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  2. Just got the Platinum for Aragami. Solid game, but killing every enemy in each level was really annoying, since the game doesn't tell you how many enemies there are per level. So it's really easy to miss ones which means you gotta do it all over again. Otherwise, had a lot of fun with this game!
  3. 1) Appreciate its free, but I'm I the only one who thinks this theme looks basic af for a dynamic theme? Genuinly think this would have been nicer if it was just a still theme, the kicking of the dirt is just pointless IMO. 2) As primarily an Xbox player, I prefer PS' themes > customer wallpapers on Xbox. However, I think it would be really cool if you could tweak dynamic themes (i.e., change the background wallpaper colour rather than have it set to that dynamic theme.) As a lover of red and chill music, I forever just have the "burning planet" theme on. Any themes XPOSED are usually gorgeous.
  4. Doesn't matter if you did it 10 years ago, still cheated.
  5. A bit biased are you possibly? It's not a question of whether people should be able to buy them or if they should be able to sell their games it's a question of whether or not such worthless dribble should be counted as gamer score and have platinum trophies or trophies at all. To be honest it is a quite valid question and discussion to be having. In the end I would be willing to bet if they didn't have a average 20 minute platinum time nobody would be buying them.
  6. With name changing and account linking going on right now there is a longer wait than usual for reports to go through, and even if reports are similar to one another it doesn't mean they will all be pushed through just as quick - please send a message to someone from the flags team to get an explanation if you have a question regarding a flag - users in a thread on the forum can only give you guesses as to what could be happening
  7. Oh well, thanks. That's my username on Twitter, Steam, XBox, etc so it's frustrating that this is the one platform that has a problem with it.
  8. This will not last forever so take advantage of this while you can if you so desire. Not my find so the credit goes to whoever found it and the video creator. When I'm aware that this video is no longer relevant I will empty the opening post, lock it, and probably ask for it to be deleted unless it works with all that weird stuff people can do to erase patches.
  9. Bad comparison honestly. Most people aren't upset with the quality of a Ratalaika game, but more so the fact that you are not required to at least finish it. Also the fact that they release stacks for every reason which honestly have no reason to exist outside of trying to make a quick buck off trophy addicts.
  10. OMG Rise of the Guardians is so cute, that's one Platinum I would love to have 😄
  11. As much as I don’t care about anyone else’s trophies, the amount of games published by Ratalaika within a month is out of control. I don’t hate the games (Peasant Knight was good, I guess...) and quite a lot of my platinums in my trophy log are above 75% rarity, but something just doesn’t feel right when Daggerhood, Access Denied, Super Weekend Mode, Iron Snout and METAGAL (plus others I can’t think of right now) are all released within the same 3 month period, compared to just Midnight Deluxe and InkSplosion this time last year.
  12. Until the Day We Are Rebooted Cleared Stage 27 and viewed the ending.
  13. This video really helped with the trophy and I just had to share with everyone else.
  14. If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin.
  15. *sigh* not this again... i wonder if we'll ever be able to get rid of those savegames. I did my part in the past by reporting the GameFAQs ones, but i guess it was futile.
  16. The site is full of cheaters, most of the top fastest times on leaderboards are cheaters. My most recent plat is F1 2010 and the No1 fastest time popped all the online trophies at the same time.
  17. None of us are trying to give you personal attacks. You contribute nothing to the discussion. I can just as easily say “stop whining and bitching” on a number of threads including this one. But I don’t because I know better than to just outright come out and say you’re wasting your time. You have done this numerous times to my posts and you are doing it to @Undead Wolf, who’s made a lot of valid and good points. I’m not trying to startle you or anything, but I would appreciate it if you can add a bit more to the thread than just “stop whining”.
  18. I would if there wasn't one already https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8472-paraiso-island-trophy-guide
  19. Would be nice if you wrote a trophy guide for the site too.
  20. I did North EU and Drowning EU, could I please have Awesome Pea NA PS4
  21. Your post is too long for me to bother quoting and I don’t want to make this longer than I already am making it. For a little history, both of my parents had to go to church. I never saw the purpose of church. People have called me an atheist in the past, when in reality I just think of Christianity as a giant farce. Religion in general is a fairy tale, and I’m not afraid to admit it. On many accounts, the people who have gone to great lengths to try to censor video games, at least here in America are either social justice warriors, or older people with a religious background. It is fear of the unknown, but rather than learn about it they simply shun it. Elvis was opposed against because he made a new genre of music popular and his dancing style offended older people. So they cut off the lower half of his body from being shown during the second time he was dancing on TV. This censoring would happen again a decade later when the Hippie Movement came to being. People thought the youth was being corrupted by drugs and the hippie way of thinking. They found out later that trying to censor that was all a bunch of nonsense. Going back to that 19 year old kid in Germany, there are sadly a lot of guys out there like him who need mental counseling. I tend to find America, Canada, the UK, Germany, and to a lesser extent Australia share a lot of the same values. Unfortunately a lot of the older women and gentlemen who run these countries tend to do a lot to try to censor video games and other mediums, for the sake of our children. Up until Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, swastikas were strictly banned in Germany. I feel they never should of been censored but I also understand most of you Germans have very strong feelings about the history of the Nazis. While it took a long time, it was simply progress because those who tried to censor swastikas have finally admitted defeat. In conclusion, this is a generational cycle. Generations of the past were opposed against rock music. It is the dawn and coming of new technology that makes us afraid, and we shun this technology instead of accepting it in our lives. My generation is basically the video game generation. But when the time comes, we will probably try to censor artificial intelligence, which is likely to be the next big thing in human evolution.
  22. You know what? I always thought why @LucianaRosethorn has more likes then I do at times... Then I remember that she takes my phone, pops onto my profile and likes all her posts. xD 

  23. I just played some Modern Warfare 2 tonight, and it made me realize just how much we need Modern Warfare 2 Remastered on PS4

  24. Excuse me while I try to find a case Modern Warfare 2 wasn't wrongfully flagged. Oh wait, I don't need too because it's always a downloaded save and people use the excuse "it was years ago!" You cheated years ago, now it's caught up to you, hide your cheated game and move on.
  25. You can't flag someone, you can only report. The flag team may be busy that's why that user is still on the leaderboards. He/she will be removed. You must delete the link to that person's profile because it's against the rules.
  26. Repost from earlier now that settled in after move: PS4 games for sale/trade: Mad Max FFX/FFX-2 Remaster Shadow of War (sealed) I also have a used PS3 Slim I'll be putting up in eBay. Blu-ray drive is out so naturally as-is. Was going to buy a replacement drive and make the repair myself, though of late I've neither the time nor desire to fix (parts should be roughly $50 if you intend to pursue). Will entertain reasonable offers.
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