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  2. The match won’t start until all 4 survivors and the killer are in the lobby and press ready. You cannot join friends already in a lobby or mid-match and everyone will return back to the menu after the game ends, meaning that in each match you meet new players. Of course, you always get the same survivor players if you group up before searching for a match.
  3. This kind of statement annoys me. There is absolutely no reason for news to be wrong. The problem stems back to the idea of the "24-hour" news network, which replaced actual news with opinion pieces and fluff pieces. 4 dies in wildfires. Pretty simple. Cut and dry. Easy to report. Climate change to blame for wildfires which kill 4. Not simple. Opinion. Not news. And this has nothing to do with politics. I am firmly convinced of man-made climate change. But such logical "connections" don't belong on the news. And this isn't a cut against Fox News, either. What they do is no different from CNN, or NBC, or even my local news in Iowa. How many opinion pieces, such as, "It's your money!" or the like do we see from "investigative journalists? But anyway, I've gone off the rails here. Getting back to the topic at hand: I don't know about that. Body language is hard to measure. That being said, I'm not siding for one side or the other. Though honestly, if I consider my own bias, I probably side with Mr. Mignona here. It's too easy to smear people by bringing up events from the distant past. Some of these complaints go as far back as 1989, if I'm reading right. How can anyone defend themselves against word of mouth recalling events from 30 years prior? I mean, shit, I didn't grope girls' chests or grab them by the pixel or anything, but I might have smacked a girl on the backside in high school when I was 14 years old (as I was in 1989). Did I sexually harass her? Do I need to defend myself, at the age of 44, against such charges? Come to think of it, I know girls smacked me on the backside in high school. One of them is a millionaire now. Should I try for a payday?
  4. How is the overall journey? Like others have stated, I think this Platinum is pretty difficult. Pretty much every trophy in this game requires the process of "everything falling into place perfectly". Sure, some trophies are easier than others, but some can be a complete nightmare. Some trophies require the opposition to cooperate and be together while some take cooperation from both the opposition and your teammates (Zenyatta's "Rapid Discord" is the first trophy that comes to mind). For me personally, I enjoy this game too much and most of the trophies weren't horribly difficult, so some popped naturally. Will it require a lot of boosting? As mentioned by many others, boosting can be a huge pain in this game. Some trophies will be recommended to boost. I was in a couple when I was going for Zenyatta's Rapid Discord back when the game was fairly new and it took multiple hours to even get things going and get people their trophy. You can be boosting and a random can easily ruin it by killing your boosting partners or messing with the objective and possibly ending the match sooner than anticipated. How are the boosting sessions, organized, good people? I was in only a couple and, from what I remember, they were pretty well organized and everyone was very cooperative. Your mileage will vary, though, it only takes one less-than-ideal person to completely ruin a boosted lobby; and for this game and its fairly bad track record of boosting, it can be pretty detrimental. Is this game still active? In my eyes, yes it is. The queue times for Quickplay are, typically, very short and you will have no problems finding games. For competitive play, your queue times will vary: I've noticed queue times that are instant, and some that would go upwards of 2-3 minutes. It mainly depends on what time of day that you are playing the game. I heard this game's community is really really toxic. Is it true? I've read some pretty harsh stories online about how toxic this game can be and watched some videos on people who throw their games. Also, I've read how some make fun of girls who play the game and expect them to play only healers and belittle them for playing anything other than a healer. On PC, it's exponentially worse due to that platform having a constant Text Chat. On console, the only forms of communication aside from voice chat is the communications wheel where you can ping things like "Group Up!", "Thanks!", etc. If you turn voice chat off, then that will be your only means of communication. You can tell when a teammate is very salty when they spam ones like "Thanks!" or "I Need Healing" right after they die. Does it suck to solo? I play the game primarily solo and I have loads of fun. Sure, some matches will be horrible and make the game frustrating, but that's pretty much most online games I think. Is this game worth it? If you play with just the intentions of going for trophies, then I would say probably not. Some trophies can throw you for a loop and can end up being a very frustrating time. If you just want to play the game to check it out and grab some trophies naturally, then I would say go for it. I can say that I'm cripply addicted to this game and still have loads of fun with it. I think it's the varying gameplay between the heroes and the overall "charm" that the game has that keeps me coming back. Hopefully, this helps out.
  5. Borderlands series are always fun online Payday is fun if you have a good team to play with, a lot of those trophies you need good teamwork Burnout Paradise
  6. Do what I can... and only play what I actually am interested in. Well, I guess and not auto popping a billion things off one save (Sound Shapes). I earned the plat and that was all I wanted from it.
  7. Oh yeah sorry, I meant luck.
  8. Please explain me your full situation: 1. When did you started the game, especially with which game version? 2. Did you updated the game, since this playthrough? The problem of the game, which also occured in my first playthrough, is, if you played in a version lower than the current one, this can cause some buggy behaviour like block unlocking trophies or so. Therefore, I updated to the current version (think 1.07) and started a fresh playthrough and everything worked fine. This is maybe another stupid advise, but before start a new playthrough check your sniper weapons with some trophy guides (step by step). (Yes, me happen sometimes stupid things, too, although I thought I did it right😅)
  9. I learnt that to ret something means to soak the fibers in a wet pool of water and microorganisms (or just keep it in a muddy soil) to break down the pectin that reinforces the fibers of the plant which facilitates the removal of the fibers and thus we can send those retted plants for further processing to make it into paper and other textiles! I'm not sure how that relates to what op is talking about though
  10. yeah they clearly dont run anything by each other because GTA V has 2 of the worst trophies ever made too. I think I finished all the missions and my rating was around 4100, its just insane. I had read about it but I didn't really take much notice about how stupid it actually is until I got around to it 😄 I went after the packages first, made 2 saves and then completed the story. They took grindy trophies to another level with this one but thank god someone found a way around it.
  11. Thanks, just wanted to know if the match would start if there are any less than a full lobby (which seems to be 5). So if there's 2 of you, is it possible for other players to join mid-match or 'hijack' the session after the game ends and sends you back to the lobby?
  12. Assassin's Creed 2, by far one of the easiest plat to obtain
  13. Same here 😔 Any luck ?
  14. There's a few things I have to note here. 1. Overwatch isn't the type of game that you should play with just trophies in mind, a lot of the trophies are extremely difficult if you overthink them and the best way to get a lot of them is to just play and randomly achieve them without even trying. For example when I was trying to get "Rapid Discord" I played Zenyatta for about 70 hours with no luck, I eventually gave up and then got the trophy on the first game I played where I wasn't actually trying to get it. 2. I personally got every single trophy legit, which was an extremely rewarding experience and probably one of the most fun and satisfying platinums i've done because it's given me the ability to flex when playing competitively (which is why the trophies require you to learn the characters enough to get 4 kills with each). I would recommend doing the trophies legit any day. 3. Boosting this game is extremely frustrating, it can take anywhere from 3-4 hours to fill an entire lobby and the process in general is painfully slow. It's honestly easier to just play the game legitimately. 4. The trophies are possible while playing solo, but will also involve a lot of luck. You'll want to make friends with a player that mains Zarya, who has an ultimate ability called "Graviton Surge" which is extremely useful for the 4 kill trophies. 5. Yes, the community is very toxic in COMPETITIVE mode. In quickplay, nobody really gives a crap or takes the game seriously what-so-ever. Despite this, The game is not in a state where it's very beginner friendly right now. Smurf accounts are currently running rampant and nearly every hero is overpowered in some way. 6. Despite that, there's still a lot of fun to be had with this game. It's not the same game it was when it was released by a longshot but it's still an amazing game never-the-less. 7. If you have the option, play it on PC. It's a million times better.
  15. The third one coming out next year is actually a remake of the first game in the series (before either Mask of Deception or Mask of Truth), so I've been waiting for that one to come out before I start any of the games. Also, similar to you I've heard many good things about the series as well.
  16. If you've done some silly things online, don't worry about it. It pales in comparison to the thirsty weebs who purchase vials of used bathwater of some English girl who doesn't care about them.

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      @Copanele Buying discounted games at a limited budget is smart, though.

      I'm just grateful to these weebs that I don't have to feel like a complete idiot ever again.

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      If you've missed out you can have a jug of mine if you want. I have a thorough clean, nowhere left untouched. PM me.

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      @thepeaguy Let's hope as many of them as possible join the Area 51 charge and remove themselves from the genepool.

  17. Just any FIFA Game which is still obtainable to avoid the servershut down
  18. I wondered the same. And I managed it twice, both on PC and PS4! When I knew that I got it, the plat was in my reach.
  19. How I got Zen's Rapid Discord without boosting is beyond me.
  20. Current pre-orders on games: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Limited Edition Pre-orders on hardware: Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition Soon also pre-ordering The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Limited Edition once my favorite retailer adds it to their selection.
  21. that is a good idea for both your tips but I like to know one thing. how do you get to kill the bus? As I heard from someone that you can get alot of good points from it when you do it.
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  23. Clearly, you are part of that large minority who do not appreciate the (radical) changes to the AC formula. I am in no way criticizing that, just sorry to hear it. I don’t think your AC is coming back, as the consensus seems to be that the enormous number of new fans gained easily weighs up against the much smaller number of older fans that bailed. Sorry.
  24. Tom Clancy's The Division 1 & 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands (available to help everyone in all of them for Co-Op trophies) The Souls games, Bloodborne, Nioh
  25. Even last Black Friday was available at GameStop Italy for 50€. Anyway my last game is Redeemer Enhanced Edition, payed 30,98€ the retail version, I've just realized right now it's without platinum lol gonna take it back to GameStop tomorrow for pre order something else (Man of Medan "that thing I don't remember exact title" or WRC 8)
  26. I had no regrets. It’s one of my proudest platinums ever, because I did everything 100% legit so far. I still have Baptiste’s trophies to accomplish though, which are the hardest to date. Soon we’ll have the role queue, which will default a 2-2-2 team composition, which is perfect because players on console, in general, are dumber than on PC. Should make things easier.
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