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  2. How I trophy hunt: Earn them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If that means boosting, or letting someone carry me through a difficult part (Seeker of truth trophy in final fantasy 14) then so be it. Helpful glitches like item duplication in Demon's souls are ok by me too. Whatever makes it easier to earn it. One game at a time, usually. That makes it easier to focus if my efforts aren't spread too thin. I don't care if I get frustrated either. I just keep playing through the frustration until the trophy pops. I've been through so much hell for trophies it's unbelievable.
  3. Hello! All I have to do is complete the game without missing anyone in the lobby to unlock the final piece of bonus content, but I can't seem to get it. I don't think I've missed anyone. Do I have to do get everyone without getting any game overs? Am I missing anything?
  4. Yeah that is how i am doing it now last 3 races started 15th, 15th & 13th and got on the podium on each due to taking my time trying to avoid people more than actual racing lol.
  5. 2 hours ago, HusKy said:


    The guy in the thread I linked dropped down because he lost his trophies. You went up because you did not.

    It's the ~1000 people out of ~117k who had their trophies borked which resulted in you going up.

    2 hours ago, HusKy said:

    I'm pretty sure that's not it. There were some issues with profile updates and some people lost their trophies. This could result in massive jumps in the leaderboards.

    See here for example, thread from 8 hours ago:

    edit. Just to be clear, those who lost their trophies dropped in leaderboard. Those who didn't (majority) went up.


    Something similar happened to Hakoom last month, remember? Randomly dropped from #1 to some sub #2650 number... granted, it did get fixed though


    I do understand what people are saying. The lack of clarity is a griping issue for every community out there, especially when things are not working right. The reality of the matter though is that if things aren't fixed or informed long enough, either people will leave for something new, or someone will create a product they want.


    I'm sure whatever solution that exists though isn't a simple one. I really don't have much to contribute to the conversation though as I mostly work on guides...

  6. Like the Pirate's Code...these are more general guidelines than actual rules. I disagree with most people saying that the games have to be fun to be worth playing/finishing. Sometimes it is good to have a challenge and to force yourself to do something hard that maybe isn't fun. I like to think it builds character. That's not to say everything needs to be hard. I'll compare this to a runner. I highly doubt there are many marathon runners that genuinely are having fun when they are 20 miles into it on a hot, humid day. But they relish the challenge and push themselves to finish, even if they want to give up. That same marathon runner may run a 5k for fun every once in a while because they do enjoy running. For me, occasionally I like to pick that marathon type game for the challenge, even if it means I'm not having fun 100% of the time. The best example of that on my profile (that I've finished so far) is Catherine. I enjoyed portions of the game but had a miserable time trying to do the Babel stages and really didn't have much fun. But I'll tell you that it is probably the platinum that I'm most proud of. Having said that, I just started Leisure Suit Larry...that is my version of the 5k. I'm playing that for fun with no stress. I can appreciate and enjoy both for very different reasons. My own personal guidelines that I only hold myself to: Rules in stone: -100% every game. Don't let it beat you. Keep coming back even if you want to bang your head against a wall (I'm looking at you Space Hulk ) -Check trophy guide ahead of time. If no missables, playthrough blind and cleanup later. If there are missables, take note of where in the game you need to use a guide and follow it. -No 3rd party, share play, etc. I need to earn all my trophies. -No Boosting if boosting is we take turns standing in front of each other shooting each other in the head. Boosting is ok if it is playing the game together to get the trophies. -Take part in community events to broaden trophy list. Take recommendations outside of my comfort zone (still need a fighting game) -Only buy a game if it's on sale unless it is from a series I love. Then it's ok to pre-order. -Only one PSN account. No trial or alt accounts. If I play is on my profile for better or worse. -If I'm frustrated, walk away and come back and try again later...but always come back and try again -Only stack a game I truly like and never back to back. -Never region stack, cross-save autopop. Play all of the games. Rules I try to follow -One game per console at a time (SMB and Space Hulk have made me break this rule) -When playing a series, play them consecutively and in order -One trophy a day I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but that is basically it.
  7. Best to make or join a session on here.
  8. F ing assholes who done that bloodly asshats.
  9. Hey, so you'll need to earn a new trophy on Si1ent_Gengar and then after 24 hours type your new name into the box on the homepage and it should merge over
  10. Guardian of the Far East- Wade into danger to rescue the Far East Branch from its predicament.
  11. My favourite game of the last 2 or 3 years (other than maybe Tekken 7). I think I've gone through it 25 times now, and have platted it on multiple accounts - even a friends. It's just so easy to pick up and play through, and has yet to get old for me. RE4 still holds the crown for me (it's just so damn fun) but this game is definitely 3rd on my favourite RE games - after REmake 1 and RE4, and that's no easy feat as I've played through all these bastards.
  12. Anybody interested in boosting the online trophies? Add S_cubasteve with a message and we can sort out times etc
  13. Well I'll finally be picking up Shadow Warrior since it's about the only thing there that I don't have
  14. That feel when you see a flash sale and you already own all of the Vita games listed.
  15. RE2 is the best Resident evil game I have ever played. But I ended up doing six playthroughs which is to much. I know it can be done in four. The game as a survival horror game, does everything right, the scares, and the limited saves hardcore runs are intense. A lot of people love RE7, I agree to some extend, I loved everything about it in the first half in the Baker residence, but the later part on the ship is not nearly as good.
  16. A plague tale is the only game that's worth it from that list, everything else is garbage.... as usual. Oh well, at least Casino update is next Tuesday. Doubt it, itll probably be on Tuesday.
  17. Might be time for Yomawari finally.
  18. I think my rules are pretty standard stuff; plus it's more of what you'd call a guideline than a code... a) Always get the Platinum and/or 100% 1) DLC is not required to be purchased or completed on rental games; just getting the platinum is enough for those A) DLC is required to be completed if you own the game b) On-line or co-op trophies should be avoided at all costs 1) If these cannot be avoided they should be complete ASAP 2) Boosting, etc is a perfectly fine method of getting on-line trophies, which, as previously stated, are an abomination c) Dirty, shameful easy platinums are perfectly fine and make a good break between 100 hour RPGs. 1) Region stacking is too much work d) Always review the difficulty of the platinum and your ability to get it before purchasing/starting a game e) Games with cute anime girls are objectively superior to those without and should be given priority f) Obviously, never hack or otherwise cheat 1) Was to make the game easier within the game (codes, etc) itself isn't cheating, it's simply clever "strategy" g) Never play more than one PS3/PS4 game and one Vita game at a time
  19. There are two titles that I'm interested but I'm unsure if I will eventually get them, I have been switching over to physical games on sale than digital lately.
  20. kill 999 freakers.
  21. In an 18 man or so lobby I honestly feel it's better to start at the back then like qualify in e.g. 4th cause that's just a surefire way to get torpedo'd in the first corner.
  22. A Hat in Time, my understanding is that only PC has the DLC right now and I want to play the DLC but I also want the platinum but I don't want to buy the game twice.
  23. Here are my personal rules. Earn at least 3 trophies everyday; rank and rarity don't matter. No playing "easy plats" until my world rank is under 9,999 or everyone around me on the leaderboard has embraced the practice. Those are the conditions when I'm allowed to partake, doesn't mean I will. Any game that was on PS Plus gets "easy plat" immunity. Stacks are fine. Stacking ever region and/or 100% auto-pop stacks are not allowed. Guides can be used in anyway I feel like using them. I'll usually check them for missables before playing a game or to get context on the trophy list. I usually follow them for collectables (wandering around aimlessly is not my idea of fun), "easter egg trophies" and trophies I don't understand. I will play my first playthrough as blindly as possible. I'm not allowed to use guides on visual novels or story games of a similar nature until I'm 100% stuck and have tried everything I can think of. Glitches, exploits and cheese are allowed. Save scumming is allowed but I do my best to avoid using it. I'll attempt to do multiplayer trophies legitimately first. Boosting is alright if I find the legitimate ways are not possible or require extreme luck because of server population and/or META reasons. Rubber bands & turbo controllers are okay. The situations I've encountered where these methods are helpful are rare and usually don't negate the challenge too much. The bulk of the trophies and the hardest ones need to be done by me. I can't delete a 0% unless it's impossible or the game was so bad I don't ever want to touch it again. Edit: 3 Per-Day Quota - I started it because I wanted to get my daily average to 3. It has never been hard to maintain and it gives me a goal everyday. I don't think I'll raise the quota or abolish it anytime soon. PS Plus Immunity - I give any PS Plus game easy plat immunity because they're distributed to a large amount of the player base and there is rarely any control on the games you get. You technically pay for those games so you have the right to play them. Going out of your way and targeting a "easy plat" is different in my book. Guides - They are usually not around when you can be first. Speedrunners rarely speedrun a game without a community sharing information. Guides don't earn trophies for you; you are still required to put in the effort yourself. Guides do make some game genres trivial, so I don't use them in those genres until I need to. Glitches - If something is part of the game (intentional or not) I believe you're allowed to use it. I purposefully don't use gliches that only pop trophies. Save Scumming - I only use it to save time and when it doesn't completely break a trophies challenge factor. I don't use cloud save scumming unless it's the only way.
  24. I really enjoyed the Yomawari games and Htolniq. Criminal Girls definitely has cringe-worthy bits, but they're still fun jrpgs. I also enjoyed Touhou Double Focus. At that price, definitely worth checking out. Also - first time I see a Flash sale on a Thursday... Wonder if it's because they'll launch the Mid-Year sale tomorrow at last?
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