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  1. Issues with PSN for the past 2 days. Looks like the downtime today fixed it. Earning a trophy and updating will fix your profile.
  2. Well, I thought it was funny.

  3. Mods sometimes change topic titles to better match the content.
  4. Have you tried doing "delete/restore profile" with the new name?
  5. Earn a trophy and update
  6. PSNProfiles now has a Discord server. We have a bot with some commands (below) and it'll also keep your display name and premium status in sync with Discord. You do need to visit the Discord auth page and link your account first to be able to talk. After linking you'll get a button to click to be invited. Rules Site/Forum Rules apply to this Discord server Commands !psn psnname or !psn @user Retrieves a user's trophy card with a link to their profile !whois @user Reveals a user's PSN name with a link to their profile I can't talk? You'll need to first link your Discord with PSNProfiles
  7. Forum is 3rd party software, already requested. I cannot add it.
  8. The VR platform won't affect other leaderboards, it's purely in addition to the others.
  9. ATM that's right. I'll enable unregistered after 24 hours.
  10. What needs to be added for server shutdowns and unobtainable trophies? A date/reason/URL for info?
  11. Pretty much all the work that goes on is stuff you never see/battling SIE changes. I've enabled auto updates for members, we'll see how that goes. We'll never be able to update all profile without any support from SIE The trophy stack stuff doesn't make sense, it's as easy/automatic as it can get: The series page will come soon, I'm adding a VR leaderboard/platform tag so the VR series can be moved to that, then that whole series can be removed. "warnings for server shutdowns or unobtainable trophies" aren't a simple change, it's all manually added info and needs people to do this.
  12. There's nothing wrong our end.
  13. I'd need a new job.