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  2. from the game itself: Heroic Mode - Must be unlocked by beating the game on Normal - Monsters and Traps, deal 2x dmg - Gold and Materials drops are rare
  3. 4 years later I finally earned InFamous First Light Platinum lol . It was that beta rescue diamond trophy lol. I finally 100% All inFamous Series

  4. Battlefield V, though you don't have a ton to choose from. Keep it up though! You've got a ton of top quality games there.
  5. What am I missing here? I thought this hand would be a 3 color straight but I didn't get it in the end. Can someone that understands it better explain what I did wrong? lol
  6. Well, that was a fun little DLC. I forgot just how much of a joy the free flow movement was in AC Syndicate. Traveling by rooftops was actually fun with the grappling hook / zipline. Even the free flow climbing down was nice and smooth. Never liked traveling by rooftops in previous AC games because of the times when you had a big gap and had to climb down, then climb back up another building. Most of the times I just ran in the streets in other AC games, found it much faster. Anyway, not sure if this will count since it was a last minute “oooh, I should play that” game and was not originally on my list until yesterday... Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - 100% complete in 3 years, 9 months
  7. Ok nice, congrats for that EQ fight😄👌 Its fine if this doesn't work with the ps3 version, back in the days i already Invest 100+ hours in this Game with my old Account, so i know what kindof a grind i have to expect🙃😅 So do you want to build a Script for faize also ?😊
  8. We get Final Fantasy 8 remastered on September 3rd :yay: One of my favourite FF

  9. Uncharted 4 I love that game
  10. Whenever sang my songs, on the stage on my own~
  11. Can't wait to get my hands on this, my favourite of the series.. 😍
  12. I'm not sure how it would work on ps3 version but I really hope it's somehow possible 😓 For 10 min EQ fight......well, I tried for about 3 fights on 6 Winged EQ, and my best time was 10:17, and got pretty lucky on that one. I think if I were to go back now I could do it in under 10 minutes, since I have a better idea of how to blindside with Meracle to wreck her. So I loaded up an old save of 2 Winged EQ, about 8 hours before I was even ready to fight her (since I had no super-tri emblems), and beat her in 2:50. So it's kind of ridiculous how overpowered she becomes, by far the most difficult BT I know of, though I haven't had to do any Faize trophies yet (which apparently are just grindy).
  13. But Bro! FF7 is released already! Here, look! (Since today every poor joke needs an explanation - yeah, I know you meant "Remake" version Also waiting for it!)
  14. Wow thanks for all the effort, awesome! I hope it will also work with the ps3 version How difficulty was your 10 min EQ fight ?
  15. I read FF 7 but this is about FF 8 Hopefully we get info about the release date of FF7 soon...
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  17. Final Fantasy VII
  18. as much of an amazing game as it is,the first season of life is strange is 100% the most unrewarding game. 59 bronze trophies,1 gold and a platinum
  19. Snowy Mountain 2. I got it just some hours ago.
  20. I‘m currently skipping the Benchmark bored from the Game now
  21. 😳 😍 💥
  22. Didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but for the Event Horizon achievement, a killing blow using Sigma's basic hypersphere attack immediately after smashing an enemy to the ground can count as one of the three eliminations required. I assume that this is because the description says "during" the ult instead of "with" it, like for some other killing blow trophies. So if you're quick enough it might still pop the trophy requirements.
  23. Hey all, As many of you are aware, this game takes a massive amount of time to plat, and for those unaware, it's mostly because of the battle trophies. Given that I have more to do than play only this game (as I'm sure most of you do as well), I tried my hand at automating some of the more tedious BTs. And it was a success 🙂 (and completely free 😄 ). I'm currently done with my 1st playthrough with 802 BTs and 298 hours to my name. Note that everything here is POST-POST GAME ONLY as well as WINDOWS ONLY (sorry Mac/Linux 🙁 ). You will have already done everything unique in the game by this point + have gear so great that you can R2 the EQ in less than 10 minutes. The scripts I was able to write are: 99,999 Hits Arumat 30k Kills Edge 30k Kills Colosseum 200 Battles Farming 255 -ology Drops Lmyle 999 Scumbags / 999 Undead, Myuria 999 Demons Sarah 5555 Jumps, Lymle 10Km Rolls, Meracle 42.1Km Run Really excited to bring the process to others, so let's start: Download all of these: AutoHotKey Scripts (hover by Name and click checkbox to download the folder) PS4 Remote Play PS4 Macro Install AutoHotKey (ahk) and PS4 Remote Play Optional but recommended: In the Scripts Folder, there is a settings.xml file, if you move this into your PS4Macro_0_5_2 folder, then you will not need your DS4 controller plugged in your PC Completely Optional: Download something to edit the script files. The only value you'll ever need to edit hopefully is the SetKeyDelay value, but you can do it in notepad even IF YOUR PS4 REMOTE PLAY IS NOT IN ENGLISH: Then please reply to this post with either the window's title, maybe it looks like PS4リモートプレイ in which case I'll have to upload some more files, but I'll get to it I promise 🙂 Setup: Note: The following pattern must be followed each time you close PS4 Remote Play Launch PS4 Remote Play, and press start to connect to your PS4 (if you skipped the optional step above, or it's your first time using, you will need your controller plugged in to your PC) Launch the PS4Macro application In PS4Macro, click Tools > Remapper (leave this window open whenever using scripts) Note: do not change these initial settings in the Remapper You should now be able to play your PS4 completely from your PC so try out some buttons to test ( c = Triangle, enter = Cross, v = Square, esc = Circle ) If all is good then you're ready to automate! Running Scripts: Go into your Scripts Folder (SO4 ahk) to find the appropriate Script, double click to open a small GUI like: Each script has a particular setup in where you need to be and character setups, though by this point in the game it will not be a problem for you. All setups for each script are in the README.TXT, but will also be posted here. NOTE: For most scripts you will need PS4 Remote Play to be the Active Window, i.e., you can not click on another Window HOWEVER: If you need to pause any script, press F12, and press F12 again to unpause, in emergencies you can Ctrl + K to stop ahk What does this mean? Well it means for the most part, you will need your PC to be dedicated to the game. You can always F12 to pause the script and do other stuff on your PC though, and you can leave it running while sleeping or otherwise. When running a script, the first thing you will probably notice is it moves the PS4 Remote Play window, if so then perfect, script is working 🙂 I do recommend exiting the script and saving every few hours, for me, Arumat script seemed to stop working around 9 hours of continuous use so just a heads up. Just restart everything including PS4 Remote Play and PS4 Macro, not sure where the issue lies. The Scripts: Now for the Individual guides to the scripts, most are ideas taken from the wonderful Battle Trophies Guide by Vexacion and the setups are essentially the same. If a script for whatever reason is getting caught and stuck in a loop, then you might need to edit the SetKeyDelay 100 line in the file, I suggest increasing 100 > 150 > 200 > ... If a script does not work, then please reply to the thread and I'll try my best to fix out the kinks -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. 99999 Hits ○ Equip a 0 Atk weapon on either Edge / Meracle ○ Equip a 4x hit per attack (Slayer Bangel synthed 3x for instance) ○ Set every character to manual and make Edge/ Meracle party leader ○ Start Colosseum Team Battle "Bugs Bugs Bugs!" ○ Start script -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Arumat 30000 Kills ○ Give Sarah anything with Anti-silence, Arumat Anti-fog ○ Put Dragon Roar onto Arumat's R2 skill twice ○ Decide to have Meracle in party or not and choose appropriate script ► If in party, put Meracle in character slot 1 (top of the menu) ► Else, put Meracle in character slot 8 (bottom of the menu) ○ Go to 7SD Floor 1 and have Wasp + Bat be the first two enemies you see (reset dungeon if they are not) ○ Fight both in the center of the small octagon shaped area ○ After winning, move foward slightly, set overworld speed to walking (R2) ○ Make sure all characters are manual except Sarah, Arumat is party leader ○ Start Script (Takes approximately 40 hours from 0 Enemies, ~4700 battles) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Edge 30000 Kills ○ Give Sarah anything with Anti-silence ○ Decide to have Meracle in party or not and choose appropriate script ► If in party, put Meracle in character slot 1 (top of the menu) ► Else, put Meracle in character slot 8 (bottom of the menu) ○ Go to Palace of creation and lure the 5 mobs on the ground floor to the West side where a Lava Golem is guarding the stairs ○ Have the mobs surprise attack you to try and get all 5 together ○ After winning, move foward slightly, set overworld speed to walking (R2) ○ Make sure all characters are manual except Sarah, Edge is party leader ○ Start Script (Takes approximately 50 hours from 0 Enemies, ~7500 battles) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Colosseum Battles ○ At the Colosseum solo battles, make sure Lymle is not the lowest rank, as well as the character you want to get BTs for ○ Place which ever character you want to get BTs for in character slot 1 ○ Put your character in front of the desk lady ○ Start script (Takes about 2 hours per character) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Farming 255 -ology drops (except Bacchus) ○ Set all characters to auto and whomever you want to get BTs as party leader ○ Set a skill to kill to R2 ○ Have Meracle in character slot 1 ○ Go to character farming locations ► Meracle - 7SD Floor 2 North slightly West by open chest, find 2 Preytons ► For WD, find a cross room that has 4 exits, make sure there are at least 2 enemy groups of your target collection (i.e. Arumat insects) ► Arumat - WD Floors 1-4 ► Reimi - WD Floors 1-4 ► Myuria - WD Floors 6-10 ► Lymle - WD Floors 6-13 ► Sara - WD Floors 16-18 ► Edge will have his from 30k Kills ○ Kill enemies and turn on walk on overworld (R2) ○ Go to middle of room ○ Start script (Takes approximately 3 hours per character, Meracle takes ~9 hours) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Sarah Jumps / Lymle Rolls / Meracle Runs ○ Paralyze an enemy in battle and kill the rest ○ Choose character in script window and the same in the game ○ Start script (Takes approximately 1 hour for both Meracle and Lymle, ~2 hours for Sarah) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Lmyle Scumbags / Lmyle Undead / Myuria Demon ○ Make sure Lymle or Myuria is your party leader ○ Go to Colosseum and put your character in front of the desk lady ○ Start script -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all 🙂 I know it's a lot to take in, but after the initial setup and running a script, I'm sure you'll get the feel of it. If there are any issues at all, please reply and I will try my best to get back to you, good luck everyone ☺️
  24. Saw this earlier, thought I'd share for those of you who were waiting for a date!
  25. This is why I test him, to see if this claim is BS or not. I won’t believe until the chapter comes out.
  26. Sigh.... I hate fishing mini-games...

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    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      That sounds... horrible regarding all those collectibles. The fishing sounds kinda interesting though. Having a health bar seems to make it a bit more challenging. But all those collectibles sure are encouraging. I have the game for Wii even though never started it. Thought about getting the PS version but I guess I will stick to the Wii since then I don't have to mind fishing and collectibles.

    3. eigen-space


      @Lagoon Aris, that's probably a better idea. It's actually a pretty neat game but I feel like the trophy hunt for it will make me hate it xD

    4. MidnightDragon


      Like the fishing mini game in Ocarina of Time.

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