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  1. You don't need to be premium
  2. Has to stay flagged
  3. It renews automatically but the chat server needs to be restarted to reload the new cert.
  4. What time did you get the email? Link the session
  5. ❤️ YOU 

    1. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      I love you ❤️

  6. Which session, were the emails all sent together?
  7. Who cares? A lot of people
  8. No, that's what you get for hacking timestamps. The premium features are pretty clear when you buy it.
  9. Oh yeah, he's permanently removed.
  10. Do this:
  11. The timestamps stored in the database match what you see on the site. I just re-checked the dates that PSN tells us and your "Well that was educational" trophy now has a date of 2017-07-08T17:28:20Z which is now magically an hour before the last date it told us. Unless you give me a really good reason how this is possible, your profile will be removed soon for timestamp hacking. You or whoever hacked the trophies fucked up with one trophy, realised the mistake and later edited it to be an hour sooner. Edit: if this was an issue with your PS3 then the platinum would have also had the same time, just a second or so later since it should have been the last trophy needed for plat.