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  2. What bad reviews though? It received 8s and 9s everywhere.
  3. Same! I still reckon an 'easier' way will be available at some point. Enjoying the game as it is atm however
  4. It's more getting to the final round, getting there 5 times in a row is not easy with all the RNG and luck sometimes.
  5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  6. LOL Kay. It depends on the scenario. For example Burnout Paradise requires you to have the whole lobby to be in the stadium. Did I technically boost it yes? Why, because it's a team effort trophy that require 16 people to work together to do. Arguably it's designed to be done that way and not earned randomly. If a game has zero players on it, I ask someone to help me get it because there is no way I can possibly do it. Recent example would be XCOM2 with lack of players online and you need to have the exact same DLC to matchmake with someone so you never get anyone. Therefore, I need to ask someone to help me online. How is "grinding kills" cheating? What are you referring to anyways? BO3 campaign grinding kills? Yes I grinded kills. If you'er talking about boosting online then no. I play the game normally since it always has players. My point is that people are taking the easy route for sake of it, rather than because there is no other choice. Where is the hypocrisy?
  7. Considering most of my wins in the finales come at the last second, I can't imagine this being useful unless your about to lose something leading up to the finale.
  8. Yes, do u know how todo it?
  9. I can pull names from here that I know cheese trophies but are quickly trying to get this fixed.
  10. Does ps4 share with vita for big dipper. I already contacted them ages ago no response
  11. I have a DLC question, regarding Fall Guys specifically.


    So Mrs. Bee and I own two PS4s.  Only I have a PS plus account (since it seemed dumb for both of us to have to pay for it).  So the system she uses is set up as my main system, so that she can still play online when she signs into her account.  Then my system is a secondary system so I have to be signed in as me in order to play online.


    Now the question, if I were to buy the costume pack on my account for Fall Guys, would she be able to use the costumes on her account?

  12. Dante being DLC is a bit of a bummer, but it's expected. Atlus needs to recover the licensing cost for the character in some way. And it's not like as if it's content that was cut out from the base game, as the remaster is only for the version with Raidou in it, instead of Dante.
  13. This. Thank you. The only thing I always regret is an easier way becomes available, is the time I wasted doing it the normal way (Looking at you SFV Survival on Hell difficulty). Why go out of your way to look down on others because of the way the trophy was achieved? Be proud of your own achievements, it will far outweigh the satisfaction you'll get measuring yourself with others. I'm also convinced no one is complaining about OOB glitches in Wolfenstein II, so thanks for exposing yourselves to be hypocrites.
  14. Your luck is that you got the trophy in the first place mate
  15. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag love that game so much, haven’t brought myself to do the multiplayer yet
  16. Didn't work for me either. I had 4 wins in a row. Had a team game I was getting destroyed on. Left and won the next one and I got nothing.
  17. For a game that doesn't have any solo racing mode or map filtering it is fair to me. There will be still luck and dedication needed. In fact, in games like tail tag or jinxed any shit could happen anytime. Imma right quit the game if I ever face them from now on.
  18. Harman Smith from Killer7 Albert Wesker from RE Jacob Deke Decourt from Fear Effect
  19. Yep I meant episodes I even got the 7 episode win on what should have been the 5th in a row, I might have just been unlucky.
  20. Are you winning rounds or entire episodes? That might be your problem.
  21. Damn, amazing find. I have *FIVE* wins total lol. Hopefully I can bang this out tonight but this information is massive. I'll have to try this.
  22. Thread title, basically. The Turkish store has the DLC listed for twice as little as it is on the Dutch store. As such, I'd love to just buy it from Turkey but I want to make sure that, if I do so, I can use the DLC with my main account. Anyone know? Anyone tried it for F1 Race Stars previously? Turkish and Dutch/UK game discs are the same region btw.
  23. I think most people's disappointment with Infinite stem from the dumbed down combat and the lack of immersive-sim elements. I for one, loved Infinite, and that's mostly due to the fantastic setting and well acted characters. But it's hard to ignore the fact that it doesn't feel or play like a Bioshock game. I also agree that it's much better than 2, and I feel Infinite is closer to 2 than 2 is to 1, in terms of gameplay.
  24. You have to win 5 episodes and not 5 races. Or did i miss something?
  25. Statistics page keeps coming up as access denied.
  26. Only if you're lucky enough.I lost all my streaks because team rounds,thanks to this exploit you can avoid the luck factor. To be clear,I'm not trying to defend myself,I've got the trophy almost legit,I left only once at the beginning of a royal fumble(I even was the one with the tail),I just think that this trophy is stupid and deserve to be exploited.
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