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  2. Thanks... I was using these in the beginning but as you play through you start to get good the word searches pretty fast. Getting times from 3 to 6 minutes on average. So overall a guide is kinda moot. This game is not recommend for anyone not into virtual crossword puzzles. It is quite a grind for the platinum... but if you like relaxing puzzles... go for it.
  3. Yeah, Sly doesn't read those forum private messages, so don't bother sending them. It will stay unread for weeks or months.
  4. It's a lot closer to being a bugfix than it is to being a new feature. Regardless, it's still not fixed since guides and flags aren't transferred to the new user yet. How many weeks has it been now?
  5. It's not a bug fix by any means, because it's not a bug. Patching what is breaking changes to an api, and implementing the new features.
  6. Back in the day i got flagged, there wasn't a dispute system, there wasn't any guidance, neither the dispute team was as outlined as it is today. I did the best that was possible back then. What you are saying about blaze is also irrelevant, because the point is not his dispute being valid, but being ignored in DMs which is the topic being discussed.
  7. Well, I messaged him about my premium status, but Mr. Reed didn't read it.
  8. Sending him messages about flags is no good I think. Sly has not been much involved with that. Always been other members who did that stuff. If Blaze is that dude who PM'd sly and grimy years ago and got incorrectly lifted, then that stuff won't be lifted. Had it been a public dispute now, nobody would have supported lifting it.
  9. Yup, and there's something that just came to my mind: @Sly Ripper
  10. Still not finished and not a new feature, it's nothing but a bug fix since that doesn't add anything important (a previous ID button is important?), only fixes what would be broken otherwise. I also think 1 per year is really low. One year is a very long time.
  11. Supporting name change: nearly done (mostly need to iron out any potential bugs and process all users)
  12. Yeah, I was asking him if he was ok if I started making an android app and allow it to pull and link to the leaderboards here. The other time, i asked him about my vanquish flag, which he ignored. I put up a mockery thread a few days later, only then he deleted the thread and removed my flag. I don't remember the third case. I'm not sure if you are implying that he treats me differently because of whatever happened in 2012, but I'm sure i'm not the only in this scenario. @Walt the Dog tried DMing him about the rarities on the hacked games, @El Duderino just posted a status update about being ignored in DMs and there are several old flag disputers trying to DM him and being ignored, Blaze Naruto Shippuden being the most recent one I remember about with his COD [email protected] flag. I'm pretty sure we are the norm and you are the exception, not otherwise.
  13. When you Dm'd him, was it really something only he could fix or do something about? And I don't think you specifically is the best experiment for this, due to personal backstory etc. But sure, he could probably answer you and direct you in the correct direction. He even reads the emails... I know long before I really started to use this Web site, not a single post on the forum etc, he replied to me multiple times in various relevant emails I sent him.
  14. I thought that I am not too bad at CTR but now I've started to try the time trials and realised that I am not good at all. This is some serious shit Even at Coco Park I am missing Tropy a few milli seconds.
  15. It's irrelevant how many hours per day he is online if he doesn't reply to the vast majority (95%+) of the people looking out for him. There is no guidance anywhere whatsoever indicating people to look for him in the chat room and even if there was, I'm pretty sure he would just stop going there or also ignore people there the same way. There were at least 3 scenarios where I DM'd him there, he didn't reply nor he sent me a PM later getting back to me about the subject. It all just makes people think that he simply doesn't care, regardless if he does or not.
  16. Might be obvious but is there anyway to obtain a count on your platinum trophies from the Trophy Log without counting them by hand?

    1. TheYuriG


      top left corner, the blue bar. that should do it


  17. Refrain Empire of Dust Chaos Finale
  18. Wow, as someone that really likes formatting and data this is a really neat post
  19. Except for the leaderboards, the searches on this website are very lacking. Results are inclusive, so if you search for something like "Dead Nation", it will show you every game with "Dead", every game with "Nation", plus everything similar to either of those. Issue gets even worse when searching numbers, since it seems that it will consider the game number in the link and add those to the results. It's really bad. Yesterday I've upgraded the search on my discord bot to be exclusive, by simply running a .includes(string) before listing the result. If that's easy for me, someone who doesn't even code for a whole year yet, I doubt it could be any hard for Sly to fix, if he cares. PSNP: PSNP, but through my bot:
  20. After two months i finally got another platinum with Eventide Slavic Fable. I played some fun games in the meantime with GTA V on PS4, Shadow Warrior 2 and Onrush. GTA V is definetely plattable at the moment i am now, i finished the story and i can get the 70 gold medals easily so that's the only challenging part done, the rest is just a grind and that is where my problem is atm. My time for gaming has decreased to <7 hours per week now so i have to be efficient if i want to get some more plats. I have a job and a girlfriend now and i must say that it is great. I am graduated and can start my adult life which means some sacrifices of which gametime is one right now. Next week i'll have some more time though so i probably can finish the Eventide trilogy and hopefully Hellblade. And after that it is time for God of War, which probably will be finished by the end of august. I'm also planning a sort of trophy rain day after my 200th platinum. On that day i'll just try to get as many trophies as possible so i'm saving up on some easy platinums. If i'm efficient i could get between 200-250 trophies on a single day so that would be cool. And a big chunk of +90% percent trophies out of my unearned pile because i now have over 9 pages of those🙈

    1. Lars


      Correction i lied, it is over 13 pages which means more then 650 trophies in the +90% category

  21. If you start it now you are relying on them releasing enough events to hit the mark needed. I'm just going to take a punt and see what happens.
  22. You mean that page? Would be nice if they could be sorted by name too. Same with trophies searching. When you search for a game with a generic title and you gotta look closely through several pages, it's not the most user friendly.
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  24. I made a small video cause it's kind hard to explain. What i did was throw a few residue bolts at the guys on the entrance of the camp, went quickly in the water to pick up the melee weapon, and start the massacre !
  25. I haven't had any issues with the game since the latest few patches and I'm playing offline/online everyday since release. I'd say they've fixed every critical issue
  26. We also have Skip the Dishes here but personally I think most of it is so stupid. People have gotten so lazy you can order a Slurpee from 7-11 now or a coffee from McDonalds and it will be delivered to your home. On top of that those places pay like shit. I personally know a few Uber and Skip the Dishes drivers that actually lost money working there because their gas isn't covered and if people don't tip they will often lose money/break even on a delivery.
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