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  1. There is the gameplay guide format for that. 😉
  2. I also sent you a FR. Thank you in advance for putting this together, this should help to finally clean up the remaining trophies.
  3. Just allowed a troll/drama thread to distract me from work... Guess it doesn't take much to distract me from repetitive and tedious work. 😬

  4. Thank you! Worked like a charm and saves a lot of time compared to the method the guide suggests.
  5. The queue is crazy atm and unfortunately there are still a couple guides before yours, even though it's been a month. 😟 We're getting there though; stay tuned. I aso had a brief look at your guide before posting this: It looks good at first glance, so at least it might not require tons of revisions. I only scrolled through it really quickly however, so don't take my word for it.
  6. New avatar and cover image - Turrican forever! :)


    1. enaysoft


      That is awesome. I can't wait for the game to be actually released though lol

    2. Platisfaction


      Yeah, that's my coping mechanism 😅

  7. OMG, I played the hell out of Turrican I and II on the C-64 when I was a kid! Must have beaten Turrican II more than 100 times. I also played Super Turrican on SNES, not sure about Mega Turrican... Cannot wait for this!
  8. Hey everyone! Since we know that a lot of you guys are waiting for news on the guide of the year awards here's a quick update. Some of our staff members have been affected by rather unfortunate real-life events during and after the holidays. As a result we are a bit short-staffed atm. While we love psnp, real life comes first. Rest assured that the goty awards are still our top priority; we'll finalize our nominations as soon as possible. Stay tuned and thank you for your understanding.
  9. Thanks to all the applicants! It has already become obvious that it is going to be very difficult to make a final decision. There are sooo many good candidates! FYI: This thread is going to be open until the 15th of December. So if anyone else wants to throw their hats in, now is the time!
  10. Got myself a PS5 for my birthday! Whoohoo! Fortunately, so far it's working fine and doesn't omit any noise whatsoever. I cannot get the file transfer to work for the life of me however....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. grimydawg___


      How are you trying to transfer your data?

    3. NERVergoproxy
    4. Platisfaction


      @grimydawg___ Lan cable. Always got an error message, couldn't copy. However, managed to fix it,, it works now. :)

  11. You could set up a gaming session, looking for someone to play with. If you use a password, nobody is going to be able to snatch your helper away.
  12. I don't know the game, but almost 50% of players have obtained the plat on psnp, so it can't be that hard...
  13. Quote

    If not selected, you may be considered for future staff positions


    How many different positions can I put on your staff? :eyebrow:

    1. Platisfaction


      That depends - simultaneously or consecutively? :o

  14. Hello everyone! The Guide Team is looking for reinforcements. Specifically, at this time, we are looking for two capable and willing members of the community who are interested in joining our team. To qualify, we require these qualities: An excellent understanding of English Excellent knowledge of what is necessary for a guide Capable of communicating criticism and able to advise in a helpful manner Have established that they are skilled in their guide writing Able to be available at least a few times a week to work on staff duties. Guides takes hours of work to review and can be a considerably lengthy process for even simple guides. The more detailed a guide might be, the longer it may take to review. Capable of keeping all back-end information acquired confidential Preferred but not required Access to the PSNP Discord for easy communications between both staff and community A basic understanding of HTML (some things we do are in the guides cc viewer) A basic knowledge of Image editing (sometimes we need to resize images to fix errors) Additionally, by becoming a staff member, the following will happen: Your guides will no longer qualify for GotY Awards but may still be awarded a Seal of Quality Collaborators of a guide may always be eligible however Your future guides will be held to a higher standard than to that of the base site as your work should exemplify what a quality guide entails You will be given a snazzy mango-orange name Final notes to consider: This is an unpaid voluntary position If not selected, you may be considered for future staff positions If selected, the new staff will be mentioned here Before you start your staff duties, you must train first If you are interested in the position, please post in this thread; we are going to contact you for further information. Please only apply if you have a genuine interest.
  15. Did a quick search and couldn't find a WIP guide for this game.