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  2. Good! Remember that my new PSN ID is Maxie_M0us3, and no more Max654.
  3. Got another plat - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Please sign me up for Chou Koukou-kyu no Zetsubou
  4. I don’t think that it’ll make the trophies harder but easier, as you’ll easily predict where the survivors go because of the 3-minute endgame timer. The one mid-chapter change that bothers me so much is the Legion rework, how will Deranged Pursuit trophy be possible after those changes?! I only got 5/25 downs while in Killer Instinct so far and it’ll become impossible! They better rework the trophy too, because it’s the worse trophy in the game so far, worse than Skillful Huntress!
  5. Fuck you and your life in general invasion boss, you cheap scumfuck you. 

  6. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't hold it against him, as I'm sure he has his own problems in life and was probably just a bit stressed out.
  7. The PS4 is much more social network oriented. The PS3 was made back when people were still watching movies on DVD/Blu-Ray and it is more gamer concentrated. There's been a few gems. The Witcher 3, Bloodborne and a number of other games. But I often find myself bored with a lot of AAA games, particularly open world games since they just cram down as much content as possible through a giant open space. Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey are great to look at graphic wise, but there's so much content in both that is just filler I get turned off with how much of a chore it feels. The Witcher 3 is a rare exception, that game was fantastic beginning to end, even with a giant open expanse to work with. People praised the original Red Dead Redemption to hell and back, and I consider it to be one of the best games ever made, and certainly to me the best from last gen. Red Dead Redemption 2 I've heard many mixed feelings about it, especially regarding it's huge open world and how much of a chore it is to get everything done. Sadly I hear the same mixed feelings on Red Dead Online, since I felt the online multiplayer in the original game was absolutely brilliant. Comparing the two games to each other kind of tells the story regarding the creativity and tediousness between last gen and now.
  8. i feel like that for the first hour or 2 then i feel fine. its just a adjustment. ps4 graphics are more smoother so when you go back it seems like a huge downgrade. but after playing for a few hours you dont even mind the graphics if the game is interesting. my first console was intellivision on a tv that was on a cart lol. im not kidding the actual tv was built onto a shitty cart you could wheel around prob 19 inches lol. so im not that picky. and infamous 2 is a good game all the infamous games are good. but thats just my opinion maybe it does suck for you but most seem to like it. i like ps3 alot more now because the games are cheap and its easier to get the mp trophies with friends coming over. i bought multiple consoles on sale when a store was closing. so for the game prices some only $3 a disc for mp and co op games im enjoying it still. my routine is simple, when i run out of good ps4 games, i go to my ps3 backlog. im alot better of a gamer now then 10 years ago so im finding my strategys better to go back and finish games i couldnt before.
  9. Good news? I was given the impression most of the manga fans either weren't interested in this live-action film (because why would they be?), or just worried the film would be a bastardization. I suppose this just goes to show that there will always be at least two sides to something like this, which is nice. @xzero4812 Did you end up enjoying the film yourself? I hope you did.
  10. The iron mode trophy will pop if I play in the easiest mode? I want to do it in an speed run to finish with this game and start with other one.
  11. Red dead redemption, too many games to go back and don't want to deal with the online trophies
  12. Not really. I feel playing Ps4 games are a bit tedious, as I personally find they lack much of the creativity of the games released during the previous generation. I also find the Ps4 system far more likely to crash, freeze or disconnect from the internet without warning than my Ps3.
  13. Time for update #4: 2. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'P' - Predictably Gullible - Puppeteer 6. Get a trophy every day for 7 days in a row - Shut Up, Augus! - Asura's Wrath (Date range from April 13th - April 19th) 15. Get a trophy which has all the letters J O K E in the trophy name - Long Snake's Journey Into Plight - Puppeteer 17. Get a trophy from a game that is labelled with the theme: 'comedy' on PSNP - Pirate Is As Pirate Does - Disgaea 4 19. Get a trophy from a game from which you’ve earned your first trophy over a year ago - Off the Grid - Crysis 3 33. Get a trophy from a game that is part of a series that has at least 4 different games - Hard Times - Super Street Fighter IV 37. Get 2 PSNP rare trophies - White Rider - Crysis 3 Also, since update 3 was made in the spreadsheet without fixing the mistake from update 2, I'm going to post challenges 32 and 35 again. 32. Get a trophy from a game that doesn’t have a trophy guide on PSNP - It's ALIVE! - Darkstalkers Resurrection 35. Get a trophy from a game that has no platinum trophy - The Adventurer - Sonic Adventure Progress - 24/40 Well, that's most of the easier challenges out of the way. I'm trying to do this without starting any new games (making a few of the challenges actually impossible for me), so I'll be happy if I reach 30 by the end of the month.
  14. Hi, where is the guide? I can't find it
  15. Yes. Never from a friend though. Have you ever written a physical letter?
  16. https://vita.lbp.me/v/sepvd please play my level and I will return the favour
  17. https://vita.lbp.me/v/sepvd please play my level and I will return the favour.
  18. Can a dance floor even have sentience?
  19. I kinda prefer a 29 trophy list that's a mix of bronze/silver/gold over a 59 trophy "full" list of bronzes (give or take 1 gold and up to 2 silver).
  20. Someone asks a simple question, gets answer for said question, and somehow they need to be better to improve as a human being? They asked for help and got it, why are you being passive aggressive in saying the way they accomplished their goal was incorrect. "Be better."
  21. An inquisitive individual.
  22. OMG exactly this. Hopefully they'll keep the same voice actors- David Duchovny really killed it as XIII. I had it on the original Xbox, then gladly bought it again for the PC when it was on GOG. I can go for this a 3rd time. May this do well enough to get a sequel.
  23. I hope so. I just got the DLC recently so I'm planning to go back for the 100% soon. People are still earning the online trophies as of this month, so that's a good sign.
  24. #102 - Metagal (Vita) I'm finding a lot of these multiplat games play way better on Vita for any number of reasons. #103 - LEGO The Incredibles Ok, so, I complained a lot that the Marvel LEGO games were just too much busy work and pixel hunting. This is the complete opposite. Over half of the collectibles and junk are just sitting out in the open, no puzzles or quests, just fly into it. In some ways, it's kinda nice. Something very zen about an uncomplicated collectathon.
  25. Lmao dude chill out. Just read the OG post next time.
  26. Hitman Absolution. Just don’t have the skill and/or patience to go for the platinum in that!
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