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  1. Ah okay, thought it he meant offline trophies could be triggered too.
  2. So if it's most trophies when why shouldn't it be flagged?
  3. A whitelist would unflag everyone. Just don't flag for these trophies.
  4. It is, that's why it says "trialing" in the title.
  5. So if you did it, what's the problem? Do this to restore it:
  6. You or someone who has access to your account requests it to be removed.
  7. So someone can just make a false flag and it's automatically accepted? That would lead to more disputes.
  8. Will fix when you earn a trophy
  9. Last played is the dodgy PSN ordering.
  10. I've added default sorting options: Also added a "last trophy" order for profiles.
  11. Apart from ordering games by last trophy (which will push 0% games to the bottom), there's nothing else I can do then.
  12. I think so, PSN keeps a "last updated" date for games, that's how it's ordered now instead of just the order PSN gives them to us. I guess playing a game used to update the date but not the order.
  13. It's just cache, they match your profile.
  14. Well as this thread shows, Sony have screwed things up
  15. If you played the game it will bump it, the date shown on the list is just the last trophy date, not when PSN says it was last updated.