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  2. #30 - God of War Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Obviously I'm late to the party with this game, so there's not much point to me singing its praises, everyone know it's a fantastic game. I'll say this though: I was half expecting to be disappointed, didn't think it could hold up to all the compliments I'd heard for a year. Well, it does. And then some. I loved everything about this game, the story, the combat, the graphics, the music, the ending, the late game bosses, everything. Well, everything except the collectibles, maybe 😏 There's just too damn many, and the game world is not that open, fast travel is not that convenient. So after I finally got that damn Valkyrie Queen down (and that was not easy, even after setting the game to easy!!) it was a bit of a chore to hunt down the ravens. If the game is a 10/10, the platinum is probably an 8/10. Still I loved all the post-end game content, Niflheim, Muspelheim and the Valkyries, that was all awesome. Altogether I must have spent about 40 hours on this, I think (hard to judge, I always like when games have a counter on this), and I don't regret a single minute. A well deserved milestone for platinum #30.
  3. Dragon's Crown. I LOVE the art style and gameplay of the game but I think half the fun is playing with others (No friends to play with)
  4. Jonesey46, The Tokenizer 😎 😂😂😂
  5. Beyond: Two Souls because I can't be bothered to do it myself.
  6. Yhea I know, link should still be working tho.
  7. For the people who can't reply on this topic; it's been moved to the "giveaway" section ,which requires you to have 25 forum posts. Just send me a DM or reach out on twitter (@KnoefNL) and i'll add you on here
  8. madbuk, Drive on the wrong side of the road for 547 yards
  9. Hello everyone, if you want help to get the band trophies you can add me on the PSN and send me a message to tell me that you come for WoR.
  10. Hooked up my old PS1 and been playing Digimon world 3. I loved this game as a kid (still do). After all the stuff I been through these past few months. It's nice not to worry about trophies or anything and just relax playing a old game.

  11. Yes, they both were when we lived in an area where we had reliable high speed. Early 2015 is when we moved where we are now. I managed a few difficult online trophies after that, but we had cellphone hotspots that were too expensive to keep up with so we had to switch to something else. Satellite or dial up are literally the only other options, and the ping on the satellite is like 600 to 900 most of the time. It's why you probably will notice most of the games I've played since 2015-16 tend to be light on the online features.
  12. Challenge Champion Complete all of Challenge Mode.
  13. Haha I wish. I am seriously shit at fighting games
  14. aCCzTaurin - Snakechaser
  15. this is a port and yes port i dont care what anyone says its a port its a reskin of the old game with some of the old glitched trophies that they never fixed and never will they ignore to your comments about fixing the trophies in thier stream they just put out new content which they want you to buy they just want your $ they know the game is broken they dont care because they actually hav to spend money to fix it
  16. DreddPirateRobb - Unbound
  17. Friends in Strange Places You befriended both crab people and gnomes. Make it Rain! You've spent $500.
  18. I think you can check them in "CHALLENGES" in the MAIN MENU
  19. Didn't see a post like this and thought it was kinda fun. For example I am: Exairesi, Scout of the Morannon *interesting tidbit, my first trophy was due to a glitch in the game, I ran around for like 4 hours without realizing I could not progress in the game.
  20. Count me in if it includes a new trophy list, but the added tosh is just endless consumerism on an ending planet.
  21. I also just completed Drowning and Planet Rix-13. I'd like Awesome Pea NA code.
  22. i thought you were joking, lol
  23. Same for me, I was playing in French but I couldn't pass the mission where you have to make your first jump with the Outrunner without crashing. Put the game in English and it worked flawlessly. Go figure...
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