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  2. Guess this probably won't work for this game. I can't start the game as the other account. So if I start it on my account and then switch before logging into the multiplayer, it still logs into my account instead of the one I switched to.
  3. I used to have a big chunk of people just sitting on my friend list until the point it took me longer than 20 seconds to find the one real life friend I tried to invite. Then the feature to create a custom friend list was included in psn and it was one of the most useful updates for me. I made 5 lists and I´m quite happy with that, but I still kicked 50 or so people out of my friend list, mostly with last online times a few months back. 1 - I simply called the first list Real Life, it´s more than just my friends. Included in that list are people I know, either being friends with, or just a friend of someone I game with. Basicly my go to group of people I play casual with. For fun and not trohpies. 2 - One off sessions, for games like Driveclub Bikes, the online part took about an hour, but it´s easily done in one go. (It´s a big mess tbh, because I only add but never really remove people from my friends list) 3 - Multiple sessions, for longer games, Zombie Army Triology for example. 4 - Fellow Hunters, it´s for people I met in a gaming session and had a good mix of fun and "business". So basicly guys/girls I want to hunt more games with. 5 - Best of the Rest, it´s a my newest list with 4 people in it. I met them all in the psnp community. They don´t fit in any other of the lists, so clearly they´re to good To answer the question about blocking people. I´ve blocked a few people, some of them cheated in games. Some of them didn´t listen when I asked them politly not to do certain things (like invites spam).
  4. I opened EVERY box solo and in the end it said 65/66. This game is garbage
  5. There's a new update out today. The patch notes says it improves online stability. Maybe it'll work now for you guys who had trouble connecting? @Deceptrox @visighost @NathanielJohn
  6. Yeeah I'm not sure I'd classify myself as OCD but it sure feels like it sometimes. Good luck to you! I would like to say as well, for anyone interested, I have decided to turn off trophy notifications for a few days to see if that helps. Maybe if I'm not exposing myself to it then it will nag at me a little bit less, who knows.
  7. I got on the first try They are apparently easy marks, pre-established and unrelated to the performance of other players.
  8. not having much luck with this game at all, second playthrough after the first glitched at 99%, ive now done everything the guide says and that i can think of, but this second file is stuck at 98.3% . I've double checked that i bought all characters, i have all crests/ red and gold bricks / done all 10 bonus levels including voldemorts, all story missions and students in peril are all accounted for. am i missing something? any advice would help.....i dont want to do this damn game a third time. makes no sense at all
  9. Got two visual novels. I had already beaten digital eu ver of Steins;Gate. Loved it and just wanted to get a physical copy. So glad its NA so i can experience this masterpiece again and obtain the 2nd plat. Yet to try Chaos;Child. But presumably its also very good. Im really hoping that they bring Chaos;Head Noah to the west with the newly announced translated vers of both Robotics;Notes. Sad they are skipping Vita versions with them though.
  10. Since the trophies are in english, maybe the JP release will be multi-language? *fingers crossed*
  11. 28th Birthday Today :3 . Gonna try to gather up all the trophies i left behind in God of War 1,2 and 3.

  12. Nice blend of Crust and Death/Doom
  13. Hey there everyone The following tips were provided by @paulcoe, thank you very much for your continuous efforts! It seems that the devs are making quite a fuss about the remaining 2 trophies in this DLC on their social media, but the required hints were now given. First off, when you are in the Voxel menu, make sure to just highlight all menu points with the laser (no need to press a button) going from lower left, to lower right, then the right above the lower right, left again, up, right and so on. You will then see a new menu option popping up at the very bottom. This will lead you to an asteroid-shooting minigame and net you the gold trophy. Next up, you'll have to survive for more than 3 minutes (at least 3 minutes and 1 second, I learned this the hard way by dying at 3 minutes, 0 seconds and a few milliseconds) on Berserker mode. The game is actually rather difficult. Make sure to use the powerups wisely (you will rarely get a green powerup, this fills your health bar) and pause the game once you hear the space ship sounds as you will be able to look around, locate the ship and shoot it after you continue. Another great tip @paulcoe gave me was to not deflect the blue asteroids that much because they do for example leave the screen in front of you but will then hit your back. If you deflect orange asteroids, destroy them to avoid being caught off guard (same problem as with the blue asteroids). Destroying the grey and red asteroids should be your priority, taking care of the spaceship is not that crucial because it won't hit you that often. If you want to destroy the ship, use the pause-tip above. I wasn't able to trick the game in terms of going out of bounds or anything like this, but I felt that it was helpful to get off my chair and sit on the floor. This way, you can actually move your head and body around to avoid asteroids and from my experience you won't be hit as often as if you were standing in front of the PlayStation camera. After you survived for 3 minutes and 1 second, die and press "Play again", you will then earn the silver trophy. Best of success to you! Greetings from Germany
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  15. It seems that some are still mentally scarred over the fact that they couldn’t achieve the wolfenstein 2 platinum which is hilarious. I was curious and wanted to know what made wolfenstein 2 such a terrible game but after reading multiple rants here it seems that the actual complaint isn’t towards the game itself but rather a meaningless bronze trophy.
  16. I need help with most of these trophies I’m Australian time add me on psn The_Jigsaw_Cult
  17. you do make an excellent point. I also have some PS3 games left. Might buy a second -hand later this year. They don't cost that much. But man, you do have a long list of games to play 🤓
  18. Here I go thinking all my issues in Driveclub were a toast R2 button. Turns out I am just not that great at the game. Haha.

  19. Tales of xilia 1 opening song battlefield 1 aria of the soul every persona game
  20. Online Olympic Games: New Record! Achieve a new online record at the Olympic Games. That one has me worried... 0.0% Ultra Rare
  21. Pretty fortunate. I love this game, but the travel time could be improved.
  22. nuf said! this basically said it all and better. I bet if there's a sequel Rocksteady will gonna makes it center around the Batwing and all of a sudden all the enemies now fly planes and most of your time you will be spending it on Dogs Fights and flying through rings and the stupid riddler will hide his puzzles in the clouds and on birds nests and flood the sky with drones that you can only get rid of them by shooting them down with the Batwing.
  23. I enjoyed it, but don't think it's as good as City. Like others have mentioned, the Batmobile was used way too much. I got to a point where I wouldn't even think about using other gadgets to solve certain riddler challenges because I'd always be thinking about how the Batmobile could be used to solve the riddle. This game may as well have been called Batman: Arkham Vehicle or World of Tanks: Batmobile Edition with the number of tank battles there were. Another big issue was the boss fights if you could even call them that. Villains like Deathstroke that could have provided an awesome fight were wasted on things like a forgettable tank battle. The Season of Infamy DLC made an okay effort at trying to rectify that. The story was okay, but the Arkham Knight was a pointless plot twist that most people probably saw coming. This, coupled with a focus on the Joker yet again caused Scarecrow who was supposed to be the big bad, to take a backseat. Given more focus, I think he could have been a very memorable villain here. Aside from those issues, I think the game is stunning graphically. It's still one of the best looking games this generation in my opinion. The combat was also pretty well done, although it does show its flaws particularly when you play some of the community combat challenges. My favourite part of the game were the predator sections because it gives you the chance to analyze situations and make use of a lot of your gadgets. The game definitely could have used more of these sections and less Batmobile.
  24. This was actually completed 5 games ago, so I'm overdue with this one (along with some other completed games that I'll probably get to talking about later). By far, CK's level 319 has been the hardest single completed challenge I've yet to face, as this took me 2 weeks (a couple hours a day) to accomplish (and longer than how long it took to actually reach 319, and I wouldn't call getting there an easy feat either), and the biggest hump towards attaining the 'Shenanigans' trophy. Level 320 took me about 5 days, but still hard as hell even though this one took me less time, a slightly longer stage by about 30 sec and easier than 319. At first when you take a quick look at levels 319 and 320, probably the words 'insanity' and 'impossible', or something along those lines come to mind. These stages consist of hundreds of obstacles/projectiles flying in all directions in an infinite loop, blocking your path to the goal, that makes seeing an opening in your path almost impossible to see with the naked eye at regular speed. Luckily in this game, there's a power-up that assists you that involves slowing down time that makes these stages actually possible to accomplish. So what you are looking at now has went from looking insane to....less insane . When traversing through the madness, so much precision and correct timing (with very small amounts of leeway at certain parts) is required for just about the whole way there to your goal. This precision required can be so tight in certain parts of these stages that you'll find Bob barely missing a fireball that looks like it could have grazed a portion of his head, or a swinging spike ball he just barely jumped over that looked like his feet could have been chopped off because of how close it looked. Not to mention, the hitbox isn't the best either with his rather large frame. Other power-ups include an AI that demonstrates its own path from start to finish that you can try and duplicate to reach your destination, and a 'pathfinder ball' that guides you through this AI's path as you're actively going through the stage. You'll most certainly be using these as well as you're going to need all the help you can get. Luckily, on another trophy website, there has been other skillful trophy hunters who were nice to share their helpful tips/videos on these stages to get a more in depth understanding, including other different paths/strategies than the AI that you can take. This is one of those challenges where you will see yourself very, and I mean VERY, slowly improve and get farther one bit at a time, so you shouldn't expect dramatic improvement in such a short time, unless you happen to be more naturally skilled in this game of course. For instance, 319 takes about slightly under the minute mark to complete, and with no checkpoints whatsoever. Expect only anywhere from 3 - 7 sec on avg of improvement, everyday that you practice. Part of this is due to your brain working its 'muscle memory' and being trained for the areas all the way up to your current "hump", then eventually, pass this hump to reach just a little more further into the stage until you die at the next part that you will need to practice (a new hump), and it just becomes a repeated process until you become comfortable enough with the whole stage and eventually reach the end goal with that one lucky attempt. You will find yourself dying A LOT, but you will also find yourself being further and further into the stage more and more often when this happens, rather than always dying somewhere around the beginning when you were just starting to learn the stage. Sometimes you'll even get stuck on the same part for days in a row, BUT you will start to see yourself improve to the point where even these difficult "humps" become areas that are no longer or much troubling to you anymore. Without any kind of sugar coat, attaining the 'Shenanigans' trophy is quite the difficult task to take upon and without any doubt, stages 319 and 320 will be the hardest feat and will put your will and patience to the ultimate test. This game is also known to be one of the most difficult platformers out there (if not THE hardest), and known to be harder than the infamous Super Meat Boy (and most of us are aware of how that game is), in which I agree. Speaking of SMB, if you're someone who actually has the SMB platinum and want to take the next step in ultra difficult platformers, or someone who just want another tough platformer to play, look no further than Cloudberry Kingdom. Another thing worth mentioning is that my left thumb, was feeling extremely sore and swollen from using heavy but precise amounts of repeated pressure on the d-pad that was necessary (because of how hard it was to control Wheelie Bob) by the time I got finished with 319. Had to take a bit of a break so my thumb could rest and heal a bit, although not fully, before I took on stage 320. By the time I got finished with 319 my PS3 controller started to malfunction a bit (luckily it was only a cheap, wired 3rd party controller), as it started to pull to the left quite often even though I was pressing a different direction on the d-pad. This resulted me in going out and buying a used DS3 so I could finish up 320 since this malfunction on the current controller interfered with my performance (btw, the right button on the d-pad on my current DS4 controller is also malfunctioning as a result from playing SMB). So yeah, hardcore platformers, like CK, can end up messing up your controller's d-pad, as well as give you sore thumbs. I really, REALLY wish my phone recorded my replay of 320 and the 'Shenanigans' trophy pop as my phone appeared to look like it was recording, but ended up getting some error message instead and did not get any footage at all, and I think this was due to not having enough space in my phone. But I did take this pic of the in-game leaderboards showing my completion for stage 320 that I'll have to settle for: To have a clearer understanding of the craziness that is called stage 319 and 320, there are some vids in one of the CK threads here that shows both of these stages being done. Overall I thought the game was pretty fun and at the same time extremely challenging. And if difficult platformers are your thing, I can't recommend this game enough, especially if you want to attain a really difficult 100% for your profile.
  25. I didn't really mind the Batmobile stuff at the time although maybe if I played it now I would think differently but for me I didn't really like the story that much and the twist was kind of predictable. I also felt let down with the ending considering how much build up there was to it. It just seemed to end and didn't really feel satisfying. Otherwise I didn't have much issue with anything else like the combat and exploration. It was cool to fly around Gotham on the scale they did. I would love it if RockSteady did a Batman Beyond game like that.
  26. #28 Yakuza 0 I can safely say that I'm in love with this series. I never heard of this series until I watched these YouTubers play it. Thank you Pat for introducing me this game and thank you for everything Thesw1tcher! The Yakuza series, A series that has spawned in multiple games. Starting with the original Yakuza 1 - 5, remakes of the 1st and 2nd game and spin offs in which some are Japan exclusive. That's a lot of games if you ask me and I bet you're wondering, "Should I play this game or should I get into the series?" I suggest giving it a try since what better way to know if you will love it is if you try it. Alright so what should you expect from this game? Well allow me to explain it to you without spoiling anything. Since this is Yakuza 0 this means that this game is a prequel and takes place during 1988. A prequel to Yakuza 1 (If you have it since it's a ps2 game or if you have the ps3 trilogy which is a japan exclusive I believe) / Yakuza Kiwami. People would recommend playing this first since it will give you more background about the characters and story for Kiwami. I believe you should do this as it will enhance your experience with Kiwami but it is your choice. So what's the story about? Well Yakuza is an action/ adventure/ drama (It can get pretty intense) game, about the criminal underworld... that's as much as I can say without spoiling much. You play as two different protagonists in this game, one who is the protagonist for the future games and the other... well I can't say much but i'm sure you'll like him. . Game play wise... how is it? I say it's pretty fun and enjoyable. The best way I can describe it is a beat em up game since you beat up people . You start with a basic battle style and as you progress through the game you will be able to upgrade your basic style and unlock more styles. Depending what you do you may unlock somethings, like maybe a secret style, wink wink, more moves for your styles? I know what you're asking, "Can I only beat up people with my fists?" Nope! You can also use weapons such as knifes, bats, pistols and much more! A big mechanic Yakuza is your Heat Actions. What are heat actions? Basically they are your most powerful attacks and how they trigger or what type of attacks you can do all depend on your style you are using and heat level. There are 3 heat levels and the higher it is the faster you attack and the more heat actions you have available. There are lots of mini games for you to play in case you want to take time off fighting people, what kind? Lots that range from card games, mahjong, arcade games and more. Yakuza games are not Yakuza games without their substories and there are plentiful (They are extremely fun and can make you laugh or have feels) and of course their difficulty ranging from easy - hard at first then beating the game once unlocks the hardest difficulty (A tip from me, please save in your hardest difficulty play through because failing via death or whatever will force you to reload you last save instead of putting you back in the section you failed) . There's more I would say but for spoilers sake I'll let you experience it first hand, if you want to try it of course. As for trophies... how difficult are they to get the platinum? Now before you saying anything about the time it took me to platinum it.... I was distracted by another game. . The road for the platinum is a long grindy road! Oh no... OH YES. Such trophies are completing the main story chapters, completing and basically doing everything the game has to offer. Your biggest wall for the platinum will be the "Perfectionist" trophy as it requires you to 100% all the challenges the game has to offer. They can be simple as talking to people x amount of times, use healing items x amount of time, eating at restaurants x amount of times, etc. Others require you to do hard things like, earn x million yen in x minigames, earn certain scores in certain minigames, and for me what felt like walls such as mahjong, poker, etc. All I can say is this... don't give up, it seems impossible or really difficult but the more you complete the list of challenges the closer you are to getting that precious platinum! Difficulty: 4/10 (Normal Play though, I upgraded everything), 6.5/10 (Hardest Play through, I make it harder on myself by not upgrading certain things to be more powerful. I needed a challenge!) Enjoyment: 10/10 (I love it!) A last thing before I end this... Everyone.... Yakuza is a very serious game.
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