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  2. Drones: Careful with the powerpyx guide. I've checked every area and i've found on a different spot in a mentioned location. So the screenshot is not useful at all. Actually it can be everywhere.
  3. Power That Connects Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn.
  4. What difficulty are you playing on? I did it on easy, which may be why I didn't find it a problem.
  5. I start to believe that Sony REALLY REALLY hates the EU market. Not only the game library is incomplete compared to NA or even UK (UK is not part of Europe according to Sony lol) , the prices are way more imbalanced. Not to mention that Guilty Gear 1 is still broken as fuck when you go against Testament and Justice. It's like fighting against toolassisted on steroids. No use even dreaming to defeat the enemies past stage 5 with Overdrive. Gotta pull out the big old cheese techniques from the Ancient Tome of Fighting Game Cornering and Cheese, mold edition.
  6. 22 May Google Pixel 2 XL - Android 9 UK - BST Latest Chrome browser Clicking Update Profile goodluckday.site Very obtrusive advert that stops the site functioning correctly. It's a spin to win advert with Aldi logos. I'm sure both PSNProfiles and Aldi would be upset to have this advert affiliated with them. http://bestluckycenter.space/prize/uklucky/lp2.php?c=2hz324fhz2cz1&k=00ff886f218deadb21a28259175503e6&country_code=GB&country_name=United Kingdom&region=Bath and North East Somerset&city=Bath&isp=British Telecommunications PLC&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=Android&osv=9.&browser=Chrome&browserv=74&brand=unknown&model=unknown&marketing_name=Pixel 2 XL&tablet=2&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=5
  7. Yeah. I'll add you in the morning.
  8. During step 6, I don't get the popup on Charles. I' followed everything to the letter and I'm not getting this message
  9. 1) The infamous series 2) PAIN, id love to be able to play this again 3) Max Payne 3, I want this so much it's unreal (i know this game is hated but add in skipping cutscenes (better loading times) and better graphics and id be over the moon)
  10. We have a release date Friday, August 30th
  11. Yeah the fatality grind has been reduced by quite a bit and doesn't take that long to do at all now
  12. Today
  13. Which version will I get, if I buy the digital version from the US store? I have already the german version on a Disc. Do I need to buy the retail version from uk to get the other trophy list?
  14. Hey Arcesus7, nice checklist! I always wanted to start something like this, I love writing, even though English isn't my native language. So, you have an outstanding account, not only because you're managing to mantain that 100% completion since you started it 4 years ago, but also (and especially) because you are playing things you enjoy, building it your way. Congrats and good luck with the account! PS: I gotta say it hurted me a bit when I read here that "Bound" isn't that hard That one was such an intense experience for me, I simply adore it! It's funny realizing how dance suddenly invaded my account Haha
  15. Im give trine 2 a shot . let me know how you go. like what your doing with your profile . have a happy happy joy joy 2019..

  16. Ok , Thanks for the fast reply 👍🏻
  17. not yet
  18. Ah, i see, i thought the crucible was the last dlc... too bad 😒 The new dlc has a release date?
  19. ah ? good news because you can't acess the krypt without update ^^
  20. If I'm not completely wrong, the amount of fatalities needed for getting your opponents head has been reduced from 50 to 25 with the latest patch. So, it's not that much of a grind anymore.
  21. The only challenges that are hard for me so far are the ring ones, im always like 1000 from the plat medal, the others are a lot easier
  22. Yes this trophies grind
  23. I can't do ring or drift Checkpoint challenges for the life of me I haven't lost a race yet but I can't win any challenges.
  24. Doesn't hurt to try and if it does work, it'll help out so many people who don't have it.
  25. Final Fantasy 13 trilogy GTA IV Max Payne 3 NieR (preferably the Replicant version) Drakengard 3, it's unplayable on PS3 Yakuza 3/4/5 localization God of war 1&2 remastered remaster & Ascencion Resident Evil Code Veronica X (the HD version, not PS2 emulation) Edit: Just now I saw we're meant to write 3 games, sorry but I can't choose 3 from this list 😥
  26. Yeah i think too, but i try and i back here
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