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  2. Oh yeah, I forgot it's required for that trophy .
  3. :platinum:117 WRC 5

    Fun 4/10

    Diff 2/10

    Time 30 hours


    Tedious..boring and same races again and again. The game was fun and enjoyable at the beginning as I usually don't play racing games but I used to watch Rally races years ago when Loeb then Al-Attiyah dominated. But then it becomes really boring when you play hundreds of the same races some of them are unnecessarily long . Also I played with the patch from the start so had to do all 65 quick stage races. Didn't skip many races because it was risky, as the saves are copy-protected and I don't have the plus cloud to back up in case you lose a championship.

  4. Why do so many ppl swear they know when PS5 is coming?
  5. Yeah, I did all of the bonus story at the end. If I'm not mistaken, you actually have to for The Ties that Bind Us trophy, right? I think the only things I didn't do all of were the Certification & Assault missions.
  6. But Its not even in your cabinet what a troll
  7. Yes, Do you like to finger paint?
  8. Time to crack onto Borderlands 2 before September rolls along with Borderlands 3!
  9. Who you gonna call? 555-5555
  10. IIRC only its speed was nerfed. Patch 1.30 added Ameno Havakiri, you should give that fight a try. Ash Storm Anubis is also a fun addition.
  11. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls: 13% Resonance of Fate: 23% Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!: 0% Fate/Extella Link: 0% => 26% => 51% Cat Quest: 0% Secret of Mana: 0% Blue Reflection: 0% Dynasty Warriors 9: 0% Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana: 0% Got all endings in Fate/Extella Link, started working on the extra stages to prepare for the very hard difficulty level.
  12. Is Shrek still valuable meme content? Because I don't really understand what other reason could there be to raise awareness about a Shrek plat making its way to a trophy cabinet. At this point, I would imagine that every Shrek fan would already have grabbed the game and played it, no?
  13. Shrek gets more respect than a status update.
  14. Thanks! & yeah, I updated the game first thing (I couldn't believe it when I heard that enemy was already nerfed & it was still so strong). 😅
  15. Yes, it works. The confirmation is somewhere within this thread. You're welcome to go through it, if you want .
  16. Grabbing 25 survivors off the generators will surely be difficult and take a while! Good luck to grab skilled players!
  17. I'm not even halfway through my first run yet and I have already knocked this off... the key is NOT to pick up everything you see and always leave room in your inventory so that you can pick up from NPC's you take out. The other thing I haven't done yet is fast travel... this takes away a lot from your opportunities to find NPC's
  18. ...... Right . This would be more suited as a status update.
  19. Cool I have that game and I think it's 12 dollars something on ps4.. funny thing I can't find my download game list, my 12 month membership thing is messing up.. since i downloaded a few new games not popping up yet.. (shrugs)
  20. i think camps and areas usually only spawn a few humans at a time, so it's going to be rough if you don't have any available side missions left... The good news is that it's items and not bodies, so some bodies will have 2 or 3 items on them....and you have to take the items from them, you can't just view it for it to count (like when your inventory is full)
  21. I think that most of the people gave you a wide variety of (J)RPGs, so I'll try to give my favourites: Kingdom Hearts: my favourite series. A lot of games with titles created by a RNG-title editor. A hack 'n' slash combat system, Final Fantasy & Disney characters, a very complicated plot, but a wonderful soundtrack made by Yoko Shimomura; Atelier: a classic JRPG with a turn-based combat system. You go around gathering materials and you go back into the Atelier and you craft everything 8weapons, accessories, bombs, medicines, etc.). They're divided into trilogies (Arland, Dusk on PS3, Mysterious on PS4). Arland is one of the most famous but I know has time limits very tight, Dusk has also time limit but they're more generous (and Shallie is the first title with no time limits). Usually a good starting point is Atelier Sophie on PS4, the first of the Mysterious trilogy, since it has no time limits. The sequel, Atelier Firis, has a generous time limit and it's the first with a wide open world. The final chapter, Atelier Lydie & Suelle, is the best of the trilogy, with no time limit (except a chapter). Then, there's also Atelier Lulua, the 4th chapter of the Arland trilogy without time limit. The same developer made also Blue Reflection, with a turn-based combat system but it takes place in a Japanese school; Ys: another JRPG with a hack 'n' slash combat system. You have Ys VIII, Memories of Celceta (on PS Vita, on PS4 in Japan and probably there should be a western release) and Ys Origin. They share the same character, Adol Christin, a red-hair swordsman who travels around the world with his friend Dogi. Ys VIII is one of the best with a good story, a huge island to explore and different sidequests which are all useful (better the PS4 version with all the extra content, compared to the PS Vita, but you can play both of them). They're not really difficult, maybe Ys Origin due to the nightmare boss rush and the multiple runs (6 or 7. That's why it's an ultra rare platinum). There's also Tokyo Xanadu, which shares a combat system similar to Ys, but takes place in a Japanese town with school times (like Persona), or Trails of the Cold Steel (which I really should start); NieR: well, another great title. The first, NieR, has a beautiful story and wonderful characters, maybe the graphics is the weakest point of the game, but the soundtrack is another masterpiece. The sequel NieR:Automata has a very good combat system and another brilliant soundtrack; Ni no Kuni: play the first game (there should be also a PS4 remaster coming September), is a beautiful story! The second has a better combat system but the story is weak (compared to the first game); Final Fantasy: well, this is a famous series, with a lot of games. My favourites are the XII (it was also my first Final Fantasy, so it's really special to me) and World of Final Fantasy; Tales of: these are really long platinum trophies, because they have huge grinding. But at least give a look at Tales of Xillia (PS3), because is one of the shortest platinum in the series (50 hours, while most of the others require more than 100 hours), a good story and a fun combat system; Dark Cloud (1 & 2): my favourite games of the PS2. These are only porting, the first is good, but the second is a masterpiece!
  22. If this happens to you why sync the trophies? If this happened to me i would just simply sign out and delete my profile to get rid if the trophies.
  23. Something else that may help people is to check the PSNP guides sorted by completion time topic here: All the guides are linked, so you can hover on a computer to see the numbers and look for some quick plats/100%s that fit a number you need. Some of the games have multiple regions/platforms and one guide though, so make sure to double check that it's for your region/platform.
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