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  2. wow... Just don't play it then.
  3. Deadly Obsession is easy man .. just play be careful
  4. Yes, Call of Duty is now the same as a Ratalaika Game. That happens when there are no Multiplayertrophies in a MULTIPLAYERGAME. Shame on you, Activision. Next time do 6 Stacks.
  5. Well some trophies may require accuracy and patience
  6. That was really fast..haha
  7. It doesn't ask you to complete it on Realistic, Veteran works also too Anyway, glad for no MP trophies lol
  8. It was just a dumb decision to remove it in the first place, but that is one big gripe fixed. However, the time to kill is still way too quick. It felt like I was playing semi-hardcore when I played the beta at the start and gave up after a few hours. Unless they have some plans to address ttk, I'll still pass it.
  9. Nightmares from the Deep is a great trilogy as well. Especially since all three stories are connected as well. Though it's more of a major plot that goes on through all three games but apart from that, they still have their own stories each. Wouldn't play the third part without the other two though. But those games are quite old. The first game definitely has no fast travel, so you have a lot to walk and abcktrack. Can't remember if the second already had fast travel or not. And you have to do two playthroughs, since you have trophies for Mah-Jong and Hidden Objects which exclude each other. But I think, thanks to that, you get more playtime for your money. The games regularly go on sales. Just have a bit of patience. I got most of the games through sales. And I only lack the two newest since they haven't seen a sale yet.
  10. Completed Syberia 2 for this month's theme. Plats: 17 Completed: 28 Percentage: 45.88%
  11. I really enjoy some of the more punishing stuff you mentioned here. Hardcore mode on Dead Space 2 back on the xbox360 was the first time i got a taste for it. Now I love those game modes. So damn satisfying to beat a game like that, to know that you've had to perfect a segment of gameplay (or entire game) in order to beat it. Don't get me wrong, I like less punishing stuff too, a mix of the two is my jam. People can judge me on that, but i'm enjoying myself when i do it and it makes me happy I can't really agree with you on your criticism of someone being an idiot for programming that kind of gameplay mode. But I do agree with the frustration of unskippable or skippable-but-delayed cutscenes when combined with no checkpoints / minimal saves / permadeath. Wolfenstein 2 Mein Leben is a great example. I really enjoyed that, but there were segments of the game which played out like cutscenes, but took place in-game, so they were completely unskippable. That was especially infuriating because of the permadeath modifier on Mein Leben difficulty.
  12. Thank you, I'll be sure to do that today
  13. For the specific buggy trophies you can make an opening statement or footnote explaining the problem and you can tag the trophies as buggy as well. Typically when making note of bugs it is written in red bold font.
  14. Not really hyped per se, but I'd like to pick it up because of cross-play. Have a few friends that have abandoned consoles and would be nice to play with them again.
  15. Believe me, the mini-map will stay. The fans had an outrage because of it, that is why they added it. I doubt that they are not going to also add it to the main game, taking in mind the positive reaction from the fans. You can see your teammates on the minimap btw.
  16. That's almost certainly the one. Thanks for helping us lazy folks! 😀
  17. I don't know... me and my buddies have tried over and over that does not seem to work.
  18. Here's the solution copy/pasted for other lazy people: Kent has one that you're not likely to get during your playthrough of his path. To unlock it, go to his section of the Album, select the first picture from the third row, and replay the scene it's from, then choose the dialogue you didn't pick before. However, I remember reading this in the psnprofiles trophy guide, OP is that what you used? No matter, this should solve the issue.
  19. I looked it up, apparently, they added the minimap back during the beta according to this: Although, apparently it is literally just a map. It will not show where your teammates are, which kind of makes it useless.
  20. After so much blood, sweat, tears and grinding, I have managed to awaken my Lahn and gain her new Crimson Glaives. Tbh, they look like dual Japanese swords to me, but I am happy with the results.



    If you don't get it, it's from Black Desert Online. This is my Lahn after getting her glaives. Also, this is my pet brown guiding hawk Rushmore. Also, my Lahn looks so cute.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Congratulations :)

  21. There is a mini-map.
  22. Hearted your stuff And one thing, if you want to make it easier to get the level hearts, publish a few more so anyone here that gives you hearts can heart more than just the two levels you have. You can easily copy and publish a few more to speed that part along.
  23. I recently achieved 100% in the game. The game itself is good. The plot could be better? Yes. But the story is decent after all. Regarding the difficulty, I had a lot more fun playing it on Deadly Obsession than on my previous playthrough. If you mess up, you are going to get punished by it and to be really honest I think this difficulty should be harder. Fewer checkpoints/campfires should have used more resources. Yes, occasionally there might be a misdirection in your jump due to some of the hitboxes and because of that, you might die from it. That happened 2 or 3 times though and it only happened because I was stupid and wanted to take unintended shortcuts or wanted to rush it before preparing the jumps a bit better. Regarding the trophies, I only have one problem with it. Even though DLC tombs are relatively quick to complete. You have to complete them 3 times each (Side Mission, Score Attack and Time Attack) and since you can just get a bronze medal to earn the trophy it feels effortless and worthless. I managed to get gold medals on most and I felt like I was a bit cheated on as I can also assume a lot of you felt the same knowing that some players earned the same trophy by doing a lot worse than you. EDIT: Ohhhh, and about the cutscenes. Deal with it. You have a console. Sorry if you can't skip a 2 or 4 minutes cutscene. There are tons of games with this issue.
  24. I no longer look at the sales page on the PS4 because I'm tired of weeding through EA access crap. I just check the individual sales page(s), or see what I want here and go directly to it.
  25. The summaries do an okay job but there is a lot of pot holes if you have not played the other games outside of the Cold Steel series as its one big over arching story that interconnects between all the games. I would highly recommend playing the first two games first. As its like watching Harry Potter Goblet of Fire without watching 1/2/3 prior you will just be lost.
  26. It's enough to get the basic story beats, but no substitute to experiencing the games for yourself. I personally don't recommend starting CS lll without playing l and ll at the very least.
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