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  1. People would join/create sessions for games they don't have
  2. So much passive aggressiveness. So the debug menu unlocks all the trophies?
  3. The trophy list was most likely changed after we first picked it up
  4. It's working fine
  5. Is there any way to appeal when banned from this site? Because 3 of my friends have been banned from this site. I know at least one of them was banned "indefinitely" (permanent ban) and they only had 1 or 2 warning points (the site rules say a minimum of 5 points is needed) and a different one of them was banned over they literally had ZERO warning points. No offence to any mods/admins, I'm sure you either made an honest mistake or have some special reasoning, but the banning of these guys doesn't match up with the site rules. Can they appeal, or at least can an explanation be given? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rusty2366


      Way to completely dodge the question. Why was @TheEyeOfSa banned permanently despite not having 5 warning points?


      Also, really? "silly mod" was too far?


    3. Rusty2366


      I've had a look at it, and it's clear some shady stuff happened. @TheEyeOfSa had 1-2 prior warning points and then he was either banned for life from there, or he was given 3 more all at once. What's the deal with that? Seems rather suspicious. 

    4. Rusty2366


      So, can the original question please be at least acknowledged? 

  6. PS3 doesn't unlock the trophies fast enough, PS4/Vita can.
  7. It's not possible on PS3 but it is on PS4/Vita
  8. Thanks for showing the disputes work.
  9. Should be fixed
  10. Fixed, no security risk. The certificate renews automatically but there's an issue with the Web sever not reloading it automatically.
  11. What exactly does this mean?
  12. PM me the account you want it moved to
  13. I don't see an issue with this currently but use it at your own risk. If it's updated to allow trophies to unlock without doing the requirements then you'll get flagged.
  14. They still count, the first trophy with a timestamp will be your "first trophy"
  15. Sly, I keep running out of reputation to give on a daily basis. I just love too many people. Requesting the ability to give out more love please.

    1. Leaderboards


      I second this, also a counter to see how many we have left or when they will be refreshed could be a good start as well.



    2. LadyFinesse95


      Exact 12 hours my reputation return right?