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  1. If your console is asking for a date then the internal battery has run out and the internal clock has reset. To get a timestamp on trophies you need to connect the console to the internet so the internal clock will be set via the internet. Setting the clock yourself doesn't matter.
  2. It was disabled because PSN kept throwing a ton of errors and will remain disabled until all the name changing stuff is finished.
  3. Hey Sexy,

    You Are The Greatest Web Developer Ever. 


  4. Should be fixed now
  5. Oops, try now please.
  6. We're still grabbing account IDs for existing members and some cheater reports. Forums accounts created by changing your name will now be merged with the older account and deleted. When logging in you'll need to use your old PSN name for now. This will take a few more days as I don't want to spam requests to Sony. Pretty soon we'll start handling duplicate profiles created by changing your name and merge them, and deal with the name changes then.
  7. We don't store it, payments are done through Paypal or Stripe.
  8. Some seem to. This makes it impossible atm to tell which is the new name.
  9. I can verify they have 3 flagged games with the same account ID
  10. This won't work for long, we'll be fetching account IDs for previously flagged/removed/banned profiles and clean this up.
  11. Anyone know of a user who changed their name and chose to display their old name and one that didn't? Also their current/old names?
  12. https://psnprofiles.com/search/trophies?q=collectible https://psnprofiles.com/search/trophies?q=collectable I think with an 'a' is usually the British way. I've added a poll
  13. It's just how databases work. The ID is handled internally and incremented every time a game is added. There was probably some reason games were removed/added again and the ID was never used again.
  14. Fixed
  15. Next couple of days, maybe tomorrow, it'll be tested tomorrow at least.