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  2. Suda also stated that he might make an announcement on this year's E3
  3. Put 1 on the PS4 or just remake them both you cowards.
  4. I hope Limited Run Games picks this up!
  5. PSVITA Bearwell! Completed Chapter 4 🤗💕
  6. Suda51 confirmed today that his latest game is coming to PS4
  7. This all sounds delicious, specially the second one but to bad we have to wait until next year for that one. Thanks for the news! 👍
  8. mmm damn thanks for the info ... I been looking at the steam walkthrough guide .. I wonder have you glanced at that?
  9. So they finally synchronized, looks like the European version has its own profile
  10. Hey sorry for the late reply! The DLC has its ups and downs but generally speaking, it has made the game more fun with the edition of new levels, bosses and enemies. In terms of difficulty, they completely removed enemy scaling with scrolls, meaning before (in addition to general enemy scaling with each level) when you got one scroll, the enemies health would increase with it slightly. So if you missed a bunch of scrolls, its alrite, the enemies health wouldnt go up that much. In the new update there is no scaling with scrolls, rather there are fixed enemy healths on each level. Meaning if you missed a few scrolls, you'll be weaker than the enemies in the following levels. So this makes it generally difficult if you were that kind of guy who didn't go for cursed chests (which always give one scroll). However, if you collect all the scrolls, the difficulty is more or less the same I would say for the first three boss cell (BC) difficulties. After 3BC however, is when things really get different. There are certain new enemies which only spawn after 3BC, one of them which is extremely annoying and hard to play against (they are called arbitars). These show up in ramparts, ossuary and castle in 3BC, and in ramparts and castle in 4BC. They are like the inquisitor but instead of one projectile they throw 6 projectiles towards you and they can see you through walls and floors with a huge range and they also have zero cooldown time. In addition to this, in 4BC, every single enemy now has the teleportation mechanic like the elites and they will follow you throughout the level until you kill them. Again, this is a huge amp up in terms of difficulty compared to the previous update. Looking at your trophies, I see that you havnt done 3BC yet so for you, the game would be more difficult unfortunately. However its not just simply the case of increasing difficulty, the game is more fun with more weapons and mutations and some other tweaks here and there. Its more stressful and makes you have an adrenaline rush even more. There is more lore and with the addition of the two new bosses (which by the way you can totally skip since there are no trophies around them) and soundtracks, I would say the devs and gone far and beyond into making this game more balanced and challenging. TL;DR the game is easier from 0-2BC and harder from 3-5BC due to new enemies and new teleportation mechanics
  11. Hi Guys i Need help to get the 50 unique Players trophy. pls Play this Level of course i Will Play your Levels back
  12. Max the curse of brotherhood plat Perfect Brother You unlocked every trophy of the game!
  13. Story of my life. :P



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      30 Year Old Boomer

      That's inaccurate! I know you have a superior organization system for your backlog! 

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      @30 Year Old Boomer Well, you get my point. xD 

  14. Thanks that makes sense about it being the EU stack. And I have contacted them on Twitter, twice, but no response. Just a congrats for my getting Platinum.
  15. Plat #150 A plague tale: innocence
  16. Finally made it to 150. I think I can get 5-10 more this year tho 👍
  17. No rewards during this phase. I suppose because this is a closed alpha they don't want people to miss the rewards as not everyone received an invite. I suspect that rewards will be offered once the alpha/beta is public.
  18. Save save save!! Save after every 1000 kills just to be safe. It's annoying but it's even more annoying thinking ah I'll do a few more thousand to then have it crash then have to do them all over again. Been there before alright. They really made a crap job of that game.
  19. It's the EU stack, nobody has gotten any on it yet because it comes out next month for them. Please contact Arc System Works on twitter or something about it.
  20. Platinum 635 Max the curse of brotherhood Perfect Brother You unlocked every trophy of the game! This was way more fun than I thought it was going to be! Picked it up in a sale and it's one of the best platformers I've ever played. It's a fairly easy straight forward plat but there are some really tricky sections and you will need a few tries for the no death levels. I'd highly recommend this one if you want a new platformer to play 👍 Difficulty 3 Enjoyment 8
  21. Super Meat Boy progress update: ZOMBIE BOY DONE!!! I took a couple weeks off for AC Origins so it was delayed a bit. Only Impossible Boy left. I’ll upload a video later tonight. 

  22. I finished nioh alpha last day. The grafics looks like nioh 1 but with hdr added. I didnt like the new final blow move with the short sword. Bosses got only more life when ppl joined the fight so its normal. I liked to transform into a demon but it felt weaker then using spirit weapons in nioh 1. If u kill yokais u can take their soul to get 1 move of em. Shang tsung gangster style Your SOUL is mine.My favorite yokai move was to summon 2 dead archers and they shot once with fire arrows. It felt harder for me then nioh 1. The new yokai r fkin nuts, i didnt like the one with the big shao kahn hammer. Using odachi was da shit felt op as fuk, katana felt weak compared to it. I hope they have a set with final blow added like in nioh 1 with nippon steel. Im lookin forward to get it, day 1 buy 4 me. I played nioh for around 400h guess will do the same bout nioh 2
  23. Gust is definitely releasing these too fast. I can't catch up!
  24. Well done and thanks for posting your thoughts on the alpha. Only one question, do you get any rewards for finishing the alpha? In Nioh's alpha and beta I got a couple of helms as a reward and was wondering if they did something similar here.
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