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  2. I'm also interested in opinions here, will start chasing Gold Rush soon.
  3. #215 Grand Kingdom Hero of Resonail Congratulations on getting all the trophies! I raised that girl.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if P4 and P3 characters will also be playable in P5S. Persona 3 characters were also playable in the Persona 4 Arena games, after all. I think the chances of be able to play with Yukiko and Akihiko in P5S are higher than being able to play with Sojiro and Mishima to be honest .
  5. Mortal Kombat 11
  6. Fellow outlaws, I'm new to PSNProfiles, but I'm very happy to be here. It's easier to track what to get for Platinum and there are guides and tips all over the place, really handy! As a full-time employee I don't have hours and hours to play games. So instead of trying to be best online I figured that getting Platinum for the games I already have might be more worth my while. So I finished Spider-Man really, really easy and then I figured, let's go for a difficult one: Red Dead Redemption 2. I already played the game once and wanted to continue on the save, but then I read there are missable trophies and yes, I missed Lending a Hand and Errand Boy (Arthur felt too good for errands). Started up a second playthrough, followed PowerPyx trophy guide and ka-ching: I now got all the missable ones. Breath happy and continue. At the moment I'm on 47% with 26 trophies out of the 52 (which in my belief is 50%). Haven't done RDO yet, I want to finish up all offline trophies first. After getting those missable trophies I realized I should check the other trophies as well. And now I realise that Gold Rush might the most difficult one to achieve. I'm at Chapter 6 and need 5 more quests before I enter the epilogue. I started counting: if I continue the game and save before every quest and go for the gold, eventually I will have (5 previous + 5 C6 + 11 EP1 + 10 EP2) 31 Gold medals. That means I will need to replay 39 missions. So if all goes well, I'll be at 44% of this trophy. I was curious about what other players might do. Will you continu on and get every gold medal left and just replay, or will you start a new save for it? Hoping you guys can help me make a decision.
  7. https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/grid/STORE-MSF86012-SL190424_0507HT/1?direction=asc&sort=name Tons of good deals, too many to list. Better still if you have PS+ which for 12 months would currently cost £35/$45 (though they do deals on that too during the year, I got 15 months for ~£25) Personally I'm looking at Aragami, the Spyro trilogy and maybe a few others.
  8. #127 The Walking Dead: The Final Season Game Rating: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: Around 12 hours The series concludes with one strong and emotional season.
  9. I tried the afk farming yesterday but after leaving it on all night i found barely antyhing at all on the ground, maybe 5 parts and no other rare stuff. Was it always this bad or got this patched? I did id on the first encounter during the last story mission, should i try it again? I waited behind the bus between two rocks.
  10. 100% correct. it's pretty much choose what you like on those races/targets it's ftw.
  11. Waiting for you to suddenly remember that your brother/friend/long-lost uncle did it.
  12. I was hoping Okami HD would finally get a discount ... Got my hopes crushed again.
  13. I don't see how either things are related. What is your line of thought? Regardless, what neko said it's right, you can start fresh offline and it wouldn't matter, I'm pretty sure Burnout has no missable trophies.
  14. As a SMT fan since the SFC I feel I have to say there is no way on this planet that i'd find myself playing this. Sure maybe as a download on a modded switch for 5 minutes but that's it. I just don't get these f^**)&^ing dancing, fighting (Still waiting for persona cup racing) shitty little games when we've all played enough real smt games to see through the money grab.
  15. PSNP influences me greatly... i go after trophies much more after knowing this website and that is true for both easy and hard games... since over a year i participate in many community events that gave and give me ideas of playing games for certain reasons like name, genres, rarity etc. i wouldn't have chosen otherwise... i even picked up several games i started 5 or 6 years ago and unlock either all or at least many trophies to boost my trophy completion percentage... and also only thx to psnp i know of boosting sessions which helped me get almost all online trophies i have on my profile... And as others said i too like the stats overview much too bad nothing alike is shown on the PS consoles...
  16. Yes. There's a route you can take where you just knock out 2 people. When you come down the stairs to encounter the first batch of 3 people all you have to do is knock out the first guy. Take the stairs down on the dock side, where the boat is you use to escape, and there will be one more dude. Knock him out then make sure you come out on the left side so that the 2 guys on the outside, opposite side of where you leave, don't see you as they speak to some dude behind a door. You'll see a canoe hanging behind a red barrel you can finagle your way to the front of it and drop to the docks below. Careful of the strung up cans, you can take them as you go, and then it's just a straight shot to the escape boat.
  17. It's weird right? I'm guessing the majority of SMT fans maybe didn't start playing until 3 or more likely 4.
  18. Ah so its save-dependent and not linked to your profile? Then its no big deal! Thanks!
  19. At this moment, no one but i suspect that the Mortal Kombat platinum (PS3) is going to be a massive headache even achieving the online stuff.
  20. update time: I haven't been playing Star Ocean as religiously as I did with Mugen Souls mainly due to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers coming out later this year, I've been leveling up my classes in FF XIV in preparation for it. However I've been putting in work on my off nights. Anyway, here's where I'm at: Battle Trophies: Edge lord: 53/100 Reimi: 34/100 Faize: 36/100 Kay: 22/100 Bacchus: 63/100 (got his 255 robotics drops while grinding 30K kills with Arumat) Meracle: 49/100 (Working on 255 Ornithology drops while grinding 30K kills with Arumat) Sarah: 9/100 Myuria: 26/100 Grim Reaper: 98/100 (30K Kills and taunt EQ are left)
  21. Can you knock people out in the church episode?
  22. Golden Completed Earn all trophies Took me more than 6 years to finally complete this game. Unfortunately I can't say I enjoyed getting the platinum for it. You will need to use a guide for almost everything if you are aiming for the platinum and the "hardcore risette fan! trophy ruined the enjoyment of the game for me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platinum Midnight Unlock all the trophies. I needed something easy after the P4 platinum so I grabbed this one from the PS Sale. It mightt be the easiest platinum on my profile so far. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pirates of the Enchiridion Collect all trophies Another easy platinum from the PS sale. No missables, short and fun game. It crashed a couple of times though.
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  24. Greetings everyone Mortal Kombat 11's Story Mode features alternate cinematics as well as alternate endings similar to Neteherrealm's previous game, Injustice 2. Here is the entire Story Mode put together as a full feature length movie, edited from my twitch.tv/TheElecPlay Livestream of the Story Mode for YouTube. I took the liberty of adding the alternate fights in the multiple choice chapters so you will see the chapter unfold from the perspective of a different character. You’ll also see the Alternate Endings at the end of the video. Refer to the timestamps to skip segments of the video. TIMESTAMPS Skip Introduction: 02:38 Mortal Kombat 11 Story Mode CHAPTERS: No Commentary Prologue - 02:39 Chapter 1 Next of Kin - Cassie Cage 06:43 Chapter 2 Timequake - Kotal Kahn 25:40 Chapter 3 Shaolin Monks - Liu Kang or Kung Lao 43:48 Chapter 3 Alternate - Kung Lao 47:12 Chapter 4 Fire & Ice - Scorpion or Sub-Zero 01:01:56 Chapter 4 Alternate - Sub-Zero 01:08:54 Chapter 5 Truths Revealed - Jade 01:21:12 Chapter 6 War on the Homefront - Johnny Cage 01:35:14 Chapter 7 Coming of Age - Kitana 01:51:59 Chapter 8 Fight Club - Sonya Blade 02:07:53 Chapter 9 All in the Family - Jax or Jacqui Briggs 02:22:23 Chapter 9 Alternate - Jacqui Briggs 02:28:01 Chapter 10 To Hell and Back - Scorpion 02:46:48 Chapter 11 Cutting the Strings - Raiden 02:56:34 Chapter 12 END OF AN ERA - Liu Kang 03:15:37 ENDING - No Rounds Lost 03:30:24 ALTERNATE ENDINGS Raiden Ending (Lose 1 Round) 03:35:44 Kronika Ending (Lose the Match) 03:38:35 Have a good one.
  25. Hoping the cast of Persona 3 and 4 are playable.
  26. Glad you're able to see the funny side, I'd be quite cross. Any chance they're new enough to fall under warranty?
  27. #104 - Adventure Time: Pirate of the Enchiridion A nice, easy RPG. Was fun, although the game is noticeable short. And padded with Wind Waker type travel. Since it was delisted with the rest of the Adventure Time games last year, I can't really say 'go get it'. But if you happen to have it and haven't played yet, it's fun and I can recommend it.
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