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  1. You are lying. You used CFW to edit your SAW trophies. On Oct 6, you accidentally set one of the dates to Oct 9, 2019 12:24:30 PM (UTC). You later saw (heh) this mistake and edited it again to what it is now, Oct 6 12:24:30 (UTC).
  2. Well that's a lie. You'll have to tell the truth if you want explanations.
  3. Update your new name via the homepage, and then update your old name and it'll merge everything.
  4. So you earned all these trophies yourself, on your own PS4, by playing the game? No one else, or anything could be responsible for the trophies on your account?
  5. What exactly is loading forever? Which page, which step?
  6. We can only check if it exists, not if it's a valid PSN name. There are many word censors/combinations that aren't allowed.
  7. Hello Sly

    Can You check out PM i sent You


  8. hello. when I use delete restore profile how much time can it take to delete profile . the psn name history i con can it disappear when I delete my account


    @SlyRipper do you allow that behaviour ?

    That says on my profile:

    Only you and staff can see this block

    You have been flagged in 3 games, this is over the leniency limit of 2. You will not be included in the leaderboards or any lists of achievers.
    You are currently flagged in:
    These games can be disputed:
    • Killzone 2 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games
    • Max Payne 3 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games
    • Crysis 2 Reason: name change : previously flagged for 5 games

    For me it's just acting like like a child, beacuse she just doesnt want me here.

    I only had one game that seemed weird with trophies but I decided I hide it anyway. Now she just write stupid reason about it

    You can dispute these by clicking here and specifying the reason. Include any proof if needed (via screenshots, videos or guides)
  10. Issues with PSN for the past 2 days. Looks like the downtime today fixed it. Earning a trophy and updating will fix your profile.
  11. Well, I thought it was funny.

  12. Mods sometimes change topic titles to better match the content.
  13. Have you tried doing "delete/restore profile" with the new name?
  14. Earn a trophy and update