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  2. My favourite game of the last 2 or 3 years (other than maybe Tekken 7). I think I've gone through it 25 times now, and have platted it on multiple accounts - even a friends. It's just so easy to pick up and play through, and has yet to get old for me. RE4 still holds the crown for me (it's just so damn fun) but this game is definitely 3rd on my favourite RE games - after REmake 1 and RE4, and that's no easy feat as I've played through all these bastards.
  3. Anybody interested in boosting the online trophies? Add S_cubasteve with a message and we can sort out times etc
  4. Well I'll finally be picking up Shadow Warrior since it's about the only thing there that I don't have
  5. That feel when you see a flash sale and you already own all of the Vita games listed.
  6. RE2 is the best Resident evil game I have ever played. But I ended up doing six playthroughs which is to much. I know it can be done in four. The game as a survival horror game, does everything right, the scares, and the limited saves hardcore runs are intense. A lot of people love RE7, I agree to some extend, I loved everything about it in the first half in the Baker residence, but the later part on the ship is not nearly as good.
  7. A plague tale is the only game that's worth it from that list, everything else is garbage.... as usual. Oh well, at least Casino update is next Tuesday. Doubt it, itll probably be on Tuesday.
  8. Might be time for Yomawari finally.
  9. I think my rules are pretty standard stuff; plus it's more of what you'd call a guideline than a code... a) Always get the Platinum and/or 100% 1) DLC is not required to be purchased or completed on rental games; just getting the platinum is enough for those A) DLC is required to be completed if you own the game b) On-line or co-op trophies should be avoided at all costs 1) If these cannot be avoided they should be complete ASAP 2) Boosting, etc is a perfectly fine method of getting on-line trophies, which, as previously stated, are an abomination c) Dirty, shameful easy platinums are perfectly fine and make a good break between 100 hour RPGs. 1) Region stacking is too much work d) Always review the difficulty of the platinum and your ability to get it before purchasing/starting a game e) Games with cute anime girls are objectively superior to those without and should be given priority f) Obviously, never hack or otherwise cheat 1) Was to make the game easier within the game (codes, etc) itself isn't cheating, it's simply clever "strategy" g) Never play more than one PS3/PS4 game and one Vita game at a time
  10. There are two titles that I'm interested but I'm unsure if I will eventually get them, I have been switching over to physical games on sale than digital lately.
  11. kill 999 freakers.
  12. In an 18 man or so lobby I honestly feel it's better to start at the back then like qualify in e.g. 4th cause that's just a surefire way to get torpedo'd in the first corner.
  13. A Hat in Time, my understanding is that only PC has the DLC right now and I want to play the DLC but I also want the platinum but I don't want to buy the game twice.
  14. Here are my personal rules. Earn at least 3 trophies everyday; rank and rarity don't matter. No playing "easy plats" until my world rank is under 9,999 or everyone around me on the leaderboard has embraced the practice. Those are the conditions when I'm allowed to partake, doesn't mean I will. Any game that was on PS Plus gets "easy plat" immunity. Stacks are fine. Stacking ever region and/or 100% auto-pop stacks are not allowed. Guides can be used in anyway I feel like using them. I'll usually check them for missables before playing a game or to get context on the trophy list. I usually follow them for collectables (wandering around aimlessly is not my idea of fun), "easter egg trophies" and trophies I don't understand. I will play my first playthrough as blindly as possible. I'm not allowed to use guides on visual novels or story games of a similar nature until I'm 100% stuck and have tried everything I can think of. Glitches, exploits and cheese are allowed. Save scumming is allowed but I do my best to avoid using it. I'll attempt to do multiplayer trophies legitimately first. Boosting is alright if I find the legitimate ways are not possible or require extreme luck because of server population and/or META reasons. Rubber bands & turbo controllers are okay. The situations I've encountered where these methods are helpful are rare and usually don't negate the challenge too much. The bulk of the trophies and the hardest ones need to be done by me. I can't delete a 0% unless it's impossible or the game was so bad I don't ever want to touch it again. Edit: 3 Per-Day Quota - I started it because I wanted to get my daily average to 3. It has never been hard to maintain and it gives me a goal everyday. I don't think I'll raise the quota or abolish it anytime soon. PS Plus Immunity - I give any PS Plus game easy plat immunity because they're distributed to a large amount of the player base and there is rarely any control on the games you get. You technically pay for those games so you have the right to play them. Going out of your way and targeting a "easy plat" is different in my book. Guides - They are usually not around when you can be first. Speedrunners rarely speedrun a game without a community sharing information. Guides don't earn trophies for you; you are still required to put in the effort yourself. Guides do make some game genres trivial, so I don't use them in those genres until I need to. Glitches - If something is part of the game (intentional or not) I believe you're allowed to use it. I purposefully don't use gliches that only pop trophies. Save Scumming - I only use it to save time and when it doesn't completely break a trophies challenge factor. I don't use cloud save scumming unless it's the only way.
  15. I really enjoyed the Yomawari games and Htolniq. Criminal Girls definitely has cringe-worthy bits, but they're still fun jrpgs. I also enjoyed Touhou Double Focus. At that price, definitely worth checking out. Also - first time I see a Flash sale on a Thursday... Wonder if it's because they'll launch the Mid-Year sale tomorrow at last?
  16. Hey, @TheYuriG. You probably already know most of my rules, but it's nice to write them down somewhere. I'm gonna copy your rules and adapt them as we share similar ones. -GOLDEN RULE: always try to go for all possible shutdowns to minimize your unachievable trophies losses as long as it fits your budget and your free time -you must always get max possible % in every game, every trophy counts. So it's ok to add trophy list when there is at least one achievable trophy. -you WILL NEVER add a F rank game in your list. There's no point in adding an online-only game which was already shutdown just to keep it in your list even at 0%. Also, whenever you add a new game, try to always earn at least one trophy before stopping playing for the first time, unless of course it's not viable due to all trophies depending on time you don't have at the moment -stacking games is a lot fun (of course, after some months/years you'll forget most of the plot details anyway...), but always take a break of 6 to 12 months before replaying the story in a new stack, unless you must do it to avoid a shutdown or whatever. -try to play everything, you usually can have fun with most games. You can count in your hands the amount of stupid and boring games you've played, most were decent. But if you can, AVOID FIGHTING games. You suck, man. You'll never learn how to play them properly: SxT will be stuck at 98% forever in your profile, but of course, don't give up. (It's ok to play ezpz fighting games: you'll be able to finish them lol) -avoid super ezpz games like Ratalaika, Mayo, etc as they mostly don't add for much content and experience. It's only ok to do them if you want to adjust ASAP to some milestone you care to achieve. Take no prejudice with Telltale games being easy, most are awesome games and worth the overall experience -avoid boosting when the game online community is healthy and the online portion is fun. But of course, don't stress too much over retarded online stuff: boost the hell out of it -avoid games that are constantly updated until they reach their final form. It's horrible to keep playing the same game and never finishing it for real (hey there, Minecraft) and even worse to keep it installed at all times or having to reinstall every now and then -you must be the one popping all your trophies in your account. It's prohibited to let others access your account to do a trophy for you: if you lack skill (hey fighting games), just git gud or accept you won't achieve it. If you have weird connection issues, you can solve it no matter what: use proxies, vpn, reinstall, format, router your 4g, whatever. Just don't ask others to do even easy online trophies just because you can't connect -you must always pay for any sort of microtransactions that you judge to be affordable and not a ridiculous crash grab. Examples are: NBA 2k, just ignore their ridiculous myTeam collection trophies as you'd have to pay thousands of dollars for it (and you'll probably won't have thousands of hours for a yearly game), but it's totally acceptable to save time when it's cheap like in Jetpack Joyride, where you can save a few dozen hours for a small amount of money. -try to earn the plat trophy as the last one, it's nice finishing the game together with the plat. However it's ok to avoid it if you're waiting for boosting sessions in DLC trophies or even if DLCs are better/easier done after finishing the main game -you should always share found strategies for trophies. You always want to make your life easier by searching good methods all over the web, so do the same whenever you found something. It's a lame move to keep excellent methods for yourself due to selfish reasons -avoid adding new games to your already huge backlog (unless it's for a server shutdown), in some years you can be done with your backlog and enter the joyful cycle of adding a new game and then finishing it without no other unearned achievable trophy in your profile (what a dream!) -NEVER spoil the main story experience to achieve trophies quicker even if that means you'll have to stand an extra playthrough
  17. I still need Hotline Miami 2, Crossing Souls, and Titan Souls. Someone has to stop me (maybe) from buying them though
  18. If servers are closed on PS3 how can you sell this
  19. Fisherman Catch 10 different fish. I need to find a balance for FF14 Shadowbringers and my other games >_<
  20. 1. Play the games i want. Easy/difficult/long/short/hard/soft/yummy/yucky.. 2. If it has MP. Do that first. 3. Complete every game in the series... still working on that.. 4. 100% everything. (Working on this too) 5. No ezpz games. UNLESS, i got them from ps+/gifted. 6. No auto pop stacking. And no stacking in general. Except: If a game has been remade not remastered. Example: Final fantasy 7 and remake. Are Okay. Dark souls 1 ps3 and dark souls "remastered" ps4. Are not okay. 7. Never give up hope, that one day. I will be able to connect to inFamous: Festival of blood servers. Why the hate on Japan sucker punch? Then you go and make a game set in Japan next? Pfft. 8. Something somethinf i forgot other stuff...
  21. Game 5: Defense Grid 2 (July 16th - July 18th) Time Played: 4 hr 30 min Trophies Earned: 27/63 (38%) Current Completion: 24.47% (+1.63%) I actually really really enjoyed this game. I had a ton of fun playing it, and the very sparse story that is there is very enjoyable with the different AI personalities arguing and bantering back and forth. I've only played the first two missions though there are a lot of different gameplay choices and difficulty settings and I haven't messed around with those very much. One of the things I did like was that if you have a friend who has played the game up in the corner as you play you see what score they had at the same time in the level. It's a cute little feature and I wish I had more friends that played (If you play, hit me up, always glad to have more PSN friends!) because I only had one friend who seemed to have played just the first few levels. The gameplay is basic tower defense with interesting little enemies but I'm still getting new towers and new enemy animations so I'm still learning the game basically. Overall though, I really really enjoyed it and would give it an 8/10 if you like tower defense games! Game 7 Preview: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (July 19th - July 21st) Game Stats: 80,800 Game Owners; 7,388 (9.14%) Platinum Achievers / 1,521 (1.88%) 100% Completed; 30% Average Completion 64 Trophies (1/2/8/53) Playstation Store Description: The battle for suburbia grows to crazy new heights in Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2! In this hilarious, action-packed shooter, zombie leader Dr. Zomboss has strengthened his horde and rebuilt suburbia as a zombie utopia. But hope remains, because for the first time the plants are taking the offensive in an all-out attack to reclaim their turf. Play as both the plants and zombies in new 24 player multiplayer and 4-player co-op modes, or go at it solo or in split-screen against the AI across all game modes. Garden Warfare 2 also introduces the Backyard Battleground, your very own interactive hub where you and up to 3 friends can take on daily quests, challenges, and interact with your favorite PvZ characters. I have absolutely no idea what this game is, what it does, or how it plays. I picked it up during a sale for like $3 last summer and I've never touched it in all that time. Time to dive in and figure out what this is all about!
  22. @TheVader66 beat me to it London has always been a hard-worker and generally underappreciated. Her new look is insanely cute while keeping the sweet, girl-next-door vibe.
  23. You should keep trying until the trophy is unlocked.
  24. I don’t have many rules myself but the ones I do follow... 1. Just get the Platinum, 100% doesn’t matter to me 2. No cheap platinums, ones that can be obtained in 10 mins etc. Although I broke this rule with Conan exhiles but it was free so.. 3. No stacks, I don’t know how to anyway and I don’t care. 4. Anything is fair game for getting the platinum, guides, glitches, exploits. Made modern warfare remastered a breeze on veteran 5. Try to avoid games with multiplayer trophies, unless doable. Thats just what comes to my head right now
  25. Majoras, add me on psn, accept me, I'll help you
  26. Today a tragedy has occured at Kyoto Animation Studios 1. A 40 year old man set the studio on fire in what has been confirmed as an act of arson. This is Japan's worst mass murder in their post war history. The arsonist yelled 死ね which translates to "Die" or "Drop dead" as he burned the building. Apparenty Kyoani received a sudden surge in death threats several years prior but it's unknown if it's related since the threats were anonymous. Three directors are missing, including the Kobayashi-san animation director Kadowaki Miku. Takemoto Yasuhiro is also missing, the actual director of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. 33 confirmed dead: Sentai Filmworks, an American licensing company, has started a GoFundMe as an effort to help Kyoto Animation. Please donate if you can: A perspective of the fire: ____________________________________________________________ As of 12:15 PM JST, 10 people seriously injured, 10 people unconscious, and 18 people mildly injured: A man in his 40s has confirmed to starting the fire: Multiple deaths have been confirmed by NHK police report: The arsonist had tried pouring gasoline on people too: Sharp tools (knife-like) found near scene, unknown if related to incident: Kyoto Newspaper confirming people running outside on fire: At least 35 injured, 20 missing, and several still inside building at time of this tweet: 10 people were found lying face down on 2nd floor, all believed to be dead: Several people who had suffered cardiac arrest within the building and had stopped hearts left behind as rescue operations continue: In the NHK article, it was stated that 70 people were working inside at time of arson According to Kyoto City Fire Department, 12 had suffered cardiac arrest, and 36 are injured:
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