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  2. Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones - Surgical Strikes Assassinate Tacito, Ptahmose and Ampelius Largely abandoned my gravity defying bow and arrow for the last assassination in favour of murdering people two feet in front of their mates without them noticing. I could claim it's because I'm so good which I don't think I'd be able to say with a straight face, but it's mostly because the guards are so dumb, like Metal Gear Solid (PS1) dumb. It's like all the outposts and forts are filled with Johnny Sasaki's ancestors. However, unlike Johnny the guards have so far resisted the urge to show their bare arse at every opportunity, given the standard of hygiene in ancient Egypt that's definitely a good thing since I quite like having food and I'd like to eat some more this week.
  3. PSN: RTC_Jok3r- Say "it's for Knack", i think i found 6/10 diamonds in my playthroughs. Feel free to add me so we can help each other!
  4. That is true..sadly. I have most small crowns and zero giant gold crowns. The giant ones are mainly silver lol
  5. To boycott trophies site because they don't care enough about removing hackers (in his opinion).
  6. Several months ago? Man i just noticed like 1 week ago. Why did Hakoom set his Trophies to private btw?
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I guess my only excuse is fighting the same monster over n over again, I just want to kill the monster fast. Someone on YouTube ask me to record which investigation it was because I didn't before. I made the change for them and I will make that change for you.
  8. This feature has gone live several months ago. Remember Hakoom talking about it in a video before he set his trophies to private.
  9. Happened to me, if you use the code for the alt character the trophies are locked you have to close the game and start it up again and since you already have all the followers you need to get the coins in all the levels again since I couldn't find a way to force the recheck.
  10. Welcome", seems you are satisfied with the quality so mf was deleted", Vendetta was cool too",
  11. Yea hope we get Senran kagura 7 round the same time to
  12. Have noticed lately that when PSNP updates my profile automaitcally every 6 hours i usually see trophies i havent synced on my PS4. A few months ago i always had to sync trophies for them to show up after an update here. Tried it with a knack trophy today and it shows up even though i have not synced any trophies on my PS4. Any idea when this update rolled out?
  13. Set up a gaming session. Parker
  14. Hmm I had 4/10 but the whole plat promotion thing is gone. Like gonnnne! Its not in my expire tab either. Which I have things there. So I know its working but where plats go!?? @Dangisuckatgamin No but the whole achievement thing is least for platinums.
  15. jep i am glad they fixed that, hyped for dedicated servers and parnoia and jason x
  16. Yeah the rewards site has always been slow at updating. (even before they added the trophy progress). I've noticed it takes a lot longer than 5 days for my trophy progress to show up on there though.
  17. Still playing fortnite and yet again another legendary hero.



    gonna make her to lvl 30 but I need more hero XP D: 


    Also in the past weeks I been playing battle royale and its fun, got my first victory in squad and made 3rd in solo(I was just hiding like a wuss 😅 )   


  18. Bildergebnis für cute chibi gif

    Wish you a nice Tuesday Senpai and congratulations for the Platinum Trophy in Never Alone



      Awww thank you dear. That is so cute!

      But but...Never Alone has no platinum. 😢

      Its also still Monday here, lol. But now my tues will be great with your wish!😊

    2. Koromaru


      Na not platinum?

      Excuse me... but that´s sounds strange cause most of the INDIEs I own have Platinums.

      Nevermind; it´s good that you felt great after my wish; may on Weekend Saturday evening this week i have time!

  19. Hi all, Long time subscriber but first time poster to the forums.. I bid you all a warm welcome to my Trophy list, but first... About me: Just your everyday American gamer and trophy hunter always doing his best to achieve true 100%... but alas life does indeed sometimes get in the way Ive been gaming since childhood and my first foray into the world of gaming was the old 8-Bit Nintendo... Since I got a PS3 many moons ago ive always been interested and active in achieving and trophy hunting, and as of recently I just got a PS4 So with out further ado I present: The Trophy List PLATINUMS (49) PSN 100%(59) Games in Active Progress (2) 42/44 Trophies 91% 21/50 Trophies 40% Games in Inactive Progress at the moment (58) Various trophy % Games with Unobtainable Platinum/Trophies(6) So there it, as always this will be a constant work in progress, not as impressive as some but impressive to me none the less.. Thoughts, comments, feedback are always greatly appreciated
  20. No Western release date has been revealed but considering how long it took PBS to be localized, it wouldn't suprise me if we don't get it until sometime this Summer.
  21. Albedo & wheels of Aurelia, both games sucks.
  22. It's not a port, it's a complete remake I believe. It's like a regular SK game now. The trophies look like a standard Senran Kagura list. Will play it, since I'm on a mission to plat all SK games. If Hikage is in it, I'll play it sooner rather than later
  23. This has been patched. The “best” method appears to be saving credits for the multiverse events that give a random ability and hope for good RNG. I’ve been doing those and using other multiverse events with AI character loadouts to level up all the characters to 20. Since I’ve still got a number of characters to level, I hope I’ll get the ability through opening reward boxes or completing the specific ability granting multiverses naturally but I don’t have high hopes.
  24. Yeah something is messed up at Sony Rewards. I suggest also throwing the issue on their twitter so more people are aware and it gets fixed!!!
  25. It was pretty funny. I kept insisting Shake got turned around and was walking the wrong way. They kept telling me I was crazy. We had to try going through the portals several times before it seemed like we got teamed up. Then somehow we both got different partners at the exact same moment. I'm still willing to help with Journey. I was very tired of it when I got my 100% but its been a couple of weeks, so I can go through the last bit of the game without my annoyance level getting too high.
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