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  1. I don't see an issue with this currently but use it at your own risk. If it's updated to allow trophies to unlock without doing the requirements then you'll get flagged.
  2. They still count, the first trophy with a timestamp will be your "first trophy"
  3. Sly, I keep running out of reputation to give on a daily basis. I just love too many people. Requesting the ability to give out more love please.

    1. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      I second this, also a counter to see how many we have left or when they will be refreshed could be a good start as well.



  4. Should be fixed now
  5. There's a forum update coming soon, if it's not in that I'll request it
  6. Use the report button on the first post
  7. No, it's Invision with our own theme.
  8. Owners updates once per day per game, recent players updates globally multiple times a day.
  9. It never added them in the first place
  10. I've done some work to the stats page, made it faster and the dates should all be in your own timezone now.
  11. After previous feedback the system has been adjusted. There's now good/neutral/bad options Good feedback is the default for anyone that doesn't change theirs. Only boosting sessions with at least 3 users offer feedback The votes are basically tallied and your gaming session reputation is adjusted -1/0/+1 per session (not yet shown anywhere).
  12. Sly did you just quietly add a Delete Guides button without telling anyone? You're a legend xD 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. GarciaFever


      I tried it on Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed (the one that I was supposed to finish), and at first it gives me error code: 403. So then I try to delete it again, and it stays at the loading screen.

    3. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      Yeah there was a bug, it should work now

    4. TheFinalEmblem


      Can confirm it works now, thanks.

  13. Use this:
  14. Can also click on the genre/modes/themes.