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  2. Death Dodger- Keep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take twice their max Health in damage
  3. So if I'm to understand correctly. The "new" way to unlock the challenge trophy is to complete the things such as "complete a strike", "complete a crucible match" , etc? as those are the only yellow icon stars that I am seeing on my game.
  4. Touching. Full of heart. I like it. Change is good, right? 10/10
  5. Either some of you or the system itself fixed it, so thanks.
  6. I like your new ID. It sounds like the name of an I Hate Everything video...Oh wait, that does exist.

  7. I agree but this isn't their fault, Hitman 2 is published by Warner Bros.
  8. Completing the We Remember quest worked for me, thanks @TribalRivals
  9. There are several other issues which I don't want to be involved with, like having ads related to cheating devices and etc. I'm quite against ads overall, I use adblocker on pretty much everything I use but here (i'm premium so irrelevant), so I would just rather not have ads on anything I create, personally. In reality, I would actually rather see some of the long waited features of this website to be finally fixed/released than getting paid for this, but I just assume that Sly has more money to pay someone, than time to fix the issues/implement the pending features.
  10. I would like to farm the construction trophy, there are from time to time missions "smart builders" so add me (rouroune56) if it interests you
  11. is there a way to hide the name change history from my profile? what's the point then, I didn't change my name for other people to see what was my ID before lol, it's annoying, there should be an option.
  12. One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  13. You'll get money from advertising/banners/integrations e.t.c. What's the problem here more than 80% in the mobile industry works this way. You either do some high quality app with good team of devs and answer the demands of general public or you do free stuff without any pressure and make money on ads.
  14. The main page doesn't work too great for mobile devices and a few quid spent on something I'd use quite often isn't a problem. I keep meaning to get Premium here too. But free with ads or paid without, great idea.
  15. No but that demo looks fine
  16. You always have great avatars 10/10
  17. Finally got back into this a couple of days ago. Took a couple of hours to rebuild my character around the new mechanics, followed a guide found here. Then over a couple of days I ran through the new campaign and found the 16 scrying stones for 2 out of 3 of the new trophies. Here's a list of map locations for the 16 scrying stones that should help with those. The one in the 2nd floor office of the Tavern is only accessible after you investigate a book shelf in the room. One could probably run through the new campaign in a couple of hours if they wanted to as there is no waiting mechanic that interferes. @Kallume LotMM was made available some time yesterday. It shows up at the bottom of the epic dungeon queue list if you are at level 80. It won't be accessible though until after the campaign has been completed and you have an Item Level above 20,000. Even at that you'll probably want to grind out the new master expeditions for some high level gear, which will be easier in a group. It has a mechanic similar to hunts in Ravenloft where items can be used to make expeditions harder in exchange for better gear.
  18. Well as i said, if he has insight into traffic and therefore can say if an app would generate enough traffic, then thats something else. still, i have no clue as the anti cheat brigade is in such a position...
  19. Well, technically, he's part of the anti cheat brigade and has some more options on the site.
  20. Well, the way you worded it, it sounded to me as if you were stating it as a fact, so yes.
  21. So you basically went through all of this discussion because you took my mere opinion as a fact? That I could have saved my time replying to you for the last several minutes if only my post had a ", I think" at the end? I guess I'm just gonna go and edit my post to avoid further unnecessary discussions like this.
  22. I would definitely pay for an app (iOS).
  23. Noppy is garbage and I do not acknowledge friendship with anyone that likes it. This includes @Hemiak.
  24. I found Bikes to be a bit more difficult than the Cars game. A lot of it felt on par to the AMG wet time lap DLC race. Some of the tracks require a lot of disappointments, failure, learning and the development of muscle memory to get the clean sectors and laps, but it is all still possible. Play as much of it as you can with braking assist on, if you struggle with the stars, but for the platinum, you will eventually need to turn it off. By the way, the stats for the bikes is another thing. I found it completely unhelpful seeing that the bikes' speed and handling stat are all so high, when in practice, I would have rated their stat a lot lower than it showed me. So it's less about learning which bikes work for you and more about learning each individual one. Particularly as you can't favour a particular bike for the events as much as you could for Cars. IMO, for the average racing game player, difficulty: 8/10
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