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  5. Resident Evil 2 As a big fan of old RE games I didn't have much faith in this remake. It wasn't even on my radar till the trailers/gameplay vids came out close to release and didn't pre-order the game till the very last moment. I think Capcom really did a great job with the game. Haven't enjoyed a game this much in quite some time.
  6. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
  7. Yeah it would be nice to see these things done, it's been almost 2 years (If you count, nearly 600 days) since the series box got added to the site and for those past 2 years I've been maintaining the series system on the backend waiting for the feature to hit the site soon - however 'soon' has been to refer to that system over the past 2 years lol Also features like the VR tag and the tiny quick fixes that go a long way that people request almost weekly here would be nice to see (Like a filter to hide completed games in the sessions page). Besides the name changing update that took up a lot of time for most of the first half of the year, I don't think there were any features added at all in 2018, unless you count the ability to delete unpublished guides, so it would be nice to see even small things get added from time to time like they used to a few years ago Also regarding the unobtainable trophy tagging, I'd love to organize that if such a feature were added and know people on the site that would love to maintain that sort of thing, so finding people wanting to maintain that kind of thing is the easy part As Sly showed, it's not hard to region tag lists, however I do have to apply and crop all the images for the banner, trophy card 1, and trophy card 2 for each list - which if devs organize their list isn't a problem but doing it 6 - 10 times for the same exact games dumped onto PSN weekly now is getting tedious. I guess an improvement could be if there was an image applied to a list and another list was linked to it without any images yet, those could be auto-applied. Though that's not really essential and I'm probably just going to ignore image assets these weekly 6 - 8 lists for the same game dumped onto PSN while still region tagging them. Basically, it's more of a problem with what the devs are doing with their unorganized lists rather than the site being the blame with this I'll be putting that up pretty soon as I want to try to get the right concept or layout for it before presenting it in a Part 2 thread
  8. Judgment for sure though I’ve only played a handful of new releases kH3 was fun but idk it felt a step back from the previous games
  9. You're welcome
  10. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  11. Thanks, reading here and there I had the same feeling and decided to skip it. First game without 100% trophies but whatever, don't want to waste days on it.
  12. Sorry, most of these have bids on them now (apart from Fifa 16 which I didn’t bother relisting). If I put more games up in the future you’re interested in then I’d be ok with game codes
  13. Thank you!!!! Finally got it
  14. Bloodstained was everything I wanted it to be
  15. for being serious
  16. after getting banned
  17. Candy Honeydew
  18. having a blast
  19. and they were
  20. playing forum games
  21. Barry Grancorazón
  22. China and Korea have similar restrictions but are even more strict, because you effectively have to be a resident of that country if you want to access their PS Store.
  23. Tale of Sword and Soul Unlock All the Trophies #82
  24. MKX, would be a nice plat to have
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