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  2. He pretty much has a pattern of weapon usage, the bowling bombs portion is probably being the biggest nuisance on those turns to maintain speed and avoid them. As you mentioned overtaking at the start makes bosses easy but Oxide starts early, so your aim is to overtake early as possible to make things relaxing but you can overtake later but... Eh, might as well make things easy. One of the easiest ways is to get a lead is to hold an Aku-Aku and use it just after or even during the bowling bomb section, then you can easily build up speed/reserves without worrying about the red potions during probably the best section for it (leading to USF shortly after). You'll probably get a huge lead so long as you've overtaken before that USF pad, though it's likely you'll overtake after landing if you haven't already (just stick middle) If you can't get Aku-Aku then bunny hopping the first turn after the jump (the one immediately after he's done with bowling bombs) and drift boost along the inside then along the outside when it straightens out will typically always avoid potions. Once you 'head outside' stay tighter along the right with drift boosting and he shouldn't potion there either and this is most likely the exact turn you'll overtake him on, then just carry the USF boost that comes after this turn a bunch to get a nice safe lead . Likewise if you didn't overtake there, you will when you land just stick to the middle. I hope some of this... helps? I don't know if I've worded it well but I find it hard to explain driving games so well
  3. Survivor Stay alive for 8 minutes or better on any of the Survivor mode single player levels. Seasoned Squaddie Complete any multiplayer level. Networking Complete any co-op assault map over PlayStation®Network. Idle Sentries Finish any level with five Sentry guns in your inventory.
  4. My first thought is to check the condition of the disk for smudges, streaks and fingerprints. Remember, if you need to clean it, you wipe from the center outward, not in a circular motion.
  5. I really am working on trophies.  Just not actually making much progress.  Hatsune Miku Project Diva X is SO MUCH GRIND...

  6. Just picked this up yesterday too and got an awesome steelbook case too. if you want we can coop the story mode.
  7. I'm actually having fun with Briks 2 and Devious Dungeon 2. They may be easy plat games, but at least you have to clear the whole games and spend like 5 hours in them.

  8. I'm digging the purple. It's a good color! :)

    1. B1rvine


      Looks more pink to me :P


    2. wildwildwest


      Nice to see you guys getting titles too. Pretty cool.

  9. Unlocked 30% of SO4's battle trophies! Making progress :D 



    1. Dr_Mayus


      Oh the 30% stage...when you think you got them by the balls and then realize you are no closer to being done than when you started :P



  10. Thanks for the tips on those skills. Not all that concerned about healing spells since I mainly use items for my healing. In other news, I started grinding out the ninth Master Point in Uenus for some of the Tier 4 shampuru as noted in the Farming Guide (much earlier than I technically should, but it goes by quickly anyway). Not too horrid so far with some tunes on and if I can get this done early, that's one less grind to worry about in the grindfest that is the latter half of the plat. At the very least, it should get me to 20% Average Charm, if not 25% for the hidden jobs. Started at 15% and I'm at 17% with ~1500 in two of the types, ~1000 in another, ~800 in Master Sergeant, and ~400 in Time Bomb.
  11. I enjoyed it more than Legacy of the First Blade as well. Overall I enjoyed the fact that the present day seems like it's having more thought put into it. It's made me curious to see where Layla's story, even if I don't like her much, goes in the next game. My main issue with them is the same as the main game, there's no set story. I feel like Odyssey as a whole is pointless if we're not all experiencing the same story. Another issue I had was with the layout. I did not appreciate the ridiculous teleport to different levels aspect. I did really enjoy the boss battles though. Even as a tank they were kinda fun. Don't know which of them looked best to me, but none of them seemed to compare to Aaru from Origins.
  12. Is anyone making a trophy guide for this? I will be getting a copy soon enough
  13. Spyro The Dragon Hop, Skip, And Jump Find the hidden entrance to Sunny Flight
  14. To anyone that thinks 8k is coming to consoles in any reasonable fashion in the next two generations, no. No it's not.


    1. damon8r351


      Gaming consoles that perform actual fellatio on you will likely come before 8k does.

  15. We will get some new news for sure at this
  16. @AlchemistWer This is the thread I was talking about. And this is the Spanish version I found with the double languages cover: And I don't think you need to learn Italian, I mean, I think there are more important languages than mine, right? The texts should be the same (unless the translators made a really bad work... Well, actually the booklets are full of grammar mistakes, so I don't know if I should trust them).
  17. I swear some days this forum is not content with merely jumping the shark, but aiming to ramp the General Lee over it screaming "YEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOO!" while doing it. 😂

    1. damon8r351


      So I can't use my own save file to fix a trophy popping problem, even if put in all the work with my own two hands? Whichever one of you who bought off on that clause of the rule was likely dropped on their head as an infant, because that takes a special sort of stupid to think that was a good idea. Good thing I hid all my games, because I totally did that with The Raven to fix a glitch, on the advice of another forum member here. 😂

  18. I literally just picked this up. I’m glad I came to this section. Interested to see how my experience will be playing Anthem.
  19. Letter of Recommendation Obtained a letter of recommendation. TUTORIAL Complete all tutorials. Can't Touch This! Canceled enemy arts and crafts 100 times.
  20. Spoiler ahead I'm just curious to see people's opinion with this DLC and where it could lead to the next game? I really enjoyed this DLC far more then the First Blade DLC due to the Isu's being involvement as I've always enjoyed the Isu's story more than the main story in the entire series 😂. I do feel for the 'present day that' it ended poorly with a cliffhanger(ish), apart from that though I thought it was a breathe of fresh air as thr story felt different than the main game story unlike The First Blade DLC which were meh. I also loved each of the realms as they felt different to each other and not just the same to explore and I really like they included Juno into the DLC as she was the main villain in in the series (until Ubisoft decided to kill her off in the comics?) No doubt with Layla and the staff with the Isu's connection will carry to the next game for the 'present' day which is a big impovement as it's no longer that you were just a nameless employee of Abstergo, it can actually go somewhere now. I just hope in the main game that it changes it up a bit with the mission structure and pointless quests as it felt tedious at times.
  21. Not easily, which is why this happened in the first place. Router is quite far from nearest TV ( in the hall, probably 10m from nearest set) but when I can be bothered I’ll set one up nearby so I can synch, or maybe borrow power line adapters from someone. In in the meantime I’ll just hide the game.
  22. I've already been asked to not do the promoting in the Discord server. I wasn't actually going to do that anyway. I was just going to continue to do it like I have been doing it. By giving status updates for it.
  23. There are a tonne of English language tools and resources online that are more than likely better than one of us teaching you on the side, unless you can find someone qualified or with extremely strong linguistic skills and is tuned into the fact that their language might influence your learning process. Everyone has different ways of speaking the same language - different uses of slang terms, frequency of swearing, pronouncing words differently etc, so you might find it actually works against how you use the language itself. I would recommend combining your classes with free learning tools like which is really really good. There are also paid resources like and linkedin learning which might help too. If you do find someone on the site, i hope they treat your learning with respect, responsibility and are nice to you as you learn the language. Buena suerte mi amigo
  24. Detroit: Become Human Starting it next.
  25. When I played through it was harder trying to match a specific person than just playing with the random one you get. I remember waiting in the snow for someone to spawn and then just playing through with them. Wasn't that many tries before I got one who lasted the entire rest of the game.
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