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  2. Everything is being dumbed down to appeal to the masses. The trophy whores want easy plats, that's what you're going to get from now on. And I say this as someone who hates online trophies.
  3. List in the spoiler... The reach max reputation, either negative or positive looks like potentially the most involved trophies to me. Also I'm curious what is actually different between the different difficulties.
  4. I know that feeling. I also left GameFAQs because of like you said, but with some of the trolls getting under people's skin and some of the corrupted moderators doing nothing to remedy this. I happen to know a GameFAQs mod from the Neptunia who is also corrupted to the bone. But I have gotten over GameFAQs a long time ago and I am also happy that GameFAQs is dying due to declining popularity.
  5. Quality over quantity that’s what I’m going towards also.
  6. There is absolutely no point to compare COD MW with a Ratalaika Game. Some here sounds like the only reason to play this Game are the trophies. NO WAY play further above platinum???? Shame on this people.
  7. Hi, i probably press L2 without attention in chapter 1 acte 3, when i see i have only one medikit i select continue last checkpoint so now i have 2 medikit, and same mission 2 act 2 but this time is too late, my question is if im restart my checkpoint when i press L2, can i have the trophy ?
  8. I'm happy with the list, very similar to the first two games which I thought had excellent trophy lists. Getting it for Christmas though, going to be a long wait over these next two months!
  9. Great to see more metal lovers out here. I play guitar daily and I love everything from rock to metal. I appreciate all kinds of metal although I am not the biggest fan of black metal. My favourite bands are: Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Pantera, Gojira, KSE, Ghost, Megadeth, Dethklok, All That remains (earlier albums), BFMV (earlier albums).
  10. Would you go with Pedro to the cantina?
  11. The new prestige system as put me off this time. Feels like unless you play it to death you will get knowwhere in the game. At least the old system you could play at your own leisure and still get the rewards. Would really love them to remaster bo2 which is my favourite cod. Went downhill after that.
  12. No Do you own more than 3 computers?
  13. *Outer Grow up.
  14. only the survival mode is exclusive, the spec ops missions can be played in any platform,
  15. yes they do.
  16. Browsing through the sales and I found this error with Heavy Rain - 3iI8BaX.jpg


    That's some price!

  17. I agree all of what you said. After a certain point in the game, it started to feel like a chore to play. Two things helped me continue: I'm also completionist same as you and game was still entertaining me in certain ways so I decided to keep going and get plat. But other than that I don't even think this game deserves full price $60. I'm giving it 5/10
  18. I'm so glad and happy that in COD MW trophy list there are no MP trophies lol I hate multiplayer and a lot more, the trophies about it (they're always those which block me from achieving the platinum). They're too time consuming but in my case, they're definitely too hard. The title of this topic is actually about discussing not so much my situation with multiplayer and PvP matches, but how can you be able to succeed and being good in these types of game? I mean, just to get at the point, in games like COD, BF, RDR2, GTA V, and all the other games where there's PvP, I usually kill from 1 to 3 players but worst thing, is that I get killed from 7 to 9 times ahahah (yeah, you read correctly), even if they're missing 2-3 minutes for the end of the match. And I laugh, yes because I always give a try to PvP matches, trying to get better and focused, but nothing, I always die. Even in TLOU multiplayer I suck, the journeys trophies are the only thing that won't allow me achieving the platinum, and I know that in Part II will be, sadly, the same... Being good on this it's obviously linked to a brain attitude and structure with this, because I even can't stand not more than one hour of every COD multiplayer (which is according to me, the fastest and rushy A++ game in multiplayer) because I get immediately tired and the night of that day I will sleep 1-2 hours more in the morning (I'm not kidding, the focus and paying attention also drains my energy, especially mentally). I open this topic to discuss how you got better and if your capabilites in multiplayer also reflect your behavior, focus and attention in real life things and stuff to do (for example, with tasks that require a lot of focus and attention), even driving for example, it's exhausting for me. If I have to drive for 60-70 km total a day (arrive and coming home in total, not 60+60 km), the next day I feel totally drained, so I need to recover my energy from sleeping 9-10 hours that night and if I can, even 2-3 hours the next afternoon (luckily my work place is near my house lol) I'm 27 years old
  19. Spec ops most likely wasn’t included in the main list since it is a ps exclusive for a year, would’ve made it impossible to get any equivalent of a platinum on Xbox and pc unless their list was different to begin with
  20. My game for this month is One Piece: World Seeker which also is my 100th . It took me 29h to get the plat and I could get it over the 30 with the DLC but I'm waiting for the last one before playing (and buying) them. Different Event: Bingo Bonanza
  22. Do whatever you want to do. There is no right or wrong. I personally can't care less about racking up a ton of easy plats with games that are of less quality. I prefer to play games I tend to enjoy, even though I have a smaller amount of platinums. But to each their own!
  23. This is one of the best sales we've had all year, including content from all platforms as well as DLCs. I bought Torchlight 2, and still debating on Stranger Things 3 and Hotel Transylvania.
  24. This will probably be my last update for Invasion. Thanks again for all the help getting this back. Grab these trophies when you can. It broke once, it could happen again. INVASION is up. BOSS: Bo Rai Cho (Bartitsu) About 15 hours left at the time of this post.
  25. I'm at the opposite side. MP beta was great and after the disaster that bo4 was it felt way better. But I also know activision so microtransactions will be added at some point so we will see. The game feels solid, weapons feels great. Maps look better (altough a bit a lack of maps with just using maps in different times). More tactical approach, headquarters back and Cyber attack which I really enjoyed with a friend.
  26. What a disappointing list. Spec ops should have at least being included, spec-ops is essential when it comes to MW.
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