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  1. Don't think so, looks like it outputs the length as one metric, (8 years/96 months). I don't think anyone's written anything accurate that takes into account exact leap years or DST changes. i could rewrite the current implementation to be a relative difference between the exact numbers if that's what users prefer.
  2. Sometimes PSN sends a response that is valid but it's missing games/trophies. It doesn't happen often but it will happen for about a minute at a time.
  3. Check you don't already have a guide created for that DLC
  4. We've had rarity since 2011, long before PSN added it. We also have PSN rarity here when you hover on the trophy.
  5. Longer titles will now take up a second line since there's more space now.
  6. hasn't changed since I left in 2011. That saying is worthless
  7. That's how it would have looked, bottom one is how it'll look now
  8. To match the games list more: To match the date position: And to look better in the (coming soon) series: vs
  9. Some initial testing:

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    2. BigBossImBeamer


      I've been waiting for this for so long! 😍

    3. Gibbo_0113


      Awesome cant wait


    4. MMDE


      They are sorted by who completed the series first too, right?

  10. Your forum accounts changes when your profile updates
  11. Should be fixed
  12. People would join/create sessions for games they don't have