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  1. If you are mashing R1 you are doing it wrong. Maybe your skills are garbage? 😅
  2. Can confirm, I recently picked this up again and the online is deserted.
  3. Oh yeah, you are right, forgot about the fact that there are two s rank trophies.
  4. Well, you need to get an S-rank on standard in order to unlock this weapon, so the question is kinda redundant.
  5. lol, I cringed on that, too
  6. You should have added a poll to this post. Or maybe I just can't see it because I am on mobile? Apart from that, so far it's also a 10/10 for me. A must-buy if you consider yourself a RE fan (unless you only liked RE5 and RE6, but then you wouldn't be a RE fan anyway...)
  7. Actually there were plans for something like that years ago, but Sly dropped them at a certain point, probably because it would have caused a lot of drama.
  8. Jlust lieke thet!
  9. Nioh - 279 hours Bloodborne - 205 hours Dark Souls 2 SotFS 191 hours
  10. The OP is now up to date - make sure to check out the final standings! Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!
  11. Well, using a guide you can plat this game in roughly three hours, so I'd recommend playing blind and clean up any trophies you might have missed on the second run. If you like point and click adventures and dark humour you'll really enjoy this game; it's much more fun without a trophy guide spoiling everything. Maybe two tips: Turn on 'Tank Controls' before starting to play to get one of the most annoying trophies out of the way on the first run and exhaust all dialogues in order to obtain the vast majority of all missable trophies. Have fun.
  12. I didn't tally those, because technically they are not walkthrough/gameplay guides but simply trophy guides. Except for that, all votes up to this point have been tallied. Updating the OP now... Edit: Done. The links are working properly again, too.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. Somehow copying and pasting the results from the spreadsheet messed up the links. I'll look into it...
  14. Thanks for voting. However: Check the rules please - you need to provide solide reason for your nominations.
  15. I assume this is you pick for guide of the year? Keep in mind that you need to pick your favourites in three other categories! Apart from that I don't see how a playable character in the game explains why the guide deserves to be considered for guide of the year? You are supposed to give solid reasons... '