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  2. You can use back-up saves pretty much as much as you want, you just need to remember to always synch the first time you earn that trophy so it doesn't get cases like All score attack done earned BEFORE half of score attack done (Using your P4A case). You can even play the game back and forth between many consoles as you want and upload the save to cloud/usb, just always synch the trophies the first time they pop, you'll never have trouble this way.
  3. I'd be more likely to move over to the Switch as a platform and keep the PS4 on the side to play any exclusive titles that might be released for it to be honest. I'd probably still 100% games I really enjoy all the same, maybe a few less titles would get the treatment I would normally give them though.
  4. Or just have someone in the group who can translate from your language to english and vice-versa. I played this game a few months ago, got the platinum and still helped much more people after it and many of those didn't speak english (Portuguese speakers) but we were using a english discord group and still went fine, me and another guy pretty much translated everything from english to portuguese and vice-versa and it worked out much faster than the sessions I did with PS Messages only. The real problem with Arkham Origins mp boosting is that you really need some good coordination + communication in order to do Predator Paragon and Clutch trophies as mentioned by @ReadyLeaderOne. And even if you can't speak english properly, you probably can understand what they are saying, so just ask them to give you orders and you respond with a simple "Yes" or "No" and work from there. You really only need good english talking skills if you're the host/leader and is trying to coordenate everyone, otherwise just listen and follow the orders gave to you.
  5. My account is around 2 years old also an e.u account a have found out that the glitch for rank 25/50 doesn't work. What happens is that the money and rank don't actually "stick" in the unlocks page, I also have a 6-7 year old eu account and that stats/money "stick" no problem. At first I thought it was just how is was pressing the buttons to get the glitch to work but on testing my old account it seems that it isnt. I have a u.s account which I will test and post findings. I will e doing the multiplayer, just it seems I will be self boosting the rank trophies the good old fashioned way. Will also get back with findings if trophies pop or not per original post.
  6. Even though he's not a member of this site, I'd like to give a major shout out to Garlantos. He's the most obsessive RPG nerd I've ever met in my 30 years as a gamer. His profile speaks volumes. This guy plays nothing but RPGs and plats them all. This guy is ridiculous!
  7. It's also available on the snes classic
  8. not really. just extra collectables. 3 has other characters to change up gameplay style. thats all. they're pretty similar
  9. As long as you sync your trophies before using a back-up save you're out of trouble.
  10. Uncharted: Lost Legacy Best Driver in the Business Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes
  11. Platinium: 136 Boderlands The Pre - sequel Well I don't know if maybe I made a mistake going for this one as soon I was ending Bo2 but I did it anyways I gonna say it's still an amazing game. Much short and cut in content than is older brother but still good and in my opinion the story and lore is more interesting than the second one. Still I felt a bit exhausted going for this one at the end maybe to much from the same game in a month but the list are similar to boderlands 2 actually I would say more easy in some ways it's just the fact that playing the two on the same time may get bit boring after a time. Awesome game not hard to get the plat just lot of time consuming and if you like the series and the gameplay you will love it going for it anyways. Dificulty: 3/10 Enjoyement: 7/10
  12. I hate to hijack this thread but I didn't know where else to ask, since all other threads in this forum other than the dispute threads are locked. Could someone please clarify the rule to me regarding transferring saves between 2 consoles, and using your own cloud saves to earn trophies. I personally have always backed up save files to both the PS Plus cloud, and sometimes a memory stick in case my console dies. For example right now I'm playing P4A, and have the score attack mode complete with 8/13 characters, obviously if my console died now, I'd have to start again, and that would be bad, which is why I keep a backup save. So would this be somehow against the rules if I were to use this save on another console, or would it only be against the rules if I hadn't synced for example the trophies for completing half of score attack and all of score attack on the dead console, and then used the old save to pop them both at once on a new console (Not that they would necessarily both pop in this case, I'm just using this as an example)
  13. & Prime Day deal. I was worried that it was OOP but nope.
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  15. Same here. I am around half way through and have been thinking 'Is this all it is?' The story (if you could even call it that) is pretty pitiful too. I am really hoping they added more to the next two games.
  16. Tecnically, it SHOULD be accumulated, but, due this glitch, now you have to do it in the same server until the trophy appears. I'm trying to see if that trophy which requires you make 150k as player also works in the same way too.
  17. Im newish but you can play with me lol Also use your free platinum you start with to buy warframe slots not cosmetics. Lol you'll thank me later
  18. Have anyone problem complete G.A. Labs fund in quickstarter? I have everything done and this is only thing what I miss to complete Kamuro City Go, I have funded level 8 G.A.Labs but now there is no more. I tried sleep for time change but didnt work.
  19. "Giant Crown" -Record your first silver crown or higher in your hunting log. ** This trophy is a special one..
  20. PSNProfiles, I have a confession to make. I’m a fraud. A clown. I hope you all can forgive me for what I will admit to you today.


    Despite being Rock Lee... I still haven’t even finished the original Naruto series, and I have touched Shippuden yet :|


    If any of you need to block me or unfriend me, I understand :P

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    2. ruffedgz
    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Stop being drunk Lee and open up them gates. I only have Revolution left but idk when I'll get to it.

      Unless you're talking about the anime?

    4. ResoluteRock


      @Avatar_Of_Battle I’m talking about the anime. Haven’t even touched the manga yet either >.<

  21. That moment where you forget to grab a towel to shower and have to dry yourself with your sisters pink bunny dish towel. 

    1. DarkLoba13


      LMAO! Hope you mention that to her before she uses it for anything :P

  22. ^^ But you can play these games on your switch 😜
  23. A new leader- Assume the role of 1st Unit Leader
  24. PS3: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition - No issues found Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - No issues found Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - No issues found Jak II - No issues found Jak 3 - No issues found PS4: Entwined - No issues found. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - No issues found Jak II - No issues found Jak 3 - No issues found Jak X: Combat Racing - No issues found
  25. After finishing Final Fantasy XIII two days ago, my motivation to continue dropped below zero. I started XIII-2 in the meantime, but the story of this game sucks ass and I really don't wanna continue. The other stuff is boring as well. Wolfenstein is so bland and uninspired, its mere existence is a disgrace to all good shooters out there. Maybe I should do what I initially had in mind: Play Final Fantasy X. Or Mass Effect 2. Or Half-Life 3. Or just with my balls. After 30 years of gaming, my passion for video games seems to be at an all-time low.
  26. Grand Theft Auto V Staying away cause of the online stuff.
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