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  2. Fact about the Lord of the Rings you wouldn't know if you never read the appendices: when Aragorn first met the Hobbits in Bree he was roughly 88 years old, give or take a few months.

  3. Same here. To me it looks like the packs in the EU store and US store have different content. The online pass doesn't seem to be included in the US mega pack, so disc version won't work. The Multiplayer F2P version doesn't detect I have Co-Op installed so I can't play Co-Op. Guess I have to buy the online pass then, which sucks because it is still full price ($10). Anyone from the US find a solution?
  4. You can cheat PS4 games, I don't know who you're fooling trying to tell us that. Since your about me is "I love The Evil Within", can't you explain why you didn't cheat? Surely you'd know enough about the game to tell us what happened, it also helps to provide the reason for your flag. I haven't played the game, but people who have played it will probably provide their opinion regarding the matter. Since you have stacked the trophy list it is also worth mentioning which version of the trophy list got flagged.
  5. The platinum for EyePet is unobtainable due to in-game store closure.
  6. Just progress on Enemy Within for me still. Once I have the irritating MP trophies out the way on Homefront I may be able to crack on with something else. Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter 0% Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 2% Doom 0% Batman The Enemy Within 27% - 84% Thief 2%
  7. MisticFade The Evil Within Okay why am I being reported ?<br /> You can't cheat ps4 games so why am I being removed..<br /> ..
  8. You all talk about the difficulty, but the main question is - does the game have 60FPS/Performance mode??
  9. Just finished Detroit as well and I also agree, that it's much better than heavy rain. I kinda liked heavy rain, but it wasn't as smooth as Detroit was. Like mentioned before in Heavy Rain everything that happens seems to be forced. There are different ways to play the game and decisions have an impact, but you constantly feel like you've been screwed over and exactly the opposit of what you're trying to achieve then happens. Detroit is much more consistent. Sure sometimes things happen that you didn't expect or couldn't predict, but in the end i'm happy with how it went down and i felt comfortable with just doing what felt right at the moment. No matter what kind of decisons i made during the playthroughs it never felt odd and there always was something to do that i could relate to. Heavy rain often pushed me to do something i didn't like because there was no reasonable alternative...
  10. I knew how to do it, i just had a hard time for the matchmaking. i wonder if more ppl will have same issues as i did however if they do they can win by persistance ha. thx Daiv for the heads up.
  11. Already have the platinum just waiting till everything's out so I can 100% Only took 8 days, not that bad. :3
  12. thank god it's closed
  13. Hey mate, You could try an unpatched game on version 1.10 and see if it works for that version, I'm pretty sure currently they are running patch 1.27 and people on here are have been getting them right up to the start of the year so you might be in luck, it would only take 10 mins to do so I'd recommend at least giving it a go. Otherwise yea, I hope they patch all the glitched trophies so they auto pop, the developers have made a statement saying they are pleased with all the new content they have been releasing, but are dissatisfied by the ability for themselves to fix bugs. They appear to be working on it. I'll keep playing it for the time being and hope for the best
  14. Shadowgate has 5 unobtainable trophies because of various bugs. The game hasn't been patched since its release in april. I still have hope that a patch is released someday.
  15. If no one comes and answers your question, go and message one of the players on the Recent Players tab. Once you get the answer you are looking for, don't forget to come back here and post it as well to share the knowledge.
  16. As I've never gamed with a mouse keyboard, how would I know, without asking? Perhaps you should have said nothing 'helpful' to add? You could try & be helpful next time tho? Thanks for helpful reply Need to get a mouse keyboard then lol because I properly suck at anything that's not TH in this game.
  17. Every move based games also requires the PS Eye.
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  19. I still haven't found a video of my favorite track N.Gin labs so far....
  20. #Update 7: Batman The Telltale Series [PS4] ==> 100% = Platinum (31/31) 06/07/2019 Tales from the Boarderlands [PS4] ==> 0% (00/36) Game of Thrones [Telltale] [PS4] ==> 100% = Platinum (49/49) 06/02/2019 South Park: The Stick of Truth [PS3] ==> 100% = Platinum (51/51) 06/11/2019 Adventures of MANA (PS Vita) ==> 20% 21% (14/37) The Wolf Among Us [PS4] ==> 30% 60% (21/36) Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 [PS4] ==> 0% (00/51) Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 [PS4] ==> 0% (00/31) Guardians of the Galaxy (Telltale) [PS4] ==> 0% (00/31) The Walking Dead Collection [PS4] ==> 0% (00/52) The Walking Dead (The Final Season) [PS4] ==> 0% (00/49) DidnĀ“t make much progress this weekend: Some chapters in TWAU, one boss in AoM.
  21. there's 3 other games that i remember that uses the eye: mad dog mcree franchise eyepet the only 2 i know.
  22. PES/Winning Eleven 2014 (all 4 stacks) is still obtainable as it has no online. MotoGP 09/10 is obtainable with a large party. You can see plenty of people earning all the trophies in 2019. The first EA UFC game is unobtainable on PS4 due to this trophy. I believe Madden 25 PS3 to be unobtainable due to the download trophies. The servers for this feature have been offline for 2 years going by recent achievers. PS4 is still obtainable. FIFA World Cup 2014 is unobtainable since November 2018 due to this trophy.
  23. I have been looking getting this game but I have noticed there are no plat earners yet. The trophies people are missing don't seem too hard, are they glitched?
  24. MorningĀ 

  25. It's Ratalaika. It will be easy.
  26. La Mulana
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