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  1. My version is from the UK store and tagged EU.
  2. I've whitelisted the game
  3. But you can play all of them for all the trophies, that's what trophy hunters care about.
  4. The elusive Sly with his love @Yabel
  5. I guess so, it's weird because there's an "Ignore User" button in there.
  6. WDZo49A.png

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. BlindMango


      It’s happening! =D

    3. Scyther


      @RVMcypress_grave Maybe it's both? :P 

    4. Ragowit


      Looks great! Is there somewhere we users can report games that are missing this "Other platforms and regions"? I quickly checked for the Jak games, and all of them were missing this information. Although this can be since this feature is brand new of course.

  7. Fixed
  8. It's on the stats page
  9. Whoops, fixed. I knew I'd forget to do something before going on holiday with @Yabel It didn't impact many users.
  10. They always try to push more ads, I have to keep them in check. The ad at the top that pushes content down can't really be avoided, I set a minimum height so when it loads the space is already taken but some ads are larger (such as the CoD WW2 one), the sidebar is the same. If you can screenshot the problematic ads I can get them removed.
  11. That's not how it works, all games update in a 24 hour period
  12. Clearly if the official PlayStation website doesn't show the games/trophies it's not a PSNP issue. However, the PS site is now showing them, and so is PSNP (and that's not even where we get the data) Some PS4 updates force you to go through some privacy options, some people skip through without checking and it changes settings.
  13. They already were except a handful of bugged users
  14. That should recalculate soon Edit: it may be because missing timestamps aren't in the 100% club list but are counted towards the stat