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  1. We use ads which shouldn't: Block content Autoplay sound Popup Redirect you If you experience an abusive ad, reply with the following information: Date, time & timezone Your device/brand Country/US state Browser What page you were browsing when it occurred Ad description or screenshot
  2. It's currently on for premium members. I'm adding more capacity before enabling it for other accounts.
  3. I'm guessing this is a PSN issue rather than here: That shows 4
  4. If this happens to anyone else please reply with: - Date and time (inc. time zone) - User device - Geo location - Browser - What page they were browsing when it occurred
  5. I want to thank you for creating this great website and tell you that you are doing a great job, thank you very much. Lately the info text under my profile name is completely readable. You are the man.

    1. BlindMango


      I've noticed this too, recently Sly's been doing changes on the backend preparing for PSN's name changing feature for when that rolls around in 2019 and I'm guessing retrieving the full "About Me" is one of the benefits of those changes! :awesome:

    2. Fing3rButt3r3


      Great work indeed. Worth every penny for Prime membership.

  6. Is this a cloudflare one? I'm hoping that it'll learn not to for editing posts.
  7. PSN or just here? I'm working on some stuff on the site so it's probably me causing it.
  8. You a private message :)

    1. Cobby


      I think he's a real person, not a message ..

  9. Can you take a screenshot?
  10. Oh I'll fix that Edit: fixed
  11. Looks like they are, probably just being cached by your browser
  12. I'll take the silence as meaning it's fixed
  13. Draw a line here, still get 502 errors?
  14. There's no joke. Can you guys see if it happens in an incognito tab with you logged out?