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  1. The fix is coming, it's not a logical change. The database was designed for speed/efficiency based around what data we could/could not get from PSN and server hardware limitations. Neither of these are really a concern any more and the database has been migrated over the years to reflect this. The fix will be part of a much larger database overhaul with new hardware/infrastructure set up.
  2. This should be fixed after either visiting the homepage or any profile. If neither of those pages work you'll need to delete the "recently_viewed" cookie either by itself or clear your cookies for this site.
  3. We already allow you to hide two games and be reinstated. If you desperately want to be on the leaderboards after having 3+ games flagged, create a clean account.
  4. Check if it works now
  5. I've done some optimizing of the update process, should be okay now. Ranks will update soon
  6. Does it work in an incognito tab?
  7. I know people probably nag you for this but dam a Mobile App would be the best thing under the sun 

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    2. ScottyMiddleton


      YaPSN is amazing, just wish they pushed some updates. But it would be cool if there were an app for PSNprofiles.

    3. ShogunSid


      How do I find the mobile view?

    4. amurnin100


      Can you not change your phone browser to mobile view rather than desktop view (IPhone Safari has this option)


      On the IPhone , next to the address bar on the left there should be a large A and lower case A, tap that and could be Mobile view :)

  8. I'll see what can be done about the new video player. I've suggested that closing it prevents it from loading for x pageloads or x minutes.
  9. Can you screenshot this?
  10. This, the owners include anyone with the game with 0 trophies.
  11. me when I see Sly Ripper online in the "Who's Online" tab



  12. Is this when you click the join button on the site after logging in? You can try holding your finger on it to copy the link, open Discord, at the bottom of your list of severs tap the "+", tap "Join a Server" and paste the link.
  13. Also since OP mentioned stages, you can put a PSNID in the URL to see their stage info:
  14. You can then click on a game to see the trophy comparison.