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  2. Madden NFL 18 - 2.89% rarity 7 hours and 9 minutes. Fastest achiever by over 17 hours.
  3. Mine is “The Last of Us”. The platinum is now at 4,62% and it took me 2 weeks, 5 hours and 31 minutes to achieve.
  4. 1st Place: Steep 2 Days, 6 hours, 56 minutes 3.74% 2nd Place: Fallout 76 1 Month, 6 Days, 20 Hours 4.60%
  5. Mine was Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition - 1 week 5hrs
  6. So the trophy set remains the same as the PS3 vers's. Ryu5 has without doubt the most time consuming platinum among all the Ryu titles. It cost me 146 hours to get PS3 vers's platinum.😂😂
  7. Mural Mender isn't a .
  8. 14 hours, 47 minutes, 53 seconds, with rarity currently sitting at 3.53%.
  9. 15 hours, 37 minutes, 57 seconds probably would have been even faster if I hadn’t started the game at 9:30 at night
  10. I also bought Season Pass with all 1-8 episodes included but can only download 1-6, for 7 and 8 it says not available for purchase, but above that it is written FREE - with no option to download. Can someone advise if episodes 7 and 8 can be accessed from the in-game menu, if there is any? Obviously I did not started the game yet hence my question.
  11. You say you've built a VERY high end PC, but there are plenty of PC exclusives - or even classics that aren't on PS4 you could play. It shouldn't matter that they won't push your computer to the limit. Wasteland 2 (3 is nearly here) is a good turn based RPG. Its on PS4 but that port sucks.
  12. Mural Mender from Elder Scrolls Online, haven't payed attention on the time tho..
  13. Another thing. Today, some of you are running behind with your incessant "Night/Morning" statuses, or have completely failed to post them. Get your shit together and stick to the schedule that's been posted, or I will start calling people out by name. Come on people, I'm just one man!

    1. EIephantsOnAcid


      I bet you're fun at parties

  14. The Forest. 3 weeks, 6 days. It's actually not too difficult but there aren't any decent guides out there which is probably why it's so low. I was considering creating one. That or people are scared of trudging through the caves all the time
  15. No, it's not like you said. It's having your character invade other players games that is why I was asking about the length of this trophy: I know that if we want to cooperate each other, what we have to do is to be friends, search for your character and get killed once, then retry and go to the cemetery and talk to the white horse to get revenge, your character will appear again and get killed 14 times more and that's it.
  16. #402 Vita version of Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior
  17. My fastest ultra rare platinum is an old ps3 RPG called Cross Edge (2.88%). It took me 4 years, 9 months. Not really fast though, but its the only one I got.
  18. :platinum:#402 Vita version of Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior

  19. So how is the situation with this trophy? I heard they didnt patch it and made harder to acquire even with workaround methods.
  20. Deformers (NA): 24 minutes 56 seconds 4.51% Very easy game, I too, don't know why this is so rare...
  21. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 2.68% UR 1 day 22 hours (3rd fastest achiever)
  22. Updated with link to trophy guide, if you just wanted to keep an eye on missable stuff. Can't be helped. People don't pay money to text walkthrough/guide creators like they do for video walkthrough/guide creators, unfortunately.
  23. 1 Day, 2 Hours, 51 Minutes 3.44% UR
  24. @Sefaerys You’ve been added.
  25. 1 week, 1 day I still don't understand why this is an UR plat though lol
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