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  2. Hey mate, You could try an unpatched game on version 1.10 and see if it works for that version, I'm pretty sure currently they are running patch 1.27 and people on here are have been getting them right up to the start of the year so you might be in luck, it would only take 10 mins to do so I'd recommend at least giving it a go. Otherwise yea, I hope they patch all the glitched trophies so they auto pop, the developers have made a statement saying they are pleased with all the new content they have been releasing, but are dissatisfied by the ability for themselves to fix bugs. They appear to be working on it. I'll keep playing it for the time being and hope for the best
  3. Shadowgate has 5 unobtainable trophies because of various bugs. The game hasn't been patched since its release in april. I still have hope that a patch is released someday.
  4. If no one comes and answers your question, go and message one of the players on the Recent Players tab. Once you get the answer you are looking for, don't forget to come back here and post it as well to share the knowledge.
  5. As I've never gamed with a mouse keyboard, how would I know, without asking? Perhaps you should gave said nothing 'helpful' to add? Thanks for helpful reply Need to get a mouse keyboard then lol
  6. Every move based games also requires the PS Eye.
  7. I still haven't found a video of my favorite track N.Gin labs so far....
  8. #Update 7: Batman The Telltale Series [PS4] ==> 100% = Platinum (31/31) 06/07/2019 Tales from the Boarderlands [PS4] ==> 0% (00/36) Game of Thrones [Telltale] [PS4] ==> 100% = Platinum (49/49) 06/02/2019 South Park: The Stick of Truth [PS3] ==> 100% = Platinum (51/51) 06/11/2019 Adventures of MANA (PS Vita) ==> 20% 21% (14/37) The Wolf Among Us [PS4] ==> 30% 60% (21/36) Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 [PS4] ==> 0% (00/51) Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 [PS4] ==> 0% (00/31) Guardians of the Galaxy (Telltale) [PS4] ==> 0% (00/31) The Walking Dead Collection [PS4] ==> 0% (00/52) The Walking Dead (The Final Season) [PS4] ==> 0% (00/49) Didn´t make much progress this weekend: Some chapters in TWAU, one boss in AoM.
  9. there's 3 other games that i remember that uses the eye: mad dog mcree franchise eyepet the only 2 i know.
  10. PES/Winning Eleven 2014 (all 4 stacks) is still obtainable as it has no online. MotoGP 09/10 is obtainable with a large party. You can see plenty of people earning all the trophies in 2019. The first EA UFC game is unobtainable on PS4 due to this trophy. I believe Madden 25 PS3 to be unobtainable due to the download trophies. The servers for this feature have been offline for 2 years going by recent achievers. PS4 is still obtainable. FIFA World Cup 2014 is unobtainable since November 2018 due to this trophy.
  11. I have been looking getting this game but I have noticed there are no plat earners yet. The trophies people are missing don't seem too hard, are they glitched?
  12. It's Ratalaika. It will be easy.
  13. La Mulana
  14. Fantastic.
  15. What the hell is the point of trophy hunting if you aren't going to do it legit
  16. Sadly the only trophy which blocks me from achieving platinum and all other trophies is that stupid: Chocobo RiderWin a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0
  17. predictably.... Ibushi will win the G1 Climax 29. will he Dethrone Okada at WK14? maybe. G1 is always fun though

  18. Save yourself the headache and grab all three...😅 But heres my choices. 1.Dragon Quest Heroes 2 2.Ni No Kuni 2 3.Divinty Sin 2
  19. [DR2] Not sure how I'm going to play this out.  Right now I am saving survivors as best as I can while waiting for cases to become active.  Not really worrying about the psychopaths right now, but I am trying to do my best with the PP I obtain, just to iron out my levels a bit more... just so I don't die so easily xD

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  21. So let me pose the opposite question... What is a (J)RPG that would be considered "hard to platinum"? I can't think of one to be honest 😅 Maybe Divinity: Original Sin 2, but that one is still waiting in my backlog, so I'm not sure. As for maybe the "easiest" ones I've played: Undertale. Don't even need to complete the game. I wouldn't recommend it, though, unless you know what you are getting from this game. Child of Light. Super easy and short RPG that, to be honest, got boring quickly. It's a 100% title though, no platinum. Any Final Fantasy, especially VII and XV are easy to plat, but so are all other ones (maybe IX being the hardest due to the rope-jump minigame) Persona 5. If you want to do it the boring way, a guide just released on this page that will get you the plat without thinking about it. NieR: Automata. You can buy trophies...
  22. When you get your new PS4, as long as you sign in with the same account you had on your old PS4, all of your digitally purchased games will be waiting for you to redownload. Any digital purchase you made will be tied to that account, no need to repurchase. You can also go to the PlayStation Store on your computer, phone, or tablet and sign into your account. In the top right corner you can access your account where you will see a download list tag. Click that and you can see and download any game you purchased digitally. I have had to do this before myself when I went from regular PS4 to PS4 pro.
  23. Update: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back [PS4] - 0% God of War [PS3] - 0% Final Fantasy XV [PS4] - 28% Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps and Beans [PS4] - 0% Project Cars [PS4] - 30% Days Gone [PS4] - 57% => (90%) Woot, finally got the plat in Days Gone. I thought the story was good and enjoyed the gameplay but this game still has some performance issues and the loading times are bad. I'll revisit survival mode before the end of this challenge but from now on my focus will be on Project Cars. Hopefully I can have that done at the start of next month.
  24. is your best choice, or I have a copy that I can send from EU (so you won’t pay import taxes), PM me if interested. Beware you need a US account to download the last episode.
  25. I'd have to go with Rhythm Games: Crypf ot the NecroDancer, Thumper, Beat Saber Fighting Games: All of them Shmups: Ikaruga, Dariusburst I guess if you play a FPS in a competitive fashion, then that probably requires a certain level of reflexes as well.
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