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  2. Platinum #234 ~ Erica (PS4)

  3. The Arkham games are one of my favourite series ever. City was really enjoyable and to me knight was the best of them all and a perfect conclusion to the series imo. Sure people hated the batmobile but I personally loved it and batman finally felt complete. As for Yakuza, I'll be there friend in case you have any questions about some of the minigames or any outlandish screenshots you'll send me way :p. Looking forward to that!
  4. This may be the wrong place to ask, but why do so many people dislike Infinite? I really enjoyed it, much more than 2 in fact. I am excited about a new world and a new Bioshock game.
  5. @HusKy glad to see you took some time away to focus on your own enjoyment. That said, glad to see you back on the horse. With every update, you add good stuff. I just want to help keep your backlog populated with ideas to consider, so here’s another that I think may be beneficial to folks: A simple text field on the right column of the page, along with other game info like release dates/publishers/etc, that says something like, “This game was offered through PS+ on <date>” for all games that have been offered through the instant game collection. I know this would either require real time scraping or another site or static inclusion in the source code, neither ideal, but it’s something to consider. A complete list is here: Thank you, as always, for your consideration.
  6. Thronebreaker... I completed 3 times and one trophy for picking up (all notes I believe) just wouldn’t pop, so gave up. Really frustrating!
  7. Just started this really. Killed Argus but the first light trophy didnt pop. Is it buggy? Or are there any requirements for difficulty? i did on easy but now I can’t replay the first level. Is there a way to go back and replay the boss again at all? thanks for any help
  8. @MMDE @Squirlruler @B1rvine Any ideas on flag reason guys?
  9. Those who report this to get fixed asap are definitely elitist gatekeepers. They don''t feel good when others can get the trophy easier than them. I cant think of any other reason because if they already have the infallible, this shouldn't even affect them other than rarities. If it is me, i'd like as many ppl as possible to get the trophy. This is a trophy hunting site everyone here loves trophies. If it means there is another easier way to get hard trophy then that definitely is a good thing. More ppl are getting the trophy = more ppl are having a great day.
  10. As for this work around, I just won 4 in a row, went to go onto the fifth, did no good so I restarted it midway, won the very next race and no trophy.
  11. 3rd day no legendary pattern in sight.
  12. That makes no sense. I agree it's tough but they shouldn't patch it? If you're unlocking a trophy in a way that's not intend, then it's a exploit. Therefore it should be patched.
  13. Congratulations and well done! I haven't started my attempt at this yet but I was wondering how do you reset the timer? Like if you feel that you wasted to much time and want to start over.
  14. For some, it's not about the individual. One of the main reasons for some reason to hunt challenging trophies is for a more general recognition. It's nice for them to earn trophies that are impressive in a regard. And that's fair. So I understand that when you make a challenging trophy incredibly easy through an exploit, that you take that away from these people.
  15. A few games at most😀 It seems we have similar taste in games🙂 Max Payne 3
  16. the hate boner you have for this game is hilarious. seriously, i think 10% of your entire post count is shitting on this game. its like one of the devs kicked your dog or something. lol
  17. Whilst this isn't an absolute confirmation, I've done some digging and Serialstation seems to indicate this is the JP version 🤔.
  18. Checking some different strategies from Steam, I was able eventually to beat all difficulties. But the trophies are bugged, none popped :-( The scensario has also some bugs: sometimes DNA points suddenly go to -26.000 or crazy numbers like those, sometime the deceived and informed freezes and nothing else happens... Let's hope they fix it, because I think it could be a great scenario due all the differences it has with the others, and based on a VERY interesting subject...
  19. Currently at level 23 in fall guys, and this morning I have finally gotten my first show win. I am above average at gaming and will admit there is fair amount of skill needed at performing well in this game. However seeing as how I have invested 20+ hours already and only earned one victory, I can say confidently there is plenty of variables as others have already stated. Infallible is a difficult trophy to earn. The devs, knowing full well how difficult, taunted players about the difficulty of said trophy before game was even released. I like a challenge as much as the next guy but I personally feel this trophy is currently out of my reach. That said, being unable to earn Infallible is not stopping me from playing this game. There are trophies still needed I can work on and hopefully in the future I will luck out. This glitch everyone is discovering and using (I would use exploiting but that sounds too harsh, and honestly if I could, I would too) is irrelevant for someone like me who lucked out even getting 1 win. To those who earned it legit or otherwise, congrads. To those trying, hang in there and don't lose your cool. I am looking forward to future updates and I am certain the devs will take our feedback into consideration.
  20. Both sides are honestly making me laugh. Grrr trophy getting fixed to work as intended waaaa I'm an entitled man child. Then you get the people going around like im glad its getting fixed because this or that... Yet you would of used this if you knew and have likely exploited games yourselves ( Boosting, Glitches ect ) I don't care wtf happens with the trophy personally and if someone used the exploit who cares? Same goes for those who earned it legit... Who cares? You as a person know how you obtained it and if for some reason someone asks you about it, you can either lie or tell em the truth.
  21. I'm pretty sure when I got it, I made sure every single character in the game was not a poop or fruit etc and then made them all gold. I don't think I even saw a gingerbread guy. Looking at this screenshot the gingerbread guy is the nose character. So I kinda think you don't need the gingerbread guy to get gold at all since it is just like a poop or a fruit. I guess you are either missing some of the hidden character like nobynoby boy or the prince or making sure you have done all the balloon, bowling pin sub quests. I got this gold trophy in the after game so I don't think it's possible to lose a character forever anywhere, well I don't think so anyway. If I recall you can make medium and big poos which actually makes several characters all into one big poop, you sure you don't accidentally have any characters stuck inside one another? I also made sure everyone had their correct hats on (since it is possible for random character to wear each other's hats etc.)
  22. You made it in the end, that‘s what matters Surgeon Simulator is less stressful btw
  23. From a technical stance, this game is a gift that keeps on giving. Joke's on Mediatonic, bragging on social media to have an impossible trophy, and then said trophy can be unlocked by means not intended thanks to the technical flaws this game has.
  24. eh... why wouldn' it? There was no patch so far.
  25. Hmm, well i didnt know this. But even so just saying that the trophy would be almost impossible still doesnt mean they were trolling the trophy hunting comunity. This still works and probably wont be patched on the upcoming update. Maybe on the next one so go for it now you have the chance.
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