's how I came up with the title for my checklist. :3 The whole rebranding was sort of a risky move because I didn't know how well it'd fare, but thanks to @OhDearGodRun's lively banners and the positive feedback I've received from many people, I know it was the right one. It's certainly something I've enjoyed doing over time, and I hope to be able to continue doing that for as long as I can. =D As for how many trophies I have... well, that's the result of having a lot of free time on my hands with barely anything interesting to do IRL outside of work and not many other activities/hobbies to partake in. Likewise! Thank you for stopping by! ^o^ @Monokuma thanks you too! Our Ultimate Guests are the best! Indeed they are. :3 Thank you both for another fun and lively Ultimate Chat today. It's time to check out the progress update for this past week! Progress Update: Overview: You know what they say: "when one marathon ends, another one starts." And that's indeed what happened this past week. Going from Rip-A-Ton to Peek-A-Ton, these marathons are sure to keep the plot coming a ton. Let's check out what games were played this week! I gotta admit, while all that plot is great and all, it can be overwhelming at times. I couldn't help but take a break from its sheer volume, so I decide to take on a lot of stealth missions for a change: Feeling refreshed, I prepare my body as I decide to embark on a double peace adventure. Objective? Become a Gal*God. And now, let's go into details... including the smallest ones! Weekly Progress: Volume: #421 - Volume (HK Vita) The Platinum Arrow Gain all trophies in Volume 10th September 2019 • Platinum in 18 hours, 40 minutes Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Despair: 404/10 Volume is an indie top-down stealth puzzler developed by Mike Bithell - who is also known for making Thomas Was Alone - in which you play as a thief in a story that features a modern take on the Robin Hood legend. Most of it is told through character dialogue and texts that you can collect while playing the game, although there are a couple of cutscenes as well. I won't go into the story's details, but I'll say that I liked and enjoyed what they did with it. It's made even better thanks to the funny and appropriate humor, as well as the great voice acting. I gotta admit, I like the British accent most of the time. It can be suitable for narrating or voicing a character, and that's definitely the case for this game. The game is said to be inspired by the Metal Gear Solid series, although I can't draw any comparisons as I haven't played any game in that series. You go on a set of 100 missions of generally increasing difficulty and varying length. Your objective is to collect a bunch of gems scattered around each level in order to unlock the exit to the next level, all while evading enemies with the help of the environment and different gadgets. This is a pure stealth game, meaning that there's no way to kill your enemies. The only way to complete each level is to distract and/or avoid them; you can, however, stun them with two useful gadgets called "Blackjack" and "Folly" that appear in some of the later levels. While you can get spotted, you will only have a limited amount of time to escape your pursuer(s) before they kill you, and these sections of the game are made more intense by an orchestral soundtrack that stresses this sense of urgency. There are many enemies in the game: Pawns, who are the normal enemies you'll see the most and are specialized in short-range combat; Archers, who have a long range of vision, but are very slow to fire; Rogues, who have a short 360-degree range; Knight, who have a large range of vision and come charging at you once they spot you; Automated Turrets; and Guard Dogs, who can't kill you themselves but can alert nearby guards once they spot you. Along the many gadgets, you have the two aforementioned gadgets that stun enemies, one gadget that attracts enemies' attention to it, a couple of others that make a sound wherever you throw them, one that allows you to become invisible, one that allows you to wear an enemy disguise, and one that allows you to project a hologram in a specific direction. All of these gadgets last for a little while and have a short cooldown period, both of which depend on the gadget itself. You can also use the environment to do various things, like distract the enemy by flushing a toilet, and hiding in a locker or floorboard. Many levels also feature an alarm that enemies only activate once they spot and then lose you. This can be useful because it can bring all or most of the enemies to that area and allow you to sneak past them with relative ease. You can, however, disable these alarms if you wish. All in all, the gameplay is gratifying despite its simplicity. It's a lot of fun, and the enemy A.I. is both predictable and exploitable, making for more of an easy game. The game can be made even easier by turning on checkpoints at all times, which makes collecting gems and getting through many sections a lot simpler. The gameplay is complemented by a unique art style, interesting level design, and varied environments, making for a memorable experience all in all... and a short one as well, because each level only lasts from 1 to 3 minutes at most, so you can complete the game within several hours (since you will most likely have to retry many sections as you adapt to the game and learn the enemy's patterns). It's quite easy to fool the enemies in this game. The platinum trophy is very easy and straightforward. The majority of the time is spent going through all 100 levels while making sure to collect every text for the collectible-related trophies. Speaking of which, the HK Vita version has some levels that seem to be messed up in that no matter how much you try, you can't seem to be able to read one or many texts in said levels. However, these still count as being read for the collectible trophies, so it's all good. Depending on how you played the game, you might have a few trophies left to clean up by the time you're done with the game, such as using a few gadgets, hiding in 50 lockers, and using a customized character (which is only available when you beat the game) - but those should only take about 30 minutes to finish. This is my final stack of the game, as I've now completed all 4 stacks it has to offer. All in all, this is an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable stealth game that is made better by its simplicity and charm. Highly recommended to fans of stealth and/or indie games who don't mind the top-down perspective. Even if you're not good at stealth games, I don't believe you'd have any real trouble with this game. Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 1: Here we go! My body is prepared! :9 And so begins my Gal*Gun marathon! As previously mentioned, it consists of the following games played back-to-back: Gal*Gun: Double Peace (EU) Gal*Gun 2 (EU) You might be wondering- Wait, where's the JP-only Gal*Gun and Gal*Gunvolt Burst? What kind of half-assed marathon is this? I was getting to that... First of all, a marathon doesn't need have all of the games in a certain series. I did say "two or more games", not "all the available, as-yet-unplayed games". Now, as for why these two games didn't make it into this marathon, the two main reasons for those are: I don't have them yet and didn't feel like getting them right now, I didn't want to make this marathon any longer, since Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge is due to start very soon, and I wanted to try to finish on time. I wouldn't want to give you an advantage by playing games that can't even make it to the list of games for that event, after all! If only there were a rule that said "you must go through all the available, as-yet-unplayed games in a series"... ;-; Too bad that's never gonna happen. Back to my marathon, the first game is Gal*Gun: Double Peace (EU). Let's talk about my thoughts on the game and progress with the trophies so far. :3 "You naughty, naughty boy." Gal*Gun Double Peace is a bishoujo game- Hold on a minute! What's "bishoujo" even supposed to mean? Will you stop interrupting me? I was gonna get to that! >_> According to Wikipedia, a bishoujo game is "a type of Japanese video game centered on interactions with attractive girls". And that's definitely what the Gal*Gun series is about. Double Peace takes place in a fictional Japanese academy, and there's a total of 72 girls in the game that are divided between First Year, Second Year, Third Year, and Teachers. Do you really interact with all these girls? :9 Yup. It's all part of the story. And since I've mentioned that, let's talk about it a bit. Half the game is actually a choice-based Visual Novel, which means that there are many branching routes for you to choose from. The premise is quite simple: a derpy cupid angel (pictured in the GIF above) is taking her "cupid exam" in which she needs to hit a certain student with a love arrow, and her designated target is you, the protagonist. On the other hand, a demon angel also has her sights set on you. Derpy Cupid Angel notices that, goes "oh noes!", and accidentally increases the dose of the arrow as she rushes to hit you with her love arrow first. The dose is so increased that it makes every single girl in the academy fall in love with you and run after you in a bid to claim you as her partner. Nope. Are you saying there are 72 routes in the game? O_O Hold your bears there, @Monokuma. Of course they wouldn't make a route for each girl in the academy. There are actually 8 (True) Endings and many Bad Endings in the game, thus making for far less routes. Each route is based on a certain character (read: love interest) in the game. These characters include the aforementioned Derpy Cupid Angel and Demon Angel, two sisters who happen to be the protagonist's childhood friends (), a lead guitarist/vocalist for a band called LOVEHEARTS who also runs the Academy Store, and one or two other characters that I haven't encountered yet. In order to get a True Ending, you must raise the respective girl's affection by selecting the right choices whenever they come up and doing very well in her minigames. That's the basic story right there. I see. And what's the other half of the game? Right, let's talk about the gameplay. Double Peace is a rail shooter, meaning that you have no control over the camera as it takes you through each level, leaving you to control the cursor with and shoot with . Your objective in each level is simple enough: prevent each girl from confessing her love to you, as that will decrease your HP. You do that by shooting them with pheromone shots, which are given to you by Derpy Cupid Angel at the very beginning of the game. This will give them euphoria and subdue them in the process. Occasionally, you can also enter Doki-Doki Mode on a certain girl, which is a minigame that requires you to touch or rub the girl in her preferred area(s) until she "explodes", thus subduing herself as well as every other girl who has spawned in your area. As you might imagine, it can be useful indeed. I've personally learned to use it if there are several girls in the area you're in, or if a girl is about to hit you. You can get a maximum of 3 uses for it (which replenish as you shoot girls), but only 1 use at a time is enough, since only a single girl is required to "explode" for the others to follow suit too. That's pretty much how each level goes. The game is divided into chapters, with most of them having 2 episodes (the rest only 1), and each episode featuring one or two stages, depending on if there's a boss battle or not. Most routes have 2 boss battles: ("Demon Veggie" or "Demon Balloon" - depending on the route) and (corresponding love interest). These aren't hard as they're quite short and have predictable patterns most of the time. Someone knows each girl's weak point very well. ;3 That sounds like a lot of fun for sure. :9 I've noticed there's a PS4 and Vita version. Which one are you playing? As with almost anything, if a certain trophy list is shared between Vita and PS4, I'll go for the Vita version. The only exceptions are if there are severe technical issues (e.g. Lumo) or a trophy happens to be glitched on the Vita version. Those are extremely rare cases, though. Unfortunately, the Vita version of Double Peace has a few technical issues. It suffers from rather random frame rate drops throughout the game, has long loading times to the point where it can take up to a minute for the game to load a level, and worse graphics. Those are some of the potential perks of playing the Vita version of a game, and I'll still overlook them as long as they're not way too severe. Vita is love, Vita is life. How's the trophy list for this game, and what have you done so far? The trophy list for this game is fairly varied. So far, I've done the following: 5/8 (True) Endings 6/6 "Perfect" Scores in minigames: For those reason, I messed up quite a bit in those and even a lot in one of them, yet still got the "Perfect" scores. I'm starting to think that the only not to get a "Perfect" score on any of these is not to do anything during the entirety of the minigame. 6/8 "Perfect" Scores in boss fights: Those are quite easy once you upgrade your damage to the maximum. Basically, each episode and boss fight is scored according to 3 criteria: Time, Damage, and Accuracy. In order to get a "Perfect" score in a boss fight, you must get 5/5 stars in each of those categories. Any less and you'll have to restart the entire episode before you can try again, since you can't just save before the boss fight. 12/12 Miscellaneous Trophies: These involve doing simple tasks for the most part that range from viewing your ending to making 50 girls experience "Double Peace", which is the sign each girl does when she experiences euphoria in Doki-Doki Mode. My favorite trophy out of these has to be "Pilferer of Panties" for stealing all panties in a certain level. x3 0/2 Collectible Trophies: These require you to complete the image gallery and the profile of every single girl in the academy. The former has you picking a lot of different choices in all the routes, while the latter needs you to fill out different requirements related to each girl. Reach Gal*Godhood: The hardest trophy in the game requires you to reach 1,000,000 Mote Points by the end of a single playthrough. Out of the 5 playthroughs I did so far, here were my end results: First playthrough: ~700,000 MP. Second playthrough: ~750,000 MP. Third playthrough: ~780,000 MP. Fourth playthrough: ~800,000 MP. Fifth playthrough: ~850,000 MP. As you can see, I'm slowly improving on that trophy. The third route is generally regarded as the best one for this trophy, so I'm going to go for it when I'm done with everything else. I've discovered the following tips that make the game a lot easier: Basically, you have to finish each level without missing a single euphoria shot or losing your combo otherwise by taking damage, except maybe once at the beginning/end of a level. Quick Bonuses don't seem to matter as much as actually maintaining your combo. Play on Expert difficulty, as the only difference is the amount of damage you take, and given how you must avoid taking any damage, this wouldn't make things harder and would give you an extra 20,000 MP at the end of the game. Zooming in with the right trigger allows you to avoid taking damage from girls that shout at you from far away at least 90% of the time. This really makes things easier and more manageable. Leave Doki-Doki Mode for when there are several girls in your area or one of them is about to hit you, and only use it once every time. And that's pretty much what I have to say regarding my Gal*Gun marathon so far. Plans For Next Week: My plans for next week are fairly obvious: Finish Gal*Gun Double Peace by doing all the remaining tasks: This is scheduled to take me a few more days as I finish the remaining endings and trophies associated with them, as well as fill out every girl's profile. Start Gal*Gun 2 immediately afterwards: I've heard the second game has an easier and less-time consuming platinum, so that one shouldn't take as much time. Outro: Well, that's it for this episode of our show. Tune in next week as we bring you yet another juicy episode while Despair inches ever closer. See you all next Sunday! ^o^ I can't wait for my special announcement! =D Until next time... have a Despairful Week, everyone! *upupupupu*
  26. If you're missing a pile of tokens, complete the three DLC packs. That should give you enough challenge and base tokens to fill your needs. Anything else can be earned on NG+.
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