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  2. "Follow RatalaikaGames"? No, thanks.
  3. Visual Novels are the best game genre don't @ me
  4. @bruin-rocks Another awesome milestone! Haven't played this one myself, but it's gotta be good to come back to through the years. It may have held you up for a bit, but you still got three completions for the month. Very nice 😌 @WetRaindrops Only a bunch of DLC packs to get through now. If you want to of course, wouldn't blame you for skipping them. @SasquatchSaul Welcome! I got into the Yakuza series (with Kiwami) recently myself. The amount of content is incredible, it's easy to see why they're UR plats. I'm sure you'll be able to finish it, just a matter of time. @REAPER4536 Keep up that dedication, Laser Lord. Is there another series lined up next now that Battlefield is nearly done? @Barbeqmeister Welcome to you as well! I'll have you on the board in my next update sweep 😉 Good luck with the RDR2 grind. @Leigrez LBP 2, stunning work! Please, share some of that platforming skill so I can finish Crash Bandicoot at least 😅 Guess I'll also take the time to put in my completion for the month with Megadimension Neptunia VII at 1 year, 1 month. It may not be a milestone plat, though I did unlock it on May 4th. Marking my second year hosting this event, so a milestone of its own. I jumped into my first run of this series on console for KYC last year with less then great results. On the surface it's exactly what you'd find from the Vita games, then it hits you with a difficulty spike. It was weirdly thrown right at the start of the game & is largely the reason I lost interest in it after the event ended. But I finally felt like tackling the challenge & the damn thing turned out easier then I remembered. Still, I experienced two bad blips along the way. Got stuck in a death box: saved right before a boss with no way to heal or get items. Thankfully I had a cloud save, still cost 4hrs of gameplay. Shortly after that, the game crashed. I thought PP would be my least favorite neptunia game, but this one really wants that award. Also been playing some other backlog games. Like Crash Bandicoot, I'm down to gold relic time trials in one (stormy ascent included). Two, I've still got gems to collect, feels like this one has the most boxes on average per level. So I switch back & forth to try & complete at least a few levels every time I play the game. I was doing good with the no death gem runs, then started having trouble with the time trials. So I've popped it back on the shelf for now. Then (& I'll blame current events for restlessly jumping between games) I downloaded the Ratchet & Clank trilogy back on my Vita. Some of the mechanics, like races or certain skill point challenges, have been infuriatingly holding me up. & spoiler alert; they still are. Nevertheless, still got considerable progress there. It could be my June game, or it'll be Monster Hunter World. Since starting Iceborne, I've logged another 70 or so hours into the game & the gold crown grind is in sight with count them, 3 mini crowns left to obtain. One for the pikachu of the series, Nergigante; riddle me this sphinx, Teostra; & one of my favorites - the zombie dragon with regenerative armor that sadly no longer cuts it in master rank, Vaal Hazak. Honestly I can't stop checking my guild card & seeing all those crowns. It's crazy, & I'm crazy for looking forward to still having Iceborne crowns to hunt. If I can get through the main story at some point. I'm not calling this one in the bag yet because I've had the 100+ hunts for a couple monsters already. But I've got plenty of good investigations lined up for these elder dragons & the whole month to do it.
  5. Yes. I had a similar thought. I think this would be excellent. Better in my opinion than the option to delete trophies (although i don't hate that idea either).
  6. Is anyone doing raid? I want to do it as I'm always getting to last boss and everyone quits
  7. The PSN Custom Leaderboard idea that someone had mentioned earlier would really be a nice feature for PS5 gamers. Also, I personally would like to see a feature on newly-started games that would ask if the initial game save supported trophies or not, which would make that playthrough (with that game save) strictly for fun, and without the hassle/headache of worrying about whether the player ‘messes up’ something, trophy-wise. 🤔
  8. Well, I just realized that my trophy cabinet went missing. But now I re-added all my trophies in the cabinet.
  9. As long as it's done well, i'm all for it. Keeps communities a healthy size. Keeps servers online longer. Outside of one platform possibly having a competitive advantage sometimes, I can't see a downside. And I don't really play a ton of competitive games so that doesn't bother me at all lol
  10. It means you are not against it at all but that doesn't necessarily mean that you absolutely love it. I mean you can say 100% No and be like "I'm not against it, I don't care that there is crossplay" you see.
  11. Oi Zajac! Change your forum avatar already you beautiful behemoth

  12. To be clear, 100% No = I’m totally not against Crossplay = I love it?
  13. It's been over a month and a half now, it must have updated itself by now? I tried playing a tournament, some exhib games, some challenges, and I reloaded my old franchise and played a week, but nothing seems to work to get it unstuck. I might try writing the dev again. I know that likely won't fix anything but I don't know what else to do.
  14. Straightforward platinum that can be done on a weekend. Queen of the Sea popped for me when I smashed one missing gate. Enjoyed the game for its humor and the idea. Keep in mind that it is no horror or simulation, but b-movie trash action with lots of cultural references. While the bull shark is the protagonist with no inner monologue they made sure you root for her since the humans in this game are mostly evil and unsympathetic, doing a lot of environmental damage.
  15. Yes I've recently earned a trophy at 4:35 PM. When I hit Update, it gives me the this profiles is private message.
  16. So in other words, you don't care that crossplay exists? Do you think it's good or bad or are you not bothered about it?
  17. "And no, there's no fucking way to open the gate manually, stop saying that." Again, I've literally done it. Several times. Just walk up to the gate and press x. If you can't do that, then that sucks, but it isn't a universal issue. I had no issue opening Leo's gate.
  18. You earned a trophy and then clicked on "update profile"? Mine fixed immediately after those 2 steps.
  19. Not anymore ;).
  20. My english isnt very good and i see cross buy when is cross play,cross play doesnt matter i play only in ps4 in pc not play
  21. Perhaps if I dress like Gerald of Riva I would be able to fight such a creature.
  22. Same here. Thanks! You da real mvp!
  23. What do you mean? I meant crossplay as in example PS4 players can play with PC players on the same game.
  24. You're confusing cross-buy with cross-play. Cross-play is different platforms being able to play together, i.e. PS4 & Xbox One playing together. Cross-buy is getting the same game on different consoles for the price of one game, i.e. getting a PS4 and vita version
  25. I liked the game. I'd say give it a shot. I haven't bothered with the multiplayer though. The Platinum would definitely be a pain in the ass, I imagine. If you're someone who only plays a game if they can get all the trophies without too much trouble, which seems to be the case from a quick glance at your profile, it may not be for you.
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