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  2. If it helps out, it's been doing this kind of thing more often recently, a couple of weeks ago it did it maybe 3 times during the week
  3. Hey, in what order should I play the Steins;Gate games? I own a Vita and a PS4. I am not interested in watching the anime.
  4. F5'ing my trophies throughout the day is the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic, now what am I gonna doooooooooo
  5. PSN is returning 0 games for everyone atm, not sure if it's a PSN issue or if our requests need to be tweaked. I've disabled updating for now until I can see what's up. Edit: looks like a PSN issue, I'll turn updating back on when it's fixed. PSN returns how many trophies you have but with 0 games, this looks exactly the same as when someone hides all their games. So it's not possible to tell if your games are actually hidden or if PSN is being buggy.
  6. Here is some hope. The president of Hangar 13 is aware of the trophy issues and says they will fix it.
  7. Ive never tried to have a super high completetion precentage as Id rather reserve the right to just quit a game I dont wanna play... but wouldnt the ability to delete trophies/games make it kinda pointless... anyone that wanted 100% completion could just delete anything they dont 100%... meaning anyone could be at 100% with a few toggles...
  8. Seems like an issue with PSN. If I try to look at friends trophies via the app, it says they have no trophies.
  9. Lol I didn’t notice that before.
  10. It's PSN. It's down, I've been signed out of PS3 and can't get back on.
  11. Count me in! Does this mean I'm finally in the cool kids club? If not, am I at least in the geek kids club?
  12. WOW the recently Browsing on this thread is LIT
  13. Apparently: so maybe it will be solved. I was following the method described earlier, but since I can't sync, I can't say if it worked for me or not
  14. I mean, those are facts about SotC. Yes, but 1. Mts are a far bigger issue in certain games than others. 2. A lot of single player games completely lack them or just leave it to cosmetics. Naughty Dog are completely guilty of the first point. The underlying fact is that if other companies can leave multiplayer out of their true single player games (including sequels, not just new IPs), then Naughty Dog can as well, especially with the praise their "story"/games get and the revenue they receive, the latter of which makes it more absurd that they've gone off the deep end with the mts in TLOU and U4. I understand that. I don't need all the games I play to be very innovative, but with the precise praise this franchise gets—such as "best game of all time"/"best PlayStation exclusive"—one would think is because it's done something revolutionary with gameplay (because you know, it's a video game product, not a book or movie), like legacy franchises within the same genre, or different genres, that came before it. But that's not the case, the praise comes mostly from strong characterization (mainly, if not just, with the two lead characters) and not a good story but good narrative. It's at least partially disrespectful to the developers and other franchises that took and take risk and provide unique interactive gameplay experience for the player. What was the point in Resident Evil and Dead Space, as examples, if the third person survival-horror action genre was destined to regress to what is mostly or virtually a thrilling survival movie? If it does enough, possibly. But the, sequel, is adding all these features that have existed for over a decade in the genre and of others: breakable windows, crawling infected, dodging, etc. The first game should have already had the first two features at the very least, especially the second which is a staple in the genre generally. The overwhelming majority of the excitement surrounding the game comes purely from the game being a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, rather than it appearing to be a really fun and/or unique game in its own right.
  15. #150 The Final Verse - NieR Hit a milestone and gave it a really great game to fill it. NieR was definitely a ride from the moment I started the game and heard Kaine's foul mouth cussing out Weiss all the way to the final ending and the speedrun. It's a great game that has aged very well and is still a fun experience even 10 years after its original release. So glad it's getting released to PS4 soon so more people can enjoy this gem of a game. I had a ton of fun and am kind of sad that the ride is over now.
  16. so i just got him to appear. really weird, but my internet crashed and i hopped back on and it worked first try. i would say just close the app until he appears
  17. I play with crossplay off since about 1 week after launch. wait times are about the same as they were when i was playing with crossplay
  18. Huge grind, although I guess that download thing they added can cheese a lot of it, also its just super unlikely anyone would pkat this without specifically trying to.
  19. Same problem here. I got scared for a bit.
  20. [SR3] Time to get these next specialists to show up, still got a few of them to deal with for that challenge.  Want to get it over and done with so I don't have to worry about it in the long run, especially after taking over all of Steelport.

    But at least I've done the tank and helicopter kills (boats can be their own thing, not worried about them).

  21. It's okay, everyone. The real trophies were the friends we made along the way

    1. DamagingRob


      Screw that! It's time to panic, maybe with one of these so-called "friends..."


  22. Hi! Are you new to the “My trophy list is suddenly empty for no apparent reason” club? Welcome aboard!
  23. What special ops pack is needed for the trophy and can it be done in split screen?
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