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  2. It must have come back to the NA store then, it wasn’t there yesterday. It’s still not on EU. I got a reply from the dev though. There was an issue with the ratings in both territories, so it was pulled until it was fixed. If it’s back on NA, then EU should have it back soon as well. my colleague reviewed it so I’m hoping to buy it once it’s live as it looks great. Checked both, as well as cached versions of the page on google search. The dev did say it was back soon, with a winky face, so I imagine it’s already in the process of reappearing. They probably didn’t think anyone would notice it vanishing for a few days
  3. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin 💯 So as a small update, turns out the terrible, awful controller lag I was experiencing in Gravity Rush 2 was not the game but was actually the HDMI router that's used for my VR. Whoops. But on the upside, ayyyy I got a VR! And my first completed VR game is this little gem. I won't lie, it's pretty short - I clocked in at just under 2 hours, and that's with taking a small break about half way through. But it's so enjoyable and charming, I loved every second of it! Psychonauts is definitely required reading, so to say, for this game however I get the impression that instead of this being integral to the story of the upcoming Psychonauts 2 it'll act as more of a knowing nod to people who have played it. I loved it! And needless to say, I've really enjoyed the VR too. Except the fact it causes controller lag. Ah well, easy fix!
  4. Es que en esta página hay dos metodos de detección de "cheats".. uno es manual, donde otros usuarios pueden darte un "flag". Esto simplemente te aparta del leaderboard, pero no borra tu cuenta. Ahora si, hay un sistema de detección automática, y si te pilla, borra tu cuenta... Me parece que esto es lo que ha ocurrido.
  5. Emmm realmente no me preocupa, no explicare nada mas que el uso de save datas de otras consolas que me pertenecen, me hubiera gustado que me avisaran antes si, y pregunto si hay un modo de borrarlos, el de borderlands 2 no me enorgullece para nada, como dije, la cuenta la usaba para planificar mas que para alardear de ello, en fin, si no hay nada mas que hacer, hasta siempre, gracias por el servicio.
  6. I decided to move some things around just because I felt like some things fit other categories better. I moved Gravity Rush 2 to Lady Songkran for series spoilery reasons, but all things considered I felt like it was the game I was going to play that fit it the best, so I put Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin in it's place for Movement since you are a fixed character throughout the game who can only move by using clairvoyance to see through the eyes of different character/creatures. Summer Time!: Burly Men At Sea Asian Traditional: Devil May Cry (PS4) 0% Blessings Peaceful: Guacamelee 2 DLC The Proving Grounds 0% Movement: Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin 💯 Lady Songkran: Gravity Rush 2 Time With Family: Batman: Enemy Within 0% Play Together Release the Bird and Fish New Year, New You: 2064: Read Only Memories
  7. Yes, seems like you have been banned for hacking too hard. Very much doubt this will be reverted. Maybe start a new account and don't do it again? EDIT: Currently, your profile is still visible somewhere else.
  8. Do either of these links help you? https://psnprofiles.com/guide/3346-middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-lord-of-the-hunt-dlc-trophy-guide#16-the-hunt-is-my-mistress
  9. Emmm, independiente del trofeo de borderlands 2, pregunto si he sido baneado, la plataforma me servia para llevar un orden y planificación de trofeos, mas a uso personal que para mostrar algo, pregunto si puedo restaurar mi cuenta o en definitiva fui borrado de sus registros.
  10. Oh yeah, i do not disagree with anything you said here at all. I know the leaderboards are not perfect and I do not really care about my position. In fact, I would just not participate if I could, but I can't simply just opt out. The current leaderboards do not represent my way of gaming and they do not apply my own imaginary set of rules that constitutes what would be "fair" competition. I'm just more worried about how it would affect other people, really.
  11. With an unexpected update so soon, I have B2 Peripheral Based completed with Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin! I have loved having a VR so far, and this was one of the games that I was excited to play! It was super short but extremely enjoyable so if you're a Psychonauts fan or someone who just wants an easy 100%, it's a great choice! Almost got my first Bingo too!
  12. Agree, no need to delete trophies. The option to delete trophies would make me nervous. Years of trophy hunting could be deleted if another person access your account and delete all the trophies. Hide your trophies is definitely the best option.
  13. Well, thanks to this shitty finale to this shitty season by these shitty writers, I have louutle to no interest at the moment on the spinoffs. Hopefully that'll change if and when they become reality. I hope D & D are black listed from working on anything else. Ever
  14. Platinum #48: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back After the plat of Crash 3, I was still in a flow and wanted more, hence this platinum. This game is definitely harder than the third. Had a couple of rage moments, but it felt really good beating the hard levels. It turns out that the crash plats aren't as impossible as I thought. I am definitely going to try to plat the first game, but maybe not right away. We'll see..
  15. Having finished this achievement on Xbox yesterday (https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/NoHeroes94), this is what I would advise people. For context, it took me around 6 hours to get 27 drones, so I did this in one day more or less from scratch. CRITICAL: - Re-load your save if you miss a drone, under any circumstances. It is absolutely not worth trying to find them again. Re-loading your checkpoint ALWAYS works. They also stay in the same place, so no need to find the drone again. - Only unlock Spy Drone, Data Pad, and Storage Container tracking in your projects (you have to unlock the latter two as part of the skill tree, unfortunately). If you're clearing out an area, follow your tracker to get rid of the storage containers and data pads. If your sensor is still going, its a drone, if not, move on. The problems only really start when you start unlocking the Ark chests and Feltrite containers, as I can only imagine your sensor is always on the go. - The sound of drones is a dead giveaway. This is a big one. You can (usually) hear drones throughout the entire location you're in. By the time I did my last 10 or so drones, I knew there was one as soon as I entered the location, so I just sprinted through on easy, destroyed it, and moved on. If you can't hear any form of buzz when you arrive at a location, there is a pretty good chance there isn't a drone. The exceptions to this are super large bandit dens (e.g. Doomsayer Peak in Twisting Canyons), its worth searching in this case. If you are deaf or hearing impaired, this is still very possible with the sensors, so don't worry too much, this is just helpful to do if you can. - Drones can spawn almost everywhere, but they can only spawn overground. They will never spawn within buildings, down pits, etc. They are usually affixed to a building or a wall, and it will always be on the exterior. The only buildings it will ever be "inside" are ones with blown walls or roofs. - Progress on drones only "saves" when you get to a new location. Manual saves immediately after finding drones didn't bank my drones. It also didn't bank if I fast traveled to a trading town. It is a stupid system, but manual saves basically back up your most recent autosave. If you reload a manual save, it'll put you at the most recent autosaved location. Your progress is only saved if you finish an area's main objective (i.e. kill all enemies, destroy all gas containers), as you get a new autosave. To get around this, just go to the closest possible location and it'll autosave your progress, you're then fine to back up with manual saves and close your session. If you don't finish the main objective of an area, kill a drone, save, then reload it, it'll take you back to the start of that area and the drone won't have been added to your log. I got caught out by this 3 times. If you do, reloading your manually save effectively works the same as reloading an autosave, so just get the drone again. HELPFUL: - The stats tracker is completely broken for spy drones, but don't worry. Trophy progress is tied to your log. I had 30 and it popped at the right time. My stats said I had 7 😂. This is generally the case for any accumulative trophies (i.e. kill X many people with Y). - Drones were most common at Exploration Locations, Bandit Camps, Pit Stops, and Ark Locations (for me, at least) I had the most luck with exploration locations (particularly smaller ones) and bandit dens (roughly 18 - 20 between these two). Arks probably had one 1/3 of the time (I found 4 at Arks). I found the rest at Recharging Stations, Road Blocks, Ranger Echos and Crusher Locations (only if they have an exterior) but nowhere near as many, so I'd leave these type of areas to the end of your grind. I personally NEVER found any at authority turrets, so don't bother there. - Write down/log"successful" and "unsuccessful" locations. I kept a log of the name, location type, and region of every drone I found, but also where I didn't find one. This meant that I wasn't looking in the same places more than once, and there is a ton of locations. 2 kind souls linked me this map https://game-maps.com/RAGE2/Full-Rage-2-Map.asp which was helpful, as it may show you some places to search that isn't on the map. - This is reportedly accumulative between playthroughs. I can't confirm this, as I did do it in one playthrough, but someone on TA was very helpful and did it this way, apparently.
  16. Card game?
  17. Stiltown is a very good place to farm goons kills
  18. I think it's time for an update. 8. Heavy Medal - The Grand Tour Game 14. Gotta Light? - Truberbrook 19. It Glitters - The Grand Tour Game 22. Moon Shot - The Grand Tour Game 30. Air Ambulance Joyride - The Grand Tour Game 31. A Closer Look - What Remains of Edith Finch 34. A Nerd Saves the World - Truberbrook https://btf.de/portfolio/truberbrook/ 40. Papers, please! - Truberbrook
  19. Rage 2 25 hours Difficulty 2/10 Fun 8/10 if you ignore the "story" Randomised collectables were honestly the worst. 😤
  20. Today
  21. Finally got round to actually buying some stuff on the Hong Kong store so I can now do this no problem, but question, preferably to those who are in the European region as you can talk from experience. If I get the Hong Kong DLC I'm out of luck on the version I have which is the European version. So I have to get either the American (disc or digital doesn't matter) or Hong Kong version of the game. Having played a Hong Kong game recently I assume both will be in English, the only difference being X and Circle being swapped controlwise on the Hong Kong version which is annoying but whatever. Now my question is, and I have asked before but now feel I may have misunderstood... will my European version save files work? Considering you can apparently just do the DLC endgame it'd be real nice if I didn't need to do a 6th playthrough to get the DLC done. Instead just loading my endgame European save file and going from there. I know some might get testy with this, you know, sort of "what do you think idiot" type affair as it should be obvious, but I'm only asking as I've had people be wrong before on something else (told me a patched save wouldn't work on an unpatched game when it did).
  22. I know but why can't Sly respond to us and tell us about the progress. Transparency as others have said. Now, he knows a date that it "will" be fixed but not sharing with us
  23. i dont remember the exact times but i remember that the time requirements is pretty tight. there isnt much room for error. if you think you had a bad run, redo it.
  24. First of all, thank you for all info you shared 1. There are some games like Badland that doesn’t have glitched trophies, though people have complained about glitched level designs that makes trophies impossible to unlock. Those games are also included on the list. If you say there’s no problem with the level except being extremely difficult, Badland will be removed from the list. 2. The Star Icon means “New Entry”. I didn’t add its description because I found it “unnecessary” when I already have a lot of info about the list itself. Something I haven’t mentioned about digital games (which I have to add it later) is that most of them can be unlocked with the downgrade trick, yet still join the list. Each of them can be consulted by pressing the game database and check the forums for more info. But I found more accessible to warn players in first hand about glitched trophies and leave to them to solve it - in my personal case, downgrade trick isn’t a solution because my unstable internet connection.
  25. In the beginning it would take a week, they said.
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