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  1. Could you please change my profile name to be identical with my psn id. Thank you.

    1. DaivRules


      Did you change your name recently? 



    2. eft7_ya_semsem
  2. Anyone can create a walkthrough by selecting "gameplay" as the guide type instead of "trophy".
  3. No, it's 24 hours from the switch
  4. Let us know when it's open source.
  5. Uncharted is a good example of how stages work: https://psnprofiles.com/series/1-uncharted They're just groups of each game, multiple stacks of the same game will go into the same stage. To get a basic series completion you'd just need to complete one game in each stage. The concept of numbering the stages is open to change.
  6. Search engine was hitting its memory limit, should be fixed from now on.
  7. What "error" would that be?
  8. You are lying. You used CFW to edit your SAW trophies. On Oct 6, you accidentally set one of the dates to Oct 9, 2019 12:24:30 PM (UTC). You later saw (heh) this mistake and edited it again to what it is now, Oct 6 12:24:30 (UTC).
  9. Well that's a lie. You'll have to tell the truth if you want explanations.
  10. Update your new name via the homepage, and then update your old name and it'll merge everything.
  11. So you earned all these trophies yourself, on your own PS4, by playing the game? No one else, or anything could be responsible for the trophies on your account?
  12. What exactly is loading forever? Which page, which step?
  13. We can only check if it exists, not if it's a valid PSN name. There are many word censors/combinations that aren't allowed.