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  1. Hi, please take a look at my message when you can. Thanks

  2. hi,i was flagged for dmc 5,i hidden the trophy and I explain my dispute.

    how to return in leaderboard?


  3. hallo i was flagged for fifa09, i hidden trophy and i take 1 more trophy for arkham city but i am flagged to. can you  help me plz

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    2. DaivRules


      It's up to the Cheater Removers to deal with your situation. Did you hide both flagged games?

    3. Cloud-Strife__83


      i have just one game flagged fifa09 and i hide it

      can i talk with somene undestead my situation? it s a bug of website becouse i hide a flagged game and i take one more trophy and i m flagged again .

    4. DaivRules


      You can Private Message any of the Cheater Removers:

  4. Should be fixed after a profile update
  5. Games have been processed, all percents should be corrected now. The completed club stat may be wrong until the game stats refresh. User/platform levels are now being adjusted.
  6. I've changed it every 10 levels:
  7. Exactly this. In hindsight I should have updated the game points first and then processed the leaderboard changes but it's being processed each game at a time.
  8. Game points are being recaulculated along with everyone with a platinum in said games. You'll probably have a higher percentage shown until the extra points are added.
  9. @NathanielJohn can you confirm if level 99-100 takes 60 or 90 points, and so forth?
  10. Whoops, used 32 plats instead of 36. 300 is correct
  11. We calculate the level independent of what's on your PSN account to take hidden trophies into consideration and apply a level to the platform leaderboards. I'll probbaly wait for the process to be completed for everyone before switching over. Also to make sure the calculations are solid. I don't know what to do with the level history section, seems a little useless now. Previous level trophies will be different and you'll almost be seeing every 4th bronze trophy.
  12. It makes sense to not adjust the other trophies as that'd affect game completion percentage. Platinum points are ignored for that but count towards levels.
  13. What profiles have you based this on?
  14. Please post here:
  15. Sly, please take a look at my message when you can. It is important. Thanks!