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  2. Nice trophy list, I would choose Twisted Metal ☺
  3. Oh yes the music, the game was practically silent!
  4. Student of Speed Complete a Race Master of Human Resources Defeat 20 Shark Army goons as Lord Garmadon in one session Apprentice of The Golden Art Collect 100 Gold Bricks Master of The Golden Art Collect 150 Gold Bricks Grand Master of The Golden Art Collect 200 Gold Bricks Master of Speed Complete all Races Master of Creation Complete all Tornado of Creation Builds Master of Exploration Complete all Side Quests Master of Collection Attain True Ninja Rank 20 Master of Disguise Collect all Character Tokens Master of Customization Create a Custom Character
  5. Just got 100% and the Platinum trophy as well for Prototype 2 for the PS3 yesterday. The game is really underrated. I had a lot of fun playing the game that I have opted to complete the game twice. I do recoomend this game for those that have not played it yet. I know that there is already a remastered edition for PS4 but still the game is very much playable in the PS3. Here's me hoping for Prototype 3 some time soon for the PS4
  6. Damn. Oh well nothing I can do about it now. I started J-Stars Victory, and i'm getting all of the onlinr trophies first. I don't know anything on what to do, and i'm so confused! Shit is getting crazy, and I do not want to hurt one of my waifus lol.
  7. Less than a week till release! This feels surreal after waiting 3 years...
  8. Fired up Prototype 2, and got 7 more. Not much time left, though, and I think I'm running out of steam. :/
  9. Loved this back on the PS2, even got the PS3 one but never got around to playing it 😂 Guess I'll just ditch the PS3 and go directly for the PS4 for replays now. The LE looks really delicious...ugh must not spend any more money on LEs.....
  10. I love Lord of the Rings, and LEGO, having played the LEGO game of it years ago on PS3, I played it this past week on an alt account and enjoyed it all over again. Love that game!

  11. Just finished my September game the Swapper (took 1 year and 3 months). I don't like visually dark games so it wasn't my favorite game, but it's so short I always told myself I should just finish it so I get the experience of playing it. For my October game, I think I'm going to finally finish up Sam and Max The Devil's Playhouse Episode 2. (Last trophy: July 2016) I played a bunch of telltale games two summers ago and finished this one, only to mess up on one of the trophy requirement that require an entire playthrough of the game. I've always meant to speedrun and get it but never had the motivation for one trophy.
  12. Well, that sure was... an experience x3 As someone who loves "weird" games I've been meaning to try this for years and now that it was a PS+ game... why not? (Also without spoiling too much I can say it eventually turns into more than just a goofy joke dating sim) also Okosan and Azami are best birbs
  13. Lol I s'pose. You, an upstanding citizen? What mad drugs are you on mate?
  14. Pc IS and allways WILL be better than console's. And i am no fan boy. My 1st Console was PS1 in 1996 and my 2nd was N64 and so on. But i really love building PC rig's. Done that since i was a kid.It is so much fun innit. All the way from windows 2000 and XP era
  15. I'm sure a lot of other people have the same (free) Toro avatar as me and I don't really care x3 I like that avatar Haven't bought any avatars yet, maybe in the future...
  16. #22: Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies! Another one of the games from the 3-pack, played through this for the trophy hunting day event Never played Dig Dug before but I liked it
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  18. Ffs, first shot at the final memory in Bastion and I reach the final wave. Then I got wrecked by the same damn super Ura from the final wave of sequence 3. :facepalm: Two goddamn enemies from being done, and I had more than enough points for the 1 million trophy. Next time. 

    1. DamagingRob


      Dreams can be pretty tough. I'm sure you of all people got this, though. Lol. 

  19. Heres mine
  20. kingsman 2
  21. ur on every forum i keep looking at so yes
  22. pass
  23. is second to call police
  24. Typical list overall: complete the game, find a couple sets of collectables, talk to a set of characters, minigames and HOP, no other annoying games or bonus chapter One weird trophy for playing through making different decisions so two playthroughs?
  25. Has there been any news on the re-launch of this game? I missed it during it's initial release.
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