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  2. Hey everyone, I found in a guide that you can use the Reviver Hive on yourself when someone used a call for help. Accept a call for help with a equipped reviver hive, throw a grenade and kill yourself. You would automatically revive. It didn't work in my first try, but I tried again for a second time and it just worked. Give a shoot.
  3. Can we change games if we didn't like our original choices? Like I chose one for #9 because I saw someone else choose it but I'm not really sure I want to play it. Is there a limit to how many we can change?
  4. Like an avid trophy ( whore ) Hunter at first but not so much now , I've had my 'great games for trophies' happened to me quite a few times. In no particular order I'll try to find 5 of the worst. - Orc Slayer : Just awful. - Hannah Montana : I don't why I did that. Good thing is that a friend of mine came for vacations at my place that time so he finished the game as I couldn't play through it. - Whitetail Challenge : Stay away from this game - Ben 10 : I can't even remember the full title. I think it was the first Ben 10 game I played and I remember thinking that I don't want to go through a such shitty game again on my life - little adventure on the prairie. Definition of releasing a game just for trophy whores! could come up with few more but I think those 5 earn the 5 first places
  5. When does it run out? Black friday psplus is usually cheapest if yours doesnt run out before then.
  6. Awesome, thxs! time to read whats officially confirmed stuffs!
  7. PS4Pro uses a different bandwidth of wifi as I understand it. I'm surprised you replaced the ps4 pro with another one, instead of just googling. No amount of replacing systems is going to fix it. source: google https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=ps4+pro+wifi https://twinfinite.net/2016/11/ps4-pro-wifi-connection-better/ https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Pro/comments/7yhbx0/5ghz_wifi_is_trash_on_the_ps4_pro/
  8. Im the only one that notice it?
  9. Minecraft. Used to play it back in 2011-2012 a lot, and have been considering buying it on PS4 and playing it for old time's sake.
  10. I read your post and only your post, without scrolling down, and pretty much agree with it. I plan on going no further than this post however, because I'm in a good mood while crafting items in Final Fantasy XIV and I'd like to keep that good mood.
  11. Covenant: Gravelord Servant Discover Gravelord Servant covenant. Was working all day and didn't have a lot of time. And Tomb of the Giants is horrible.
  12. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  13. A long paragraph with still more days to make additions to it! Today April 21st I finished The Walking Dead Season 1 on PS Vita to 100% just had to go back and clear the dlc episode. First trophy October 8th 2013, complete in 5 years 6 months.
  14. The current challenges have a nice spread in terms of difficulty. Depending on your backlog, some of the challenges can be a bit challenging, but I feel like part of the appeal to this competition is pulling out obscure games that you wouldn't otherwise play. Some of the challenges are probably impossible to those with smaller backlogs (I don't own a single game from 2018 that I haven't already gotten all the trophies in), but the fact that you can set aside five challenges and still move onto the next round makes this system work. Also, as I'm finishing up Round 1, I have two questions: 1. Can I change my game for challenges 27/28 to Dragon's Crown, and if so, can I just report the trophies I got tonight, or do I need to get new trophies since I'm just switching my game now? 2. When starting a new round, are trophies obtained during Round 1 that didn't count for anything eligible for Round 2? I doubt this is the case, but I thought I'd ask.
  15. You should finish AC Brotherhood with other two people to obtain the last online trophy.
  16. Excellent one more whinging trophy hunter that blames someone else and their games for their own issues is moving on. How many more to go ?
  17. Today
  18. 1. A butt is not a genitalia. 2. There are violent murders in both of these series. Pretty much every murder in BB is shown from start to end. I didn't watched Hannibal, but here's an example from quick search https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70z8GMzpUbY 3. Yep, for Americans naked butt is more offensive than brutal gore. Which is pretty disturbing on its own.
  19. OK, time for Round 2... 1 - The Adventure Begins - Asdivine Hearts 4 - Loremaster - InnerSpace 5 - Stick Together - LittleBigPlanet 2 7 - La Esponja...Grande? - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 (1 of 5 trophies obtained between 08:11-08:37 AM on 21 Apr) 12 - shE's cute whEN she's anGRy - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 14 - Ultimate Attack - Omega Quintet (NA release 28 April 2015) 16 - mOdeL Of e-FiSh-ency - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 17 - What a Card - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 18 - I'm So Faced - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 (started 21 April 2019) 19 - Dancing on the Ceiling - LittleBigPlanet 2 (first trophy 30 Jun 2011) 21 - ARtIfactS of lifE - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 25 - Blanc Booting Up - Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies 29 - Escape - InnerSpace (last trophy for completing the storyline) 30 - Teacher's Pet - LittleBigPlanet 2 (given out for PS+ Jun 5, 2012) 31 - Lord of the Locket - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 (silver trophy along with a bronze (#18) and a gold (round 1 - #8)) 32 - Bongo Baby, Yeah - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 33 - Frequent Tuber - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 (again, part of the long running Monkey Island series of which Tales is game 5) 34 - Greatest Ally? - Mary Skelter: Nightmares (RPG) 35 - The Newlyfed Game - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 36 - The Hologram - InnerSpace (4x PSNP Uncommon trophies - this trophy + #4, 14, 29) 39 - The Leviathan - InnerSpace (released Jan 16, 2018) 40 - The 0.01 Percent Solution - Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 (both this and Sly Cooper contain Adventure in their genres) Should be 22 for Round 2 so far. For 27 and 28 I've got Ys Origin already approved but I'll add The Last Guardian (E rank, 4%), Rayman Origins (E rank, 11%) and Puppeteer (D rank, 10%) to the availables as well.
  20. Funny that we have all these newer members having a say on Ratalaika Games because a portion of their trophy profiles is their games being stacked in quick succession. I'm not saying I'm truly any better because I have all Sound Shapes stacks, Orc Slayer and My Name is Mayo, none of which I have any intention of ever going back to. Yet they have constantly pumped out the stacks because you have to pay multiple times because you have to pay for each region. That is pretty similar to a gambling addict's obsession with pouring more money on a slot machine or a poker table, even though the odds are they will lose money more than they will win money, because that's how casinos work. Here it's just grabbing virtual bling. Ratalaika simply publishes these games and they are putting these stacks out on purpose to cater specifically for those trophy addicts. If I had to choose between the two I would pick gambling some money at a casino because at least I have a small chance of actually winning some money, whereas here I'll just be spending money on some games that can be done in just 20 - 30 minutes. These games could of made you actually finish them to completion, and if that were the case then these threads wouldn't be popping up and most of you who stack Ratalaika Games wouldn't of bothered buying them to begin with. Call us elitists, stuck up weirdos, close minded, whatever. I said my piece. Doesn't matter if they keep cranking out trophy lists with 10 - 11 golds, 0 - 2 silvers, and a platinum for games that make you experience less than 10 - 20 percent of them because the trophies are basically all earned in the first level or two anyway. If this angers people, then whatever. It's my opinion, and I have just as much right to speak my opinion on this current trend as those of us who support Ratalaika Games and their practices.
  21. Me personally I like the games and I don't miss Nd the easy plats, I don't go for stacks just do it once it's over. I like breaking up a monotonous grind with a few easy laid back plats. My list has quite a few of these games but the fact I have them doesn't diminish my harder and longer games I have completed in my eyes
  22. For the 10.000 kills there is an easy tip. Go to RE.NET and in the menu of the game go to creatures. Count the kills in CAMPAIGN, not Raid. Once you count the total kills in CAMPAIGN, go to the OVERALL in the first page of the game in RE.NET and make the following calculation. For example, I did 2000 kills in Campaign and I have 7.000 in the Overall. So make Overall-Campaign. This is 5000. So make 10000-5000 and here you have the kills in Raid. It worked. I got the trophy after the kills I needed. The best way to get money and EXP in a short period of time is set up yourself in level 17 and repeat over and over level 2 in Trench (The beach). You will kill 19 creatures and get the Trinity Bonus over there. It is easy once you have level and good weapons. So after one hour, you will do in a easy way around 200-250 kills, 20.0000 EXP and 30.0000 BP each game to waste in the shop. You can finish the stage in 3 minutes. So loading times and fill the bullets it is around 5 minutes. Good trick. Believe me.
  23. Another day, another Anti-Ratalaika topic where the first 15 posts farm all the upvotes they can get. If you don't like the leaderboards, don't look at them. If you don't like the games, don't play them.
  24. Big Update so I am going to put it under a cut since its got over 35 trophies. I am sorry for such a large update and also that I hadn't before thought of putting these under a cut so they don't take up so much space. That puts me at 40 for Rounds 2 & 3 and at 35 for Round 4. I'm going to start Round 5 now and am declaring LEGO The Hobbit for Challenges 27 & 28.
  25. I just beat the game. I found this one much easier (and shorter) than the others. Of course, I was playing on Easy, and my goal was to knock out as many trophies I can. Because of that, I made all the terrible choices I could, and I'm now watching the worst possible ending. "The brave go where they want to be." I want that on my tombstone. Anyway, it's a crime this game only has 389 players. TBS is probably the best trilogy on the system. I'd put it up there with Arkham, Uncharted, and Dark Souls, and argue it did more with less. Really hoping my canon Alette run is a bit happier, though. I felt like a jackass making the choices I had to make to get back to Arberrang five times. It also seemed this game was more rushed than the others... And is this the first time they've hired voice actors? I liked what we got, but Rook...well, his voice doesn't match his body. He sounds more varl than human. I'm a little confused why Dredge Slayer, Looter, and Warmonger didn't pop. All the dredge should have been dead, and I'm pretty sure I didn't skip any battles or waves... Did you have any problem with those? Apparently, I can get Guided on my Alette run, if I'm careful with the choices I make, and that would save me from having to play through TBS1/TBS2 again...but I don't know what else I can do differently. I'd like to do Alette Normal and then Alette Hard (with no losses) to finish off the series. Also, I'm down to 90 games in my backlog! Yeah, I know that seems like a lot, but I got rid of a bunch of games that look like garbage (based on reviews or gameplay). Somebody let me know if Conan Exiles or Game of Thrones is any good. I'm a little leery about these free PS+ titles. (Yes, I know GoT the show is good.) In fact... Here are all the games in my backlog. Let me know what I should get rid of. Oh, and by "backlog," I mean I already own the game and it's in my library, so we'd basically be wanting to throw out games that aren't even worth playing for free...
  26. Why you said that 😢 that's mean. Jajajajajajajaja 😂😂😂😂😂
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