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  2. I was so sure it was Gauntlet, but it turns out Red Faction is my fastest. Red Faction sits at 3.64% as of this post and took me 3 days 13 hours and 19 minutes. I felt like I played this for a lot longer than that lol. Surprisingly enough I'm even in the top 50 fastest for it. (I also have a hilarious video saved on my PS4 of the NPC's having some sort cross between wanting to dance and take a shit lmfao)
  3. [Monster Hunter World] With only playing for less than 2 weeks, I have to say that I'm happy with the progress I'm making so far. Currently working on clearing out my optional quests, along with upgrading my current weapon again before tackling the elder eating dragon in the Elders Recess.sOV5obN.jpg

  4. 1 week, 1 day @ 3.69% ATM
  5. I came across this dispute this morning and even posted in it...then I had second thoughts and started doubting what I had written and had the post removed...then I did a bit of research...the list is odd are some observations/ obtain all weapons you would need to complete the big boss have all iPod tracks you would need to have completed all emblems...if you completed the big boss emblem you would obtain the stealth camo and a downloaded save (most of the ones I could find are 100% or big boss emblem ones) would likely have the big boss emblem completed thereby include the stealth camo and infinite bandana... If I've understood correctly the op says they followed the guide from but swapped the last two playthroughs so that big boss was would seem they would not unlock the all weapons trophy since the final weapons needed wouldn't unlock till the end of the run...they would need to do one more run on any difficulty to ding the trophy... I do know that mg4's save files fall into the category of easily malleable but I'm not 100% on what you could tweak and how...the questions I have are: could/would someone manipulate a save file or is there one available that has all iPod tracks (emblems) and weapons but does not include the bandana and stealth camo? the trophies for iPod tracks ding at the end of a run if you acquire them as a result of meeting emblem requirements? there any way to acquire the final ipod track and weapon at virtually the same time? it possible this was indeed a rare one in a million glitch?...
  6. I'm also fighting Bak'laag (desperately trying to complete my massive backlog) so I'll keep an eye out here, friend!
  7. Any of you surprised THIS gem from Artifex Mundi came out after being announced for the PC just a year ago? Any thoughts on the trophy list?
  8. Give us the game, percentage and the total time it took to complete it. For me, it's Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011. The total time it took was 3 days, 1 hour and it currently sits at 4.34%.
  9. my main issue with the switch is that you cannot back up your save data. You spend hundreds of hours on a game you want to know your save data is save. Plus I would have to get a different controller, i just wish more companies would use the Dual Shock style. I am not a fan of the off-set analog sticks either and at the moment the biggest issue is not enough games that I would purchase to make it worth the money.
  10. Uncharted: frames fortune remastered
  11. I got a new one while playing Adam's Venture. Will add it in tomorrow when I have a little more time.
  12. Getting to Snuggly Crow from Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls is a massive pain in the ass.


    Not because of the enemies, hell the boss you fight afterwards isn't bad. It's because of one platform.


    You have to take an elevator and then get off at a certain point so you can reach the nest that the Giant Crow picks you up from. Problem is you have to ROLL onto a certain platform from a hill overlooking it, and several times I end up completely missing the platform and lose roughly half my health, forcing me to start over.


    Why in the fuck did they make you do this? Wouldn't just some simple stairways upwards been enough?

    1. MidnightDragon


      That'd be too easy.

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  14. Sign me Up! Currently at Well Played rank, having completed Life Is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones! (And Jurassic Park episode 1)
  15. I wanted to post on this thread since this is kinda dead and more Granblue Fantasy fans like me should post and discuss on this thread. I've been playing the game since August last year, before the start of the Love Live Sunshine event but the anime adaptation from 2017 is what first informed me of its existence. Now I'm obsessed with it and Granblue Fantasy Versus and ReLink can't come out soon enough. Right now, there is a Code Geass event going on if you're a fan of that series. It ends on the 26th of June JST. I hope to get the C.C. summon and the V.A.R.I.S. weapon acquired and fully uncapped before the event ends.
  16. Sign me up please, currently an Adviser (Only one trophy so far in Sands of Time)
  17. Please sign me up as a Hatchling!
  18. I pre-ordered Danganronpa ultra despair girls on Vita played it once whent back got the plat last year because of the games "quality gameplay".
  19. Going off the games on your profile I'd say if online is your thing and you're up for the grind perhaps go for either Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight (seem pretty similar to me and up to preference). If you don't want online I'd recommend inFamous as it's a great early profile platinum for many that gives a good example of how fun yet tedious (due to blast shards/stunts) Platinums can be at times.
  20. I am a sad Jellyfish that would like to join, having only played Far Cry 3 but owning 3, 4, 5, and Primal (and wanting to platinum them!)
  21. Ain't leaving much choice there, but I did see Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and that, from what I hear, is a nightmare to Platinum.
  22. This little Gnome would like to join in, please! (I own most of the Tales games but haven't started them yet in my trophy hunting D:)
  23. I'd love to join in on this, though I currently am at the Cactuar Hunter rank because I only have one trophy in one Final Fantasy Game (Instrument of Fate from FFXIII, the SHAME) even though I have many of the games downloaded/purchased/ready to go. I'd love some incentive to get going
  24. Kingdom Hearts.
  25. Sign me up! I'm currently at Alchemy Apprentice, having platinumed Atelier: Escha and Logy on the PS3.
  26. Sign me up please! I was already started working through this, so it's great to have a thread to be a part of in terms of it. I'm currently at the Recruit rank, having Platinum'd Assassin's Creed II (PS3) and am currently working on Assassin's Creed II: Brotherhood (PS3). Current AC Platinums: Assassin's Creed II (PS3)
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