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  2. #145 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 18 hours #146 Rime (PS4) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 10 hours #147 Rocket League (PS4) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 20 hours
  3. More than enough time if you do 12+ hour days and don't have to return favours instantly in the DLC. Everything in the co-op for example becomes a lot faster if you don't have to get every medal for every player involved. Also helps if you play with people familiar with the co-op, which can potentially eliminate dozens of hours from the learning process.
  4. Breakfast of Champions. However I find Berry Blast offensive. My brethren demand a more intimidating flavor!
  5. The PS3 version has 100% of chance to have a booklet.
  6. So I started Neurovoider recently to get the online challenges out of the way and have accidentally stumbled on a beneficial exploit. Start a daily challenge, pick a level (the harder the better) and die as fast as possible Press X to continue when prompted then immediately press Triangle when it says 'press triangle to reload' It'll now let you play the run again These extra runs count towards the trophy It seems theres a delay between your score appearing on the leaderboard and it letting you play the run again, hence why the faster you are the more you'll be able to do. I recorded a run today where I have managed to get 5 challenge runs to register
  7. Batman Arkham Asylum
  8. I joined but I don´t see me using it as much as I used chat. I do like the commands (missing joke though!), but it´s just to big for me personally. The only big positive I can think of atm are trophy sessions where you need to talk to set something up, thinking of the Destiny Raids here to be exact. Because you don´t have to invite someone to your personal discord server or add him/her as a friend. It´s minor stuff for many I guess, but I like to keep my discord friendlist clean. On the other hand, text chat for me was/is perfectly fine. You can still use it while talking with other friends, it´s easier to translate tnings (at least for me) and it was easy to keep a conversation going in chat (mostly because only 20 people used it, but that was fine for me.) I´m not against discord, I´ll keep watching how it´ll envolve and what features the community think of and we as a user get in the end. Just a bit sad that it completly replaced chat instead of being an extra option.
  9. I'm on challenge 202 out of 300 on Mortal Kombat 9 and it's making me want to cry xD 

  10. I just want to say you're maybe my favorite trophy hunter. I would have more respect if you went back to the games you don't have 100%. That being said, you're amazing. A high completion and a lot of ultra rare trophies.

    I could understand if you're not impressed by profile, but then again I'm just in a sort of rush to get to 100 plats. I may try to go for more ultra rare after 100. I might do Wolfenstein 2 but I want to play the other games. Also, right now, I'm making a habit of not doing cheap easy plats except maybe if we're near TLOU2's release which is my planned 100th.

  11. maybe we just have to buy the company?
  12. It's Thanks To You That We Won Emerged victorious against Zenya...with a little help.
  13. From what I've seen about the raid, Discovery Mode will supposedly have matchmaking. That would solve the finding players issue before it even began.
  14. @AlchemistWer Yeah, I tried to look on Nisa Store, but everything about Shallie is sold out. The only thing I found is the Shallie Plus (UK version. But I've already bought my Italian/Spanish version a couple of weeks ago...), but the annoying thing is that were some limited editions of the PS3 version that I saw a couple of months ago (always on Nisa store). But when I made the order for Lulua and I wanted to add the LE of Shallie, I found that they were sold out... 😭 I should have placed the order as as soon as I saw it... @Eremoto Thank you! I really appreciate your help! My issue about the language of this game is due to the fact that is the first one with the double languages cover (Italian/Spanish), while the previous were only in Italian. The next games (Sophie, Firis, Lydie & Suelle, Nelke, Lulua, but also other games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII, Resident Evil, Blue Reflection, Nights of Azure) are on PS4 and have the double cover language, but no booklet inside (like most of the PS4 games) so I have no reference about tha Shallie booklet. And I have no PS3 game with the double cover which could give me some clue. I've got also the Shallie Plus version, but again, no booklet inside (like most of Vita games): And about the booklets, I had also a terrible experience with NieR. It was the third time I bought on Amazon, but when I received this one I discovered it was the French edition (and it was written nowhere on the page of the game. But I should have checked the seller, which is in France). I thought that maybe the booklet had more languages... No! Only French! And it had also in game French screenshots. Seriously, this scared me because I thought that also the game was French. But luckily the game was in English (and the screenshots were fake). Well, after this experience I always check the country of the seller and I also ask him about the cover, just to be sure... I'm waiting for your answer, hoping you could find this game. 😉
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  16. Not everyone and anyone, but the four million people who decided at one point in their life to manually update their profile on PSNP. Heck, lets say 500k of those got updated by a friend or family member, that is still roughly 3.5 million people. As far as I can say right now, even all members of PSNP dont get automatically updated. You want a accurate representation of the trophy hunter community? Well, wouldnt it be better then, if either all inactive people get deleted so all older games get their accurate stats, or all profiles get updated so all newer games get their accurate stats? What should it be? My stance: Just because people, who are in the PSNP database, dont get updated anymore, doesnt mean that they dont earn trophies anymore or dont care about them at all. I've seen dozen of profiles that havent been updated in years and still earned plats and trophies until this day.
  17. I can assure you, you do not need to be host, as me and another guy got it at the same time, however, you need to escape with at least 5 mediums AND at least 5 large. we finished with about 15 mediums, and 5 large, as it took about 23 days to find the last large one!
  18. Just got the trophy the other day. We did use the Tomb Raider card, so having "Well Read" apparently does not matter and can be used to make things easier. I had the challenge selected (Adventure Besties) and picked up all artifacts (3 large and 2 medium), while the other player just stayed at the starting area staying warm and eating, you don't need both players to enter the crypts. The trophy popped for both players. So either they fixed the Codex artifacts from not counting towards the trophy or it was never an issue to begin with.
  19. Just for your information, my account is from april 2017 and i did all online trophy in august 2018 in multiple sessions over 2 weeks. I used a alt accout on my 2nd ps3 created sometimes in 2016. the stats are also saved there.
  20. The thing is, the people who actually care about trophies are simply manually updating, so we get a more accurate representation of rarity based on the trophy hunting community specifically. If you want everyone and anyone to count, just use the laughable PSN rarity which is also available on this site.
  21. Looks to me that you're doing just fine.
  22. Is there a list of EA games that will let me get back online for this one? I played it like 8 years ago and never finished it, but want to get the plat. Just trying to avoid getting another shitty EA game in the process. EDIT: Wait Just found the guide at (thanks to user HuntingFever)
  23. #257 Judgment The Greatest Detective Obtained all other trophies. The minigames are what makes the platinum a bit more difficult than just average. Drone racing was rather difficult for me since I'm not really good at racing stuff and it took me a lot of practicing, especially for the time trials. Also, I like mahjong, but it was a bit of an overkill in this game. 3 mahjong places, ehhh. Lastly, Puyo Puyo can be hell, though with the provided videos found in the trophy thoughts thread, it became a lot easier for someone like me who isn't very experienced in Puyo Puyo. It was an enjoyable gaming experience (besides some tailing missions that went on for too long), but I'm glad it's done now.
  24. You would be very useful, trust me, it's not the same writing than speaking. What multiplayer games do you play often?
  25. I tried the leader board method outlined and couldn't get it to work. I tried Eu account Ger account Us account Canadian account And an eu account that Is 7 years old. Out of all accounts the only one which would hold stats was the eu account that is 7 years old, with the leader board method. I will be trying the "find a level 50 player and back out from the game while joining method" as I asked some recent achievers who's accounts are relatively young and this is the way they got it to work. Link the video is ancient and have yet to try it. Haven't got time this week. If you can get it to work (on an alt account obviously) or anyone else that can shed some light, will you be a sport and post findings. Cheers
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