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  1. Yeah, quitting using the ps button while you are still in the match works. This could save you if you are about to fail your 100% population risk objective for example.
  2. lol, the first thing I do before starting a match is to make sure everybody is on mute. 😂 Not only can some people be really annoying, I also think the atmosphere is much better without people swearing at each other.
  3. ...and I'm not buying this IF MP happens 😂
  4. Seems to be some kind of real life simulator...
  5. PSNProfiles is proud to announce the sixth annual That's right PSNProfiles community, it's that time of the year again. We are delighted to reach this milestone and to hold this competition for the sixth year now. In the previous 11 months, 374 guides were published. That's about 1.1 guides per day! All that effort and dedication deserves a worthy event to find out which guides are among the best. Just like the previous times we'll be awarding prizes to the best three guides published by 1st of December, but more about that later. This gives you roughly 4 weeks to write a couple more guides, which will be eligible for this contest. Maybe this is the time to finish that one guide you have been working on for ages, but could never find the motivation for to continue? For those of you who have been thinking about writing their first guide, now's a good time as any to start. Check out the PSNP Guide Manual for more information. Just like last year, we are not only going to find out which three guides will run away with the glorious Guide of the Year Award! Moreover, you can win prizes in the 7 other categories for guides in addition to the best overall top three guides. To make it crystal clear: A total number of 24 guides will be awarded with juicy prizes! These categories are for: Exceptional Walkthrough Guide: A well made, extremely helpful walkthrough of a game or overall trophy list. Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Anything that isn't a walkthrough such as a collectible guide or a supplementary guide. Exceptional DLC Guide: Guides for pieces of DLC or patches that add trophies. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: These include guides for indie games, imported games (JP, KR, etc), and non-AAA games. Exceptional Use of Formatting: Some writers make their guide so clean and organized it's like an artwork by making great use of headings, colours, images, etc. Exceptional Quality Upkeep: A writer keeps their guide updated, listens to feedback, & interacts with guide comments (they don't just publish and disappear). Exceptional Use of Original Content: Some writers go the extra mile and make their own videos, images, and combination of these within their guide. Here are the rules: Starting on December 2nd, the community will be able to nominate guides for the overall top 3 and a guide in each category that are worthy to be considered for the GotY Award. When nominating, a minimum of 4 are required: at least 3 categories and a nomination for the overall top 3. A special nomination thread will be created on December 2nd. You will be required to give solid reasons for your choices. Every guide published on PSNProfiles between December 2 2018 and December 1 2019 will be eligible, a list will be provided in the nomination thread. Keep in mind that the guide team needs time to review a guide and it may need revisions, so please don't wait until the last day to submit a guide for review. The nomination thread will be closed after two weeks. The top ten guides with the most nominations will go on to the next round. During the next round the PSNProfiles staff (Sly, mods, and the guide team) will pick the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The total number of nominations for guides in the top ten is irrelevant for our decision. The guides which get the most nominations is not necessarily going to win, the staff will review all ten guides and the only thing that counts is quality! Since we don't want to rush this, expect this to take another 2-4 weeks. Due to the added categories, we may even need longer, as this is the first time we're adding new categories. Since the staff will be deciding the winners, their guides will not be eligible! Co-op guides with staff members will be eligible, in case a co-op guide ends up in the top 3, the non-staff writer will get the whole prize. In case a guide has more than 1 writer, the prize will be split between all guide contributors, so long as they contributed a meaningful amount to the guide. We track all edits so this will be checked. That about covers it all. Wait a minute, didn't you say something about prizes? Ah right, almost forgot about this. And now what you've all been waiting for, the GotYA 2019 prizes are as follows: Every Guide Writer: The Ultimate Prize: is the satisfaction of helping gamers all around the world. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the shoulder. Overall Top 3: 1st Place: a cash prize of $100 2nd Place: a cash prize of $80 3rd Place: a cash prize of $60 Exceptional Categories: 1st Place: a cash prize of $50 2nd Place: a cash prize of $40 3rd Place: a cash prize of $30 In case you cannot be bothered to do the math: We are talking about a whopping total of $1080 in prize money! Besides that, the winning guides (both overall and categories) also obtain an awesome seal, so that everyone will know you did an outstanding job and won a Guide of the Year Award! This means almost endless internet fame and glory, it's worth much more than those silly prizes! So, what are you waiting for? Use that secret stockpile of Halloween candy to stay awake, tell those family members you dislike during Thanksgiving there's some important "homework" that needs to be done, write a high-quality guide, and you might win this thing! Nominations start December 2nd, see you then!
  6. Yeah, and option without the monthly games should have been introduced once ps+ became mandatory for online gaming. I doubt this is ever going to happen though; they'd lose too much money.
  7. As long as the normal ps+ is still available I don't see an issue here. The market is changeing, there are more and more adult gamers with well-paid full time jobs who are willing to pay more for thier hobby if they are actually getting something in return. Actually this rumor fits in nicely with the rumors about two ps5 being available from day one.
  8. Pong remasterd! On a more serious note I assume there will be another Killzone game.
  9. I'll definitely be using those. Thanks!
  10. Little Big Planet 3 is slightly below 2 % and it's super easy...
  11. Played 7 and 8 when I was a teenager, prefered 8 since it felt more mature. Hated 9 because it feld so childish.
  12. I think you do. It's one of the base game monsters, isn't it? Both are easy enough to get with the event quest OP mentioned though, so no worries.
  13. It's 7.5 over on playstationtrophies.org - I think that is a pretty realistic value. Also, it's based on 600+ ratings, not one three or four like in this thread.
  14. Metacritic User Score is up to 8.0 - seems a lot of people share my impression that the story is picking up after a couple hours. https://secure.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/days-gone
  15. German site 4players.de gave it a solid 80 % (they are usually very critical). So far I'm enjoying it and I can go along with that rating. The fan of my ps4pro however sometimes sounds like it is enjoying itself a bit too much