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  1. lol, sounds legit.
  2. Your profile says 74 trophies a day.... I see an issue there, but it's not deciding on the next game... 😂
  3. The Blair Witch guide? Went up for review on Friday. Might feel like 5-6 days though. There is no guide with your name in the review queue...
  4. Took the survey. Good luck with your project.
  5. #68: Plague Tale: Innocence. A very fine game!

  6. #67 Beyond: Two Souls - now I have one more platinum than on my old account (nauGie)

  7. It's sold out, only available on ebay atm for steep prices. 😑 A digital release was announced for May/June 2019, but I guess that never happened? Ah damn, I just bought it on ebay for €50, at least I'm going to end up with a really rare game.
  8. Title. At least I can't find it on the EU store. Any way to purchase this?
  9. What about the trophy list? Does it install automatically? I'd love to play RE3 at some point, but resistance doesn't appeal to me.
  10. How's your cat?

    1. Platisfaction


      Presumably got run over. :(  Got two new cats though, it's been a while. :) How are you?

    2. LeeMcD-


      Oh, wasn't expecting that 😂 Poor wumpelmumpel, or mumpelwumpel. I don't know.


      I'm doing well. Much better than your cat anyway. No rona around me yet so that's good. I have food, alcohol, and an internet connection so all in all it could be much worse.


      What's new with you?


    3. Platisfaction


      So there are a couple of positive outcomes with this whole corona story - like Lee returning to psnp :awesome: Doing okay myself. I'm at home with the kids, wife is a pre-school teacher though, she still has to go to work to look after kids with parents in essential jobs. It's only a matter of time till she is going to bring rona home. 😷

  11. Played some Ode to the Destruction for upgrade materials and got two silver crowns for Ruiner Nergigante out of 6-8 missions. Did anyone manage to get gold crowns through this quest?
  12. I haven't seen your name in ages for some reason! How are things? It's nauGie btw. ...

    1. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      things have been better, like in the famous dotcom boom of the late 90swhen ppl frequently bought and speculated on my stocks(please buiy my stokcs). now i cant even slick my hair or clean my glass bc ill get cornvirus, have to stay in the bubble everyday and is not even dotcom, literal worst, dont tell the nzx59


      how r u noogie

    2. Platisfaction


      Glad to see you haven't changed one bit. 😅 I'm fine as rain... if you think rain is fine that is...

    3. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      rain is fine when it is not acid. are you not acid

  13. Welcome to the site and welcome to the most awesome hobby you could have chosen. I suggest you pick one of the six games you have started and stick with it for a while. I'd recommend Heavy Rain, since it is beginner-friendly and story-driven; it's a bit like an interactive movie. Also, feel free to add me on psn if you like.
  14. Picking the winners in all the different categories was by no means an easy task, and I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone involved when I say we didn't just flip a coin or pull some straws, we really gave our decisions some serious thought. That's why it has taken so long yet again... lol. While I'm not sure which guide @TurtlePM is talking about specifically, I understand that not everyone will agree with the final results. I still think that a mixture of community and staff vote is the way to go for an event like this, but that doesn't mean that the current system is the answer to everything. We are going to take all your objections into account and discuss possible changes for next year's event. For now, let's not spoil this year's for the winners! 😇 Congratz to all winners!
  15. Nah, the nomination thread has always been closed after two weeks. Usually, nominations are down to a trickle after the first week, so it doesn't really make sense to keep it open much longer.