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  1. Hey my guy, how are you?

    I hope you remember me or have the name be somewhat familiar lol

    from PS3t(dot)com way back then.


    just stopped by to look at some trophy stuff and i wanted to say hi and also congrats on the success of your place. always 1st page on google search for trophies and guides.

    Also dang dude still the same avatar after all these years lol that takes dedication.


    anyways, see ya around.

    1. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      Hey, it's been a while. You were one of the first members here.


      Thanks :D

  2. Yeah this is why, Sony made a little change.
  3. Power cycling an old/long running server can be risky due to HDD failure as it stresses the disks. Sudden power loss will often result in data loss/corruption depending on disk cache/battery backed raid. Data loss sucks, finding out your backups don't work sucks. We lost a month of data in the early days but since then we run daily backups. You generally have to learn the hard way.
  4. Congrats I'll send out PMs to the winners tomorrow to get payment info.
  5. Auto removal detects hacks and just deletes the profile to not waste resources. Flagging profiles removes them from the leaderboard but can still use site features.

    MMDE: Your next account will be deleted in a year or two too, regardless of what you think I'll find or not. :) You just won't know before you've invested a lot of time or money into it.


    Is it this how you teach people to work for you over here? Is it this the correct way a member have to act on your site?

    I am 40 years old and this is real bullshit if i have to compete with child like him.

    That means if i do my clean account from beginning ill be erased for nothing?

    I hope your old enough to understand that this is not correct!

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    2. camcan98


      So...I guess there's a trophy for whoever finds and bans his other accounts?

    3. MMDE


      @camcan98 You can send me a list of the accounts you know he owns. ;) I won't ban them before he's wasted enough time on 'em anyway.

    4. camcan98


      I gotta admit, that's ingeniously cruel. :D If I happen to see anything suspicious I'll clue you in.

  7. This is due to PSN, you can use "last trophy" instead of "last played" in the sorting options.
  8. Did you unhide and hide the game again? It's fixed now
  9. It's only being detected if a user was flagged due to it, I need to apply it to any user.
  10. hello, How can I contact you guys? business related!

  11. You need to read the first post and answer the questions.
  12. The bug which caused it was fixed a few days ago. I've added a new fix which fixes any lasting effects when you view the trophy list.
  13. We can't get it atm, it will most likely just become an option in the settings here to change it.
  14. I've improved the spacing and font sizing. I think I'll have to find a new font that looks nicer for some of the names.