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  2. Haha I wish. I am seriously shit at fighting games
  3. aCCzTaurin - Snakechaser
  4. this is a port and yes port i dont care what anyone says its a port its a reskin of the old game with some of the old glitched trophies that they never fixed and never will they ignore to your comments about fixing the trophies in thier stream they just put out new content which they want you to buy they just want your $ they know the game is broken they dont care because they actually hav to spend money to fix it
  5. DreddPirateRobb - Unbound
  6. Friends in Strange Places You befriended both crab people and gnomes. Make it Rain! You've spent $500.
  7. I think you can check them in "CHALLENGES" in the MAIN MENU
  8. Didn't see a post like this and thought it was kinda fun. For example I am: Exairesi, Scout of the Morannon *interesting tidbit, my first trophy was due to a glitch in the game, I ran around for like 4 hours without realizing I could not progress in the game.
  9. Count me in if it includes a new trophy list, but the added tosh is just endless consumerism on an ending planet.
  10. I also just completed Drowning and Planet Rix-13. I'd like Awesome Pea NA code.
  11. i thought you were joking, lol
  12. Same for me, I was playing in French but I couldn't pass the mission where you have to make your first jump with the Outrunner without crashing. Put the game in English and it worked flawlessly. Go figure...
  13. Cloudberry Kingdom: Main story done, not sure whether to just leave it at that or go for "Shenanigans" xD 

    1. lordguwa


      0.10% ultra rare. so much to gain but it will drive you insane :( i would try a few times before abandoning it or until one has had enough.

  14. Random, but I did Spiderman NG+ yesterday. Good game, and "Ultimate" difficulty is a joke, but still doesn't warrant NG+ trophies post launch IMO.
  15. Please get DMC5 for realzies, it needs more sales so I can get more pure action games
  16. You created a similar topic last year and sort of got an answer
  17. This is perfect for me, someone that couldn't even plat Tekken 7.
  18. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  19. I think you're getting this page confused with a "advise the next platinum for the person above you", in this thread we simply choose a platinum they have that we don't that we'd like to have in our collection. As your profile is private I can't see any of your platinums so I can't pick one. Since you got skipped & I can't see the above persons profile, I'll go with Dead Space 2, loved Dead Space back in the day
  20. The City Transport trophy is missible as Higgin's will also accept those & finish them, & if he does they won't come back so you have to have all the Dee-Dee's already made by the time you finish the Amber Bridge & do it on a weekend so you can get all 5 of them before he even gets a chance to look at them
  21. I think you need to get it together and finish meat boy, although that final trophy looks like a nightmare lol
  22. 20 since Columbine High Massacre...thank god i live in country with no access to guns...
    i hope harris and klebold burns in hell...RIP to the victims...

  23. South Park : The Fractured But Whole is £10 at the moment from QD Stores ( uk )

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