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  2. The raid does look overwhelming if you never tried it, but it's all based on a rotation of mechanics that once you get the pattern down it is pretty simple. You just need to be patient and look for "sherpa runs" (experienced raiders helping newcomers) either on destinylfg or there is a discord server called "The Last Destiny City" where ppl run stuff.
  3. It would be interesting to see how many people would even play games if they removed the trophies. But, that is a different topic that has already been discussed.
  4. Not to sound cynical, but knowing BHVR the Medic and Handyman trophies will be fixed at the expense of other trophies glitching out. I do hope these get fixed. It has to be frustrating for those who haven't unlocked these trophies yet.
  5. This annoys me, too. It's like we're turning up the evil dial, for the sole sake of turning up the evil dial. Did this little comment help immerse you more into the 2 hour game? Of course it didn't. They could just as easily have said, "Every weapon becomes stronger if you bathe it in the stuffing of your favorite childhood plush animal", and it means exactly the same thing.
  6. Unfortunately, every year there is a "worst game ever", until the next year, then wash, rinse, repeat. I've played some really bad games and it never ceases to amaze me that developers can actually beat that by bringing out something that is the pits. What eases the pain are the really great games that come out every year!
  7. So, New Japan Pro Wrestling is just expanding to the US (though they debuted IWGP US Heavyweight Championship 2 years ago and had shows like Super J-Cup, Strongstyle Evolved and Fighting Spirit Unleashed). This competition between promotions is firing up once again and benefits us, the wrestling fans, as we can watch all 3 big promotions + some Indy circuits (like PWG) as well. Here's the news about NJPW:
  8. True, but is there any reason to descend into pedantic nonsense in these threads? Perhaps the game is not as bad as The Unknown City. In fact, I can guarantee that it's not that bad. But honestly, do we need some guardian(s) of language every single time a poster engages in a bit of hyperbole? This guy completely gets it. We should create some rules for posting: Any opinion expressed is by its very nature subjective. We don't need someone explaining, "This is your opinion. It's not fact." Of course it isn't fact. When someone says, "This is one of the worst games ever," if the best comeback you have is that there are still worse games, the OP wins. Please read the statement, "This is one of the worst games ever!" as "This is one terrible game!"
  9. I gave you some reputation for that post
  10. I just have 2 simple ones...... (1) Being able to delete your own posts and topics completely. (2) Having the option to not get any Reputation from anybody, I wanted my Rep to stay at 0. Curious to know some features you want implemented to PSNProfiles.....
  11. All the indie pay to plat shovelware have lowered people's standards so much that you can't even call a game shit anymore lest we anger the shit connoisseurs šŸ˜‚. How many times have we seen this exact same thread? Someone dares mention "worst game ever" and all the "Uhmm, Ackchyually" people come out of the woodwork to make the thread about them. Just a suggestion, when someone says "one of the worst games ever" it's kind of implied that this is his subjective opinion and you don't have to mention it to him? Ever heard of hyperbole? People say stuff like "Omg that movie was like the worst thing evuuur" to emphasize how shitty it was, all the time, it's a common expression alright, you don't have to take things so literally. The whole thing is like the Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen scetch where 4 people try to one up each other on their rags to riches story until no one can truly call themselves poor anymore and living in a cardboard box is considered a luxury. Is it even a game if it doesn't even work? You'll hear the weirdest shit on this site.
  12. Just platted Uncharted 2 Remastered. Working on Uncharted 3 Remastered. Just some misc trophies, collectibles, and a crushing run left. Then i'll get the last two trophies for UC4 plat. Then finish with Lost Legacy. Brutal/Speed run will have to wait till after LL.
  13. You've probably made it harder for yourself. It's better to save the easier ones for last. The challenge mostly appears later on in the weeks, when your ration threshold is high, you have some unhealthy people, and you've used up some of the easier challenges. With certain knowledge of the game's online concepts, it's not necessarily hard, though. Yup. One of many issues with the game's MP is lack of, if not, poor skilled based matchmaking. For two weeks now since returning to this "defining example of a remastered game/best remaster done in a game", I've been running into mostly lv0-8. Then there's of course the players in the lv400-900s. All of this and my level is within the mid 250s, formerly the earlier 200s when I returned as mentioned above. Apparently my level is also the efforts after putting 180+ hours into the game. This is also Naughty Dog's second game with an odd leveling system after Uncharted 2 but also their most oddest and stupidest.
  14. It looks amazing. Unlike some I actually like the idea of a whole game set in Midgar. It's easily my favourite section of the overall game and I would love to see life in the city fleshed out more.
  15. A little late in responding: but I ran into this issue too. You have to hit the big button in the middle of the controller once you've entered into HI-SCORE MODE and choose the reset score option. Once I did that then the option to record my score came up after I got a Game Over.
  16. Shadow of the Colossus
  17. Does anyone know if it is up in the US?
  18. So, Raging Loop is now out in EU and out tomorrow in NA - there are guides out there showing you how to get the platinum in under 30 mins by using the mechanic which was placed in the game in case a pathway or option doesn't unlock (basically unlocking the whole timeline from the start). My suggestion, play the game. Read the story, experience the narrative the devs created and you'll get the majority of the trophies without even thinking about them. Now, I know this is a 'trophy site' and people love their platinums, but I never understand buying a game with no intention to actually play the game, just wanting the platinum as if having a 20-30 min trophy makes your 'collection' look better. Especially in this case as the game is really good and has turned the party game Werewolves into a very good and grim narrative to experience. Anyway, we did a detailed review of the game (with no spoilers) here if you wish to find out more about the game: Just for context, reading the story, playing through each pathway, replaying the game for the optional revelation comments and getting the platinum, took me about 40-45 hours.
  19. - Epic Mickey 2. Which I've heard is a nightmare thanks to the missable collectables. - Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. Standard Lego game and I'm trying to complete all of them all day. - Battlefield 4. Just need to boost some MP trophies and then it's pretty straightforward for me
  20. How the hell im supposed to beat YIAZMAT ? Can someone give me some advice or strategy ? I heard you can use wither, addle, shear and expose ... but i cant use wither and expose in none of the carachters because of the choices I made on the license boards. I lost like 1 hour or more of my time fighting this shit, and the damn thing lost only 5 or 6 of his health bars ... i DIED and now i have to start over, and then i go on the internet and read that YOU CAN LEAVE THE BATTLE AND RESTORE ALL YOUR STATS AND SAVE THE GAME ON THE CRYSTAL.
  21. You're missing the point of what they are saying. They aren't saying this is a good game. They are saying that calling this "one of the worst games ever" shows you haven't played a lot because there are far worse games. Me, I just deem you lucky for not getting roped in by a crappy game before now. Yes, I agree the game isn't that great, but it has one trait that already sets it above many games: it's not a buggy nearly unplayable mess. I've played games that I honestly couldn't tell you if the game itself was good or not because it didn't even work.
  22. I think someone might've reported him due to the speedrun taking place 2 hrs after game completion, but Uncharted 4 has an exploit that can be used on non-updated versions (don't know if patched or not), that you can replay the first chapter (requires having completed the game already) and get the accuracy and speedrun trophies without playing the whole game. Iirc, you play the first chapter then the last, and it should pop speedrun/accuracy/crushing (if doing that diff) without having to do the whole game. Been awhile, but many people use the exploit, just like many use the tweak exploit in UC1-UC3. Other than that, I see no issue with his list.
  23. Ratchet and Clank on the vita and Concrete Genie on ps4. Waiting to see what throphies the Outer Worlds will have and maybe I'll try that as well
  24. Update 4 Mass Effect 3 Date Started: 9/30/2018 Trophies when Event Started: 28/69 Event Starting Percentage 31% Trophies after Update 3: 31/69 Updated Percentage 35% Trophies after Update 4: 42/69 Updated Percentage: 48% We are in the home stretch on this one. Have three or four missions to go before finishing the game, which will get me most of the remaining trophies. Afterwards its just cleaning up the DLC and grinding out the remaining kills out of 5000. My complaints from earlier have basically disappeared. The loading times are still long, but I guess I've gotten used to them. Insanity mode actually hasn't been to bad and feels easier than Mass Effect 2 for sure. Hope to have this done by the end of the week. Here's what is left. Game Trophies Percentage Final Fantasy IX 52/52 100% Final Fantasy VIII 0/35 0% Mass Effect 3 42/69 48% Crash Bandicoot 2 6/25 10% God of War: Ascension 5/36 8%
  25. thanks is there a maximum of how many allie turned beasts i can have? like do i have cages or smth i must upgrade or can i just set it to autoplay and get them? thanks again.
  26. im gonna try it out on xbox since its free to play there before I get it for here just to check it out.
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