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  1. All times are in UTC At 11 November 2019 14:28:08, you were auto removed because your Gadget Attack trophy had a timestamp on PSN of 3 December 2019 09:17:46. This is very common with CFW. When a console is connected to the internet it verifies the date/time and any trophies earned will have the real timestamp, if that hasn't happened then they get assigned a timestamp of 0 (missing timestamp on the site). When you change the date/time on the console, the real time is still assigned to earned trophies. The only way to earn trophies in the future is with CFW... unless you or someone else can reproduce and prove it's possible without CFW.
  2. I've made some more improvements and they should be all fixed over the next 24 hours.
  3. Can you explain exactly what the issue is with links to affected games? The topic you linked is regarding PSN rarities. Profile pages show the platinum/100% percentage. The only average is in profile/game headers.
  4. Nothing has changed, Cloudflare may be blocking some stuff though.
  5. This should be fixed for all lists over the next 24 hours. If not, you can unlock the topic and let me know.
  6. Fixed Edit: unfixed for 100% club. To fix this requires a different index on a database table, so a fix will come later.
  7. I've fixed a bug which was preventing the profiles re-appearing. I believe the dissapearance is due to a PS5 privacy setting though.
  8. Fixed (after a profile update)
  9. Should be fixed after updating your profile
  10. Will PSN playtime tracking be supported?

  11. The first PS5 trophy list is live: There's a few changes, most notably is the square game icon. PS5 trophies can also support per trophy progress tracking. Currently I'm not able to grab lists in other languages, so English only for now. PS5 game tracking on profiles is suported now.
  12. It's really not on me to fix Sony's issues. It appears fixed in their new API so once I get that implemented it'll be fixed here.
  13. Hi, please take a look at my message when you can. Thanks