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  2. I disagree, I loved this gen with all the remakes! The FF12 TZA remake, crash team racing, CB N sane trilogy, Spyro etc. Also many amazing games like nier automata and persona 5
  3. Aren't we professionals?
  4. All the same
  5. that looks hilarious
  6. 147 - Warriors Orochi 4. First plat in a couple months but at least I got it done when I wanted to. I also managed to set it up so that I could pop the last 3 trophies at the same time just for a bit of added fun.  

  7. Speedrunning a game 99% of the time takes more skill, a lot more time and game knowledge then not speedrunning. Most of the work that goes into a speedrun you don't see when watching the final product. It takes days of practice and having very good knowledge of how a game works and good RNG to get a good time. Speedruns are rarely done on a first playthrough and if they are it's usually not a World Record time. Every speedrun is different with some games being harder to run than others. The fastest achievers list is a terrible speedrunleader board. You only have one chance at getting a good time per account. You would have to practice on alternate accounts and hope RNG doesn't screw you out of a world record time. It's few strengths that it's not a speedrun category on most speedrun websites I believe, it is hidden away so you don't see it unless you look for it and it can identify cheaters. In my opinion, the fastest achievers list is fine. It does the function it is meant to do well enough and you can compete in it at any point. Recent achievers isn't a competition category and first achievers has a lot of outside issues that hold it back. Fastest achievers has a few problems holding it back too but it's the only list that can change in a meaningful way. Most speedrunners speedrun a game because they enjoy it. They have already done every other challenge in the game so they're doing theier own. That is very true. That lovely shade of purple really brings out your eyes. I personally enjoy watching watching speedruns. It's really cool to see how fast a game can be played. My two favorite speedruns to watch are Final Fantasy 9 Any% and GTA V Classic%. I've thought of speedruning Hyperdimension Neptunia and Valkyria Chronicles 4 but I'm a trophy hunter that doesn't have the time to learn those games. I will speedrun Final Fantasy 9 one day because a trophy in that game requires one.
  8. I'm assuming Usurper is for the bad ending? Do you plan on getting the plat? I guess keep us updated if you end up with items not registering as found or if you discover you're locked outta something.
  9. Omg this looks great. Might keep an eye on it and get it on a price drop!
  10. Reminds me of Jaws Unleashed. Also I think this has only been announced for PC so far.
  11. Guessing this didn't make it out today on PS4 like the trailer said. Can't see it on the store. It is available on Steam though.
  12. I have the next 5 days off so im trying to figure out what I will tackle in that time frame! Im thinking:


    Speed Run & 100% all 3 uncharted games 

    Speed Run & 100% Borderlands 2

    MAYBE if I have time finish up the DLC on Borderlands 1. The DLC is easy it just bores me (the stuff I have left)

  13. Wow, this looks extremely intriguing and satisfying! It has definitely piqued my interest. I know, right? Definitely not cookie-cutter like most of the stuff that comes out anymore 🤘
  14. An RPG...with an original 2019? I'm genuinely shocked. Looks potentially interesting. It would be nice to not battle an arm of goblins for once.
  15. Guess I should give a brief summary of the 14 games I got before I continue, should I?
  16. If you mean with the IP change then I can only say that there were about 3 people in the messaging group & discord who reported getting new treasures after starting a new match, though it didn’t seem to work consistently. As I said I’m really not convinced it worked for me as I was getting more treasures per game than most people were anyway. I definitely noticed an increase in drop rate with a low level alt. Whenever I played with another high level booster I’d average only about two drops per game, and sometimes I’d get zero.
  17. First Ive heard about this, but here's some gameplay footage of an upcoming game where you play as a shark. Details -
  18. I just checked the games I own and wanted to get done in the next couple of weeks and all 8 games covered different numbers. That's so ridiculous that I almost have to sign up now, but I wouldn't count on me hitting a homerun in here 0 1 World of Final Fantasy 2 Yakuza 0 3 Nightmares from the Deep 2 4 Slay the Spire 5 Ace Attorney Trilogy 6 7 Nightmares from the Deep 3 8 Overcooked 9 Nightmares from the Deep If Yakuza 0 wasn't already heavily prepared (100+ hours) it would eat up the whole event time
  19. You gotta do something to OD. It's a call back to SotN and the Libarian you could juggle. They made it clearer now as you can see him in the room underneath where the tunnel is. I mean seeing as how I'm at 96.30% Map completion and at the final boss I'm kind of past the point of no return. Still have to do another playthrough anyway for the Usurper Trophy.
  20. well im not going for plat, dont have the time. however i am trying to 100% the map. i am curious about one trophy though, Deja Vu bounce a certain chair repeatedly. there is some chairs you sit on that bounce but they always bounce me to a death lol is it a specific thing? also amongst progressing more today, all my items are registered so far. all my chests are all locked till i open them upon finding them. Also all my shards are dropping and registered. EDIT: imagine the devs made the glitch up cause people are breezing through the game so theyre like how can we get them to play again? tell them we couldn't fix a game breaking bug lol.
  21. Developer Page Link Check at the bottom of their page in the link provided and post the problem on their facebook and twitter pages...
  22. Platinum #50 Dead Cells
  23. Perhaps......perhaps not, your call!
  24. June is almost over and i’ve only gotten one platinum! I’m aiming to get at least Project Highrise and POWGI Word Search platinumed before the month ends as I don’t feel like doing a Devil May Cry run on Dante Must Die mode. Come July i will be starting Ys.

    1. Yuna4353


      Yea I have not really done much trophy wise. I’m hoping to remedy that with Judgement 

    2. Dragon-Archon


      June is almost over


      Still one third of the month to go :ninja: .

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