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  2. Dark Souls, omg have fun
  3. Nothing special, all you have to do is pick up the hats. And only certain hats count. Typically they are somewhat hidden. Usually normal hats like ones on people's heads don't count. So if it says you don't have them all then there are ones you haven't found yet.
  4. This game recently got on my list even though it wasnt meant to be lol and i would like to know if its even possible to platinum this anymore or not.
  5. Can you just quit out once the game starts?
  6. Kombat Kast Summary
  7. Looks easy as hell
  8. Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant. I was grinding out levels for this on the Phalanx in the Painted World. I was throwing my sign down for fun. And I was actually summoned. Cut my grinding down by five levels.
  9. They fixed it with the new patch mate !
  10. Since I began paying this game 2 days ago from the creation of this topic. I’ve been confused with the way these trophies work compared to Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012). With the Socialite trophy, it unlocks upon loading the game for the first time connected to the EA servers. However with Hot Pursuit (2010), the game doesn’t recognize that I have friends who have played this game. I have 160+ users on my friends list and I know that more than 5 among them have the trophy list on their profile from comparing their trophies. With the Setting The Score trophy, going to the Autolog Recommends menu shows no friends but instead suggests I make new friends from the online events. Does anyone else have this problem? I don’t want to believe this is a problem with my internet (f**k Telstra, the AT&T/Comcast of Australia) rather a server issue that is not discussed. I could try adding players post starting the game for the first time, but what difference does that make? Any help, advice or potential troubleshooting tips appreciated.
  11. Looks like the same trophy fare as Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War 2018 and even Horizon Zero Dawn for that matter. I predict a 30 - 50+ percent rarity platinum. Since there is upcoming DLC including *sigh* yet another New Game Plus addition, I’ll wait until then to buy this. Open world and sandbox. *sighs* They can’t get enough of those it seems.
  12. My Caps got beat by "a bunch of jerks"😢. And with that loss all 4 division winners are out of the playoffs. Well the unpredictable outcomes of playoff series is why I love hockey. Here's hoping for more unpredictable excitement in round 2.
  13. LittleBigPlanet for sure.
  14. As far as I understand it based on the explanation given in the recent Kombat Kast, all the "standard" chests rewards are randomly generated BUT the items you find inside will correlate with each other. For example, if you open a chest and it contains one piece of concept art, the other pieces will also be concept art, just different ones. What exactly you get is random but the TYPE of thing you get will match up with everything else you get from the chest. Basically, this means you won't get a single chest where you get a konsumable, a concept art, and a gear piece all in one for example. You would either open a chest strictly containing konsumables, one strictly containing concept arts, and one containing items for the characters. HOWEVER, special/distinguishable chests (like the glowy green things and the Shao Khan chests) have fixed rewards inside of them that is the same for everyone, in the same locations. At least, this is what I understand.
  15. Yea I agree, even though i really want DLC there is not much more that needs to be added in this game.
  16. Very nice, can't wait for the game.
  17. Today
  18. How'd your plat unlock by itself...?

  19. J-Stars Victory VS+
  20. Endgame is the easiest 10/10 I have ever given.

  21. I tried that for a while but I would get hit by his lunge at times and then I went to try and learn his moveset to fight him legitimately but after 2hrs of dying, I gave up and tried the umbrella strat and beat him first try. Feel like it's the safest and easiest strat
  22. As a long time fan of ugly dolls, I'm happy Ice Bat has some recognition on a trophy 👀 Excited for this game though and the list doesn't look so bad.
  23. My first stack of Sound Shapes.
  24. God of War (2018). I loved the colourful setting and spent probably most of the game just chilling in the boat listening to Mimir tell stories. The trophy list was nothing too crazy either, apart from maybe defeating the Valkyries. And the side quests were limited and relevant to the characters which made a nice change to most open world games that drown you in fetch quests.
  25. Trick or Treat- You stealth killed a nazi general while disguised
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