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  2. Think i may of dodged a bullet with MK11, from what i've been hearing the story is lackluster and alot of the modes are online only (towers, shop, krypt).

  3. I caint wait for the day where i see a lvl 100 profile with just ratalaika games. It will be a completely worthless profile in my opinion and a reminder that taking the easy road is definitely not rewarding. Some of us have put our heart and soul in these profiles. Looking at a profile filled with Ratalaika games almost makes me puke. Especially when his trophy count is 10 k and hes got 9,999 comon and 1 uncommon.
  4. Out of all the console manufacturers, I never expected that Sony would be the ones to cave in to these radical feminists/SJW types. Sony talking about doing this to "protect the children" is nothing more than an excuse used to deflect people away from the real reason which is that they're scared of any potential backlash. We already have rating boards and parental controls, so if a kid gets their hands on one of these games without their parents consent, it's their own damn fault. Besides, what harm is an anime game with fanservice going to do? More than something like GTA or Mortal Kombat? Give me a break... You just know these people who are indifferent or even supportive of this censorship policy would quickly change their tune once it started affecting the game they care about. The logical conclusion to Sony's line of thinking is that not only is sexualizing virtual women is bad, but so is violence towards them too. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Just because the censorship of these games isn't directly affecting you doesn't mean you should sit idly by and let this happen. Can't you see it's wrong to tell grown ass adults what they can and can't enjoy? "Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it."
  5. I agree with this since you are a respected member of this site.
  6. I was being a bit sarcastic, Im trying to say why even start this petition if no server ever reopen because of a petition.
  7. This is old news, been going on since last year.
  8. Tell that to all the women who gets turned on by those things, especially those into masculine bodies etc. I really don't think this point is moot. It's most definitely a double-standard.
  9. The unlocked taunts should count. The bought red orbs do not count for the 1m orbs, though. Super Costumes are worthless for the platinum because they reduce your score by 80%, making getting an S rank impossible. It takes about 30 minutes to get 3 million orbs. With that information you can decide yourself if it is worth to buy the taunts or not.
  10. so i was checking my stats and saw i already have 535 km driven ( 332 miles ) , and the long distance trophy did not pop. do i just ignore this and keep on driving or is this a bug ?
  11. It’s so annoying, even loading a earlier save and it’s still happening. I think it’s time to start over and get it done as early as possible
  12. I'm not done with the game yet, but I can say for sure that nothing is missable. The multi-kill trophies are all obtained during the tutorial episode, there's 3 story-related trophies, 2 for repeatable quests and 2 for perks you buy from completing said quests. And of course, the multiplayer trophies... Let me know if you want to boost!
  13. Never got a single e-mail for discounts and I do get e-mails about the latest release or that monthly e-mail that tells you it's time to pay for PS+ again. If I wasn't planning on playing FFXIV in the near future, I would have already canceled my subscription. After all, you can transfer your Vita and PS4 save files on your pc or on a USB stick right? It's been a while since I've been interested in a PS+ game anyway and I don't really care about discounts on a gym membership. It seems like Sony doesn't really know their target audience.
  14. Done in 42 minutes 05 sec. Can i have Shadow of Loot Box NA please?
  15. is this game online only or is their a single player and stuff?
  16. The new trophies for the next dlc appeared on my trophy list. Classic list as previous ones with one added trophy for completing all 7 dlc missions and rewarding players with a new outfit.
  17. I suppose so . I never got a mail for any discounts from Sony. Buy yeah, PS+ has become a joke.
  18. Same, but I'm gonna have to buy the DLC. Hopefully a sale comes soon. If not, I'll just drop the 20€ and forget about it.
  19. I've got the platinum for this, but not the 100%. Might join any session out there boosting the DLC. And yes, I'm too lazy to start one myself.
  21. Correct me if im wrong but both MK9 and 10 weren't hard either? MK9 just took 350+ hrs? Reading both guides they both aren't rated past 5/10 so why are people complaining? I know I haven't played but em so again correct me if im wrong.
  22. Hi there, was thinking of trying to put together a guide for My Time at Portia but when I try to create it, all I get is "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '8993-0' "
  23. Yeah. that's the last point on the list
  24. Found it thanks !
  25. Why don't you release JP trophy lists? You would make so much more money I would buy all your games in JP version!
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