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  2. @Nonagelast The ones I've listed in red are the ones you shouldn't have access to considering your unlock times. Which did you get and how? You couldn't have Laughing Beauty yet since that was unlocked after your FaceCamo trophy. Standard FaceCamo: This is your basic FaceCamo that is obtained as part of the story for defeating the Laughing Octopus. Young Snake: This is unlocked automatically upon completing Act 2: Solid Sun Young Snake w/ Bandanna: This is unlocked automatically upon completing Act 2: Solid Sun MGS1 Snake: This is unlocked automatically upon completing Act 3: Third Sun Laughing Beauty: Defeat Laughing Beauty non-lethally. Refer to the Laughing Octopus Doll trophy for a strategy on this battle. Raging Beauty: Defeat Raging Beauty non-lethally. Refer to the Raging Raven Doll trophy for a strategy on this battle. Crying Beauty: Defeat Crying Beauty non-lethally. Refer to the Crying Wolf Doll trophy for a strategy on this battle. Screaming Beauty: Defeat Screaming Beauty non-lethally. Refer to the Screaming Mantis Doll trophy for a strategy on this battle. Roy Campbell: During the Briefing of Act 1: Liquid Sun, go and bump Roy Campbell with the Mk. II to unlock this camo. Otacon: During the Briefing of Act 3: Third Sun, go and bump Otacon with the Mk. II to unlock this camo. Raiden without Vizor: During the Briefing of Act 3: Third Suns, go and bump Naomi with the Mk. II to unlock this camo. Raiden Vizor Down: During the Briefing of Act 4: Twin Suns, go and bump Sunny with the Mk. II to unlock this camo. Drebin: You need to obtain at least 60 weapons for this camo. Refer to the I am THE expert on weapons trophy for more information. Big Boss: To get this Camo you need to get the Big Boss Emblem. Refer to the Big Boss walkthrough at the end of the guide.
  3. No, you can completely ignore that in Yakuza 3 and still get the platinum. I don't even think it's ever required again after Kiwami 2.
  4. Be Greater #14 Spider-Man PS4 YOOOO this is the first plat I'm like super proud of. I know it's easy but I actually enjoyed the grind and feel like I put more effort into it that I usually would. I also got my 1000th trophy Snappy Dresser doin' this one so yay! Don't You Have Anything Better to Do? #15 Undertale PS4 This game is.... odd. Idk if I want to continue it bc all my friends have hyped it up so much so I might just watch a let's play on Youtube idkkk. (I changed my username to stellanovas so they're all on my new PSN profile account!)
  5. I'd like to buy a vita physical copy as my collection.
  6. This will be a huge help when it is done.
  7. This was really entertaining, thanks guys
  8. I’m not a fan of early access downloads but since it’s only a couple days until Days Gone officially releases, I’m guessing they’re giving you a head start?
  9. Fingers crossed
  10. Days Gone is supposed to Auto Download today. Does anyone know when exactly?

  11. Woohoo! Red Division 1 Reached in Mirror's Edge Catalyst :D


    Here's a short video of me doing a few times trials in the process of getting there ( you can skip to the end for the milestone but why would you do that? :P)



  12. Can 100% confirm. I’ve only unlocked the first fatality for Kollector, but in a.i battle it pulled of the second one without having it unlocked and I got the trophy.
  13. How big would your list be? I might be able to fiddle with that with my bot, if you use discord.
  14. Pure Gold Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards. Auto Enthusiast Purchase all vehicles. Fashion Victim Purchase all clothing.
  15. I am sorry I forgot to post the reason this flag is on my account. You are currently flagged for 1 game. You will not be included in the leaderboards or any lists of achievers. You can hide up to 2 flagged games total to be reinstated on the leaderboard. You are currently flagged in: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots These games can be disputed: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots • Reason: There are 14 Face Camos in the game. Out of these 14, 2 can only be earned when having finished the game. 1 for obtaining the Big Boss emblem and 1 for obtaining 60 weapons (69 weapons total, 11 weapons of that 69 only available after having beaten the game / completed the game under certain conditions). This leaves 12 face camos left. However, this player has gotten 3 of those possible face camos after earning this trophy, which is not possible. Crying wolf Doll, Screaming Mantis doll and Laughing Beauty doll were earned after getting this trophy. This means that the player could only have had 9 total Face camos.
  16. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/5-site-help-issues-feedback/ Should be able to do that there
  17. If you already found the 50 green circle that challenge will Carry over as completed don’t think you find it then don’t know myself yet need to get collectibles myself sorry if I can’t help you
  18. Ohh tough one. Despite listening to a handful of bands, I can't say that I like too many albums. For the most part it's just specific tunes I find to be really good from people like Godsmack or All That Remains. Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists (although there are songs on Indestructible I like more I consider TTF their best overall album) Two Steps From Hell - Don't know if these guys count but I can't even choose an album from them anyways. (also, I know. Wtf are they doing here right? ) Breaking Benjamin - Tie between Phobia and Dear Agony (although Dark Before Dawn has my favorite song) Three Days Grace - Tie between One-X and Life Starts Now. (don't like anything with the new singer) Sabaton - Well this was hard, but I went with Heroes. Their earlier albums have some great songs too.
  19. Title. I have nightmares of Kiwami 1 lol. If I need to actually build up her trust I'd rather leave the minigames / gambling for when she's around.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Omg didn't even see that.. SO if you don't backup the save and it doesn't pop you have to play a 100 hour game again..? That's just stupid
  22. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  23. I want to update this dispute: It is my impression the game will give you a FaceCamo if you defeat a beauty form non-lethally and this will go towards the FaceCamo Addict trophy. If you defeat the beast form non-lethally and pick up the doll then you will earn the Laughing Octopus Doll, Raging Raven Doll, Crying Wolf Doll, and Screaming Mantis Doll. The Frog Soldier Doll does not have FaceCamo so it can be left out of this argument. This is clearly stated on the FaceCamo Addict trophy page as one of the ways to get a FaceCamo. I did a few searches and this theory looks to be well known by the Metal Gear Community: Metal Gear Wiki on FaceCamo This post on GameFAQs from 10 years ago Another post on GameFAQs Another And one more True Trophies weighs in on the Laughing Octopus Doll Trophy So with this it is my understanding that whomever flagged me for this trophy made a mistake in viewing the criteria for attaining FaceCamo Addict and this is why I feel PSNprofiles should remove the flag on my account. Thank You for reading and allow me to answer any further questions.
  24. Thats an odd decision since Origins you could earn trophies. Now i'm extra glad i made a backup save before i started the DLC.
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