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  2. Yeah thats true, apparently there will be boss fights too so we’ll see what those are like at some point I’d assume
  3. Is young or young at heart. 😊
  4. Ah, yes.....My fav Trevor in GTA V
  5. Yes, Did you ever play spin the bottle?
  6. I'm ill, it sucks but shit happens. To get some distraction i decided to play some GTA V as it is my favourite game. And i don't know if it is because i already have a headache, but i really dislike the first person mode. For me it just doesn't work. For shooting it is fine but for driving it is horrendous. I crash into everything. How did you guys play through this, in first or third person mode?

  7. This album is criminally underrated. If you like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and stuff from that era, this is an absolute must!
  8. I haven't talked to any cows... Am I screwed? I just started Chapter 5... Is there a time where I can freely roam the lands and go back to cows I missed?
  9. I see 2 problems with "speedrunning" a trophy list: Problem 1: It counts total time between 1st and last trophy, not just gameplay time. Someone with only 2-3 hours a day to play could be very quick about getting a platinum during their gameplay, but still be far down the leaderboard. This penalizes the player for doing things outside their game, like sleep, work, school, etc. This encourages players to sacrifice those things in their life for a better leaderboard position. Problem 2: Trophies can only be earned once. Speedrunning a game effectively comes from detailed knowledge of how things work, boss kill strategies, where to pick up a necessary item, what is required to unlock what, etc. And that detailed knowledge comes from many repeat playthroughs for practice. But on a player's 1st playthrough, trophies are already starting to be earned, and the clock is already ticking. You can't learn the game as you go, you have to execute on prior knowledge and practice. But how can you get that practice without earning trophies in the process? You would need to practice on another account, and even then, you only get 1 execution attempt on your main account.
  10. Every Ratalaika game lol:
  11. Max Payne 3 NYMHC 



    Attempt #43 - Bugged on Chapter 4, I shot the guy in last man standing and the camera wouldn't revert back to Max. Fuck all I could do. Restart.


    Attempt #44 - Died on Chapter 7, went a bit trigger happy but it was worth it because I had 21 minutes on the clock but I was clearing the enemies in the backstreets before the warehouse section and the guy on the balcony put me in last man standing but I couldn't see him because of the wooden patio in the way so I had to move my crosshairs around until they turned red so I could guess where he was, but by the time I did, it was too late and I died.



    Attempt #45 - Bugged on Chapter 7, I had that horrible bug happen to me where it stops spawning enemies and you can't progress any further. 21 minutes on the clock. Fuck all I could do. Restart.


    Attempt #46 - Died on Chapter 3, Got flanked in the stadium, was pissed off over the bug in Chapter 7 so didn't really give much of a fuck in this run.


    Attempt #47 - Died on Chapter 8, The section where you save Passos from gunpoint in the courtyard, but basically a goon put me in last man standing and it did that glitch again where I fire and no bullets come out but made no noise to indicate I had no ammo either. 22 and a half minutes on the clock. 


    Attempt #48 - Bugged AGAIN on Chapter 7, royally pissed off is an understatement right now.


    Done for today now, going to wind down on Silence... 

    Will resume this relentless torture on Monday!

  12. Hmm I haven't had this problem before. A Few things, you can clear your map remote history by clicking Tools>Map Remote>Remove. Secondly make sure you are editing the .json file and the map to section. When you first tried to connect the program to your PS4 did you ever get the message to allow or deny the connection popup inside of charles? If not make sure you are attempting to connect with your literal ip (IPv4) not external. if none of these are the problem it may be a firewall issue.
  13. 😂😂 I've never heard of this before; it looks so terrible! But I'll bet someone spent many hours making it, kudos to them cuz that's way better than I could probably do... I'm still going with OP's game tho!
  14. that looks very one note that gameplay
  15. I give up then, I'll just start over because it looks like it'll save some grief in the long run. Has anyone confirmed there's a NG+ yet?
  16. Not atm, working on unknown fate trying to get it online. But I will update when new lists are up
  17. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 64 of 79 Trophies 18th June 2017 • Platinum in 1 year, 2 days The reason this one was the longest was due to the fact that I tried to uncover and search every location in the game. Still didn't manage it.
  18. Not all speedrunners are actually trying to get on the Fastest Achievers board. I have somewhere around ten Top 10 placements, and I only went into one of those games with a goal of fastest completion (on a game that was a remaster with no new content and a very similar trophy list). All but that intended speedrun were first-time plays that made use of guides for some things (my gaming style is to check guides for missables but play blind otherwise). Most of those games were also played "normally" (took lunch breaks, slept, went to work, etc), though I will admit that some were binged. Seeing that I've achieved a Fastest spot gives me a sense of accomplishment. I'm really big into statistics and metrics... qualitative things are important (was the game enjoyable? did I have fun playing it? did I learn something?), but quantitative metrics give me something to measure my skill against. I've also watched speedrunners at various cons, and it's super fun to watch these folks. Often I learn a lot about the game's mechanics by watching them do their runs. I will agree that it's unhealthy if you're regularly neglecting your sleep, nutrition, work, family, other relationships, etc because all you're doing is speedrunning or prepping for the speedrun. Then again, any hobby that is taken to the extreme can be unhealthy... competitive eating, ultra marathoning, underground cage fighting....
  19. I feel like I could play and crunch humans all day long. What fun!
  20. I got them all in 2 weeks, playing 2-3 hours per day.
  21. People seem to have forgotten that games have been formulaic for decades. The 8 bit and 16 bit generation was filled with standard fare platformers and beat em ups for example. The gaming industry has always gone by the Follow the Leader model.
  22. Do you have any news on Summer Sports Game ? game just released in EU
  23. Original concept? Have you forgotten about Jawsome?
  24. So, a question that everyone has on their mind to anyone who has played/currently playing the game: How long does it take to 100% it? With all DLCs included? Some of the trophies have rather small completion % and I'm worried that some might be tied to "timed events".
  25. I actually have Grand Rackam (Which I wasn't expecting to get) and-of all characters-Grand Cain. I'm not even at the main story chapter where you get his 'vanilla version'. (At Chapter 45, kinda got sidetracked though ) But I like having Rackam for event bosses that have Wind as their element, mostly because of Duration which helps tons when the boss goes into Overdrive. I also like fighting Tiamat Omega on occasion, cause I love the music for the boss. In fact that theme is one of my favorite boss themes now alongside 'Battle with the Primal Beast'...both normal and the Destruction version. BTW, just out of curiosity; what series do you want Granblue Fantasy to an crossover event with? Me it would either be Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight or Yuki Yuna is a Hero.
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