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  1. There was a bug where if you had a yearly premium it wasn't removed if you set your trophies to private. Not sure about OP, seems fine?
  2. Hello admin PSNP Slay !


    i hope you have a nice day 

    please I send you message 2 days ago it’s really Very important I hope you will see when you are free


    best Regards 

  3. Yeah should fix itself soon
  4. This just looks like a timing issue of when stats updated. It should correct to 1 on it's next refresh.
  5. Is this someone awaiting to be flagged or have they been flagged and still included?
  6. I've implemented some stuff to try and prevent this from happening and all games are being fixed over the next 24 hours, I've tested on the following game so these stats should be correct:激アツ-パチゲー魂-crヱヴァンゲリヲン始まりの福音/grifteskymfning
  7. Please read my messages Sly :( I just want my account back

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      You can try to create a topic to get an answer but he will be very arrogant and let you with some wtf reason and abandon you, I don’t understand that someone not serious and passionate about those things can have such a power on our hard work. 

    3. Sly Ripper

      Sly Ripper

      No account removed automatically for hacks ever returns, it's not possible.



      I never hack anything this is an injure and a simple mistake on your system so I can’t just accept to loose my profil while I know I am honest and serious after a décade of hunting, I can’t understand this bad dream can be true. 

  8. You earned 3 trophies in the same second on PS3 which is impossible without using CFW or having someone with hacks trigger them. The system removed you as soon as these trophies were detected. These trophies were earned in 2011 and have since been changed to more legit looking timestamps.
  9. I'm, 99.9% sure you used CFW and got caught, your timestamps have since changed. Your profile cannot be restored.
  10. This shouldn't happen now if PSN screws up. If your profile says private on PSNProfiles it will now update properly without needing to earn a trophy.
  11. Looks fixed, you'll probably need to earn a trophy to force a profile update.
  12. Can't really do anything about it unless I ignore when someone hides all their games, which is probably rare. Usually someone sets their trophies to private if they want them all hidden. Thinking about it, this will probably fix more issues than it causes so I'll make the change.
  13. PSN is returning 0 games for everyone atm, not sure if it's a PSN issue or if our requests need to be tweaked. I've disabled updating for now until I can see what's up. Edit: looks like a PSN issue, I'll turn updating back on when it's fixed. PSN returns how many trophies you have but with 0 games, this looks exactly the same as when someone hides all their games. So it's not possible to tell if your games are actually hidden or if PSN is being buggy.
  14. Please restore my account. :( 

  15. Decided against it in favour of a progressive web app. This is very much a work in progress and will probably change a lot. No ETA but premium users will be able to use it while it's developed page by page. There never was. Premium was supposed to be used more like a donation but you get something in return. I've never been into the idea of locking features away to paying users, only enhancing them.