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  2. 100% - #126 100% on 2nd May 2019 (5 years, 2 months, 3 weeks)0 After platinum Uncharted 3 on PlayStation 3 5 years ago, I begin my journey toward 100% trophy completion on Uncharted 3 after taking a break from the game for a year. Damn, it really one hell of grind and it was no easy task getting those DLC trophies but I did got all the modes done pretty quickly in 2015 except I still need 2 dozens of Team Dearhmatch wins, few specific thing on crushing difficulty, like "Overseers" and some treasure hunt in adventure and ONE last treasure in Hunter Arena. This so call HA is where I got burnout by the game cause for 6 weeks I'll boost 3-4 hours everyday, and still without any luck getting my LAST treasure in HA while most of my boosting partners have got theirs treasure done and move on to others game so I forced to take a break from UC3 which I also needed a long "break". Fast forward 4 year later in 2019, after 100% UC2 where I meet some great boosters and they'll said they gonna move to UC3 after getting theirs UC2 DLC done but the treasure drop in HA still haunts me although I didn't farm as much as 4 years ago the nightmare is still real. My next biggest nightmare is "Overseer" trophy and getting there is quite tough though the level is pretty short but this "Protect the Status" really need a lot of coordination and communication and I was lucky to meet 2 really awesome boosters that doing most of the hard work throughout the level but I was given a job and I stick to it like a glue although I'm not a very good shooter myself. Eventually we did it on our 2nd try as we cover each other and work together effectively. Well, actually this was my official third times trying while the first is 4 years ago with different player but I did watch a lot of videos so it make thing a little bit easier as I know what I am doing if given a role. Once I got "Overseers" there is nothing stopping me from 100% Uncharted 3. Thanks to the first group for dragging me down into grinding pool but we sure have fun while boosting together: @AllSugarRain @Azaan60 @CaribbeanLegend @Champion_Trophy, @digital_riddles @erdstapa, @Fingolfin-II @G10BURGERKING @Gentendo_3000 @Jables-TENAC @king-koopa94 @l1z4rD3ee, @Muchy33 @silentRage800, @Silvanous @SquallZidaneXIII, @TheGamerStyle @ULTIMA_AK & @Unknown_Leader I really appreciate those guys for helping and dragging me throughout the "Overseers" & "Triumvirate", special thanks to @bibiman111 & @mjan8935 for the help in Overseers. And @bibiman111 & @hjuy65tghmmmx3 for the help in Triumvirate and lastly @Ladeous for dropping my last treasure in Hunter Arena. And also others players in my second boosting group: @Alonsocs33 @brenofofao, @gatx052000, @Hustle_Pride @jdh0921 @kal_el_leo10 @LuckyZulu109 @nicacio09, @REM12 @shadow022624 & @T58M58N43T There is still lot others player that helped me along my journey toward 100% while some may have deleted me from PSN but I still want to thanks them whoever they are. And finally I'm lucky to got all Uncharted 3 multiplayer done before Naught Dogs announced servers shutdown on 3rd September and I do not have to worries about Uncharted 2 & The Last of Us too. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Platinum Video:
  3. Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV - I knew I'd never beat all the Trials (literally not even half of them), or finish the 500 online matches in IV or ranking everyone up to C in Super IV, or beat Arcade Mode on Hardest with all characters.... but I'm a longtime SF fan, so I played them anyway. Metal Gear Solid 2 - no way was I gonna be able to beat Extreme difficulty, and I cannot beat those VR sniping missions where you have to defend a target for love nor money. Metal Gear Rising - I was never gonna beat the hardest difficulties, or beat the bosses without taking damage, or beat the VR missions... but it's Metal Gear, so I did what I could and moved on. Injustice: Gods Among Us - the Battle mode is impossible for me, and I couldn't be bothered to turbo my way to level 100. Bulletstorm - the online servers were down by the time I really got into this game. If I'd finished the MP in time, then I'd now have the platinum, but oh well.
  4. Saboteur, and Force Unleashed 1 and 2 Never played the 3 of them on PC so figured i'd get them for PS3 for the trophies
  5. Im getting dead island definitive collection for 7.50 dollars, i really enjoyed them on ps3
  6. sample video but i try this it seems not so fast than i think.
  7. I like it. Way more than I expected. Henry Cavill as Geralt actually does look convincing... Who would have thought? Don't get me wrong, the actual series could be a piece of crap but it certainly has my attention now.
  8. Spent the entire day playing Resident Evil 2. I beat Leon’s story. Not bad considering the fact I picked it up from the library yesterday.

  9. Dungball Roller Became Ryunoshin the dung lover's best friend. B-but... I don't want to be his best friend. 😐 & if you're wondering what he did with all of those 25 dung balls, well... it's probably best you don't think about it. 😅 But if you're still curious, here's a hint. Also, I'm just going to set this here, as it seems appropriate (stolen from @Dr_Mayus).
  10. Never knew crotch shots were more effective than head shots. 😂
  11. 1 new feature/update a year would be nice
  12. Yeah I did the same thing like halfway through the Challenge, right in the crotch LMAO. He took out 5 guys, then died on his own.
  13. skyrim update: 13k gold to the 100k trophy. 60/300 locations found. also knocked out the enchantment achievement though they run out really fast may have to invest into enchanting.

  14. This question was almost a month ago but in case you are still looking for an Answer, This is a (normally rare) bug. Most of the time you can just run back into the Gate (through the tantacles of the entity) and out again and should be good. If this does not help run off the edge of the map. You will enter a falling animation and then spawn somewhere on the map again. Head to an exit and leave, and again, you should be good
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  16. Anyone else have any issues with glitchy trophies? The trophy for 50 stars, 3 starring the Waspfish levels and earning 100,000 points didn't pop when they were suppose to. So I loaded the game up and replayed the first level and then they did but the trophy for completing all Waspfish levels never popped and I've been unsuccessful so far getting it to. Probably gonna delete my save and restart or something.
  17. Yeah, I am tempted but will probably wait for 50-75% off.
  18. I managed to get the big dude at the start with a residue bolt by shooting him in the nuts. The best one to get though is the enemy in yellow with armour and a gas mask, he managed to take out around 6 or 7 for me before i got gold. I just combined that with the stealth and thrown weapons sub challenge. I think i got around 27 thousand, can't remember.
  19. I don’t know how the PS4 versions are, but I played them on PC and they’re both very fun hack and slash + FPS. The first one I feel is better just because the second has too many added rpg elements for my liking that said there’s a lot of humor and quality gaming in both
  20. Final Review- Lollipop Chainsaw So, I played through another chapter of this odd game. Many new game mechanics were introduced in it. There are zombies with bombs strapped to their chests, that will explode when hit. So you have to hit them, and then run for it. Can be used to blow up other zombies, as well. Your boyfriend, Nick, is now a talking, disembodied head. Worn like an accessory on Juliet's skirt. At times, you can place him on a headless zombie, and after performing a quicktime event get past certain obstacles. There was also a stripper pole where spinning around on it pretty much made you invincible, and took out many zombies. At the end of the level, I fought some punk rocker boss zombie. He had 3 different phases, and you had to do them all without dying. First was dodging attacks and hitting him, like usual. Then the second phase required destroying the speakers he was standing on. The last phase was similar to the first and standard gameplay, except now he started throwing projectiles. Which, if dodged successfully, could be used against him. Hitting him 15 times with his own attack nets you a trophy. After dying once in the process, and coming very close the second time, I just decided to leave it for the next playthrough. :/ That won't be on Hard difficulty, and should be easier. I don't know how much more crazy stuff I'm in for, but so far this has been a good time. Maybe a ? Hard to say this early. That would imply it's perfect, though, and the amount of quicktime events might end up being a little much.. Time played: Not really sure. Should be at least 3 hours, though. Trophy progress: 7/51 for 10% and an E rank. Completion Percentage: -0.11% Hopefully, I can find some time to play the other 2 games for this event. Today was nothing but Uncharted 3, so... yeah. :/
  21. Well I tried replaying a few select questionable chapters to register the completion status, then I redid the final chapter and it popped. I cheesed a couple annoying sections but I guess you can't even do that. I wonder if it's because I had digital, instead of physical copy
  22. Something I saw today, posted by PlayAsia actually, a game that comes out in September. From what I can tell, it's a detective like game featuring anthromorphic characters with puzzles, dialogue options and some QTE stuff too. It does intrigue me at the very least, may have to keep an eye on this when it releases in September.
  23. You know what game I miss? Pharaoh. You'd have to build a fully functional city of 5000+ people first, then figure out a way to expand the population to support the workforce you need to build a tomb. Then you'd have to figure out how procure the building material you need, and oh by the way, you're going to have to import mud to make the bricks, so better hope your city is good at trading.

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      Have that one for PC in the Greatest Empires Collection II with Caesar III, Poseidon and Zeus: Master of Olympus


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  24. I've been giving Ruiner thought since it was last on sale. This time I believe I'll pick it up since I enjoy twin stick shooters
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