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  2. It's not missable actually. I failed against Perpetua and she disappeared without giving me anything. But, I defeated her during another boss fight in which she is bringing assistance to her brother. After that, I returned to the location of our first meeting and the bead was at the bottom of the tree. That said, losing against her and killing her afterwards doesn't not give you the trophy associated with Perpetua.
  3. I have painted the whole map blue. Since there are no guides out yet, does anyone have any tips to any easily missed locations?
  4. Oh that's right, I'm sorry I forgot since I never used her prayer in my first playthrough. I suppose it would be best to kill her off on your no-flasks run then.
  5. To this day DH2 is still my favorite and also one of the best games of this Gen (super underrated).
  6. Resident Evil 2 Remake
  7. She is not needed for the 100 %. She died and I finished at 99,75 % because of the tree quest. When the NPC dies, she will give you a prayer. If she stays alive, she will give you the prayer right before the final boss. Either way, there is no softlock because of her. Thus, make sure to use her as many time as possible to unlock the trophy associated with her death.
  8. For me it's: * NieR Automata * Persona 5 * Hyperdimension Neptunia VII * Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  9. I am thanking you again for confirming the information people gave me.
  10. KZ2 AC Brotherhood Crysis 2 COD classic Gwent Dark Souls 2 Does are the one that come to mind atm🤔
  11. 0- 5800- Knee Deep 1- 9581- Jigsaw Zen 2- 3- 9323- Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 4- 5- 8765- Ace Attorney Trilogy 6- 9456- Wordsweeper by POWGI 7- 5447- Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 8- 7678- Detroit Become Human 9- 319- Shrek Forever After Well, I'm done. Came so close to finishing AC2 for #2 but I won't be able to finish all the collectibles by the end of today so I'm not going to push it. If I started Danganronpa earlier I probably could've finished that one too for #4 but nonetheless I am very pleased with how I did. My goal was to hit 6/10 and I managed 8/10. I do really like the idea of this event and I want to thank everyone involved in making it happen. I probably won't do another one like it because I felt like I didn't have enough games for each number and I can't stop myself from buying games that fit rather than pick from my backlog.
  12. Didn’t realise I was so close when I went to bed, I had maybe 10-20 kills left. 



    Terrible, terrible screenshot. Good luck @KANERKB



  13. So guys, with the release of Maddening Mode on FE Three Houses, I am asking if I should attempt Maddening Mode through New Game Plus just to make it somewhat easier.
  14. Did not expect to see this game pop up. Expectations arent to high for it. We shall see!!
  15. Sooo...on a Run i can not use her and She Will Stay Alive and on another Run i can use her to not consume flasks.
  16. When Smackdown goes to Fox and they have the draft does that mean they're re-instating the brand split or are they under the impression it still exists and they're just gonna keep on keepin' on? I'm also REALLY hoping they strap Sasha tonight (the match is starting as of this message). Becky fever has died down a bit and putting the belt on Sasha helps her and Bayley simultaneously. Becky had a great run but the Bayley turn + Sasha re-turn needs a title on both to truly work.
  17. Official done trying to get the SO3 plat. It's crashed on me 3 times around the same area 3 times in a row. I really enjoyed the PS2 version and wanted to plat, but it's way too buggy.

  18. I never really got around to posting my last completion, but I did finish my last game (Minecraft Story Mode) that I needed for the number 1. Thanks for setting up this challenge, it helped me finish off some games I had wandered away from.
  19. Let's see... One per series? I focus on plat only and no 100%. I think I name these: Red Dead Redemption 2 Not hard but super time consuming, still I loved almost everything of that time, except grinding the 70 gold medals in the main story Payday 2 Was kinda hard, since one trophy was luck based which took around 25 hours just for this one, also time consuming Guacamelee Really had trouble with getting the orcs, especially the one on top of that tree - yikes! FIFA 16 Winning the FUT-draft online... had to boost it with creating a complex system with several players and several accounts... same with FIFA 17 - yikes! Resident Evil 5 Never liked the game and some things like the treasures really sucked Plants VS. Zombies Garden Warfare Time consuming and luck based Medal of Honor Fucking multiplayer... Spawning and dying... Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Really took a long time, thank got I had a helpful friend back then
  20. I totally agree with everything. And yeah, a pretty vague and useless comment from him. Didn't elaborate anything, and only tried the game for a few hours. The whole dynamic online is completely changed as well. Before the DLC you would see griefers everywhere, because people were bored. Now everything is more peaceful as people are trading, treasure hunting and bounty hunting. It's amazing and such a brilliant masterpiece of a game.
  21. Yes it is missable, there is another missable bead as well, Frozen Olive which is given by Gemino, the man stuck in the tree.
  22. Yes, 3 trophies are affected by this, one is Last Breath, which needs you to use her 3 or 4 times then she will die. The others are 100% and all prayers which you need her alive til the end. She does not cancel the 'do not use flasks against boss' trophy if that is your worry.
  23. Feeling pretty good about completing this event. These are the games I used: 0 - (6490) Burly Men At Sea 1 - (2481) inFamous Second Son 2 - (5912) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories 3 - (2823) inFamous First Light 4 - (2314) Doki-Doki Universe 5 - (3765) Goat Simulator 6 - (1806) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 7 - (6077) What Remains of Edith Finch 8 - (2628) Murdered: Soul Suspect 9 - (159) Guitar Hero 5 This was a great event. Thank you, @eigen-space for organizing this event.
  24. Operation7 Revolution - Was asked to boost this so I accepted to do so. Could've sunk my time into something else that's enjoyable. Don't have the plat but Friday the 13th would be for the same exact reason as Op7 if I ever feel like going back.
  25. Win? Yes. Blowout? No. But is a score of 27-9 really a blowout? When the score was fairly close for much of the game? The two games I would call a blowout were New England over Miami 43-0 and San Francisco over Cincy 41-17. Those games were over EARLY.
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