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  2. I hope not, nintendo does the best handhelds. Thats the only thing that they can do great. Its waste of ressources for sony to produce handhelds imo.
  3. Shadow of the Colossus
  4. As long as you don't cap your... ah well, forget it. Glad to have been of help. It'd probaly help people if you posted the solution in the mentioned thread as well. I am playing DD right now, and after the first two dozen runs, it gets pretty boring. It's too much of the same in every run.
  5. I'm thinking probably not.
  6. I would say its the hardest platforming section i ever tried. including all Crash games and all Mario special stages.
  7. I'm fully aware of how skipping works, unless something has changed. All main missions are required to be beaten without skips for it to count towards the requirement for Career Criminal. Notice that speedrun is Any% not 100%.
  8. That's what I did. If there is HEADS option, and you choose to let it time out, then that would void the trophy. YOU must pick all heads options that is available to you. When the next game, Little Hope comes out, I'll do the head/hearts runs first thing to get them out of the damn way.
  9. Borderlands games' trophies are always this buggy, I'm told. The locations are almost always buggy across all the borderlands games.
  10. Yea they need to fix the counter on it when i go to tannis and inspects the slab 6 time before my trophy popped
  11. You're welcome!
  12. Well congrats on that one! I remember that you were already working on those kills when I started participating in your discussions with Cassy 😂 Must feel good to have that done, and chapeau for keeping at it for so long! Everything makes me wanna play DD... but I watched Joseph Anderson's review on it and while he thought the game was good in principle, he also said that he also had the worst 80 hours of his gaming experience with that game... 😟 It's a bit selfish to ask, but if you end up playing DD, I'd be super happy if you would share your thoughts on it from time to time 😀 You know that I mostly research the games I play... And of course if you decide to go for SMB, I'd be happy to help in any way I can In any case, good luck!!
  13. I'm the type of guy who could put the gun to your skull, pull the trigger and still miss. In other words, i want to avoid frustration.
  14. ehm... this is made by No Pest Productions, the same developers of the infamous A Bastard's Tale.
  15. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  16. If you have even one skip in the mission, you move to the next checkpoint of mission then you can complete the mission afterwards. Skipping works actually like this. You can even complete the game with skipping all missions. There is a speedrun like this, check that: I skipped the missions that are related with the trophies. At the same time of course I tried to get gold medals from other missions for solid gold baby and in free roam, I tried my progress to %100. My goal to get the career criminal trophy is getting the trophy after completing the last mission successfully. And I did that. Afterwards like I said, I replayed the missions and completed them successfully for getting their trophies. Edit: Check 1:35 in the video for example. You'll get bronze medal after completing the mission with a skipping. Edit 2: Can't find where quote is in mobile safari sorry. It is still possible. I know it's an any% run but he still got his progress. He got autosave in 09:00 at the video. This means the game increases its progress. If you want further I could create a new account and show that progress increases in a video.
  17. Got to say it is really interesting reading your journey through this game for the platinum! Really love this game (as I do Final Fantasy in general) and am going for the platinum myself. I am behind you but have been going for over 5 years so far (in regards to the gap between 1st trophy and today) and am using the official strategy guide that they released in a 3 pack along with 10-2 and 12, which helps a lot. As for the Chocobo Rider trophy, here is my video I uploaded of doing it - it was the first time I had not got hit by one of those sodding birds, and just got enough balloons and the time to get 0.0.0 as you can see below: (IN THE DESCRIPTION I PUT A LINK TO THE VIDEO WHICH GAVE ME THE REQUIRED TIPS I NEEDED TO TWEAK MY APPROACH AND DO IT WITHIN A FEW TRIES)
  18. Thank you KHDelBoy. I was having the same problems with this as you but took your advice of deleting and reinstalling the game which worked a treat. Many thanks
  19. idk if you bought the game yet, but i think this could be free to play very soon. i noticed on the playstation store there is no more founders packs, meaning no way to buy stw. rumors are also running on reddit its going ftp in a few days.
  20. I would like to join. I added a game that I did not see on the list but I feel meets the criteria to be on the list. The game I am referring to is SHIKHONDO: SOUL EATER.
  21. To be fair, this game did get the Doomsday DLC added 4 years later somewhat randomly. So the fastest times may have been faster if not for that. My own platinum & former DLC is also about a week (prior to Doomsday being released) when I attempted a world record for this game. The last DLC can be done in about 2 days, maybe faster if carried / experience. However... this is cheated anyway. The missions you skipped are required for the 100% completion trophy "Career Criminal" to pop, which you got first.
  22. Yes its attainability, now the speedrun its the finish the game in 20min no 15min, and finish the game in hardcore its not all level but hard level only.
  23. I just put those in the backlog... you should know which ones you own, right? But it would be super cool if there was a button that could be toggled on and off, like the PS+ button that's currently there, to mark games you own! That would be a wishlist within the backlog (and in such a way that the games can be sorted by that button to put the wishlist together at the bottom).
  24. I've had zero issues with the latest update but have you tried backing up your save file, then deleting it from your hard drive and seeing if starting a new character from scratch will fix the problem?
  25. Queenie has confirmed it: The UK is out of the EU after the 31st October. About bloody time.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Is there any plan in place or just a bunch of burnt bridges?

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      I’ll believe it when I see it.

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