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  2. Aiming for: 100 plats (at 74) Overall completion percentage over 65% (at 54ish) Plat the numbered Kingdom Hearts games (done kh3) I think I'm making good progress so far but have slowed down a bit trying to make witcher 3 #75
  3. #217 Zombie Driver HD Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies. Geez... Can I just kill some zombies? No racing please.
  4. Just wondering about three trophies related to collectables and maps, if they're missable or not 🤔 Winter Hunter All Hunt maps complete. 8.90% Very Rare Unless I'm wrong, I understand this is NOT missable, right? Gotta Find 'Em All Find all Artifacts. I'm not sure about this one... maybe some artifacts are in maps that you just do once? 11.24% Rare Ultimate Challenger! Complete all Challenges on all maps. This one is missable I guess? for example the introductory mission asks us 3 iron skulls, and you cannot redo it unless you begin anew. And that would be a challenge, rite? 6.54% Very Rare
  5. Idk mine was on but i dont remember turning it on. Thanks for reply good to know, my alternative was kiting rats for half an hr...
  6. Some people think that these two are completely random though, whereas the intel I read said that these are the same 2 places for everyone, just randomised which one of the two it is.
  7. Ok, then it doesn't look good. That's usually what they do every time that a game that's planned to be released in EU ends up not being released for some reason... I already lost the count on how many times this has happened over the past few years..
  8. People were definitely using save editors when the game came out (maybe some still are, haven't played in a while), which caused a surge of the plat rate from 0.4% or so to about 2% less than 2 weeks after release. A bunch of bans happened, but the plat rate definitely never got out of control to the 20% range (and I don't see that rarity mentioned in the thread anywhere). I agree that save editors inflated the number a bit, I was just trying to correct the 20% figure (which still isn't a big deal if it was true, I was just curious about where the figure came from).
  9. I managed to hunt down the last drones yesterday for the plat, I really don't know what so say regarding the tracking - the in game statistics said I found 6 (lol) drones and manually counting the found intel/logs sums up to 28, I personally think I did get 30. This was at the time I got the trophy. There's a guide on Pyx's site but it is quite general and in locations you're bound to visit - in the end you will spend some 2-3 hours flying around locations you visited/aren't sure you did, best I can recommend is keeping an ear out for the humming from when you start the game (if you want to go all the way write down the locations you got them at to eliminate later). And work to get the drone radar in Kvasir's projects. [Clear out crates because you'll have to get the radar for that prior to drones and that way you'll know if you find something on radar later that it's a drone] They will almost certainly be at every 2nd-3rd Bandit den (Hogs and Goons) and Shrouded pylon sites, fairly frequently at Pit Stops and/or Roadblocks so focus while there when cleaning out. Also points of interest - white markers on the map, even the smallest ones with 1-2 crates sometimes have a drone on them but since there are dozens of them most won't - I suggest searching them as soon as you found them If the marker is on a building (shack, bar, garage, any kind of structure with or without enemies) focus those are most likely to have them. Arks by my estimate I found 4-5 drones between all of them and some 2-3 drones between all Lost Ranger sites. Mutant Bash buildings don't have any, and I haven't found any outside mutant nests, and only one outside the Dune sea Crusher nest on entrance to the underground garage. Also, in my experience if you miss a drone (I missed a few at the beginning, few bandit den locations in the first area) and come back later (day after) after restarting the game drones will respawn there, they won't stay at whatever location they ran off to initially. As for the Balloons I also followed the Dune sea circling advice, i got my last 6-7 Balloons there in less than 20 mins, and while revisiting all locations later for drones I had quite a few spawn in that area while I was flying around.
  10. That means you have a stack that isn't currently on the trophy servers, thus all you can do is wait until Sony pulls their thumb out and uploads the trophies to them.
  11. It would be on this subject thread and also because gamers have been using save editors to skyrocket the rarity percentage as far as I can remember since the game came out.
  12. Any other European players have the same problem?
  13. Isn't it off by default? Either way, it won't disable the trophy. The only thing that affects the deathmarch trophy is changing the game difficulty, you can even put Gwent down to easy and still get it.
  14. @Han_the_Dragonyeah they're pretty much ignoring me, they've been making many new posts on their FB page but not answering my question (which is politely written by the way) unbelievable when i have been hyping this game for almost a year on various boards and waiting for it since they announced it so long ago, then it comes out and i dont get to play it there is of course the PS Classics version up on the store, but obviously im not interested in those because i never want to go back and play games in 50hz PAL anymore, ever, especially fighting games not buying anything from this publisher anymore, or im buying it used so they dont get my money
  15. Also in need of a Maduin, or a transfiguration of my Titan please. PSN donnyfc. Any help greatly appreciated!
  16. I reckon a few people blocked me for that thread I made two months ago regarding the rankings that had most of everyone here attacking me because I was talking ‘smack’ for something that they enjoy. Since then I’ve had a few people who I will not name on my block list. I don’t easily block people but if it comes down to just attacking me for my opinions then I will not hesitate.
  17. #365 - Guns Gore & Cannoli 2 Was a lot of fun, but didn't really improve on anything from the first one. Still better than the Metal Slug games though. Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 4
  18. No harm done. Though your words does hold some truth there.
  19. Hahaha.... sorry, I just found that line to be very funny.
  20. My current goals are 300 platinums, including Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes, Driveclub VR, Burnout Paradise and fucking Starblood Arena. Other than that I am mainly just collecting at the moment.
  21. Today
  22. have no use for the feature as I've never blocked or ignored any user on any platform but in this day and age where online sharing and privacy are important, I support those who wish for such features to be implemented...it's kind of surprising that the ignore/block options don't already do the things being suggested here...they seem completely reasonable...an ignore/block function that doesn't even ignore/block affected users seems a little odd... tl:dr...i vote "yes"...
  23. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  24. sonata-allegro/Total Wipeout (with Real Water) (Copy Free) That is my LBP1 level with 28 plays and appears to be counting towards the pin, so I hope I don't need plays for my LBP2 level, but that can be found here. I am also 4 author hearts away for Create in LBP1, so please heart me as an author. When you do, please send me a message on PSN, and I will heart or play whatever you need me to. I will update this post when I have played through the levels posted above. Edit: All levels posted on this page have been added to my Queue.
  25. Agreed. As long as you follow the rules and be on the moderators' good side, then you will be okay. Wish I could say the same for any other forum I been too. Hell, some of them have corrupted moderators who are even worse than the ones who caused drama.
  26. The Last of Us plat is mine, just need to complete the Left Behind DLC for 100%, I think I will play something else for a while and take a break from TLoU before I do that though.

  27. They're definitely not bad moderators - I see them lock threads, warn users and generally doing their job... I have even been warned once for member abuse too... I just think there are not enough of them, which allows drama to continue for too long.
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