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  2. I literally laugh to myself every time I read one of your posts. I guess with Trump in office there isn’t a limit to the amount of ignorance people spew out of their mouths these days. Here’s to hoping things get better in 2020.
  3. Rocket League 100%, first trophy July 2015, time to complete 4 years 2 weeks. What an interesting game, I hear they are adding more DLC so that kind of sucks. Guess I’ll keep it on my console.
  4. - Skyrim. Both on multiple characters and by owning it on two platforms. - Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. - Theresia: Dear Emile on DS. - Saints Row The Third and IV by owning them on two platforms. From the top of my head and since being an adult who can buy their own games.
  5. It had all the ingredients from the very start and it just keeps getting better. "Woke", the SJW acronym, Nazis, Trump, people who are too lazy to spell out the world "cuckold" and clearly don't understand its definition. I'm one square from getting Bingo. 😂
  6. i thought it was a fun game...dual wielding aks and combat shotguns were very satisfying...would recommend it to fps fans...
  7. The last few patches have messed up the tracking of some trophies or bugged them out completely. Just look at the Medic trophy. I contacted Behavior on the issue last week and was told they would see into any bugged trophies.
  8. Agreed. COD4 was my 1st COD game and I absolutely loved it. MW2 basically killed it and is the GOAT of all COD’s. MW3 felt incomplete as (IMHO) didn’t capture me the way MW and MW2 has. Looking forward to the new MW.
  9. Yesss For me it used to be Mirror's edge (probably replayed it over 10 times by now) and I got all 3 stars for the time trials to have all the 99 stars . I also loved to roam in catalyst jumping around and listening to the awesome soundtrack. I also went ahead and reached red division 1 in catalyst, the highest division you can reach! So it feels like I've exhausted all the possibilities of things to do in those games so atm I am only playing Tekken 7. I have clocked a total of 139 hours in the game so far and still going . It's a great way to pass the time for about 15-30 mins when you're on the go
  10. Yes i tink. if run hacker lobby, they unlock all trophies not just this one? A person can just load up game. Play in hacked lobby and unlock all trophies?
  11. Shadow of the Colossus, it never gets old.
  12. Are we about to witness another spicy PSNP thread? Strap yourself in lads, we could have a winner on our hands here 😌
  13. To take every living dollar you ever would have in your life...
  14. I haven’t played it but from everything I’ve heard it’s not simply a fun game about killing nazis like the previous entries in the series, it seems like the writers have felt the need to go above and beyond in places to equate the games cutscenes and situations to modern political Twitter hysteria of all things - So depending on which side of the aisle you lean on you may be rolling your eyes through the cutscenes or find it relatable Lol I guess you can skip cutscenes, and to be honest if you do that you probably won’t be missing much regardless of political leaning. Gameplay is what it’s all about
  15. It's just a small extra with TTT HD. Was it necessary to put trophies with the "prologue"? No, probably not, but the requirements are incredibly straightforward and quick to do, so there's not really much to moan about here. I think you're about 8 years late to the party as well, 😜 I doubt they'd do anything like this again
  16. Found a way to get Ultimate Agent for way less than the $35,000 needed by buying all the agents [this does not include daily rewards]. If you play a local co-op game when you have pre bought agents and you use them with ONLY the second player, the agents used will count towards your pro count total, but they will not be removed from your inventory. For example, I bought five of everything. Loaded up Dune Sea in local co op. Used everything with only the second player/controller. Would lose on purpose [played on impoppable and sold all my towers to make it go quicker - was unsure if quitting would count]. When I checked the 'Agents' menu, my pro counts went up, but I still had five of every agent. Hope this helps at least one person! Cheers!
  17. I can pick up multiple Mega Man Classic, X, and Legends series games and just casually play them and have tons of fun. Otherwise, I frequently go back to Soul Blade, "golden era" Call of Duty games (CoD4, MW2, etc), and Elder Scrolls games, mainly Morrowind and Oblivion.
  18. Lots of commie propaganda in it A pregnant naked black woman rolls around and kills people then bathes in their blood Game was made by Swedish devs of course it’s gonna be cucked to hell and back previous game wasn’t like this
  19. Adept trophies are glitched too. This game in every update glitches more trophies.
  20. MW3 was alright, but MW1 had the best story and MW2 had the best multiplayer hands down - we’ll see if the upcoming Modern Warfare dethrones them!
  21. My backlog is just too large to go back to playing a game once I've completed a storyline...
  22. I really need to catch back up with this checklist before I get too far down the road… @xEl_Cidx Thank you! I see you’re closing in on that 50th milestone. Any particular game in mind for it? @RuneEyesDragon Also, there’s The Sims 3: Pets with an UR plat. Which I coincidentally started for a KYC event. My aims to complete that one first before buying The Sims 4. No worries, 4 has always been on my radar 😉 Life is Strange was fine to play over a few days, but I wouldn’t want to have that much angst in every story I play. That’s partly the reason I’ve steered clear of 2, that & it’s not all out yet. With the whole end game choice though my thought process was Acadia Bay may not be perfect, but that still doesn’t mean everyone deserves to perish. Chloe’s story is unfair & tragic, still the girls had their good times.
  23. All this consists of is a four stage Arcade mode where the only four playable characters are slightly shuffled around, and a very barebones drop in multiplayer where you can play one fight with your friend before going back to said Arcade mode. That's it. No other gameplay. There's about five minutes of content here that they stretched out to an hour and a half or so with the trophies. Guess I shouldn't complain but come on.
  24. It's got a lot of SJW shit in it. I've been playing it on the Switch (platinum is too hard for me) And I've been enjoying it. While I do like Nazis because they have cool outfits I still think it's fun to slaughter them. To answer your question, the game doesn't feel political at all. Sure there are SJW crap in it like a pregnant woman fighting Nazis made no sense. But I honestly don't care, the game is just fun as hell. I still think DOOM is waaaaaay better. Hell, Old Blood was freaking awesome. Wolfenstien 2 just doesn't feel like "Wolfenstien". If that makes sense.
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