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  2. Please enlighten me on how my statement is incorrect? The ps4, Xboxone and pc versions are have better specs than the switch version by a pretty good margin.
  3. Hi everyone, I just hit another milestone and I wanted to share it. Late last night, I finally finished Magicka 2, making it my 225th platinum. I would like to thank @adam1984123, @CjShai and @spazza136 for their help and dedication in seeing this game through all of the main game co-op, the time trials and the challenges. This is not an easy platinum (hence the ultra rarity) but with these guys, we made it happen. Thanks guys and I hope you didn't get too annoyed with me calling for a wipe every 30 seconds 😁
  4. What I bought on black friday 

    Amazon :

    2 one year ps+ card

    2 SanDisk ultra 256 gb micro SD card 


    Dualshock 4 controller (silver) 

    Wolfenstein 2 the new colossus

    Crash bandicoot n'sane trilogy 



  5. I totally agree with u.
  6. Much appreciated. Im on a fluctuating wifi but hopefully it can hold out for two missions. I'll add you, no mic so send me a message if it works or not if you don't mind.
  7. Dude, please don't try to sell some 3 people playing on your account at the same time story. This was simply someone with a mod menu who popped your trophies. Anyway, you can hide up to 2 flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards.
  8. If I were a betting man, even with that handicap I still wouldn't put money on me! @adam1984123 with only a -5% handicap represents good value though.
  9. Is blissfully unaware that the mountain called Monkey had spoken.
  10. She is the evil within.
  11. In my experience shopto are bloody crooks. Avoid like the plague. Amazon in general should be avoided for CE's. In Europe they shipped Doom PS4 CE's as they come without any other packaging and address stickers glued to the box. Unfortunately Amazon is a general store and a volume shipper, not a quality one.
  12. Thanks I work retail as well. Uncharted 4 would be a good one for 50. I say do that one I have yet to get it and play it myself. Wanna get it cheaper than it is right now lol I can finish my 3 games by next year for sure. I'm just hoping I can find one for the optional category that is super cheap I've already gone crazy spending for Christmas gifts and a few games for myself, which I think I've only finished one.. >.>
  13. The grind is real.

    1. Jigglypuff


      Wait, you aren't @The High Ground! xD Anyway, what are you grinding?

  14. Opinion =/= fact. My statement is a fact.
  15. This is an old thread and I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but why would it matter if the DLC doesn't have trophies? Most people bitch when DLC adds trophies. It forces them to go back to it if they're a completionist. It forces them to open up their wallet and finish it again in order to maintain that 100%. And yet an example of when someone doesn't do it, people are up in arms about it. Bizarre. A game is truly good when you're playing it when it doesn't have any trophies. Keep that in mind, my dudes.
  16. Awesome! Thank you, BlindMango.
  17. Yes gtaphics wise the vr version is not as good as a console version at all obviously but you are in the game so tech wise it's still the most impressive regardless if you prefer playing it on a console
  18. Thank you so so much appreciate it👙
  19. Today
  20. if anyone wants to grind out the church operation for legendary xp, add me to make it go way faster
  21. That game is awesome :). I actually loved it and cannot wait for their new one if they make one I wish they brought over the Sherlock Holmes one T.T
  22. DELIALPI Call of Duty: World at War i never use hack in all off my games<br /> <br /> i have in the past 3 ps3 so i was trying to get the platinum ASAP to be so fast so we where 3 ppl playing in the account same time<br /> so please i work hard with my profile dont flagged me
  23. Didn't think season 2 was gonna start this early. Probably am gonna be really busy but gg to everyone
  24. Lol... I swear that wasn't there when I looked before. Nice find. Hmm. Can't seem to click on them or anything Definitely better than nothing though.
  25. Game #7 of 10: Driver: San Francicso The title should tell you what you need to know about the genre and the setting of this game :). This is my second taste of the Driver franchise - the original was one of the first PC games I played, back in 1999. So just how far has the franchise come since those days? In Driver: San Francisco, you play as John Tanner, an undercover cop who witnesses villain Charles Jericho get busted out of a prison van by a woman who shoots it from a news chopper with an RPG. In his quest to reapprehend Jericho, Tanner gets in an bad car crash, and ends up in a coma. From here, we're playing the game from within Officer Tanner's coma-induced dream, attempting to find out more about Jericho's whereabouts via his connections, with the end goal of snaring our villain and seeing him locked back up again. So, doing detective work whilst in a dream within a coma?? Yes, not a terribly realistic premise, but the story in Driver was always very much secondary to the actual driving experience anyway, so how does the latest incarnation of the series play? Just like the series' previous games, it's all about driving around an open-world city, although unlike the original, San Francisco's the only city this time. A good choice in my opinion (I thought that SF was easily the most fun of the 4 cities included in the first game because of all the hills and the stunt opportunities they provide). There are so many things to do. You can play missions to advance the story; take part in other activites to earn money, such as races, stunt driving challenges or trying to stop a getaway car from escaping; you can hunt for tokens to unlock movie-themed challenges; try some "dares" - short, snappy tasks such as keeping your speed over 70 mph for 20 seconds, or landing a jump longer than 30m; you can ram a police car to start a high speed chase (or take control of a cop car yourself to reverse the roles); or simply drive around just to goof off (ramping off the back of car transporters may never get old!). The map is enormous - it'll be a long time before you run out of places to explore. The range of available cars is where this game shines. There are 140 different vehicles to try out, all of them licensed, and it's clear that a lot of attention was given to modelling both how they look and how they drive. The handling model feels very realistic - the big-engined muscle and sports cars are lightning quick and always good for a drift when cornering, your common sedans are relatively sluggish but simple to drive competently, and big rigs can smash through all in their path but are easy to jack-knife if you're not careful. Now onto the process of switching cars - in your comatose state, you're dreaming that you can fly around the city, and can simply jump into the body of any given car's driver at any time (except for the story missions, where you have to use one specific car). This certainly makes it easy to try out a massive range of vehicles right from the outset, but it has the side-effect of making actually buying cars feel a bit pointless. There is some great variety in Driver:SF's story missions. As well as standard fare like races, escaping from pursuits, and getting from A to B within a time limit, there are some much more creative choices. I particularly liked one mission where you had to avoid the main roads in order to prevent your passenger from being seen - figuring out the best route through alleys by checking the map was a nice puzzle; and there are some missions that make good use of the car switching system, such as one where you have to constantly switch into oncoming vehicles further up the road in order to ram the front of an escaping car (but not the back or you'll kill the hostage in the trunk). However, there is one enormous annoyance with the story missions - passengers that just won't shut up. Drive even the slightest bit aggressively, or anything less than absolutely perfectly, and you'll get a chewing out every 5 seconds. Imagine the world's most annoying driving instructor, and multiply by 100. It really has drained away a lot of my enjoyment of the campaign. Throughout the game, the sheer volume and variety of stuff to do means there's a lot of fun to be had, but there are also numerous issues that drag it down somewhat, namely: - It feels too hard to lose the police when you're being chased. Even good driving at high speed is sometimes no help; they seem to be nailed to my rear bumper. And ramming them is no use - knock a cop car out of action and more backup arrives almost instantly. It seems like you just have to get lucky and hope that they wipe themselves out. - The lack of a day-night cycle. This is a major omission for a 2011 open world game, and because the game always seems to be set about an hour or so before sunset or after sunrise, it impacts on the aesthetics too. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics from a technical point of view, but the perpetual near-sunset conditions gives everything a permanent orangey tinge that's not always pleasing to the eye. - There's not much of a sense of speed. Maybe it's the behind the car view that I use, but even when I'm going 100 mph, it feels like a crawl. - Finally, not all of the city is open to you from the start. There have been a few times where I've been stopped in my tracks in the middle of making a getaway by a red barrier that serves only to artificially pen you in until you advance further in the story. The city's still very sizeable even if you're restricted to just driving around the first area, but artificial constraints like this always leave a bad taste in an open world game. My rating: Gold/Silver/Silver This game was a tough one to rate. Sometimes it can feel truly excellent and tons of fun; other times, you really notice all the little gripes I mentioned and it feels very mediocre. --- Trophies earned in this game: 12 (12) for 180 points [17% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 71 (2, 9, 60) for 1,350 points Current completion rate: 55.14% [Down 4.69% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.42% due to Driver: San Francisco Down 0.44% due to other games not part of this event
  26. Well, I tried God Survival with Poseidon and got it on my first try (easily). With that out of the way, I quickly got the plat, giving me the Gold Saint Emblem and making me the first person to plat every game in the "Lone Warriors" tab. The plat was also my 7,500th trophy, which happened to be my trophy goal for this year, so that's cool. That makes 25 platinums. There's really not much left (for now at least). I think I'll tackle Xenoverse 2 next. I'm saving Dragon Quest until there's absolutely nothing else left.
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