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  2. I turn 48 this year. I was born in December 1972, so yeah, I did watch a lot of the early cartoons. I was watching Nickelodeon back when it was a poor company and every weekday had Pinwheel, a twelve-hour skit fest with muppet-puppets and mini-cartoons for kids. They forgot that kids wouldn't be watching Pinwheel because they would be at school during the hours it aired. It was also where I enjoyed Reading Rainbow.
  3. http://prntscr.com/snq2km
  4. Oh thanks! I am glad you set your own personal deadline. I don't want people to be burned out on an event. With people going back to work commutes (now that more info on The Virus is trickling in and precursors are taken to ensure people don't get sick - we'll probably be wearing masks outside of the house for many many months ) I know a few people will go back to their casual free gaming time of two hours or so a day so you do you. Thanks for the thanks. I tried to make sure this event was fun but doable. Also, if you are unsure of your score or standing, Kristycism's table should have all of your information so you can calculate it yourself. Uh huh, preach it! I had my doubts about playing Kingdom Hearts III with the DLC's EZ Codes, but they made the trophies go by. For the record, after walloping several early bosses with Deadly Blow, I took it off for the final battles and it was more exciting and suitable. The thought of [spoiler final boss] going down in one hit is silly.
  5. Looks fixed, you'll probably need to earn a trophy to force a profile update.
  6. I heard there was a third game, some kind of remake? I just looked it up and it's called "Steins;Gate Elite".
  7. I had the same issue, 99% of Story yet full final scorecard. What I did was I smashed one final gate I was missing in The Gulf (one of those gates leading to tunnels and caves). I can confirm that gates do count for this trophy.
  8. Hi guys, To be honest I hate Leech Hunter in RE0... I still need to complete it with A rank and killing all enemies. I would like to complete one run on A rank to get infinite ammo but I don't know if Im able to use infinite ammo on 2nd Leech Hunter run or in campain only. Is the infinite ammo unlocked for everything or for campain only? I didnt find answer on internet so can you help me with this?
  9. Please comment why to explain your vote. I'm just curious how everyone thinks about crossplay, I've heard many mixed opinions about this before so I thought to make a poll and here it is.
  10. That probably actually would fix a number of other related issues that crop up from time to time lol
  11. Steins;Gate>Steins;Gate 0 That's pretty much my familiarity with the series.
  12. I hope it gets fix and not to worry about it anymore.
  13. Can't really do anything about it unless I ignore when someone hides all their games, which is probably rare. Usually someone sets their trophies to private if they want them all hidden. Thinking about it, this will probably fix more issues than it causes so I'll make the change.
  14. Thanks I didn't know it had radiation protection. I'm at 4900 gold so I'm going purchase something tonight.
  15. Yeah, I'm having this problem with TT and PSNTL too, so it's a Sony's servers problem. Let's just hope it's not another 2011 disaster.
  16. Under 4 hours.
  17. If it helps out, it's been doing this kind of thing more often recently, a couple of weeks ago it did it maybe 3 times during the week
  18. Hey, in what order should I play the Steins;Gate games? I own a Vita and a PS4. I am not interested in watching the anime.
  19. F5'ing my trophies throughout the day is the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic, now what am I gonna doooooooooo
  20. PSN is returning 0 games for everyone atm, not sure if it's a PSN issue or if our requests need to be tweaked. I've disabled updating for now until I can see what's up. Edit: looks like a PSN issue, I'll turn updating back on when it's fixed. PSN returns how many trophies you have but with 0 games, this looks exactly the same as when someone hides all their games. So it's not possible to tell if your games are actually hidden or if PSN is being buggy.
  21. Here is some hope. The president of Hangar 13 is aware of the trophy issues and says they will fix it.
  22. Ive never tried to have a super high completetion precentage as Id rather reserve the right to just quit a game I dont wanna play... but wouldnt the ability to delete trophies/games make it kinda pointless... anyone that wanted 100% completion could just delete anything they dont 100%... meaning anyone could be at 100% with a few toggles...
  23. Seems like an issue with PSN. If I try to look at friends trophies via the app, it says they have no trophies.
  24. Lol I didn’t notice that before.
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