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  2. Welcome to the blue shell of death at Mario kart...
  3. Yay, more JRPG and anime/manga fans! PS: if you like Slice of Life & Romance, have you watched NANA by any chance?
  4. I don't see what the problem is? They've mixed it up with a racing and football game. Not only that but Pro Evo is less than a year old, and Horizon only about a year. And this Pro Evo is the first one since 2006 which is probably better than FIFA, so you're getting the superior game. Not to mention less people will have played it, and I doubt many have played Horizon. It's a win win. Honestly guys, rig the PS Plus so you're only paying about 4 quid a month (buy a year at around black Friday) and enjoy! Seems to be people just complain because they're not fans of the genre. Well they can't cater to everyone every month!
  5. I'm thinking NA for this one. I may be wrong though.
  6. My face when I open up the AC Unity map and see how many collectibles and chests i need to pick up to get the platinum:


  7. its totally horizon zero dawn und infamous second son. Horizon felt very real in a way I could easly imagine how it developed into what it was like why meridian was this big city, how the ppl lived, the tribes.. And oc it was beautiful I could walk in that worl for hours, always find something new or just enjoying the views, dusk and dawn... And Infamous felt very realistic it was so vivid and the pedestrians never felt like NPCs quite the opposite. It felt like really walking this big city with real ppl. There is also Alice Madness Returns, every level was so crazy, creepy but in a strange beautiful way. steampunk, horror and gore mixed into something nightmarish but still pretty with flowers and decoration and all. Fairytale castles decayed and filled with zombie Card-soldiers... just awesome Destiny 2: I udually don't play FPS and was talked into it by my best friend like "you have to see that its beautiful and the characters are so fun" yeah I obviously started it and was really blown away from the beautiful planets and all the details but the best was a quest in the end near the sun. there were eruptions and sunstorms and ist was really stunning.
  8. There are other examples, ones that comes to mind is Too Human for the 360, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World....
  9. Ignore that crazy person from your introduction post lmao. Nice to meet you, you just earned another follower. 

  10. You can also check how many golden nuggets you have obtain in the extras section in the main although I feel it may be inaccurate as it only shows 26 currently for me an I have been playing this game for quite a while. The trophy has not been unlocked for me yet even after gaining a golden after the patch. Also slighty annoyed that I just finished the event quests right after the patch and the trophy will not unlock regardless. I guess I will have to wait until the next event.
  11. Can u share play to complete this?
  12. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth _______________________________ Land Baron Get five islands on your DigiFarm. Five-Star Rating Raised the rank of all Farm Islands to maximum. Standing Room Only Filled all Farm Islands with Digimon. other notables: Level 99 (reached maximum level with one Digimon) Millionaire (acquired 1 million yen) Battle Iron Man (fought over 1000 battles)
  13. What region is it?
  14. It's not exactly the same game any more though Time trials are stricter in the PS4 remake and there are some issues like invisible walls and corrupted saves. Feel free to give this version of the game a try as well.
  15. Well I really enjoyed this game. Bunch of whiners.
  16. Welcome Company was good. tho now at 91% trophies. a ton of items to still make im shelving the game. i hate games where you literally have to grind hours for every item and you'll never use them. maybe ill go back one day but other games await. as for what i meant, if you were say exploring cathedral for the first time. you find a treasure chest in an unexplored area. but it is already opened. before you got to open it. then the game is bugged.
  17. I dunno. Looks like most ps+ games we get nowadays to me...
  18. Thanks for all this advise man, im gonna try try this method when i get home from work, ill let ya know how i go!
  19. Think you gotta hump 'em, it's like in real life
  20. I'm playing this on PC and it does seem more demanding than other lower budget games of its ilk. Funny how some are claiming no tearing on pro. I believe the op, but I also believe the others online too. Perhaps this is a localized bug with the adaptive sync used in this game? Eitherway, fear of how this game would be ported to PS4 is exactly why I went PC on this one. Have had bad experiences with frogwares past console ports - they are mainly a PC developer and it shows.
  21. Just to advise you and everybody else, my problem got solved yesterday. After approx. 10 days of going back and forth via emails to PSN support, finally something was done from their side and I got an opportunity to download episodes 7 and 8. Support was initially sending general replies and some simple solutions which did not helped at all, even repeating the same responses over and over. I have sent them at least 1 email per day, trying to explain the situation, sent them pictures to substantiate the issue and reason with them, finally they have decided that this problem is above their capabilities and they transferred my matter to Handling Team. The next day problem was resolved. So it is possible to help us out, only you must be persistent and coming from the correct point of view. Truth to be told, I don`t give a $hit about Minecraft (I will play it eventually) but do not want to be jerk around for my money, especially when I already spent hundreds of euros for games and ps plus. Cheers!
  22. #218 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Platinum Platinum It's a platinum trophy with a platinum name and a platinum description... That's a triple platinum. A very nice treasures.
  23. The Mass Effect series: all the lore, the different alien races, the reapers (giant sentient robot-squids WTF!), the different planets to explore, the Citadel, and all your crew members with various characters like Mordin, Grunt, Liara or Tali and of course Shepard, all of this makes my inner space explorer thrilled Even if the ending is a bit crappy, the whole setting is unique. Too bad Andromeda is not on the same level as the original trilogy
  24. Today
  25. Gonna continue the Lily Rank grind in bed, I swear I'm gonna fall asleep before I get 1 pair to 10><;;

    1. LegacyJKO09


      a little off topic but gotta ask if the NERV is from Evangelion :P

    2. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      What game is this grind for?

    3. Caju_94


      HyperDimension Neptunia U? Grinded that one recently. I did the following: Start from Neptral Floor 44 and complete 44,45,46 then leave, and go back to 44. It will save you some loading since these three levels are quite short. If possible activate the OHKO cheats so you can end these missions quicker for the grind.

  26. #143 Homefront: The Revolution Well I genuinley dont have a bad thing to say about this game. Having read all the reports beforehand about how awful it was I was almost scared to play it. Really enjoyable game, straightofrward enough. Maybe the co-op elements could have had a bit more about them but they were minimal in the context of it all. Would recommend for sure! Big shout out to @ObservationMade and @Warped_Tonttu for the help getting resistance mode done. 2 top guys!!
  27. Yea I noticed this, I noticed it immediately when I played the level. I am pretty close to the platinum as well, I have however found a semi consistent way of getting through the shortcut, if you ... well I think it's better to just quickly draw something in mspaint. My theory to why it's so terrible is that most of the shortcuts in this remake have a script attached to them, and we just want to abuse getting that script to push us up there right, the "script zone" hitbox is closer to the left side of the ramp below the hole in the wall, it's important to have the increased fire from the previous turbo pad up to this point, it will make this whole process a lot easier and you can even get up there without this "script" that I feel is there.. I could be wrong about the whole script concept but try out my method and let me know if it helps you out. I have played on every track.. and this is the only track that has this consistent issue with the shortcut, the whole level feels awful - even towards the end where the you're inside of the pipe I remember in the original you can go flying off but it's like you're magnetized to the ground in this version and it causes you to hit an invisible wall just above the midway point... so in this version just stay in the middle on the ground.. otherwise you'll just hit an invisible wall and lose all your speed. Edit: completing the Oxide trial without the shortcut at all would be possible, however it wouldn't be worth the trouble, you would be need to be going pretty fast without bumping or losing max fire to compensate for the time you would lose by not taking the shortcut. Hope something I said helped, goodluck.
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