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  2. First rule is All Rules Are Subject to Change or Complete Disregard at Any Time. Play games for fun, earn some trophies too. Don't play anything I don't want to for trophies. Also, if I get a bug to play a game, even halfway through another, I'll just go do it. I can always return at a later date, if I want to. My time is by far my most precious resource. With a full time job, a wife, and 2 kids, I don't have near the time I used to. All of my personal guidelines focus on maximizing my own enjoyment of that time. Don't be Afraid - if a game looks fun, play it, doesn't matter if it's broken (Fenix Furia) or Nigh impossible (Necrodancer). Game turns out to be shit or crazy boring, walk away. Don't Plan Anything. Any time I try to set up a list or program I completely lose interest. This is a hobby, one I've loved for over 30 years. Making plans and stuff turns it into a job or chore for me. Plat >>>>>>>> 100%. Even if I have the DLC I won't always complete or even attempt it. If I love a game, play the DLC even if it doesn't have trophies. Also, don't focus on DLC unless it's integrated into the main game. Single player first, mp maybe. I've been burned a few times for doing mp early, then not actually caring about the game. Sure I can clean it up later, but I probably won't. If I love a game and finish everything else I can worry about it then, or not. Server closures just mean I don't have to worry about that game anymore. Dont stack games. If I love it enough to replay it, I don't need to get the trophies again. I have probably 3x the hours in Dark Souls after the plat and I easily Doubled my Blood borne hours as well. I consider a stack to be any game that shares most of the story, gaemplay, plot, etc with the original. Adding an extra area and including DLC does not make a new game. Completely rewriting the entire story and changing the game play is fine. Never pay full price. Never impulse buy. Make a list of games I actually want to play. If a game pops up on sale and looks intriguing, do some research and add it to the maybe list. It'll go on sale again.
  3. On ps4, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls games. But the series I replayed the most across many consoles is Mega Man, especially the X series. I used to challenge myself in Mega Man X by beating all 8 mavericks with no upgrades, except Chill Penguin, which used to be the last boss I'd kill because of the unskipable dash upgrade. So many memories! Next time I'm replaying Mega Man on ps4 xD.
  4. Playing God of War III on PS3ย  for the first time in my life when I come across a character with the unmistakable voice of the late great Rip Torn. He really does show up everywhere (yes, I know that I am very late to this party!)

  5. Anyone have issues with dlc trophies popping? I did first dlc n got trophy for completing quest but not for completing tomb then the pillar dlc i got tomb trophy but not quest trophy...ive had trophy issues with a few other games (horizon ZD, res 2, etc) as well n really dont want to reset ps4 n have to start everything all over so any suggestions would be great also everytime i first load a game it signs me out n i have to sign back in and reload game...
  6. Bioshock series on PC not only to replay and enjoy the series but also `noclip so I can explore literally every inch its relaxing Call of duty Black ops 1-4 for the zombies HOMM3, PC I almost run at least 2-3 Skirmishes a month for the last like 15 years
  7. I'm at 1900, means that i'm 100 Points away from Gold is that right?
  8. I played overwatch way too much before I occasionally go back to tricky towers I cannot stop playing apex, send help
  9. Oh boy, I do have some Advance Wars 2 on GBA: (Let's hope Wargroove is as good!) Crash Team Racing on PS1; Theme Park World on PS1; Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour on PC; Rogue Legacy on PS4/Vita Rocket League on PS4
  10. Black Ops 1, Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary
  11. It 100% works with no mither i also went through this just a couple weeks ago you have to do alot more then 50. I counted 50 solo heals where i healed the guy from 0% - 100% then i stoped counting. I musta got like 20 or more before it finally popped. Take it from me it works but its definetly bugged in some way I used no mither the entire time until i got it.
  12. I have some I believe I could go back and play again. Doubt I will because of my backlog. They are the following. Uncharted 1-3 (was happy when they remastered them) Infamous series (Still hoping for a remaster of the 3 PS3 games) Killzone 2 Sly cooper 1-3 (same as Infamous)
  13. My run:
  14. stupot00 Marvel Heroes Omega Before the game shut down you could buy four 60 characters from the ps store, these wouldn't count for the one character to 60 trophy but would count towards the 5 characters to 60. So by levelling one character while playing the game you could unlock both trophies at the same time with the 4 downloaded ones.
  15. @Phoenix_argentea I'm with you, I love when I open any game and see a thin book inside it, the last PS4 games with a booklet I bought maybe are trails of cold steel 1 and 2 and the last PS3 game with a booklet was Tales of Graces f, and on vita... I think only the japanese version of trails of cold steel I and II. I don't think you are doing something wrong with the spolier tag, maybe simply the website has a problem with that, like sometimes when you a double post in any status update or something like that. ๐Ÿ˜…
  16. I kind of already said this in the trophy posting thread but I'll go ahead and start now. Give me FFX HD advice if your feeling generous enough via private messaging I guess and I'll post my current location in the game via status updates so you can give me area-specific advice I guess. So... here we go.


    FFX HD Current Location: Besaid Island beach getting ready to board the boat to Kilika Island. (I was originally planning on grinding extra Sphere Levels against the upcoming infinite Sinspawn but I've been told that's a waste of time so I wasn't really planning on doing that anymore)

  17. it probably should stay flaggable, but definitely shouldn't necessitate hiding the entire game ez fix would be to render flagged trophies worthless (0 point value) and visibly mark them as such illegit trophies aren't counted on LBs, and legit ones aren't hidden = win/win
  18. There are some games, that I love so much, that I canโ€™t stay away from them for long. So, sometimes, I really feel the need to stop my trophy hunting activity for a bit and to go back to these games that are so special to me. Does this happen to you too? Do you like replaying your favorite games from time to time or do you prefer to keep trophy hunting and to just keep the memories of the games that touched your heart the most? If you like replaying, what are the games that deserve this honor? In my case, I always end up returning to these games: - The Last of Us - All the Uncharted games - Tomb Raider (2013)
  19. Speaking in Tongues Find 1 Al Bhed Primer The Right Thing Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials Not a bad start? I guess? ๐Ÿ˜… So... yeah... I'll go ahead and admit it. I'm doing better then I was expecting I'd do. (I'm too used to cheating. lol.) Although I did literally spend an hour and a half at the very beginning of the game grinding for 3 Overdrive Modes for Tidus & Auron (good thing I didn't stream the beginning of the game ๐Ÿ˜“). But it's fine I guess if they end up helping me later. ๐Ÿ˜… I'm still incredibly worried though. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ So I might start giving status updates on where I'm at in this game (because there aren't trophies given every so often in this game) and anyone feeling generous enough is more than welcome to give me advice on the game via private messaging I guess. But only when I don't get trophies I guess. ๐Ÿ˜… Not bad so far I guess though. I've gotten Daredevil, Loner & Slayer for both Tidus and Auron and I just got Warrior for Tidus too. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So... yeah... It's the beginning of the game. This is why. This is the excuse I choose to use. ๐Ÿ˜“ Anyway... Current Location: Besaid Island beach getting ready to board the boat to Kilika Island.
  20. Find a game that has a more captivating story. I'm currently playing the Ace Attorney Trilogy trying to get over my own burnout issues and I have a hard time putting the game down because the episodes are so interesting. Yeah a lot of it is a little repetitive but there are enough twists to keep things from getting stale. Yes it's a VN essentially but it's still the easy trophies you want but it's more of a transition to something of higher quality than EZPZ games. Just a suggestion.
  21. Could you theoretically play a game rank up to say level 20 legit, then you have an auto pop. Dont sync, but put your profile to a flashdrive then nuke the trophy by system wipe. Then start again with your save and MP progress? Would that work?
  22. For newcomers, I'd honestly give the tip to grind kills on Chapter 17 for 15-20 minutes every time you have to play this chapter which would save you 2 hours of straight grinding as the last trophy you need. It's not as bad as Black Ops III grinding but damn is it repetitive and exhausting. I wish I put some effort into this trophy before devoting so much time to it as it's the last thing I need for the plat and most likely will be the last thing you need as well. So, save yourself a lot of trouble by giving yourself a little bit of trouble, 15 minutes at a time.
  23. My belief is this: If you just play a game regularly on an unhacked console without using other people's save files or modifying your own with a program, then you should never get flagged. That's the ideal, but I can make exceptions for some of the more convoluted stuff that can get you flagged (for example messing up the vita region stacking trick), since if you're doing that you really should know that you're doing something a bit strange. You're pushing on the boundaries and should pay more attention. I don't like seeing those flags, but I can understand them. I do think this is different. You can apparently get flagged in this case just by playing the multiplayer enough. I don't think that's right. And sure, there is a method to prevent the trophies from syncing, but I don't think it's right to expect people to know about it since you can run into problems just by playing the game without trying to push any boundaries. Imagine if you will, someone that has been playing games for a while without worrying about trophies. No hacking or save files, just playing games. But, now they're starting to get into trophies and find this site and add their name. If they played a lot of this game's multiplayer how should we greet them?
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