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  2. I know it can be a pain, but you're very close in finishing Skyrim on the PS3.
  3. Crossplay for the most part is alright. More players is a good thing. The only downside is FPS. Mouse and keyboard is way better than a controller for the pew pew.
  4. Is Robotics;Notes a VN of its own or is it connected to Chaos?
  5. Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link Evolution
  6. I just beat it. 11mins after I post with hours trying I found that If you: 1)disable them all with chain shots 2)make sure you fire those chain shot once on each and disable them 3)If your ship is fully upgraded.. use your round cannons 4)I fired directly at them with the enemy boats bow pretty much touching mine port or starboard 5)powder stores showed up on the 2nd shot head on the frigates and 3rd or fourth with the man-o-war.
  7. The anime is very well done. I think you would be shifting yourself significantly if you excluded it. The order for Chaos is: Chaos;Head Noah, Chaos;Head Chu Chu (Love sim), and Chaos;Child. Don’t forget about Robotics;Notes!!
  8. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 1/10 Time to Platinum: 20 hours Thoughts on the game Time for shutting-off the brain and satisfying that guilty pleasure. Easy weeb trash after a long RPG is really good for palette cleansing. I was actually surprised to find out that with this I have actually played and completed all Senran Kagura games since Peach Ball is not on PS4 for some reason (which I believe has to do with censorship on Soyny's platform). Anyway, in terms of gameplay I'm happy to announce that this one does go back to the more responsive, fast paced gameplay from Shinovi Versus. Estival Versus was so shit... I don't remember if this was a gameplay mechanic before but in this one you can cancel attacks with your guard. Why is this a big deal? Because the enemy attacks are telegraphed, letting you parry them with blocks. This becomes increasingly important when fighting other girls that usually try to break off from your combos with their attacks. It also builds so much meter for specials that is all around OP as fuck. With that mechanic in-between battles it became much more entertaining. Having to pay attention for once is a good thing. Also they kinda streamlined everything a bit to make it more fast paced. Sometimes breaking clothes doesn't go into the lil' cutscene so the battle isn't stopped all the time to watch the same thing over and over again. There is also this Burst bar that acts as a super mode where you get infinite Aerial Raves and a gigantic attack boost. Pairing that with a level 3 special is devastating. On top of that it ends in an AoE special that is also very strong. Another good step forward is that for the first time the cutscenes have the girls actually looking at each other standing in an actual place! It used to be that they would just be standing there looking to the front which made cutscenes so boring. Because of this I did sit through and pay attention to the story. On every other game I skipped everything due to the boring, low budget presentation. Don't get me wrong, it is still pretty low budget since all that changed is where they are standing. The animations are still the same, the locations are mostly the same, etc. There is also a LOT of story presented through still backgrounds with text detailing everything like if it was a book. This is the next part they need to put some more budget into I think. Having to imagine what the heck is going on based on what I'm being told is for book-readers. If I wanted to imagine things I would read a book. I'm a dumb played of videogames, you can't expect me to have imagination! Of course I'm joking. I understand that these games don't make as much money so they cannot afford to spend it in cinematography and cutscenes. It would be nice, though... One curious aspect of these "not-as-low-budget" cutscenes is that they made my PS4 fan spin at speeds I haven't heard before... I played God of War, Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, none of those made my PS4 do any extra noise, but for some reason this game does. I guess it is not well optimized. Another point in favor of this theory is that it crashed twice when I tried to start a mission in Franctic Mode (the girl strips to her underwear right away for massive attack increase at the cost of all their defense) So how's the story? Let's say it had more depth that I expected. It's nothing amazing but at least all the characters have their backstory and reasons for wanting to be a shinobi. They are all mostly sad tales as is usual from most anime. Orphans, crazy parents, being poor, being adopted and having a brother that hates you because he think you took his rightful place, etc. Good thing is that since this is a remake of the first game there are way fewer characters to get to know. That sounds like a bad thing, right? But that was one of the things I didn't like about the newer games. There are SOOOOO many characters that all of them end up blending. With so many they cannot put as much care into each one because they have to many. That's why I liked the cast from Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni more. Fewer characters, more time spent on having each of them grow. I used to main Asuka in these but this time I switched camp. I was won over by Ikaruga. Not exactly due to her looks (which I like, although Yomi got very close to beating her there) but because her playstyle was the most fun. Her attacks chain into each other very fluidly, and she does the cool samurai shit of slashing so fast that the attacks happen after she is done doing them. Who I completely hated playing as was Mirai... holy shit what a clunky-ass character. Here are some images for reference Ikaruga and Yomi art from this game (top). The image below is something I happened to see while looking for that other art. It was too good to not share... Overall the game is very easy on Normal diffulty, so I bet it's probably a cakewalk on easy. There are also these Secret Growth Medicines that help with leveling up. They are very easy to find and increase levels very fast. This makes overleveling quite easy, which in term makes the game even more braindead if that's what you want. Personally I only used a few when I was going into the Free Missions (the only mode you can choose which girl to play as) because Ikaruga barely had any fights during the story. She was level 5, I upped her to level 20. From there she naturally got to max level (50) by the time I only had 1 more missions to go, so it worked out really well. I was pleasantly surprised with this game. I wasn't gonna buy it due to the removal of a mode to please Sony. The mode taken out was not the issue, the issue is giving away to the complaints of people who are not even the target audience. I hate that shit. I ended up buying it because it was heavily discounted. I know the Switch and Steam versions are uncensored, but without the trophies I don't feel compelled enough to play these games. I like the fanservice but that alone isn't enough for me. I hope that going into the next game some bigger changes happen, because up to this point they have been reusing way too much from previous games. It goes back to the very first Vita game... It's time for a new engine, hopefully one with more detailed... animations. Thoughts on the Platinum What can I say... it's even easier than any other Senran Kagura game. This time around there is no grind involved. Before you had to grind some money to buy everything on the shop, or maybe grind to level up characters. This time there isn't anything of that sort, which is good. Grinding for the sake of grinding is never a thing I want to do, it doesn't add anything of value, only time loss. As I said before, I only got Ikaruga to level 20 through the medicines I randomly picked up without noticing and from there she got to 50 by herself, which is all you need in terms of levels. I played with a list of where there secret documents are so I wouldn't need to waste time exploring the same areas over and over or having to redo missions. That's pretty much the only thing you have to be aware of while playing, and maybe the 100 parries, but unless you are playing the game in mega easy (or are just plain bad at it) it should happen naturally. I had over 300 parries naturally when I was done with the Platinum.
  9. I haven't thought of this before and never heard of this before either, you have a point. It's definitely a plus that it keep servers online for longer. I didn't know CoD Warzone had crossplay. Isn't there an option to turn the crossplay off? Also how bad is it really - are there hackers every match or every few games?
  10. I have seen two different physical copy cases for the Royal Edition. If both are bought new with the season pass code intact would they both still have Comrades? Or is there one that I should buy over the other because one excludes Comrades?
  11. Mine has updated and is working again thankfully
  12. It depends on the type of game and level of cross-play. I have no issue playing with people on the Xbox or Switch, but completely against PC. I own a PC and understand not everyone cheats, but without a doubt the biggest percentage of cheaters in a crossplay environment come from PC. Don't believe me look at COD Warzone, the hackers have really damaged the game. There are situations when playing with PC players is fine, like a co-op game, but PVP gives them an unfair advantage. It's a fact, keyboard and mouse is better than a controller. Crossplay sounds nice on paper but has been poorly implemented so far.
  13. For cooperative titles (like World War Z)? 100% cool with it. It’s great to have PC players joined up with console players because they have more responsive controls (mouse and keyboard) and it improves matchmaking. For competitive multiplayer? I’m a little more cautious about that. If there’s an option to disable it, then I’m cool with it. That way, you can play without having to be concerned about PC players having an advantage via mouse and keyboard, but if you’re really struggling to find matches, you could always turn it on and be able to play more matches (even if you do struggle a bit more). PC players aren’t gods, but if two people with similar skill levels played a game and one was using mouse and keyboard while the other had a controller, I think the mouse and keyboard player would win because it’s a more responsive control scheme. I have nothing against PC (I occasionally play it myself) but it does make games feel somewhat unbalanced if you’re matched up against a lot of PC players.
  14. No? Why would I?
  15. Lol, my thumbs up need to recharge. 😇 +1. Hmm, well since we're talking about Chaos anyway, what's the order for that? Yeah I don't think I'll buy the ones with anime scenes either.
  16. Director of the FBC Obtained March 18, 2020
  17. I haven't played Elite, but I prefer the game design instead of the anime ones.
  18. Is there a good guide for the game?
  19. If you could give me a thumbs up that would be appreciated! 😉 Steins;Gate Elite uses the anime visuals and voice acting from the series aired on Funimation in Japanese so it is a huge departure from the first game. Also there is a dating sim for Chaos;Head called Chaos;Head Chu Chu.
  20. The Shapeshifting Detective
  21. I'm all for it. I think console/platform elitism is silly More players for multiplayer means faster matchmaking, especially if a game's active base is smaller I have several friends I play with on Xbox It can be disabled in the main online games I play anyways, so complaints about PC gamers can be whining (I've probably had ten teammates on mic with "Ughhh PC gamers!!" in CoD when it was just a console gamer with mouse and keyboard lol) I do wish players and developers hadn't had to lead the push for cross though. While I'm Playstation all the way, Sony was less cooperative than Microsoft in supporting this... I believe Sony has the superior console, titles, and network this gen but their defense of that advantage (some might call it business, some might call it corporate greed) has spawned some less friendly decisions for the player on a few counts imo. Cross-play could be better than it is.
  22. I'm struggling to fire on these two frigates and man-o-war without completely destroying them. The objective is to shoot all the ships' powder stores. I've watched a few YouTube videos.. I can't seem to get it right. Any strategies or recommendations? and Yes, of course my Aquila is fully upgraded..
  23. Cross-play with other Playstation platforms, yes. Cross-play with PC, no.
  24. Good match @ApriIis. I wasn't able to play much on Friday and Saturday so I had to put in some last-minute effort just now . I haven't done a super accurate check of our scores yet so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out.
  25. My 300th Platinum Trophy was another Kojima Game. Death Stranding. 'Greatest Of Great Deliverers'. Never thought I'd make it to this one but here I am. What a fantastic experience, got me out of a gaming burnout I've been suffering for ages.
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